Israel Davis - 1728-1788 - Rev Service accepted by DAR!!!

I received the email today from my first cousin - her application to the DAR via our 6th Great Grandfather Israel Davis has been verified and accepted!


The bulk of our family genealogy work was done by my father [her uncle] and I filled in some blanks, got the records and corrected thing that would have gotten it rejected. I even think my research will have corrected a few previously filed lines.


And as such...his eldest son - Charles Davis - who fought at Lexington and Concord will also be in.


Happy Veteran's Day GGGGGG and GGGGG Grandpa Davis!


I did it four you dad [George Davis - 1933-1999] 

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Comment by Sharyn Carpenter Herian on January 7, 2012 at 4:51pm

Laurie, Happy New Year!  I have just seen your awesome Post and with the great news. 

Congratulations, DAR Lady!

Your father would be very proud and I know he had such a big part in your research.  I have often felt that some ancestors have led me to them and to others.  The Holy Spirit does that too!


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