Harriet M. Hill m. Alfred Wentworth of Greenwood/Bethel

Hi Chris and others!

My GGG grandfather Alfred Wentworth (15 Apr 1813 - 24 Jul 1890) of Greenwood m. Harriet M. Hill (7 Mar 1825 - 28 Jun 1882). They're on the 1860-1880 US Census for Bethel. The censuses list Harriet's birthplace as Mass., but the death cert. for her son Jesse said she was born in Biddeford, which is where she's noted as being from in the Wentworth genealogy (http://books.google.com/books?id=gThAAAAAYAAJ&lpg=PA728&ots...)

Can anyone tell me anything more about Harriet? Her parentage would be terrific, but I'd be happy to have her death date confirmed and burial location (Bethel somewhere, I'm assuming?). Does anyone have access to (better) Bethel records?

Thanks in advance!

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Comment by Chris Dunham on August 29, 2013 at 12:18pm

I believe that Harriet's mother was Sarah W. Hill of Biddeford, whose second husband was also named Hill.


Sarah W. Hill of Saco, wife of William Hill, bought land in Greenwood of Noah Tobey, 2 Oct. 1846 [Oxford (Eastern District) Deeds, 77:461]. She sold this land on 26 Aug. 1874 to Sarah A. and George H. Wentworth, children of Alfred Wentworth of Bethel, in consideration of "the love and good will" she had for them [195:284].
Sarah W. Hill of Biddeford sold a nearby piece of land in Greenwood to Alfred Wentworth of Bethel, 17 Jan. 1881 [196:535].


Sarah was born about 1796 in Massachusetts. Mrs. Sarah W. Hill married 1835-36 in Biddeford Capt. William Hill. I haven't found the name of her previous husband, who presumably was Harriet's father.


From a transcription of gravestones at The Oaks Cemetery, Biddeford:

Hill, Mrs. Abigail, d. 3 July 1807, aged 67.
Capt. William, d. 14 April 1863, aged 78 yrs. 11 mos.
Lorana, wife of Capt. William Hill, d. 29 May 1835, aged 47 yrs.
Sarah W., wife of Capt. William Hill, d. 5 Oct 1883, aged 86 yrs. 8 mos.
Paulena [sic], dau. of William and Lorana Hill, d. 5 May 1873, aged 62 yrs.

It appears that Alfred and Harriet Wentworth lived in South Bethel, but no gravestones can be found for them there.

Comment by Kathrine Cole Aydelott on August 29, 2013 at 12:22pm

Thanks, Chris! I knew these Hills were tricky--but you've certainly confirmed it. I really appreciate your help.

Comment by Chris Dunham on August 29, 2013 at 4:36pm

Oh, now I see who Sarah was. I had her in my notes all along. She was Sarah W. Tobey (probably Sarah Wildes Tobey), daughter of Noah and Abigail (Gilpatrick) Tobey of Topsham and Greenwood. She was born 27 Feb. 1797 in Topsham. She married first (intentions published 23 Jan. 1819 in Biddeford) Daniel Hill of Biddeford, who must have been Harriet's father.

The Tobeys and Wentworths were neighbors in Greenwood, which might explain how Harriet came to meet Alfred.

Here's Noah Tobey's probate file, in case you want to page through it. The estate was found to be insolvent. In the 1846 deed by which Noah transferred some of his land to Sarah W. Hill (a sweet deal at 100 acres for $20), there is a clause "reserving and excepting the use and occupancy of the same to myself and my wife Abigail Tobey for and during the natural life of each of us."

Comment by Kathrine Cole Aydelott on August 29, 2013 at 5:49pm

Hey! Terrific! I really appreciate your continued work on this. Hooray!  I see that Noah's tombstone has been posted: http://amescemetery.webs.com/noahtobey.htm

Did you see anything more about this Daniel Hill of Biddeford? Does he seem to be the son of Jeremiah and Mary (b 1792)? 

Comment by Chris Dunham on August 29, 2013 at 6:01pm

That Daniel Hill appears to have died in 1804.


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