The obituary of Elton Ralph Coolidge, who died 13 July 1923 in Rumford, Maine:

Elton Coolidge, 17, son of Edgar and Mary Coolidge, passed away at the McCarty Hospital, Rumford, July 13th, following an operation for appendicitis.

Funeral was held at the church at E. Bethel, Rev. Mr. Welds officiating, and he was laid to rest in the cemetery near the church. The floral tributes were many and beautiful, showing the esteem in which he was held.

Besides his parents, he is survived by one sister, two brothers, three half brothers, one half sister, and his grandparents.


You have left this world of sorrow
For a brighter one above;
Where all is joy and sunshine,
And happiness and love.

Oh! we miss you, sadly miss you,
From our home so dear to all.
And we hope some day to meet you
When we hear our Father's call.

Until then we must be patient,
Striving hard our cross to bear,
When our work on earth is ended,
We shall meet you "over there."

God called you from us early
And the blow is hard to bear,
But we know you're safe in Heaven,
And with nothing to compare.

We shall meet beyond the shadows,
Where no farewell tears are shed,
And music will be ringing
From angels over head.

Once more united in Heaven,
We'll be happy evermore;
And meet our dear beloved ones,
When we enter the opened door.

"God be with us" till we meet you
In that Glorious Home on high.
We'll come with uplifted faces
"In the sweet bye and bye."

Mrs. J. F. Coolidge

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