Murders at Montville - Chapter 2 - Henry Kingman Dunbar 1824-1861

Murders at Montville - Chapter 2

Henry Kingman Dunbar 1824-1861

Dunbar Pedigree

Samuel Dunbar 1800-1853 & Mary Howard 1801-1850+

Henry Kingman Dunbar 1778-1805 & Sarah Bridges 1779-1864

Daniel Dunbar 1748-1824 & Abigail Kingman 1749-1830

Samuel Dunbar 1704-1786 & Mary Hayward 1704-1793

Peter Dunbar 1668-1720 & Sarah Thaxter 1668-1725+

Robert Dunbar 1634-1693 & Rose 1635-1700


Henry Kingman Dunbar[1], named after his grandfather, was born in Hope, Maine, the oldest son of Samuel Dunbar[2] (Chapter 1) and Mary Howard[3], who were married in Warren, Maine on June 1, 1823. The actual date of Henry K. Dunbar’s birth is not known, but the year is recorded alternately as 1824 or 1825. Mary Howard is a total mystery.

In Warren: "On the 7th of August, 1823, towards evening, a meteoric explosion was heard in the air, preceded, according to the observation of some persons, by a flash of light. At this place it appeared to begin in the NW some 15° or 20° above the horizon, ascended in a southerly direction, declined and was lost in the SW."[4] 


"In 1824, the deep snow which covered the earth till February having been dissolved by warm rains, the season advancing so rapidly, that on the 5th of March, half-grown grasshoppers of the larger species appeared in large numbers on sunny declivities.  Yet, May 26th, when the wild pear was in blossom and apple buds reddening, the ground was frozen in the morning and ice appeared on the water. From the cold and dry weather in the early part of the season, the grass yielded less than two-thirds of an ordinary crop; but, as no frosts happened till October 14th, the corn crop was good."[5]


On September 30, 1824, Daniel Dunbar[6], the patriarch of the Dunbar Family in Warren, died at the age of 76. He leaves his widow Abigail, oldest son Asa, five daughters Anna Nye, Vesta White, Belinda Jordan, Abigail Fuller and Phebe Fuller, numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Henry Kingman Dunbar, being amongst them. 


Daniel Dunbar was also predeceased by two of his sons, Henry Kingman Dunbar in 1805 and Daniel Dunbar, Jr., lost at Sea in 1807.


Samuel and Mary Dunbar had another son, Thomas Howard Dunbar[7], also born in Hope, who would be making his way across the country by 1850. A certain T. H. Dunbar 27, a Miner, is living in Nevada Township, Nevada County, California, in 1860. Three of Thomas Dunbar’s cousins, were also in California in 1860: George W. Rowell, Ebenezer “Eben” Rowell[8] and John Gilman Vose[9] (father of Newton John Vose – Chapter 10).


In 1880, Thos Dunbar 47, born in Maine, occupation Blacksmith, is living in Luttrell, Pima County, Arizona. His marital status is listed as Single and it is unknown if he ever married. Thomas Dunbar (born in 1832), died in Ventura, California at the age of 80. He is buried in Cemetery Park, Ventura.


Before 1851, Samuel Dunbar, a "Blacksmith" left Maine and became employed in Boston, probably onboard ship, as a Shipsmith[10]


On July 4, 1850, Henry K. Dunbar, born in Hope, Maine, age 25, occupation "Tailor", a resident of Chicopee, Massachusetts, married Marsilvia Loring[11], age 20, in Chicopee, West Boylston or Sterling, Massachusetts, her hometown.  Records exist for all three towns.


On September 4, 1850 during the Census in Chicopee, they are known as Henry H. Dunbar, age 25, born 1825 and Marselvia Dunbar, age 20, born 1830. Place of birth is not given for either of them.


On September 13, 1850, in Sterling, Marsilvia Loring, age 20 is also enumerated with her older, brother Charles Loring and his family. Next door, her father, Daniel Loring, is living with his son, Maynard Loring and family. Maynard Loring is Marsilvia’s other, older, half-brother.


When Maynard Loring was 21 years of age, he rode horseback to Norridgewock, Maine and lived there a year. He returned to Sterling and lived on the farm, where he was brought up and he died there.


Marsilvia Loring, born in Sterling, was the youngest child of Daniel Loring[12] and his second wife, Sabra Maynard[13], who was 45-years-old, when Marsilvia was born. Marsilvia Loring is also known as Marselvia, Marseloia and Marselora Loring, at her wedding to Henry K. Dunbar. In the Loring Genealogy, she is known as Marsylvia Loring.


Page 224 of the Loring Genealogy: “xi. Marsylvia, b. in 1820; m July 4, 1850, Henry K. Dunbar, of Chicopee; she d. s.p.[14], Dec 31, 1851.”


Daniel Loring and his first wife, Caty Maynard[15], were married in Northborough, Massachusetts on May 21, 1805. They were married for 10 years and had five children together.


The oldest child of Daniel and Caty Loring is known as Rebecca, Rebekkah or Rebeckah Loring[16]. She married Joseph Pearson, Jr.[17] on April 10, 1825 in Sterling. Their son, Joseph Lorenzo Pearson[18] was born about five months later. Children of Joseph and Rebecca: Silas Edward Pearson[19], *Child Pearson[20], *Child Pearson[21], Ira Pearson[22], Catherine Theresa Pearson[23] Austin, Clara Pearson[24], Martha Ann Pearson[25] Young, Bartholomew Pearson[26] and Mary Maroe Pearson[27] Simpson.


Rebekah Pearson died at age 69 in Chicago, Illinois. She is buried in Forest Home Cemetery in Chicago, although there is a memorial in Legg Cemetery in Sterling for her, with her husband Joseph Pearson.


Daniel and Caty Loring had only one son, Maynard Loring[28], who married Mary A. Phelps[29] in Lancaster, Massachusetts on April 3, 1833.


Maynard and Mary Loring had three daughters, Mary Elizabeth Loring[30] Blunt, Ellen Maria Loring[31] and Martha Ann Loring[32]. Ellen Maria and Martha Ann, died two days apart in July 1841, of unknown causes. Ellen Maria was 5 and Martha Ann Loring was only 2 years old.


After the death of his first wife, Mary A. (Phelps) Loring, Maynard Loring married Olive Chase[33], on April 7, 1841 in Sutton, Massachusetts. He was a resident of Sutton and she of Northbridge, Massachusetts at the time of their marriage.


Olive Chase was born in the state of Rhode Island or Mendon, Massachusetts, the daughter of Elisha Chase[34] and Narcissa Wilcox[35].


Maynard and Olive Loring had two daughters: Olive Lydia Loring[36] Coulter, born in Sutton and Martha Maria Loring[37] Rice, who was born four years later in Grafton, Massachusetts.


Daniel Loring and Caty Maynard had three more daughters: Elizabeth Howe Loring[38], who married James Henry Raymore[39] on December 20, 1832. They had four children: James F. Raymore[40], Jane Elizabeth Raymore[41] Wilder, Laura Ann Raymore[42], who died at age 11 and youngest child, George E. Raymore[43].


The daughters of Daniel Loring and Caty Maynard are: Mary Trowbridge Loring[44], who died at age 4 and Catherine Loring[45], who married Estes Pierce[46] on May 25, 1835 in West Boylston.


Inscription: "In Memory of Mrs. Caty Loring, wife of Mr. Daniel Loring, who was shot by David Wale; October 23, 1815; Survived the wound 14 hours. AE[47] 36.  When this you see, remember me ".


It was an accidental shooting, because in 1820, David Wale is still living in the adjacent town of West Boylston. The Loring Genealogy states that Catherine (Caty) Maynard Loring was shot and killed by an irresponsible person.


The Loring Genealogy is available here:


About a year after Caty’s death, her widower, Daniel, married her younger sister, Sabra Maynard. Sabra Maynard and Daniel Loring were married on November 19, 1816 in Northborough.


The oldest child of Daniel and Sabra, Maria Loring[48], first married William Austin Pierce[49] on October 6, 1837 and they had 2 daughters: Ellen Mariah Pierce[50] Upham and Martha Jane Pierce[51] Handy.


About a year after her first husband’s death, Maria Pierce married William Johnson Ross[52] on January 31 or February 21, 1850. It is a second marriage for both parties. She, a 32-year-old widow, with two girls, he, a widower 27, with two girls and two boys, all under age 5.


William and Maria Ross already had four girls and two boys from their first marriages and would have three more sons together: Lyman Austin Ross[53], Leonard Warren Ross[54] and Walter Daniel Ross[55].


William J. Ross 23, was first married to Harriet Merriam[56] 17, on September 20, 1844 in Sterling and they had four children in five years: Mary Lucinda Ross[57] Caldwell, Henry Foster Ross[58], Maria Elizabeth Ross[59] Howard and Charles Wilson Ross[60].


Harriet (Merriam) Ross died, the day before her 22nd birthday, of unknown causes. She is buried in Chocksett Burial Ground in Sterling. Her gravestone reads: “Harriet Ross w/o William J. age 22”.


In the biography of Massachusetts State Representative, Hon. Leonard Warren Ross, the son of Maria Loring and William Johnson Ross, it indicates that Caty Loring “was shot by Daniel Waite, one of the town’s poor.” He may have been poor, but he was not Daniel Waite.


Husband of Maria Loring, William Johnson Ross, was the son of Peter Ross and Polly Kendall Burpee. A description from "Early Life and Letters of Luther Burbank" by Emma Burbank Beeson (Page 29 & 31): 

“Peter Ross, blue-eyed and slight build, was of Scotch blood. Peter Ross, although a cabinet maker by trade, was by nature a horticulturist, and was the originator of several new grapes. He was best known at the time by the superior fruits and vegetables produced on his place. He was a rather frail man, suffering all his life from attacks of heart disease, yet he lived to the advanced age of 87 years, retaining his ambition and enthusiasm to the last.


He was clearing the brush from a very steep rocky hillside in order to set it with grapevines when he was called by death. He was found one bright summer day sitting on a big rock, apparently resting, as so often he had done, but life had quietly gone out.

Polly Kendall Burpee, dark-eyed and beautiful in form and feature, was of French descent, belonging to the family of which W. Atlee Burpee, the great American seedsman, is a descendant.”


Obituary of Mrs. Emma Burbank Beeson is here at:


Emma’s brother, Luther Burbank[61], was a famous plant scientist and they were the grandchildren of Peter Ross[62] and Polly Burpee[63]. Luther Burbank was the great-grandson of Washington Atlee Burpee[64].


Second daughter of Daniel and Sabra, Mary Loring[65], married John Calvin Hastings[66] on April 18, 1884 in Sterling and they had several children: Albert Henry Hastings[67]; Unknown Son Hastings[68], Ella Sabra Hastings[69] Keyes; Martha C. Hastings[70], who died at age 23, two years after her mother, Mary Hastings, both of Tuberculosis. The youngest child of John and Mary was Anna Catherine Hastings[71] Whitcomb.  


The sons of Daniel and Sabra (Maynard) Loring are: Charles Hollon Loring[72], John Moore Loring[73] and Henry Abbot Loring[74].


Henry and Marsilvia Dunbar were married only 18 months, when she died in Sterling, of unknown causes.  “MARSILVIA - Wife of Henry K. Dunbar & Dau of Daniel & Sabra LORING DIED Dec. 31, 1851 Æt. 22”. Marsilvia is buried with her parents in Cookshire Cemetery in Sterling. 


Six years after Marsilvia’s death, Henry K. Dunbar, a 33-year-old "Tailor", son of Samuel and Mary Dunbar, marries 29-year-old Mrs. Mary Ann Moore in Sterling or Worcester, Massachusetts on November 26, 1857. Henry and Mary Ann are residents of Sterling. It is a second marriage for both parties, she is a recent widow, without any children.


Mary Ann Willard[75] was born in Sterling, Massachusetts, the daughter of Artemas Willard[76] and Mary A. Gibbs[77], who were married on July 1, 1821, also in Sterling. They had five older children before Mary was born and four younger children afterwards.


See pages 186 and 332 for details concerning Artemas Willard.

The first marriage for Mary Ann Willard, was on February 22, 1853 to Walter Moore[78]. Walter and Mary Ann Moore had a daughter, Ella Moore[79], born in Medway, Massachusetts, who would die there, of "Dysentery", at the age of only 21 months. Mary Ann (Willard) Moore would soon lose her husband Walter, within a year of Ella’s death.


Walter Moore, was the son of Otis Moore [80] and Susan Baldwin[81], who were married on November 22, 1816 in Harvard, Massachusetts. Walter Moore was born in Holliston, Massachusetts and would die either in Holliston or Medway, Massachusetts, at age 32, of a “Lung Complaint”. Walter Moore left his parents and a young wife.


Henry K. and Mary A. Dunbar had three children: one daughter, Cora A. Dunbar[82], two sons, Wallace Dunbar[83] and Henry K. Dunbar, Jr[84].  Only Cora would survive to adulthood, marry and have children.


In 1860, in Sterling, Henry K. Dunbar is known as K. Dunbor [sic] 36, born Maine, occupation "Mechanic". His wife Mary 30, born Maine is known as M. A. Dunbor, their children are S. M. Dunbor 2, born Massachusetts and C. A. Dunbor 2 months, born New Hampshire.


Although, both children are identified as "Female" and Mary Ann was not born in Maine, this is Henry K. Dunbar, his wife Mary Ann and their children Wallace Dunbar, age 2 and Cora A. Dunbar age 2 months. Cora A. Dunbar was probably not born in New Hampshire, either.


Henry K. Dunbar had changed professions in 1861 and was a “Painter”, according to the birth record for his son Henry Dunbar, Jr.


Henry K. Dunbar, Jr., the second son of Henry K. Dunbar and Mary Ann Wilton [sic] (Willard), was born in Sterling, six months after his father’s death.  Henry K. Dunbar, Jr.’s life, cut tragically short, died in Sterling at the age 1 month and 25 days of "Congestion of the Lungs".


Mary Ann Dunbar would send her two remaining children, Wallace and Cora Dunbar, to live with Maynard Loring, Marsilvia (Loring) Dunbar’s, older half-brother and his second wife, Olive.


In the 1865 Census in Sterling, 5-year-old Cora A. Dunbar, is living with her 7-year-old brother, Wallace Dunbar in the household of Maynard Lorring [sic] and his wife, Olive Lorring [sic] in Sterling. Cora A. Dunbar is also later known as Cera or Cora A. Lyman in some records. 


In 1865, Mary A. Dunbar 30, widowed for the second time, is an "Operative", living in Clinton, Massachusetts. She is in the household with Anson Lowe[85], "Combmaker" 58, his wife Emeline Lowe[86] 49 and their daughter, Henriett [sic] C. Lowe[87] 12. Also, living there, Jennie M. Chase 20 and Jennie A. Melvin 19, "Operatives" in the Comb Factory.


Excerpted from History of the Origin of the Town of Clinton, Massachusetts 1653-1865: “John Lowe had a family of three sons and six daughters. He died in 1851 at the age of seventy-nine. Henry, his oldest son, born February 3, 1801 and Thomas, a son of Nathaniel (brother of John Lowe), bought a water privilege on Rigby Brook in 1823 and began in the “upper shops”, which they built, the manufacture of combs by water-power. Before this time muscular power alone was used. They did not succeed in business and soon sold out to Henry Lewis who in turn, sold in 1836 to Haskell McCollum, a son-in-law of John Lowe. McCollum bought another water right of his father-in-law and taking Anson Lowe (son of John Lowe) as a partner built the “middle shops” and so increased the business that the district about the shops became known as McCollumville. The sons, sons-in-law and grandsons of John Lowe, in various combinations carried on the comb business here, employing from twenty to twenty-five hands, until after the incorporation of Clinton….”


On June 5, 1880, Anson Lowe 73, is still a Combmaker, living in Clinton with wife, Emmeline Lowe 66. They live in a neighborhood full of Lowe Family members, but their daughter, Henrietta “Etta” C. Lowe 27, is noticeably absent from the Census roll in Clinton.


Henrietta C. Lowe is now in the Worcester Insane Hospital and is enumerated there on June 1, 1880. In 1888, Henrietta’s mother, Emeline Lowe, is committed to the same facility. In May 1889, actions were brought against Etta C. Lowe and Emeline Lowe, for money paid by the town, for their support at the Insane Asylum. Emeline Lowe died before a judgement and settlement of $1331.97 could be reached.


Etta C. Lowe 48, is still among the residents of the Worcester Lunatic Hospital in 1900. In 1910, Etta C. Lowe is listed as 54 years old (she is 58) and has been relocated to the Gardner State Colony, in northern Worcester County, Massachusetts. She is there in 1920, where the last existing records for Etta C. Lowe 71, are shown.


While Mary A. Dunbar was still employed, making combs in the factory in Clinton, her son, Wallace Dunbar would contract "Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis", at the age of 7 and die, in Sterling. According to the death record, Wallace Dunbar was the son of Henry N. [sic] (K.) Dunbar, deceased and Mary Ann Millard [sic] (Willard).


After her son Wallace’s death, Mary Ann (Willard) Moore Dunbar, age 37, would marry for a third time in Sterling to 53-year-old "Cabinetmaker", Robert Lyman, on November 28, 1867. Their son, Charles Robert Lyman[88], was born in Clinton about two years later.


In 1870, Cera (sic) A. Dunbar, age 10, is living in Clinton with her step-father, Robert Lyman and her mother, Mary A. Lyman. Cora's half-brother, Charles R. Lyman, age 6 months, is also in the household.


Cora A. Dunbar married Louis Reynolds on July 22, 1879 in Boston.  Cora was 18 years old and Louis Reynolds, divorced, was 52 at their marriage. Louis and Cora had two daughters and one son: Cora Lyman Reynolds[89], Mary Lucinda Reynolds[90] and Lyman Henry Reynolds[91].


Louis Reynolds[92] was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the son of Louis Reynolds and Caroline Mitchell. Records show that Lewis Reynolds was first married to Mary E. Phillips[93] on February 10, 1853 in West Cambridge, Massachusetts. 


Louis Reynolds and Mary E. Phillips had a son, Charles Frederick Reynolds[94], born in Brighton, Massachusetts; two daughters, Zola V. “Eveline” Reynolds[95], born in Cambridge and Mary E. Reynolds[96], who was born in Baltimore, Maryland.


In 1860, Lewis Reynolds age 33, born New York, lives in Bangor, Maine in Ward 3 on the West Side of Kenduskeag Stream with his 25-year-old wife, Mary E., born in Massachusetts. Their three children Charles F. Reynolds 7, Evelina Reynolds 4, both born in Massachusetts and Mary E. Reynolds, age 2, born in Maryland, are in the household.


In 1870 Louis Reynolds 42 and his son Charles F. Reynolds 17, are both employed as “Butchers”. Louis lives with wife, Mary E. Reynolds 35, daughters Mary E. Reynolds 12 and Eveline Reynolds 14 (Zola V. Reynolds) in Brighton, Massachusetts. Louis Reynolds and Mary E. (Phillips) Reynolds would divorce before the next census in 1880.


Mary E. (Phillips) Reynolds died at 619 E. Third Street in (Boston) Cambridge, Massachusetts at age 51, of “Cancer of the Breast”. She left her ex-husband, Louis Reynolds and their three children.


In 1910, Lewis [sic] Reynolds 79 and Cora A. Reynolds 48, live in Cambridge with son Conan [sic] (Lyman) H. Reynolds 19, their daughter Mary L. Purcell 22, Mary's children, John Purcell 3 and Louis Purcell 2.


Louis Reynolds’ son, from his first marriage to Mary Phillips, Charles F. Reynolds, had moved to California by this time. In 1895, Charles F. Reynolds married a California girl, named Louise Herzinger[97] (Lou, Lula or Lulu Hersinger), whose parents were born in Germany. HERZINGER, LOUIS Born Germany married (*) born Germany see:


In 1910, Charles F. Reynolds 57 and his wife, Lou Reynolds 37 (31), are living in Lankershim, Los Angeles County California. They have been married for 15 years according to this record and do not have children. Charles F. Reynolds was a wealthy rancher and successful mining man.


On the night of February 14, 1911, Mrs. Charles F. Reynolds was shot and killed by her husband, after she allegedly attacked him with a knife. Mr. Reynolds had been drinking heavily and when the argument escalated to violence, Mrs. Reynolds paid the ultimate price. Her life.


Louise (Herzinger) Reynolds had a large family, including seven brothers, who filed a petition in superior court, to have her husband, Charles F. Reynolds, barred from inheriting her estate. The value of Louise’s property was substantial and included realty and jewelry.


Charles F. Reynolds was brought to trial and found not guilty of murder, as it was determined that Mrs. Louise C. Reynolds was insane at the time and Mr. Reynolds merely acted in self-defense.


A certain Charles F. Reynolds 57, born 1855, died in California, in 1912 and this indeed, may be him.


Evelina J. Reynolds, died on Deer Island in Boston of "Chronic Nephritis". She was 32 years old at the time of her death and a resident of 619 E. Third St., the home she shared with her mother, Mary (Phillips) Reynolds, until Mary’s death, the year before.  Evelina J. (aka Zola V.) Reynolds had never married.


The other daughter of Louis Reynolds and Mary Phillips, Mary E. Reynolds Garvin, died of "Consumption[98]" at 49 (actual age was 44), in Boston, Massachusetts. Mary Elizabeth Reynolds was the wife of Fred C. Garvin[99], whom she married on August 7, 1879 in Boston. Mary E. Garvin left her husband and five children, ages 8 through 21.


The daughter of Louis Reynolds and Cora Dunbar, Cora Lyman Reynolds, is born in Boston and dies in Braintree, Massachusetts of "Diphthoretic Croup", at the age of 4 years 10 months and 5 days. 


The second child of Louis Reynolds and Cora Dunbar, Mary Lucinda Reynolds, is born in Braintree. On July 10, 1905 in Boston, Mary Reynolds 19 (born 1886), of 43 McLean Street (Boston), married John E. Pursel[100] 29 (born 1876), of 39 McLean Street, his occupation "Editor".


John E. Pursel 29, born in London, England, was listed as being the son of John J. Pursel and Elizabeth Woods, but he may have born in Ireland, the son of Joseph E. Purcell and Elizabeth Spence. The issue is not clear and the water remains muddy, without a concise conclusion.


John Purcell was born as early as 1864 and as late as 1876.


Mary Reynolds 19, is shown to be the daughter of Louis Reynolds and Mary Willis, according to this record. We know that Mary Reynolds is the daughter of Cora A. Dunbar and not Mary Willis [sic] (Phillips), who was Louis Reynolds first wife. Errors can be made, but how many?


At the birth of his son, Louis Henry Purcell[101], John E. Pursel is known as John C. P. Purcell and his occupation is listed as "Athletic Coach".  Their first son, John Charles Purcell[102], was born in Illinois.


Mary L. Purcell died in Orange, California at the age of 54. Her mother’s name is listed as Dunbar. John Purcell’s records end at 1940.  


The only son and youngest child of Louis and Cora Reynolds, Lyman Henry Reynolds, was born in Braintree.


Lyman Henry Reynolds married Katherine Ann Buchanan[103] on October 14, 1911 in Braintree. Their son, Warren Henry Reynolds[104], born the next year, in Boston, died at the age of 9 ½ months, at his home on 15 Fairmont Avenue, in Cambridge of “Infantum Cholera".


Katharine (Catharine or Kathryn A.) “Katie” Ann Buchanan, born on Prince Edward Island, in Canada, was the daughter of Alexander Buchanan[105] and Elizabeth M. Buchanan. Alexander and Elizabeth were born in PEI, both of Scottish descent. It is believed that the surname of Elizabeth M. is Buchanan, but who her parents are, is a mystery.


Alexander Buchanan 22, a Carpenter by trade, had first emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts arriving on November 9, 1869, sailing aboard the Alhambra. He returned to PEI and married Elizabeth in 1874.


Alexander Buchanan 33, his wife, known as, A. Caty Buchanan 28, live on Lot 57, Queens, PEI in 1881, during the Canadian Census and in 1891 he is known as Alexander Buckanan [sic] 43, still on Lot 57.


The Alexander Buchanan family emigrated to the United States in 1895 and were enumerated in Cambridge, during the 1900 Census.


Lyman Henry Reynolds registers for the WWI draft on June 5, 1917 in Cambridge and lists his place of birth as South Sebec, Maine.  On April 27, 1942 when he registers for the WWII draft in Wayland, Massachusetts, he is now listing his birth place as being in Braintree.


The other children of Lyman and Katherine Reynolds: Gertrude Cora Reynolds[106], Lyman Henry Reynolds, Jr.[107], Foster Everett Reynolds[108] and George A. Reynolds[109], were all born in Cambridge.


Foster E. Reynolds had two children, Barry Reynolds and Anita (Reynolds) Dunn, who are the descendants of Samuel Dunbar (Chapter 1) and his son, Henry Kingman Dunbar (Chapter 2).


Louis Reynolds died at age 82, in the State Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, of "Hypostatic Pneumonia[110]" the contributing factors were "Arteriosclerosis[111] and Senile Dementia[112]". Louis Reynolds was a "Butcher" by trade and his address was listed as 12 Blanche Street, in Cambridge, at the time of his death.


In 1920, Cora Reynolds, is a 55-year-old widow, still living in Cambridge, renting a home at 12 Blanche Street. She is able to read and write English and is employed as a kitchen worker, in a lunch room.


In 1920, Lyman Reynolds, wife Katherine Reynolds, both 29, live in Cambridge, at 12 Fairmont Avenue, with their three surviving children, Gertrude Reynolds 5, Lyman Reynolds 3 and Foster Reynolds 1. The youngest child, George A. Reynolds, would be born after the census.


On June 23, 1923, in Sherborn, Massachusetts, Lyman H. Reynolds 36, married Frances Wilson Lewis[113] 43. This document states that Lyman Reynolds is a divorced, Farmer and a resident of Sebec, Maine.


Frances Wilson Lewis was born in Framingham, Massachusetts and was a resident of Sherborn, with no occupation. She is the daughter of Charles D. Lewis[114] and Emily J. Clark[115]. This is a first marriage for Frances W. Lewis and a second for Lyman H. Reynolds.


In 1930, Catherine Reynolds 39, divorced, is living in Cambridge with her mother, Elizabeth Buchanan 66. The children, Gertrude C. Reynolds 15, Lyman H. Reynolds 13, Foster E. Reynolds 9 and George A. Reynolds 9, are also in the household. Their father, Lyman H. Reynolds, who remarried in 1923, is now living in Michigan.


Lyman H. Reynolds 38 and Frances aka Emily Y. 39, have removed to Detroit before 1930, where he is a Lawyer, who has a Practice of Law. She was born 1891 in Missouri, according to this record. “Emily Y.” was actually born in Massachusetts in 1879 and is really 51 years old.


In 1935, the son of Lyman H. Reynolds and Katherine Buchanan, Lyman Henry Reynolds, Jr., is a Seaman in the US Navy, stationed at the Training Station in Newport, Rhode Island.


The 1940 Census in Newton, Massachusetts shows that Lyman H. Reynolds, Sr. 48, returned to Massachusetts before 1935. Lyman is still married to Emily Y. Reynolds 42, who is now recorded as being born 1898, in Massachusetts. “Emily” (Frances) Reynolds is about 20 years older than what this record indicates, being about 61 years old in 1940.


In 1940, Lyman H. Reynolds is an attorney with his own practice. His education includes 5 years of College and wife, Emily Reynolds, 2 years of College. She works as a teacher, at an elementary school. This is the first time that Emily has ever been employed and although she claims to have attended College, it is unclear that she ever did.


Frances Wilson Lewis died at 66 and was buried with her parents, Emily Johonnot Clark and Charles Dudley Lewis, with five of their other children, in Edgell Grove Cemetery, in Framingham. The stone shows no evidence that Frances Wilson Lewis was married to Lyman H. Reynolds.


The last record for Lyman H. Reynolds is the WWII Draft in 1942. Lyman lives with his wife, Emily T. Reynolds, at 1 Bennet Road, in Wayland, Massachusetts. Lyman Reynolds is employed at W. H. Nichols & Sons, located at 48 Woerd Avenue, in Waltham, Massachusetts, most likely in some legal capacity. Company Attorney, perhaps?


A history of the W. H. Nichols & Sons company is available here:


In 1940, Katherine Reynolds 40 (actually 50) and her daughter Gertrude Reynolds 25, are still in Cambridge, living with Elizabeth Buchanan 75 and Gilbert Buchanan[116] 38, Katherine’s brother, who is employed as a house painter. Katherine is a book counter and Gertrude is a copy reader, both working in a book bindery company.


The third husband of Mary Ann (Willard) Moore Dunbar, Robert Lyman[117] was born in Northfield, Massachusetts, the son of Joseph Lyman and Elizabeth Liscombe. Robert Lyman died before 1908. 


Robert Lyman, age 42, first married 27-year-old, Sarah B. Meine (sic) on June 3, 1856 in Clinton. Sarah Caroline Miner[118] was born in Northfield, Massachusetts to Henry C. Miner and Elizabeth Boyle.  Sarah Caroline (Miner) Lyman died before 1865. 


In 1865, Robert Lyman, a "Pattern Maker", age 51, widowed, is now living with Chester W. Gould[119] and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hartwell (Bowers)[120] Gould, in Clinton. 


Mary Ann (Willard) Moore Dunbar Lyman died in Clinton at 78 of "Dissolution & Old Age". Mary A. Lyman is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Clinton, with her third husband, Robert Lyman.


The son of Mary Ann Willard and Robert Lyman, Charles R. Lyman, age 24, married 18-year-old Mamie S. Perkins[121] on June 12, 1894 in Southborough, Massachusetts.  Mamie Perkins was born in Canton, Massachusetts, the daughter of Charles M. Perkins and Mary A. Thayer, who were married on May 7, 1857 in Canton.


The father of Mamie (Perkins) Lyman, Charles M. Perkins[122] was born in Jackson, New Hampshire, the son of George Perkins[123] and Florinda Wentworth[124].  Charles M. Perkins 80, died of a "Cerebral Hemorrhage", on 15 Randolph Street in Boston.


Mamie (Perkins) Lyman’s mother, Mary Ann Thayer[125] was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, the daughter of Zeba Thayer and Prudee Stone. Mary A. (Thayer) Perkins died in Boston of "Bright's Disease. 


Charles Lyman and Mamie Perkins had daughter, Marion Perkins Lyman[126] and son Robert Charles Lyman[127], both probably born in Southborough.  Charles and Mamie’s daughters, Ethel May Lyman[128] and Pauline Beede Lyman[129] were born in Boston. Their son, Richard William Lyman[130] was also born in Boston.


 The 1900 Census finds Chas [sic] Lyman, age 31 and wife, Mamie 24, in Precinct 7, Ward 23 Boston with their children Marion P. Lyman 5, Robert C. Lyman 3 and Ethel M. Lyman, age 2 months. Charles Lyman is a "Salesman of Dry Goods".


In 1910, Charles R. Lyman 41, lives in Boston with his wife Mamie 43, children Marion P. Lyman 15, Robert C. 12, Ethel M. Lyman 10 and 1-year old, Pauline B. Lyman.  Mamie's parents, Charles M. Perkins 73 and his wife Mary A. Perkins 72, complete the household.


Charles A. Lyman and his family live in Milton, Massachusetts in 1920. Mamie S. Lyman 43, daughter Ethel M. Lyman 19, Pauline B. Lyman 11, Mildred Lyman 7 and Richard W. Lyman, age 4.  Charles Lyman continues to be employed as a "Salesman of Dry Goods".


In 1940, Charles R. Lyman 70 and wife Mamie S. 63, live in Ward 20 in Boston with their daughter, Mildred (Lyman[131]) Johnsen 27 and her son Donald S. Johnsen, age 5.  Richard W. Lyman 25, son of Charles and Mamie Lyman, is also in the household. It is not known when Charles R. Lyman or his wife, Mamie S. (Perkins) Lyman died.


Henry K. Dunbar, son of Samuel and Mary Dunbar, born in Hope, Maine, married "Tailor", died in Sterling of "Intemperance[132]" at just 37 years old. He was the second victim of the ten and by far the youngest.


Henry Kingman Dunbar left his second wife, Mary Ann (Willard) Moore Dunbar, two young children, Wallace Dunbar and Cora A. Dunbar, also an unborn son, his namesake, Henry K. Dunbar.


Does intemperance qualify as a mental illness? Is it very common for those that struggle and suffer with diseases of the brain to self-medicate? Answer - Yes to both questions. Draw your own conclusions.


[1] Henry K. Dunbar b 1824 d Nov 14, 1861; son of Samuel Dunbar 1800-1853 & Mary Howard 1801-1850+

[2] Samuel Dunbar b 1800 d Mar 9, 1853; son of Henry Kingman Dunbar 1778-1805 & Sarah Bridges 1779-1864

[3] Mary Howard b 1801 d 1850+; born in Maine, dau of Unknown Howard & Unknown

[4] Annals of the Town of Warren, Maine, With the Early History of St. Georges by Cyrus Eaton 1851, p 336

[5] Annals of the Town of Warren, Maine, With the Early History of St. Georges by Cyrus Eaton 1851, p 337

[6] Daniel Dunbar b Aug 13, 1748 d Sep 20, 1824; son of Samuel Dunbar 1704-1786 & Mary Hayward 1718-1793

[7] Thomas H. Dunbar b 1830 d Jul 22, 1912; son of Samuel Dunbar 1800-1853 & Mary Howard 1801-1850+

[8] Ebenezer E. Rowell b Nov 29, 1837 d Aug 5, 1863; son of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[9] John Gilman Vose b Mar 19, 1839 d 1905; son of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[10] Shipsmith: blacksmith specializing in forging metal components required for use aboard a ship

[11] Marsilvia Loring b 1829 d Dec 31, 1851; dau of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Sabra Maynard 1784-1846

[12] Daniel Loring b Nov 27, 1777 d Jan 6, 1864; son of John Loring 1742-1824 & Elizabeth Brondsdon 1744-1820

[13] Sabra Maynard b Dec 5, 1784 d Sep 30, 1846; dau of Hollon Maynard 1745-1819 & Mary Moore 1753-1816

[14]d. s.p. = died sine prole, died without producing any offspring

[15] Catherine Maynard b Jun 4, 1779 d Oct 24, 1815; dau of Hollon Maynard 1745-1819 & Mary Moore 1753-1816

[16] Rebecca Loring b Feb 20, 1806 d Jul 18, 1889; dau of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Caty Maynard 1779-1815

[17] Joseph Pearson, Jr. b Oct 17, 1804 d Nov 24, 1858; son of Joseph Pearson 1759-1840 & Martha Crawford -1858

[18] Joseph L. Pearson b Sep 5, 1825 d Aug 31, 1878; son of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[19] Silas E. Pearson b Sep 18, 1827 d unknown; son of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[20] *Child Pearson b unknown d Sep 23, 1830; child of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[21] *Child Pearson b unknown d Dec 17, 1831; child of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[22] Ira Pearson b Oct 1, 1833 d Apr 15, 1917; son of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[23] Catherine Pearson b Sep 16, 1835 d Oct 12, 1861; dau of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[24] Clara Pearson b Jul 10, 1841 d May 9, 1912; dau of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[25] Martha Ann Pearson b Mar 2, 1844 d 1909; dau of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[26] Bartholomew Pearson b Sep 20, 1845 d Aug 25, 1917; son of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[27] Maroe Pearson b Feb 17, 1852 d Jan 26, 1926; dau of Joseph Pearson 1804-1858 & Rebecca Loring 1806-1889

[28] Maynard Loring b Jan 23, 1808 d Nov 14, 1871; son of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Caty Maynard 1779-1815

[29] Mary Anne Willard Phelps b Aug 28, 1807 d Apr 22, 1840; dau of Ephraim Phelps 1784-1867 & Dolly Divoll 1785-1832

[30] Mary E. Loring b Feb 17, 1834 d Dec 10, 1867; dau of Maynard Loring 1808-1871 & Mary Phelps 1818-1891

[31] Ellen M. Loring b Feb 26, 1836 d Jul 11, 1841; dau of Maynard Loring 1808-1871 & Mary Phelps 1818-1891

[32] Martha A. Loring b Mar 2, 1839 d Jul 13, 1841; dau of Maynard Loring 1808-1871 & Mary Phelps 1818-1891

[33] Olive W. Chase b Aug 27, 1809 d Mar 25, 1879; dau of Elisha Chase 1776-1834 & Narcissa Wilcox 1781-1839

[34] Elisha Chase b May 10, 1776 d Nov 8, 1834; son of Coggleshall Chase 1743-1834 & Amy Phillips 1739-1818

[35] Narcissa Wilcox b Jun 23, 1781 d Nov 4, 1839; dau of Daniel Wilcox IV 1734-1816 & Olive Cook Gaskill 1745-

[36] Olive L. Loring b Feb 12, 1844 d Mar 3, 1917; dau of Maynard Loring 1808-1871 & Olive Chase 1809-1879

[37] Martha M. Loring b Feb 29, 1848 d Nov 1918; dau of Maynard Loring 1808-1871 & Olive Chase 1809-1879

[38] Elizabeth Howe Loring b Feb 4, 1812 d Oct 27, 1900; dau of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Caty Maynard 1779-1815

[39] James H. Raymore b 1809 d May 23, 1879; son of Stimpson Raymore 1774-1843 & Mehitable Dresser 1775-1861

[40] James F. Raymore b 1833 d Jul 16, 1893; son of James H. Raymore 1809-1879 & Elizabeth H. Loring 1812-1900

[41] Jane E. Raymore b 1837 d Feb 13, 1906; dau of James H. Raymore 1809-1879 & Elizabeth H. Loring 1812-1900

[42] Laura Ann Raymore b 1839 d Mar 8, 1851 dau of James H. Raymore 1809-1879 & Elizabeth H. Loring 1812-1900

[43] George E. Raymore b Aug 3, 1849 d Mar 4, 1905; son of James H. Raymore 1809-1879 & Elizabeth H. Loring 1812-1900

[44] Mary T. Loring b Oct 27, 1809 d Aug 31, 1813; dau of son of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Caty Maynard 1779-1815

[45] Catherine Loring b Mar 28, 1814 d May 16, 1898; dau of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Caty Maynard 1779-1815

[46] Estes Pierce b Feb 7, 1812 d May 13 or 15, 1889; son of Ezekiel Pierce 1788-1865 & Ruth Perry 1793-1869

[47] It should actually be Æ. It's an abbreviation of aetatis, or ætatis, which literally means "years of life”

[48] Maria Loring b Mar 23, 1817 d Apr 26, 1884; dau of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Sabra Maynard 1784-1846

[49] William A. Pierce b Jan 12, 1813 d Dec 15, 1848; son of William Pierce 1774-1828 & Lydia Lincoln 1779-1866

[50] Ellen Mariah Pierce b May 3, 1844 d Apr 11, 1904; dau of William A. Pierce 1813-1849 & Maria Loring 1817-1884

[51] Martha Jane Pierce b Apr 12, 1848 d Jan 8, 1930; dau of William A. Pierce 1813-1849 & Maria Loring 1817-1884

[52] William J. Ross b May 6, 1821 d Apr 6, 1887; son of Peter Ross 1783-1870 & Polly Kendall Burpee 1791-1865

[53] Lyman Austin Ross b Dec 5, 1851 d Oct 22, 1903; son of William J. Ross 1821-1887 & Maria Loring 1817-1884

[54] Leonard W. Ross b Oct 5, 1856 d Jan 11, 1936; son of William J. Ross 1821-1887 & Maria Loring 1817-1884

[55] Walter Daniel Ross b Jul 12, 1858 d Jan 9, 1922; son of William J. Ross 1821-1887 & Maria Loring 1817-1884

[56] Harriet Merriam b Sep 23, 1827 d Sep 22, 1849; dau of William Merriam 1798-1851 & Roxana Foster 1805-1892

[57] Mary L. Ross b Aug 15, 1845 d May 26, 1900; dau of William J. Ross 1821-1887 & Harriet Merriam 1828-1850

[58] Henry Ross b 1846 or Aug 1845 d Dec 29, 1912; son of William J. Ross 1821-1887 & Harriet Merriam 1828-1850

[59] Maria E. Ross b Jan 4, 1848 d Feb 25, 1912; dau of William J. Ross 1821-1887 & Harriet Merriam 1828-1850

[60] Charles W. Ross b Mar 8, 1849 d Apr 11, 1916; son of William J. Ross 1821-1887 & Harriet Merriam 1828-1850

[61] Luther Burbank b Mar 7, 1849 d Apr 11, 1926; son of Samuel Walton Burbank 1795-1868 & Olive Ross 1813-1909

[62] Peter Ross b Sep 23, 1783 d Jul 22, 1870; son of William Ross 1749-1815 & Tamar Johnson 1754-1827

[63] Polly K. Burpee b Mar 18, 1791 d Dec 10, 1865; dau of Jeremiah Burpee 1759-1822 & Molly Kendall 1768-1801

[64] Washington Atlee Burpee b Apr 5, 1858 d Nov 26, 1915; son of David Burpee 1827-1882 & Ann Catherine Atlee 1832-1898

[65] Mary Loring b Mar 18, 1819 d Aug 5, 1874; dau of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Sabra Maynard 1784-1846

[66] John C. Hastings b Aug 15, 1819 d Nov 2, 1905; son of John Hastings 1791-1867 & Claramond Bigelow 1788-1873

[67] Albert H. Hastings b Jan 12, 1846 d Dec 28, 1907; son of John Hastings 1819-1905 & Mary Loring 1819-1874

[68] Male Hastings b Mar 14, 1849 d unknown; son of John Hastings 1819-1905 & Mary Loring 1819-1874

[69] Ella S. Hastings b Jul 1, 1850 d 1937; dau of John Hastings 1819-1905 & Mary Loring 1819-1874

[70] Martha C. Hastings b Apr 22, 1853 d Sep 21, 1876; dau of John Hastings 1819-1905 & Mary Loring 1819-1874

[71] Anna C. Hastings b Oct 10, 1858 d 1940+; dau of John Hastings 1819-1905 & Mary Loring 1819-1874

[72] Charles H. Loring b Aug 23, 1821 d Jun 17, 1900; son of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Sabra Maynard 1784-1846

[73] John Moore Loring b Dec 17, 1824 d Jan 15, 1872; son of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Sabra Maynard 1784-1846

[74] Henry Abbot Loring b Mar 6, 1827 d Oct 12, 1895; son of Daniel Loring 1777-1864 & Sabra Maynard 1784-1846

[75] Mary Ann Willard b 1829/1830 d May 31, 1908; dau of Artemis Willard 1785-1867 & Mary A. Gibbs 1798-1858

[76] Artemas Willard b 1785 d Apr 15, 1867; son of Artemis Willard 1761-1809 & Ruth (Houghton) Lynn -1843

[77] Mary E. Gibbs b 1798 d Dec 16, 1858; born in New Salem, MA dau of Isaac Gibbs -1840+ & Mary

[78] Walter Moore b Oct 24, 1823 d Jun 4, 1856; son of Otis Moore 1791-1875 & Susan ‘Suky’ Baldwin 1790-1884

[79] Ella Moore b Nov 26, 1853 d Aug 26, 1855; dau of Walter Moore 1824-1856 & Mary A. Willard 1829-1908

[80] Otis Moore b Aug 11, 1793 d May 11, 1875; son of William Moore & Patience Haven

[81] Susan Baldwin b Jan 6, 1790 d Dec 14, 1884; dau of Jonas Baldwin 1766- & Prudence Haven 1770-1860

[82] Cora A. Dunbar b Nov 14, 1859 d 1920+; dau of Henry K. Dunbar 1824-1861 & Mary A. Willard 1828-1908

[83] Wallace Dunbar b Jul 16, 1858 d Apr 11, 1866; son of Henry K. Dunbar 1824-1861 & Mary A. Willard 1828-1908

[84] Henry K. Dunbar, Jr. b May 19, 1862 d Jul 14, 1862; son of Henry Dunbar 1824-1861 & Mary Willard 1829-1908

[85] Anson Lowe b Dec 8, 1806 d Sep 1, 1880; son of John Lowe 1772-1851 & Mary “Polly” Chandler 1775-1849

[86] Emeline Unknown b 1814 d Jun 3, 1889; b New York d Worcester Insane Asylum, dau of Unknown

[87] Henrietta “Etta” C. Lowe b 1852 d 1920+ Gardner State Hospital; dau of Anson Lowe 1806-1880 & Emeline 1814-1889

[88] Charles R. Lyman b Nov 7, 1869 d 1940+; son of Robert Lyman 1814-1880+ & Mary Ann Willard 1829-1908

[89] Cora Lyman Reynolds b Dec 31, 1881 d Nov 5, 1886; dau of Louis Reynolds 1829-1912 & Cora A. Dunbar 1859-1920+

[90] Mary Lucinda Reynolds b Nov 8, 1887 d Jan 8, 1967; dau of Louis Reynolds 1829-1912 & Cora A. Dunbar 1859-1920+

[91] Lyman H. Reynolds b Oct 11, 1890 d 1942+; son of Louis Reynolds 1829-1912 & Cora A. Dunbar 1859-1920+

[92] Louis Reynolds b Oct 17, 1829 d Apr 23, 1912; son of Louis Reynolds 1800- & Caroline Mitchell 1803-1876

[93] Mary Elizabeth Phillips b Mar 18, 1835 d Sep 5, 1886; dau of James Phillips 1800-1860+ & Sarah White 1801-1860+

[94] Charles F. Reynolds b Apr 13, 1853 d May 23, 1912; son of Louis Reynolds 1829-1912 & Mary E. Phillips 1835-1886

[95] Zola Eveline Reynolds b Dec 5, 1855 d Aug 29, 1887; dau of Louis Reynolds 1829-1912 & Mary E. Phillips 1835-1886

[96] Mary E. Reynolds b Jan 28, 1858 d Jan 16, 1902; dau of Louis Reynolds 1829-1912 & Mary E. Phillips 1835-1886

[97] Louisa Herzinger b Nov 18, 1866 d Feb 14, 1911; dau of John Hersinger 1825-1906 & Louisa Fath 1829-1908

[98] Consumption: Pulmonary Tuberculosis or Phthisis; contagious, bacterial infection affecting the lungs

[99] Fred C. Garvin b Nov 1858 d 1935; son of James F. Garvin 1831-1905 & Hannah M. Newstead 1831-1909

[100] John H. Purcell b 1864/76 d 1940+; son of Joseph E. Purcell 1835-1880+ & Elizabeth “Bessie” Spence 1847-1917

[101] Louis H. Purcell b Dec 18, 1907 d May 9, 1997; son of John H. Purcell 1864/76-1940+ & Mary L. Reynolds 1887-1967

[102] John C. Purcell b May 30, 1906 d Oct 18, 1967; son of John H. Purcell 1864/76-1940+ & Mary L. Reynolds 1887-1967

[103] Katherine Ann Buchanan b Sep 1890 d 1940+; dau of Alexander Buchanan 1847-1903 & Elizabeth M. Buchanan 1862-1940+

[104] Warren H. Reynolds b Oct 21, 1912 d Aug 4, 1913; son of Lyman Reynolds 1890-1942+ & Katherine Buchanan 1890-1940+

[105] Alexander Buchanan b Mar 14, 1847 d Dec 1, 1903; son of John Buchanan 1784-1862+ & Marion Nicholson 1809-1881+

[106] Gertrude C. Reynolds b Aug 12, 1914 d Oct 6, 1988; dau of Lyman Reynolds 1890-1942+ & Katherine Buchanan 1890-1940+

[107] Lyman Reynolds Jr., b May 29, 1916 d Nov 14, 1964; son of Lyman Reynolds 1890-1942+ & Katherine Buchanan 1890-1940+

[108] Foster Everett Reynolds, b Jun 19, 1918 d Oct 12, 2003; of Lyman Reynolds 1890-1942+ & Katherine Buchanan 1890-1940+

[109] George A. Reynolds, b 1921 d 1930+; son of Lyman H. Reynolds 1890-1942+ & Katherine Buchanan 1890-1940+

[110] Hypostatic Pneumonia: collection of fluid in the dorsal region of the lungs, especially in the elderly or bedridden

[111] Arteriosclerosis: buildup of fats, cholesterol and plaque on the artery walls causing restricted blood flow

[112] Senile Dementia: severe mental deterioration, especially in old age, characterized by loss of memory

[113] Frances W. Lewis b Oct 19, 1879 d Sep 25, 1945; dau of Charles D. Lewis 1844-1905 & Emily J. Clark 1846-1919

[114] Charles D. Lewis b Sep 26, 1844 d May 4, 1905; son of William G. Lewis 1816-1901 & Mary Ann Davis Dudley 1821-1912

[115] Emily J. Clark b Dec 18, 1846 d 1919; dau of James Wilson Clark 1802-1892 & Catharine Monroe March 1816-1893

[116] Gilbert D. Buchanan b Feb 7, 1902 d Feb 1965; son of Alexander Buchanan 1847-1903 & Elizabeth M. Buchanan 1862-1940+

[117] Robert Lyman b Feb 14, 1814 d bef 1908; son of Joseph Lyman 1763-1832 & Elizabeth Liscombe 1788-1832

[118] Sarah Caroline Miner b Jan 7, 1829 d < 1865; dau of Henry Clinton Miner 1792-1842 & Elizabeth Boyle 1794-

[119] Chester Wilson Gould b Feb 1836 d Jan 7, 1907; son of Samuel Gould 1802-1860 & Clarissa Wolcott 1803-1870

[120] Elizabeth H. Bowers b Jun 14, 1843 d Dec 3, 1918; dau of Thomas O. Bowers 1817-1896 & Achsah Houghton 1822-1902

[121] Mamie S. Perkins b Mar 1876 d 1940+; dau of Charles M. Perkins 1836-1916 & Mary A. Thayer 1837-1914

[122] Charles M. Perkins b Sep 22, 1836 d Jan 4, 1916; son of George Perkins 1799- & Florinda Wentworth 1803-

[123] George F. Perkins b Oct 9, 1799 d unknown; son of Timothy Perkins 1772-1840+ & Mary Gentleman 1769-1812

[124] Florinda M. Wentworth b Apr 7, 1803 d unknown; dau of Spencer Wentworth 1780- & Eunice Smith 1780-

[125] Mary A. Thayer b Jan 22, 1837 d Sep 23, 1914; dau of Zeba Thayer 1798-1874 & Prudee Stone 1802-1885

[126] Marion P. Lyman b Mar 3, 1895 d Feb 20, 1972; dau of Charles Lyman 1869-1940+ & Mamie Perkins 1876-1940+

[127] Robert C. Lyman b Oct 29, 1897 d 1930+; son of Charles Lyman 1869-1940+ & Mamie Perkins 1876-1940+

[128] Ethel M. Lyman b Mar 28, 1901 d 1920+; dau of Charles Lyman 1869-1940+ & Mamie Perkins 1876-1940+

[129] Pauline B. Lyman b Dec 30, 1908 d Nov 1, 1992; dau of Charles Lyman 1869-1940+ & Mamie Perkins 1876-1940+

[130] Richard W. Lyman b Jan 30, 1915 d 1942+; son of Charles Lyman 1869-1940+ & Mamie Perkins 1876-1940+

[131]Mildred Lyman b 1913 d 1940+; dau of Charles Lyman 1869-1940+ & Mamie Perkins 1876-1940+

[132] Intemperance: excessive indulgence, especially in alcohol

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Comment by Sharyn Carpenter Herian on January 28, 2019 at 6:16pm
Samuel Dunbar 1704-1786 & Mary Hayward 1704-1793 are from Bridgewater, Plymouth MA Samuel is a Mayflower Descendant and his wife Mary Hayward (sometime spelled Howard is likely also a Mayflower descendant. Whomever descends from this couple will have an exciting adventure learning about this lineage. The GSMD online can assist in where to start My Hayward Line goes to Francis Cooke and Maine has many Haywards, Hawards, Howards Congratulations and happy hunting.


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