Horace  Foster

born;        28 Mar 1816    St. George, Maine      

died;         10 Apr 1900   Machiasport, Maine

buried  Hillside Cemetery, Machiasport, Maine

see Maine, Faylene Hutton Cem...Collection

see    grave stone

father;       Francis  Foster        see record

mother;     Sarah  _____          see record with her name badly written

page with free Horace Foster fishing log download

spouse 1

Nancy  Libby

born;        19 Jan 1821    Machias, Maine

died;         1881

buried Hillside Cemetery, Machiasport, Maine    see grave stone

father;        Timothy Libby

mother;       Susan Mitchell

spouse 2

Mary  E.  "Colbeth"  Gray

born;       May 1823 Machiasport, Maine

died;        7 Apr 1901 Machiasport, Maine   

married;    23  Jan.  1892      see marriage  record

father;       John Colbeth

mother;     Sarah Clark

her first husband;

Elisha Coffin  Gray

born;     14 May 1814       Addison, Maine

died;       26 May 1886    Machiasport, Maine

see  Maine, Faylene Hutton Cem...Collectio




Francis Frank  B.  Foster

born;       1 August 1842    Machias, Maine                  see  grave stone

died;        27 December 1897    Machiasport, Maine    cemetery record

married;   19 December 1875    Cutler, Maine


Elmira  M.  Ackley

born;       1842

died;         8 November 1919  Machiasport, Maine    see grave stone

father;       Ralph  Ackley        see 1860  census

mother;     Martha  Holmes

Sarah  Jane  Foster

born;       6 November 1843    Machias, Maine        see 1860 census

died;        27 November 1916  Marshfield, Maine    see find a grave

see death record

married;    1863  Machias, Maine


Freeman  Rice

born;       1 April 1846  Machiasport, Me    see 1850 census      see 1880 census

died;        30 Jun 1922   Marshfield, Maine    see   find a grave

fatrher;       Benjamin  Rice            see 1860 census

mother;       Jane  Larrabee

Susan  A.  Foster

born;       11 November 1849

died;        27 November 1912

married;    1869  Machias, Maine


Judah  Rice

born;       18 January 1842  Machias, Maine

died;         30 Mar 1922    Northfield, Maine     see death record   

father;       Benjamin  "Benj"  Rice    see 1860 census

mother;n    Jane  Larrabee

Annie  Myra  Foster

born;       27 September 1855  Machias, Maine

died;        15 Sep 1944  see cemetery record           see Find A Grave

married;    3 Jun 1875    Machias, Maine


James  Alvin  Flynn

born;       27 February 1852      see 1910 census

died;        1938            see Find A Grave

father;      Hiram  Marston  Flynn          see grave stone

mother;    Phebe  Ann  Tupper    see grave stone

Mary  Elizabeth  Foster

born;      20 October 1845    Machias, Maine    see 1960 census

died;        1923    Whitneyville, Maine

married;    7 April 1866    Whitneyville, Maine


William  Henry  Albee

born;       5 March 1843    Whitneyville, Maine    see 1900 census

died;        1923    Maine

father;       Eleazer  B,  Albee

mother;     Nancy  Smith

Horace  Foster

born;       18 September 1847    Machias, Maine

died;        28 Feb 1849      see Find A Grave

Lewis  L.  Foster

born;       18 November 1851    Machias, Maine    see 1900 census

died;        1927          see grave stone

married;    Machias, Maine


Nettie  A.  Smith

born;       1860    Machias, Maine    see 1900 census




Samuel  Foster

born;        27 November 1853     Machias, Maine

died;        27 November 1853     Machias, Maine

Rosina  "Rose"  May  Foster

born;       20 August 1858    Machiasport, Maine    birth date

died;        1933          see 1900 census         see grave stone


spouse 1;

Sanford  A.  Holmes

born;       22 June 1859    Machiasport, Maine

died;        5 January 1882        see cemetery record

father;       Amos  M.  Holmes

mother;     Clara  Clarrissa  Wright

spouse 2;

Andrew  Jackson  Beale

born;       1855  Jonesport, Maine

died;        1925    cemetery record

married;     12 December 1875  Jonesboro, Maine

father;        Ephraim Kelley Beal              see 1870 census

mother;       Esther Johnson

his other marriage;

Sylvania Cummings Look



married;    12 December 1875  Jonesboro, Maine

father;        Sidney Smith Look

mother;       Mary H. Cummings

Olive  Adelia  Foster

born;       7 January 1860    Maine  birth record

died;        6 April 1950    see grave stone       cemetery record

married;    1878


Chester Loring Clark

born;       16 January 1858    Machiasport, Maine    birth record

died;        9 December 1937   Machiasport, Maine

father;      Charles  M.  Clark

mother;    Laura  A.  Larrabee

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