I am looking for the parentage of Thomas Mitchell of Leeds Maine

I am looking for the parentage of Thomas Mitchell of Leeds Maine  1st let me say i deal in facts and the fact is  william Mitchell and Elizabeth Clarke  son  Thomas was lost at sea and they had no son Joseph Mitchell Maine familys in 1790 is wrong wrong wrong !!!!!!!

1. WILLIAM8 MITCHELL (ISRAEL7, WILLIAM6, CHRISTOPHER5, PAUL4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, ROBERT1) was born 1734, and died 1824 in Durham Me.. He married ELIZABETH CLARK April 21, 1759 in Cape Elizabeth Maine. She was born May 29, 1736.
Children of W

2. i. RICHARD9 MITCHELL, b. 1762, Cape Elizabeth Me.; d. May 12, 1835, Minot me..
3. ii. SAMUEL MITCHELL, b. December 18, 1766; d. July 21, 1835.
4. iii. WILLIAM (JR) MITCHELL, b. 1764; d. 1836, Avon Me..
5. iv. JAMES MITCHELL, b. 1774; d. November 23, 1856, Unity Me..
6. v. PETER MITCHELL, b. 1778; d. Bet. 1830 & 1840.
7. vi. ROBERT MITCHELL, b. 1770, Cape Elizabeth Maine; d. 1810, Durham Maine.
8. viii.

THOMAS MITCHELL, b. 1765; d. April 29, 1809, Drowned at sea.8. THOMAS9 MITCHELL (WILLIAM8, ISRAEL7, WILLIAM6, CHRISTOPHER5, PAUL4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, ROBERT1) was born 1765, and died April 29, 1809 in Drowned at sea. He married LUCINDA VINING March 17, 1789 in New Glouster Me., daughter of BENJAMIN VINING and MEHITABLE BROOKS. She was born March 11, 1769 in Durham Maine, and died 1812 in Durham Me..
Children of T

i. THOMAS (2)10 MITCHELL, b. 1803, Durham Me.; d. 1848, Durham Me..

it is also easy proven that he was not the son of Thomas Mitchell and Diniah Norton this whole family went to union maine in town history and town record .

THOMAS7 MITCHELL (SETH6, JACOB 2ND5, JACOB4, EXPERIENCE3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born March 14, 1740/41 in No Yarmouth Maine. He married DINIAH NORTON. She died 1821 in Union Maine.

Notes for T
Moved to Union Maine in 1796
Children of T

2. i. JEREMIAH8 MITCHELL, b. March 30, 1770, No Yarmouth Maine.
3. ii. THOMAS MITCHELL, b. September 21, 1772, No Yarmouth Maine; d. October 14, 1843, Union Maine.  THOMAS8 MITCHELL (THOMAS7, SETH6, JACOB 2ND5, JACOB4, EXPERIENCE3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born September 21, 1772 in No Yarmouth Maine, and died October 14, 1843 in Union Maine. He married POLLY DAGGETT September 05, 1799 in Union Maine, daughter of SAMUEL DAGGETT.

Notes for T
He came to Union with his father in 1796
Children of T
i. ELIZABETH9 MITCHELL, b. June 30, 1800, Union Maine; m. SAMUEL STONE.
ii. JEDIDAH CUTTER MITCHELL, b. January 18, 1802.
iii. REBECCA ATHEARN MITCHELL, b. April 25, 1807, Union Maine; m. ELIAS BRECK.
v. THOMAS HARRISON MITCHELL, b. August 30, 1812.
iii. ELIZABETH MITCHELL, b. January 17, 1775; m. EDWARD OAKS.
4. iv. JABEZ NORTON MITCHELL, b. 1777, No Yarmouth Maine.
6. vi.



here is the best bet although i dont have a mother for them yet

2. WILLIAM8 MITCHELL (CHRISTOPHER7, WILLIAM6, CHRISTOPHER5, PAUL4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, ROBERT1) was born April 18, 1739 in Scarborough Me., and died Abt. 1780 in Lost at sea Bath me.. He married UNKOWN.

Notes for W
Information on this family is form old letters written by Clara Crockett, granddaughter of Thomas Mitchell who new him well. William Mitchell was a Millman as well a farmer. His wife's name is unknown after his death the children were put out and raised by their uncle a Mister Berry. John Berry and Rhoda Mitchell, where Thomas learned the trade of cordwainer.
Children of W

11. i.

THOMAS9 MITCHELL, b. 1772, Bath Me.; d. April 11, 1849, Leeds Me.


12. ii. WILLIAM MITCHELL, b. 1766.
13. iii. JOSEPH MITCHELL, b. 1768, Bath Me.; d. October 02, 1832, Leeds Me..

1. THOMAS9 MITCHELL (WILLIAM8, CHRISTOPHER7, WILLIAM6, CHRISTOPHER5, PAUL4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, ROBERT1) was born 1772 in Bath Me., and died April 11, 1849 in Leeds Me.. He married MARY LEMONT August 03, 1794 in Bath Me., daughter of JAMES LEMONT and MARY HUNTER. She was born 1777 in Bath Me., and died April 05, 1860 in Leeds Me..

Notes for T
He served in the war of 1812. He was a boot and shoe maker ,a Cordwainer. Also a Merchant dealing in West India Goods. at the request of his brother Joseph he sold his Business in Bath and moved to Leeds, where he built The 2nd saw mill in town and the 1st in the section. It was where Coffins Mills is now, you can still see the Dam. He was in Business with Elias and Peter Lane. His 1st home in Leeds burned and he built another in 1812. Coffins Mills is at the foot of Quaker Ridge. He was called Yeoman ( Englishman of family's considered well bred but not of the nobility). He moved to Leeds in 1800 from Bath. It should also be noted that when he sold in Bath the Deed was witnessed by James Mills Mitchell his Uncle.

                                                                        Keene s Mills, Turner May 3,1913                  Dear nice Lizzie I have Included what i have herd Said of our people. My Great Grandfather (Christopher Mitchell) and two brothers and one sister a Mrs. Berry came to South Bath, took up a large tract of land and settled on it. Washington called for more soldiers to get our independence from the British. Grandfather (William Mitchell) took ship with a lot of others to service as soldiers, the ship was never heard from or now one aboard. A terrible hurricane was suspected by others. Grandmother put out her three boys and one girl . Scotch Irish Descent. William - Thomas - Joseph - Hannah. ( this must have been said by J W L Mitchell her father) My Grandfather Thomas Mitchell was put out to learn the shoemakers trade to his uncle Berry, and settled in Bath Me. and married Mary Lemont. Daughter of Capt. James Lemont of Bath, A Capt. in the Revolution, they lived in Bath on the ?? now the City, had a house, shoe shop , and West India Goods to sell; done fine. His brother Joseph had settled in Leeds Persuaded him to sell out and buy a lot of land next to him, with water privilege and put up a saw mill, he sold out for 1200 twelve hundred dollars. He got Finely under way when his homestead (Leeds) was burned he put up another but Grandmother was always homesick after that hard times came on. 1812 War Grandfather belonged to the Militia Co. had to go, after it was about over they took my father 17 Seventeen as substitute and uncle William was musician 4 years in Army. Grandmother, Grandfather had 11 children four in Bath, two died there. 7 more in Leeds, William, James Warren Lemont Bath born 1796 died 1894 , two more boys died young. Then Betsey Married Joshaway Lemont, Thomas, Jesse,Benjamin, Mary married William Carr of NH. My father married Julia Gilbert 1817 she died 31. Daughter Capt. William Gilbert and Betsey Baily . Second wife (of J W L ) Rebecca Foster of Buckfield died 1889. his children Ellen Lemont born 1831 died 1896, Clara 1833, Henry Gilbert born 1835, Julia, James Evertt born 1837 died 1840. your father must know what year Evertt died .           

By Clara M Crockett Turner Maine

Notes for M
She was called a woman of superior qualities.
Children of T

i. JESSE10 MITCHELL, b. December 24, 1810, Leeds Me.; d. 1871, Madrid Me.; m. ELVIRA KNAPP, September 12, 1840, Leeds Me.; b. September 16, 1813, Kingfield Me.; d. 1877, Madrid Me..
He lived in Leeds near where the Leeds Central School is now. He owned lot #47 witch he bought from his father Thomas in 1834 for $580.00, moved to Letter E Plantation between 1850 and 1860. they lived in letter E near the school house. Next to James Mitchell and Benjiman Chick.


She was the Dau of Jospeh Knapp Esq a Lawyer who in 1919 helped to form the constitution of the state of maine also the sister of the honorable Judge Cyrus Knapp of Livermore Falls Maine

ii. WILLIAM MITCHELL, b. 1795, Bath Me.; m. ABIGAIL SHAW MORSE, April 07, 1818, Leeds Me..
He was a fifer in the war of 1812. He was a blacksmith in Leeds Me.

iii. JAMES WARREN LEMONT MITCHELL, b. December 03, 1796, Bath Me.; d. January 24, 1894, Keenes Mills Turner Me.; m. (1) JULIA GILBERT, November 30, 1820, Turner Me.; b. October 25, 1800, Leeds Me.; d. 1831, Leeds Me.; m. (2) REBECCA D. FOSTER, May 26, 1833, Leeds Me.; b. March 09, 1793, Buckfield.
He lived in Leeds near where Quakers Ridge meets rte. 106. He was postmaster      in Leeds at Lothrop s Conner. He served in war of 1812 from Sep 13 1814- Sep 25 1814. under the name Thomas Mitchell survivor cert. # 25670. He was Capt. of state Militia at age 23. He died at the home of his Dau. Clara Crockett. He was known in Leeds as Warren Mitchell.

iv. THOMAS (JR) MITCHELL, b. April 30, 1808, Leeds Me.; d. 1870, Old Town Me.; M BETSEY DUDLEY, December 09, 1832, Old Town Maine; b. 1816; d. 1843.
v. BETSY LEMONT MITCHELL, b. October 09, 1805, Leeds Me.; d. February 26, 1884, Bath Me.; m. JOSHUA P. LEMONT, March 1826; b. June 30, 1797, Bath Me.; d. February 23, 1884, Bath Me..
vi. DAVID BERRY MITCHELL, b. March 09, 1803, Leeds Me.; d. Died young.
vii. BENJAMIN LEMONT MITCHELL, b. November 04, 1815, Leeds Maine; d. Spent his life at sea; m. MARY ANN MITCHELL; b. May 03, 1809, Brunswick Me..
viii. MARY LEMONT MITCHELL, b. November 03, 1817, Leeds Me.; m. WILLIAM CARR, 1840, Lowell Mass.; b. July 21, 1818, Antrim NH.; d. March 22, 1904.
He was a wheelwright and carpenter.

ix. JOHN MITCHELL, d. 1798, Died young.
x. DANIEL MITCHELL, d. 1798, Died young.
xi. JAMES S MITCHELL, d. Died young.


t is easy to see who she is talking about as it can be no ther people Thomas Mitchells father being Willam son of Christopher and the two brothers in bath are James Mills Mitchell and Jonathan Mitchell the sister a Mrs Berry is Rhoda Mitchell who married John Berry all lived in Bath a perfect fit. Also Joseph Mitchell of Leeds named a son John Berry Mitchell and a Daughter Rhoda Berry Mitchell also both Thomas and Joseph named a son David Berry Mitchell. It should also be noted that when Thomas Mitchell sold in Bath the Deed was witnessed by James Mills Mitchell who would be his Uncle. and that James Mills Mitchells Granddaughter Hannah L Mitchell Married David Berry Mitchell son of Joseph Mitchell of Leeds also that Thomas , Joseph, and James Mills Mitchell owned a church pew togather in Bath also Thomas Mitchell Married Mary Lemont and her uncle Thomas Lemont was married to Lucy Mitchell the dau of Christopher Mitchell and so would be an aunt to Thomas Mitchell of Leeds this is more than just coincidence.

Coffin’s Mill was the second mill to be built in the Town of Leeds. The mill was originally erected on land owned by Thomas Mitchell. The mill ran successfully until 1812, when an embargo was placed upon shipping from U.S. ports. This proved disasterous to Maine’s lumber trade and Thomas Mitchell, whose plan was to transport lumber to Hallowell and loaded aboard schooners, was forced to sell his property.

looking for anyone who may know of their mother

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