I have been quite intensively researching ancestors and relatives some last years. Recently I have spread my research to Maine, for there have to live some people, whose not-so-distant ancestors are from my nearby munincipalities.

Especially I try to collect my Niskanen branch, but there are also other surnames too.

For I have already got much of help here, thanks to especially Chris Dunham, I would like to try to help anyone there at Maine finding your Finnish ancestors. Also, I have found that saving history for the future generations is important, as I have experience of losing majority of my own history memories. History becomes then important once you first lose it...

With best regards from Finland,


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Comment by Markus Kemppainen on June 27, 2013 at 12:00am

I have concentrated currently on Niskanen surname, but as well everything else goes well. I bet the following list includes may interest you with other surnames in your history:

Back generations in my ancestors include surnames (8 Generations, generation 1 is me) at least those, which I am sure:

Hakkarainen (Gen. 8 and back)

Haverinen (Gen. 8 and back)

Heikkinen (Gen. 5 and back)

Hulkkonen (Gen. 6 and back)

Härkönen (Gen. 8 and back)

Juntunen (Gen. 7 and back)

Kaartinen (Gen. 8 and back)

Karppanen (Gen. 4 and back)

Keinänen (Gen. 8 and back)

Kemppainen (Gen. 1 and back ;)

Keränen (Gen. 4 and back)

Kinnunen (Gen 3. and back)

Kosonen (Gen 2. and back)

Kuikka (Gen. 4 and back)

Kurkinen (Gen. 6 and back)

Kyllönen (Gen. 6 and back)

Lehtolainen (Gen. 8 and back)

Lieppa (Gen. 7 and back)

Luukkonen (Gen. 5 and back)

Malkki (Gen. 7 and back)

Mikkonen (Gen. 7 and back)

Moilanen (Gen. 6 and back)

Muukkonen (Gen. 8 and back)

Mutikainen (Gen. 6 and back)

Mäkeläinen (Gen. 4 and back)

Niskanen (Gen. 5 and back)

Pehkonen (Gen. 8 and back)

Piirainen (Gen. 8 and back)

Pikkarainen (Gen. 8 and back)

Polvinen (Gen. 7 and back)

Pyykkönen (Gen. 7 and back)

Rautio (Gen. 8 and back)

Riikonen (Gen 3. and back)

Romppainen (Gen. 7 and back)

Seppänen (Gen. 7 and back)

Silvennoinen (Gen. 7 and back)

Sutinen (Gen. 8 and back)

Säkkinen (Gen. 8 and back)

Tervonen (Gen. 8 and back)

Tiikkaja (Gen. 8 and back)

Toivanen (Gen. 7 and back)

Tolonen (Gen. 5 and back)

Turpeinen (Gen. 7 and back)

Väisänen (Gen. 6 and back)

Väyrynen (Gen. 7 and back)


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