Here are a few free ways to find published genealogies and town histories with information on Maine families.

Google Books offers thousands of books useful to Maine researchers. Those out of copyright (including most published before 1923) may be viewed in full. For other titles only a limited preview or snippets will be available. Some 1,700 books about Maine from this collection may be searched here.

The Internet Archive is another great source for finding digitized page images of public domain books. They have many Maine titles not available at Google Books.

The BYU Family History Archive now has nearly 60,000 items in its collection, many which are relevant to Maine genealogy.

HeritageQuest Online has a good collection of genealogy books. You may be able to obtain at-home online access to this service through a local library, as explained here.

Your local Family History Center or, of course, your local library may have the book you need in its collection. If not, it might be obtainable through interlibrary loan. If you're in Maine, be sure to visit the Maine State Library in Augusta, the Bangor Public Library, or the Maine Historical Society Library in Portland, each of which has an excellent genealogy department.

And now for some not-so-free alternatives. You can often find treasures at online used book dealers like AbeBooks and Alibris, and even Several companies offer reprints of genealogical titles, including:

Lastly, membership in or will allow you access to their libraries.

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