Genealogy at the Maine State Library, 1897

The Maine State Library, founded in 1839, has an outstanding genealogy collection. A September 1897 Lewiston Evening Journal article discussed a "genealogy boom" whose effects were beginning to be felt at the library:
Librarian Carver has secured for the Maine State library several new volumes in genealogy. They are Bond's Genealogies and History of Watertown, by Henry Bond; the Crafts Family 1630-1890 by James M. and William F. Crafts; 1000 Years of Hubbard History by Edward Warren; Bigelow Genealogy by G. Bigelow; Howe and Garland Family by J. G. Garland. Mr. Bond's work has 1100 pages. The volume on the Hubbard family traces the history of the family back to Hubba, Norse king. Mr. Carver says that the genealogy boom has not been going long enough to be very noticeable at the library, but a big list of similar works may be looked for in the near future for many persons are engaged in writing and compiling them.
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