From Miramichi, New Brunswick to Maine

   Many of my ancestors lived in the Miramichi, New Brunswick area. This includes the area along the Miramichi River. Some originally came from Essex County, Massachusetts before the revolutionary war.  Their surnames were Mooer, Mitchell and Mountain. They were involved in farming and lumbering along the Miramichi River. They were there during the great Miramichi fire of 1825.  After the fire, they managed to put their lives back together, but a few years later the economy took a nose dive.

   About 1845 some of these ancestors began to lose their farms in the Blissfield and Blackville, Northumberland area.  This was due to the inability to pay off mortgages that had been taken out on their property.  Some men were put in jail for not paying their mortgage. My ancestor, Nathaniel Mooers, was one of these men.  Because of this terrible economic situation many families up and left for Maine, about 1845 to 1850. Some men left to avoid debtors jail.

   When the familes left for Maine, several generations left together and included an extended family network of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. These extended families settled near each other in Maine. How hard it must have been to start from scratch in an unfamiliar area, especially for the elderly; but the families clung together and started a new life.  My ancestors settled in the Brownville, Milo, and Sebec Piscataquis area. Many of their descendants still live in that area today.  

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Comment by Deborah M. Stover-Arsenault on July 5, 2012 at 3:31pm

That's great they were probably employed by John Russell Who owned a Lumber mill on beaubear Island. They probably even knew my Ancestors Francis Russell.


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