Gatchell Cemetery: Brunswick's Most Famous Forgotten Burial Ground

The October meeting of the Pejepscot Genealogical Society (PGS) will be held in the Morrell Meeting Room of the Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, Maine on Sunday, October 11, 2015 at 2pm.

Our guest speaker will be Brian Bouchard, former president of PGS and current vice president of the Maine Genealogical Society. Mr. Bouchard will discuss the history around those early Brunswick settlers interred in what he calls Brunswick’s Most Famous Forgotten Burial Ground and explain the connections between the various family names found there, including Gatchell, Farrin, Marriner, Pollard and Walker.

Situated on land formerly controlled by the Navy at what is now Brunswick Landing, Gatchell Cemetery houses generations of a family we count among the earliest settlers of the New Meadows area of Brunswick. When the U.S. Navy purchased the land and homes of people in the area for its 1950s expansion, the cemetery was left behind. For years, until the base closure in 2011, access to this cemetery was limited due to its location
and maintenance was performed as needed by the Navy. Since the base closure, the Pejepscot Genealogical Society has organized a number of maintenance activities and continues to maintain this quiet, neighborhood
cemetery with the help of several volunteers.

Join us on October 11, as we learn more about the history of the families buried in this small family burying ground and the stories that connect them together. Everyone is invited to join to the group beginning with a brief social period before and after the speaker. A business meeting will follow. For more information contact Brian Bouchard, Program Coordinator at (207) 729 4098.

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