These pages are from the second of two autograph books belonging to my great-grandfather, Elton Lee Dunham (1873-1953). The book was used briefly—from February 1895 to March 1896. The earliest entries were made by members of the family of Elton's future wife, Mabel Claire Morgan, whom he married 26 Sept. 1896.

Elton's own signature:

Edgar H. Morgan (1853-1926), Mabel's father:

Mabel Claire Morgan (1879-1960), Elton's future wife:

Randal Lionel Herrick (1879-1964), Mabel's first cousin:

Viola (Morgan) Herrick (1857-1938), Mabel's aunt:

Newton C. Herrick (1851-1903), Viola's husband:

Drusilla (Chase) Morgan (1820-1896), Mabel's paternal grandmother:

Delilah (Emmons) Morgan (1856-1930), Mabel's mother:

Probably Mary Hannah Swan (1877-1909), who signed Elton's first book the same day:

Agnes Ethel Verrill (1877-1951), who lived near the Morgans:

Leon Alpheus Brooks (1873-1927), Elton's neighbor:

Rose Etta (Starbird) Brooks (1872-1965), whom Leon had married four days earlier:

Lydia Elvira Swan (1887-1981), Elton's niece:

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