Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910


Whiting Pedigree

Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ and Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

John Whiting 1759-1846 & Margaret Fairbrother 1782-1859

John Whiting 1727-1776 and Lucy Farmer 1736-1768

Cornet John Whiting 1699-1775 and Sarah Hunt 1709-1745

Esquire Oliver Whiting 1665-1736 and Anna Danforth 1667-1737

Reverend Samuel Whiting II 1633-1713 and Dorothy Chester 1637-1713

Reverend Samuel Whiting 1597-1679 and Elizabeth St. John 1605-1676

          Ephraim E. Whiting[1], born in Hartland, Maine, was the youngest child of Leonard Whiting[2] and Hannah Dyer[3], who were married in about 1828 and had five other children: James Dyer Whiting[4]; Hannah Dyer Whiting[5], who married William B. Barnes[6] on April 9, 1851; Lydia Dyer Whiting[7], who married Joseph Simonds[8] on September 10, 1863 in Skowhegan, Maine; Leonard M. Whiting[9] and Silas Osoro Whiting[10]


          Ephraim Whiting was only ten years old when his mother Hannah (Dyer) Whiting died at the age of 41.  In 1850, in Hartland, the family is enumerated as Lenard [sic] Whiting 42, Betsey Whiting 49, James D. Whiting 21, Hannah D. Whiting 18, Lydia D. Whiting 17, Lenard [sic] M. Whiting 15, Silas O. Whiting 13 and Ephraim F. [sic] Whiting 11.


          It is a mystery as to whom this Betsey Whiting[11] might be. There are no assignments to detail the relationships in the household, so it is unclear if she is the wife, sister, sister-in-law or cousin to the head of household Leonard. Betsey (probably Elizabeth) Whiting is an enigma.


          Also, in the same household in 1850, are Hannah W. Adams, age 1 and James Mitchell, age 19. There is a record for a James Mitchell, age 38 who marries Lydia Dyer, age 23, on April 25, 1870 in Rockingham, New Hampshire. James is the son of John and Betsey Mitchell and Lydia is the daughter of Benjamin and Martha Dyer of Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


          Perhaps this is the link to finding the Betsey Whiting who was living in Hartland in 1850 with Leonard Whiting and his family?


          What is clear, however, is that this is NOT the same Leonard Whiting of Guilford, Maine who married Betsey Hersey of Dover, Maine, in Guilford on April 10, 1827. This couple had four daughters born in Guilford between 1828 and 1833.


          In the 1830 Census in Maine, there are two records for Leonard Whiting, one living in Hartland and the other is living in Guilford. Two different Leonard Whitings, obviously.


          In 1852, when Ephraim Whiting was 13, his father, Leonard left Maine for California, never to return. Ephraim’s three older brothers, James, Leonard and Silas, soon followed their father west.


          California Voter Records from 1867 to 1880 list Leonard Whiting, born in Maine between 1807-1809, registered in a certain Township in Placer County; East Bear River Township in Yuba County; Nicolaus Township in Sutter County and Nevada, Nevada County, California.


          In 1860, there is an L. W. Whiting, age 25, “Lumberman” from Maine, living in Township 4, Placer County, California. This could be Ephraim’s older brother, Leonard M. Whiting, listed as being born between 1834 and 1839. According to California voter records from 1867-1879, Leonard Whiting is in the areas of Dutch Flat, Kempton’s, Magalia, Auburn and also in Nevada, Nevada County, California.


          In 1860, Silas Whiting, 24 and J. D. Whiting, 30 (no doubt this is James Dyer Whiting) are living in Cascade Township, California. J. D. Whiting is employed as a “Teamster” and Silas Whiting as a “Laborer”.


          James Lyer [sic] Whiting, age 36, is in Township 10, Placer County, California in 1866. From 1871-1873, James Dyer Whiting, born 1832-1834 in Maine, is in West Bear River Township. From 1875-1879, James Dyer Whiting, born 1831-1833 in Maine is in Nevada, California.


          James Whiting, Leonard Whiting and their father Leonard Whiting are living in Nevada, Nevada County, California in 1880. No records for any of them are found in California after this date.


          Silas O. Whiting removed to Idaho and died there at 81, a man of prominence. Before his death, in the 1903 publication of “An Illustrated History of North Idaho”, on Page 572, his biography appeared:


SILAS O. WHITING has mined in all the prominent camps on the Salmon and while he has property interests in various places especially around Florence, he has his permanent headquarters at Mt. Idaho. He was born in Somerset county, Maine, between Augusta and Bangor, on April 14, 1837, the son of Leonard and Hannah (Dyer) Whiting. The father, who was born in Maine in 1808, was a stone cutter and his father was a native of Massachusetts, settling in Maine among the first pioneers and was also a patriot in the Revolution. Leonard Whiting came to California in 1852 and settled in Nevada county, where he mined and operated mills for many year's. The mother of our subject was born in Maine and died in 1839*. Silas O. was "educated in his native place and worked on the farm until he was twenty-two, when he came to California, Nevada county; there he remained for thirty years, freighting and mining.

In 1889 he came to the vicinity of Cheney, Washington, then to Spokane and engaged in lumbering three years. In 1895 he removed to Idaho county and went to mining in the Pierce district. Then he came to Canas prairie and rented a farm near Grangeville. Two years later we find him in Florence, where he has operated much of the time since. He was watchman of the Poorman mine and was one year and one-half at
the Blossom. In the meantime, he was interested in Bear creek country and had a share in the famous Kimberly and Jewell, which recently sold for $65,000. He now owns independent claims in the Jewell group. He
also has property on one of the best leads there, has a third interest in "the Gold Lake placer in Florence.

In 1864, in Nevada City; California, Mr. Whiting married Miss Maria Buzzell, who was born in Penobscot county, Maine. Four children were born to this union, two of whom are still living. Bertrand D. and Nellie Everland, both in San Francisco. Mr. Whiting is a master Mason, joining the lodge in 1864, and is a Republican. Mr. Whiting has had much experience in the various camps of California and he believes the Bear creek district is ahead of any of them.”


*This is as printed. The year of death for Hannah Dyer Whiting is 1849.


          Meanwhile, back in Maine, there are no 1860 Census records for Ephraim Whiting, but his first cousin and future wife, Francina Ann Spearin[12] lives in Garland, Maine, where they were probably married, after the Census was taken on June 11, 1860.


          Ephraim and Francina Whiting had four sons and one daughter, all born in Garland, Maine: Seth L. Whiting[13], daughter, Olie E. Whiting[14], George W. Whiting[15], Algie B. Whiting and Fred Augustus Whiting[16].


          Ephraim's father, Leonard Whiting and Francina Ann Spearin's mother, Sarah B. Whiting[17], were siblings, both the children of Lt. John Whiting[18] and Margaret Fairbrother[19]


          In 1870, the Whiting family, still living in Garland, where Ephraim, age 30 is a farmer with slightly less than $1, 000 worth of property and personal assets.  In the 1880 Census in Garland, Francina is enumerated as Francisca [sic] A. Whiting, age 43 with her husband Ephraim, age 40 and their five children ages 3 to 18.

          Francina Ann (Spearin) Whiting died in Garland at age 46 years, 9 months and 9 days old and is interred at Pine Grove Cemetery in Dover-Foxcroft with her husband Ephraim E. Whiting.


          On July 2, 1887, Alie [sic] E. Whiting married Alonzo O. Lovejoy[20] in Penobscot County, Maine. They would not have any children. Alonzo was the youngest child of Odell Lovejoy and Rosanna “Rosilla” Pillsbury.


          Olie E. Lovejoy died at the age of 48 in Garland of a “Cerebral Hemorrhage”. At her death, Olie was listed as the spouse of Alonzo O. Lovejoy and the daughter of Francine Spearing and E. F. Whiting.


          In 1888, five years after Francina's death, Ephraim E. Whiting was married to Lucy Burrill[21].  Lucy Margaret Burrill, born in Dover, Maine was the daughter of Isaiah Crooker Burrill[22] and Harriet Bean[23], who were married on May 4, 1837 and had five children: Newell Egery Burrill[24], Sylvia Bean Burrill[25], Lucy Margaret Burrill, Ivory Oakes Burrill[26] and Isaiah Crooker Burrill[27]. Lucy M. (Burrill) Whiting died in Dover. Lucy is buried in Dover Cemetery in Dover-Foxcroft with her parents.


          On February 2, 1895, in Dover, Algie B. Whiting, age 27 was married to Flora M. Clarke[28], age 31.  It is a first marriage for both and they are residents of Garland, Maine.  Algie B. and Flora (Clark) Whiting are living in Dover according to the 1904 Foxcroft Register.  Algie B., age 43 and his wife Flora Whiting, age 46 are still in Dover in 1910.


          On August 19, 1899 in Palmyra, Maine, Seth L. Whiting married Vidella M. (Cook) Hunt. They had one child together, Seth O'Dell Whiting[29] , who was born in Wellington.


          on January 1, 1913, in Garland, Seth L. Whiting married Lucinda T. (Hanscom) Mace Stinneford[30].  Both were age 51 and listed as residents of Dover at the time of their marriage. 


          On April 24, 1917, in Garland, Algie B. Whiting, a 48-year-old divorcee, married his 24-year-old housekeeper Lucy E. Withee.


          From the book "America - A Catholic Review of the Week" Volume Seventeen - April 14, 1917 to October 6, 1917.  "According to the Boston Post, here is another proof of Maine's degeneracy:"


          "Algie B. Whiting, aged forty-eight and his wife Lucy, were arrested on the afternoon of May 2 last, in Dover, Maine, charged with the murder of their infant child at their home on a farm on the outskirts of town, April 4.  On the last-named date, Whiting reported to the town authorities that he had found the body of a baby girl on the doorsteps of his home.  Autopsy had proved that the child's death was due to exposure, also that the child had lived about three days after its birth.  Suspicion was directed at Whiting following his marriage last week to his housekeeper, Lucy Withee."


          Ephraham (sic) F. Whiting died in Garland of a "Cerebral Hemmorrhage" at age 71.  He is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine with his first wife Francina A. (Spearin) Whiting.




[1] Ephraim E. Whiting b Feb 4, 1839 d Sep 6, 1910; son of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[2] Leonard Whiting b Mar 11, 1808 d 1880+; son of John Whiting 1759-1846 & Margaret Fairbrother 1782-1859

[3] Hannah Dyer b 1807 d May 23, 1849; possibly dau of Capt Jabez Dyer & Lydia Leach; m Mar 6, 1791

[4] James Dyer Whiting b 1829 d 1880+; son of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[5] Hannah D. Whiting b 1832 d 1860+; dau of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[6] Joseph Simonds b Nov 24, 1828 d Sep 12, 1902; son of Joseph Simonds & Nancy Smith 1791-1870+

[7] Lydia D. Whiting b 1833 d Mar 10, 1877; dau of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[8] William B. Barnes b Jul 30, 1826 d Aug 25, 1901; son of Abram Barnes & Sally Brooks

[9] Leonard M. Whiting b 1835 d 1879+; son of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[10] Silas O. Whiting b Apr 14, 1837 d Dec 23, 1918; son of Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ & Hannah Dyer 1807-1849

[11] Betsey Whiting b 1801 d 1850+; born in Maine, dau of Unknown

[12] Francina Spearin b Apr 21, 1836 d Jan 30, 1883; dau of Reuben Spearin 1808-1840+ & Sarah Whiting 1815-1882

[13] Seth L. Whiting b Jul 1861 d 1930+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[14] Olie E. Whiting b Feb 1864 d Oct 19, 1912; dau of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina Spearin 1836-1883

[15] George W. Whiting b Oct 1866 d 1942; son of Ephraim E. Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[16] Fred A. Whiting b Nov 10, 1876 d 1940+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina Spearin 1836-1883

[17] Sarah Whiting Feb 15, 1815 d May 27, 1882; dau of John Whiting 1759-1846 & Margaret Fairbrother 1782-1859

[18] John Whiting b Jan 25, 1759 d Jun 13, 1846; son of John Whiting 1727-1776 & Lucy Farmer 1736-1768

[19] Margaret Fairbrother b Mar 16, 1782 d Sep 12, 1859; dau of Lovell Fairbrother 1746-1813 & Catherine Howe 1750-1850

[20] Alonzo O. Lovejoy b 1849 d Sep 6, 1909; son of Odell Lovejoy 1809-1850+ & Rosanna Pillsbury 1809-1876

[21] Lucy M. Burrill b Oct 16, 1842 d Apr 25, 1918; dau of Isaiah C. Burrill 1812-1852 & Harriet Bean 1815-1880

[22] Isaiah C. Burrill b Dec 21, 1812 d Jan 23, 1852; son of Ziba Burrill 1765-1833 & Mary Clark or Mary Polly Chase

[23] Harriet Bean b Jul 16, 1815 d May 16, 1880; dau of Manley Bean 1790-1837 & Sylvia Packard 1791-1867

[24] Newell E. Burrill b May 22, 1838 d May 5, 1864; son of Isaiah C. Burrill 1812-1852 & Harriet Bean 1815-1880

[25] Sylvia B. Burrill Bell b Feb 11, 1849 d Apr 28, 1936; dau of Isaiah C. Burrill 1812-1852 & Harriet Bean 1815-1880

[26] Ivory O. Burrill b Jan 22, 1845 d Sep 20, 1925; son of Isaiah C. Burrill 1812-1852 & Harriet Bean 1815-1880

[27] Isaiah C. Burrill b Jan 26, 1847 d Aug 29, 1848; son of Isaiah C. Burrill 1812-1852 & Harriet Bean 1815-1880

[28] Flora M. Clark b 1864 d 1910+; dau of William N. Clark 1830-1901 & Susan N. Chase 1826-1894

[29] Seth O. Whiting b Dec 19,1900 d Oct 3, 1968; son of Seth Whiting 1861-1930+ & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[30] Lucinda T. Hanscom b Aug 22, 1861 d 1930+; dau of Aaron Hanscom 1835-1896+ & Frances Ham 1835-1906

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