George  Frank  Anthony
born;       7  Jan.  1872        Ohio
died;        15  Aug.  1966    Canton, Ohio
married;     6  Sept.  1894    Starks, Ohio
                  Flora  Jeanette  Keller
born;        4  July  1875      Stark, Ohio
died;         15  July  1947    Canton, Ohio
father;        Levi  Keller
mother;       Sarah  Stonehill

Homer  Wilbur  Anthony
born;       17  April  1895    Canton, Ohio
died;        2  Sept.  1962     Akron, Ohio

Raymond  Lawrence  Anthony
born;        7  Dec.  1896    Canton, Ohio
died;        23  June  1969   Canton, Ohio
married;    1934    Brooke, West Virginia
                 Grace  Lois  Rice
born;         19  Jan.  1909   Northfield, Maine
died;          4  Nov.  1986   Fairfield, Maine
father;       Clyde  Garvey  Rice
born;         21  Nov.  1883   Machiasport, Maine
died;         30  May  1962  Northfield, Maine
Clyde's father;    Judah  Rice
Clyde's mother;  Susan  E.  Foster
mother;     Etta  May  Burns
born;         27  July  1885    North New Portland, Maine
died;         25  May  1958    Northfield, Maine
Etta's father;    Henry  Burns
Etta's mother;   Charlotte  Amanda  Welch

Calvin  Leroy  Anthony
born;        12  Jan.  1898    Canton, Ohio
died;         16  Sept.  1937   Perry, Ohio
                 Jesse     ?

Della  L.  Anthony
born;          16  Jan.  1901   Canton, Ohio
died;           16  Jan.  1991   Canton, Ohio
                   Alva  G.  Kelley
born;        23  Dec.  1887    Lynchburg, Ohio
died;        18  Jan.  1971    Canton, Ohio
father;      George  W.  Kelley
mother;    Flora  Kibler

Luella  Grace  Anthony
born;       21  Jan.  1906   Canton,  Ohio
died;       1  Sept.  1998    Canton,  Greene Ohio

buried  Forest Hill Cemetery, Canton, Stark County, Ohio
               Charles  L.  Lucal
born;        1906
died;         8  Sept.  1964    Canton, Ohio
father;      Charles  L..  Lucal
mother;     Bertha  Louise  Linders

(note;  Charles L. Lucal sometimes spelled Charles N. Lucal, somes went by Lake Charles Lucal;  Bertha Louise Linders sometimes went by Louise B. Linders)

George and Flora Anthony

Raymond Lawrence Anthony at CC Camp
      Grace Lois "Rice" Anthony ar her Fairfield Maine home.

Raymond Lawrence Anthony

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