So finding out information about my mother is harder then I thought. She seems invisible. If only I could find out what she was doing in 64-65 Id be closer to finding my birth father. I dont want to give up the search for him but this really does seem imposible. If I cant even find one person who knew her in 65 and knew where she was and who she worked for.....

so far I have been told by my moms best mom worked for a couple and she was their babysitter. One night bringing my mother home.........well, here I am...

When I found my birth certificate it said Lisa Lynn Plaisted. I think the doctor that delivered me had the same last name.

I just want to know who I am. And I want to know who the rest of my family is. My mom kept everything and everyone a secret. So far Ive met Jane and Joyce and Kathy. Kathy will be the first one I meet face to face, then Jane in July if all works out as planned.  

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