James T. Flynn Family Tree

James  T.  Flynn

died;    12  June  1849  buried Church Hill Cem, Machiasport, Maine
his father;   James  Flynn
his mother;   Mary  Kinsella
his wife;
Sarah  Marston
died;   20  July  1865  buried Church Hill Cem., Machiasport, Maine
her father;  Samuel  Marston
her mother;   Sarah  Hall


Hiram Marston Flynn  born; 21 Aug 1818   died; 1 Jan 1906
Phebe Ann Tupper   born; 3 Sept 1820   died; 11 March 1895
her father;  George 'Gideon' Tupper
her mother;   Elizabeth  Betsey  Schoppee

George F. Flynn   born;    1874   Died;    1927
married;  12  Sept  1874   Machiasport, Maine
Sylvia J. Dobbin   born;    1853   died; 9 Sept 1879
2nd marriage;  Ida E. Beverly
William W. Flynn   born;         died; 29 April 1901
married;  15  July  1862  Machias, Maine
Phebe A. Miller   born; 8 Jan 1843   died; 28 Jan 1919
her father;   Stephen  Miller
her mother;   Lavonia  Duncan

Levi H. Flynn   born; May 1825   died; 4 Nov 1918
married;   21  Nov  1854  Machiasport, Maine
Amanda W. Bryant   born;    1827   died; 6 Oct 1901
her father;   Joseph Bryant
her mother;  Susan Lincoln

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