I'm not sure as to whether this is the best place to start, so if I'm wrong please push me in the right direction.

My name is David Ramsdale, and in conjunction with my father we are researching our family history.


I believe my Great Great Grandfather on my fathers maternal side emigrated to the US in the mid 1880's

The facts as we understand them.

His name was William Rawlinson.

He was born in "Cartmel"  Lancashire in 1829l

His last known address in the UK was "Denton" in Lancashire (1881 Census)

The next reference we find is in 1886 when it appeared he married a Ruth Alterton 2nd October 1886

Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Maine, USA.

(We would assume he would leave the UK from "Liverpool" but do not know the intended port of arrival).

Ruth died in 1891 and William remarried Delphina Sprone at Portland, Cumberland, Maine USA

on the 15th October 1892

We think William died on the 21st April 1909 at Turners Island, South Portland, Maine.

Delphina died in 1920.

Although Not 100% sure that this William is our William we have a picture (above)

which we believe was taken in the US, unsure as to where but it is certainly not an English style of picture.

William I believe is the gentleman on the extreme right, standing.


We would be grateful for any information you can supply or suggestions as to where we can look for further information.


David and Thomas Ramsdale

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Comment by Chris Dunham on April 21, 2011 at 7:11am

I assume that you already are familiar with some of these records. The record of William's marriage to Delphina (his third marriage) gives his place of birth as Manchester, and his parents' names as John Rollinson and Sarah Robinson.



William's death record gives no further information on his origins:


According to a marriage record of a son, William's first wife was Elizabeth "Heney":


The 1900 census for South Portland indicates that William was a naturalized citizen, and immigrated in 1865. In Ancestry.com's index of naturalization records I find a William Rolinson of Biddeford, Maine, born 14 Feb. 1829 in Manchester. He arrived at Boston, Massachusetts, in 1854, and became a U.S. citizen in 1860:


In the 1860 census for Biddeford, I find William and Elizabeth Rollinson, children William H., Sarah A., and Elizabeth J. Rollinson, along with two members (presumably) of Elizabeth's family.


William Rawlinson and Elizabeth Haney married 11 June 1849 at Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England.




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