The batch film source numbers are the same for each of Abraham Winslow's eight children, but the batch and source numbers for his marriage to Betsey Welch 12 Feb 1789 differ from those of the children. Can these numbers be used to find information online or by writing to the state? I was wondering if the marriage numbers might reveal the names of parents of the bride and groom?

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Comment by Chris Dunham on June 25, 2010 at 4:28pm
Batch numbers will differ for birth and marriage records, and are for FamilySearch internal use only (birth record batches begin with C, and marriage record batches begin with M). Source Film Numbers are also for internal use, but can lead you to the original record.

For instance, when you click on the Source Film Number for Thomas Winslow's birth record, you're taken to the Family History Library catalog entry for Freeport Vital records, 1789-1895. Clicking on the number for Abraham and Betsey's marriage record will take you to the FHL catalog entry for Cumberland Vital Records, 1720-1891.

Having this information, you can order either order these microfilms from your local Family History Center, or contact the town clerks in Freeport and Cumberland and request copies of the records.

Unfortunately, marriage records from that era in Maine almost never include the names of parents. If you're lucky, they were married at the house of someone closely related, and that will be indicated in the record.


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