John Whitcomb

born; 1801 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
died; 2 October 1885 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine,
buried; Leavitt Cemetery, Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine,
married; 9 FEB 1826 Hope, Knox, Maine
father; Abner Whitcomb
mother; Amelia Holbrook

Sally Whitcomb
born; Yaunton, Bristol, Mass.
died; 1878 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
father; Ebenezer Whitcomb
mother; Betsey Irish

Their children;

Hannah E Whitcomb
born; 15 May 1828 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine,
died; 4 Sep 1874 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine

Mary Whitcomb
born; 8 November 1830 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
married; 28 April 1870 Penobscot, Maine
James Banks Craig
born; 5 November 1833 Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine
died; 19 September 1925 Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine
buried; Simpson's Corner Cemetery, Dixmont, Maine
father; William Craig
mother; Abigail S. Mudgett

Delana Whitcomb
born; 26 February 1833 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
died; 2 October 1862 Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine
married; 24 June 1858 Penobscot, Maine
buried; North Dixmont Cemetery, Dixmont Maine
Samuel Eaton Curtis
born; 5 March 1831 Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine
died; 24 September 1895 Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine
buried; North Dixmont Cemetery, Dixmont, Maine
father; Deacom Samuel Curtis
mother; Lydia Batchelder

John Whitcomb Jr.
born; 24 December 1834 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
died; 17 Mar 1899
married; 31 MAR 1859 Etna,Penobscot,Maine
Elvira M. Andrews
born; 27 FEB 1835 Plymouth,Penobscot,Maine
died; 21 August 1907 Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine
father; Samuel Andrews
mother; Margaret Leadbetter

Matilda J. Whitcomb
born; 1846 Maine
died; 3 February 1898 Maine
buried; Newburgh Center, Penobscot, Maine
married; 8 December 1867 Maine
Ira Francis Sidelinker
born; 28 July 1846 Hermon, Penobscot, Maine,
died; 17 June 1894 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
buried; Leavitt Cemetery, Newburg Maine
father; Samuel Sidelinker
mother; Naomi Grant

Harvey M. Whitcomb
born; 24 January 1848 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine,
died; 19 Feb 1910 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
married; 23 March 1872 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
Sarah E. Colson
born; 1854 Searsport, Waldo, Maine,
died; 16 June 1876 Newburgh, Penobscot, Maine
buried; Leavitt Cemetery, Newburgh Maine
father; Stanton Ephriam Colson
mother; Sarah P. Curtis

Sally Ellen Whitcomb
born; 6 July 1849 Maine
died; 1 March 1868 Maine
buried; Leavitt Cemetery, Newburgh Maine

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