James and Nathaniel Springer, Bath/Georgetown

I am trying to document the lineage of Sarah Springer, born 25 April 1767 in Georgetown and wife of Consider Turner (m 1784?) and then of Adam Lemont; she died 28 August 1845 in Bath.

Sarah Springer is said on one online genealogy to have been the daughter of Nathaniel Springer and Sarah Hodgkins. There seems to be considerable confusion about Nathaniel Springer, and I am wondering if there were not at least two and possibly three men of this name in Georgetown at the time of the Revolutionary War.

Reed, History of Bath and Environs (1894), states that Capt. Nathaniel Springer was shot by "friendly fire" in August 1770 when militia at Butlers Cove near Georgetown fired on his vessel, then in pursuit of armed British vessels but supposed by the militia to have been among the British vessel. Joseph Sewall's "History of Bath" in Collections of the Maine Historical Society 2 (1847) gives the date of this event as August 1780.  Probate records for Nathaniel Springer, late husband of Sarah, in Probate Records of Lincoln County 1760-1800, 137, note that his widow was approved as administrator of his estate in 25 November 1779 and that the inventory of his estate was dated 22 Feb 1780. Further, the online Georgetown Historical Society genealogy give the dates of Nathaniel Springer who married Sarah Hodgkins as 17 May 1730-20 November 1833. Can anyone help clarify exactly who Sarah Springer's father was?

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Comment by Chris Dunham on July 3, 2018 at 8:52pm

Lincoln County probate records show that Nathaniel Springer was named administrator of the estate of his father James in 1772. But an "order regarding real estate" dated 1 May 1782 mentions "Sarah Lemont, wife of James Lemont and late widow of Nathaniel Springer, a son of deceased." So Nathaniel must have died between 1772 and 1782.

The record granting Sarah administration of Nathaniel's estate is here, and says that he had "lately died intestate." That makes an August 1779 date of death more likely than 1770 or 1780.

There is a deed here, dated 1 May 1786, by which Sarah Lemont, administrator of her former husband Nathaniel Springer's estate, and her present husband James Lemont sold land in Bath to Consider Turner.


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