(NOTE:  if anyone has a photo of Virgil Wilder Rice or Virgil Wilder Rice Jr, could you please email me a copy of it, I really would be most thankful.  fendermail56@yahoo.com)

Judah Rice

born;      18 JAN 1843 - Machiasport, Maine      see 1870 census          see Find a Grave
died;       30 March 1922 - Northfield Cemetery          see death cert.
married on          18 JAN 1868 - Machiasport, Maine
His Father;         Benjamin Rice    see 1860 census
His Mother;        Jane Larrabee
His Wife;
Susan E. Foster
born;          30 NOV 1849 - Machiasport, Maine    see 1870 census
died;          27 nov 1912 - Northfield Cem, Northfield, Maine
Her Father;        Horace Foster      see cemetery record            see death cert.
Her Mother;       Nancy Libby      see grave stone

(NOTE;  This evening i had a very special find while conducting a genealogy search, I came across an old newspaper whose deaths section recorded the death of Jane Rice of Centerville, Maine - wife of Benjamin Rice.  

Portland Daily Press - March 17, 1892

In Centerville, Feb. 26,  Mrs Jane Rice, aged 80 years )

NOTE;  I came across a death of Sophy Wilson, maiden name Rcie, who lists her parents as Benjamin Rice and Jane Rice, father born in Dog Town, Maine, mothers place place could not be read.  Dog Town is a tiny village between Machias and East Machias.  She is listed as being married, and died in Lewiston where she was a house keeper.


Thurman Cleveland . Rice -
born         7 MARCH 1889 Machiasport, Maine    see birth cert
died         1 Jan 1957
married on         3 JULY 1913      draft card    marriage record
his wife;
Mabel H. Hatt       
born;        18 NOV 1895 - Wesley, Maine
died;         7 MAY 1922 - Northfield, Maine      death cert

fatherl;       James Hatt

mother;       Leona  Heywood

marriage 2

Philena  "Huckins"  Lyons



married;    12  Nov  1922      Lubec, Maine       marriage record

father;       Ezra  Lyons

mother;     Philena  Brown

marriage 3;

Mildred  Huntley



married;         29  April  1939          marriage record



(Their child - Thurman Cleveland Rice Jr, married Grace Lydia Burke. Thurman Jr was born in Marshfield, Maine on 10/29/1918 and died on 2/5/2000 at Fulton, New York. Grace was born on 10/23/1920 at Plantation 14, Maine and died on 1/27/2003 at Ct.
They had several children, including Clyde E. Rice, born Calais, Maine and died on 2/21/2018 at Suffield, connecticut.).

Virgil Wilder Rice
born;        10 SEPT 1886
died;         9 APRIL 1965                    cemetery record
Marriage to Margaret was annulled
Margaret  Belle  Ingersoil
his  2nd wife;
Vesta Beulah Dill      see marriage
born;         19 Oct 1896 - Richmond, Maine
died;          5 Dec 1987 - Machias, Maine
(she later married Ralph Day)      see marriage
her father;        Charles E. Dill
her mother;       Achsia B. Babcock (Peacock)

(NOTE:  Virgil Wilder Rice  was first married Margaret Ingersoil, who was still in school.  The marriage was annulled, she later gave birth to Oral Church Rice - Virgil is named as the father, at the time of the baby's birth - 10/19/1912, Margaret was dating Thomas Scott Bowden.  Her and Thomas had two children before they were married, on license their two kids are listed as is Oral C. Rice.  Virgil  went on to marry  Vesta Beulah Dill.)

Grover Cleveland Rice
born;          9 Feb 1892 centerville, Maine      see birth record
died;          25 MAR 1893        see death record

Benjamin Harrison Rice
born;        9 Feb 1892 centerville, Maine      birth record
died;        18 AUG 1892        see death record

William W. Rice
born;        11 OCT 1863
died;         21 MAR 1892        see death record
(never married)

Merton  "mertie"  Rice
born;        22 APRIL 1871      birth info
died;         (he may of died in a Lubec Hospital from mental illness)

Clyde Garvey Rice
born;        21 NOV 1883          see 1920 census
died;        30 MAY 1962 - Northfield, Maine            see find a grave
married on        30 SEPT 1906 - Machias, Maine        see marriage
his wife;
Etta May Burns
born;        27 JULY 1885
died;        1958 - Northfield, Maine
her father;        Henry Burns
her mother;      Charlotte Amanda Welch

Elmer Hilton Rice
born;        2 APRIL 1882 - Northfield, Maine
died;        1933
married on        7 April 1904 - Wesley, Maine      see marriage
his wife;
Fannie S. Archer
born;          7  Sept.  1887    Wesley, Maine   see 1910 census
died;           6  June  1962     Portland, Maine
her father;       Claudius Melbourne Archer
her mother;     Mary Elizabeth Gray      marriage record

Edwin A. "Ed" Rice
born;        24 OCT 1868 - Machiasport, Maine
died;        1943       New Hampshire        view grave stone
married Amy on      4 March 1911 at Grantham, , New Hampshire    marriage record
1st marriage;
Bertha ?
2nd Marriage
Amy   O.  Slack
born;         1875
died;          2 Feb 1946         New Hampshire  see grave stone
her father;        Henry F. Slack
her mother;      Laura White
Amy's 1st husband -
Elmer Glenn Kidder        see 1910 census
married Amy         21 August 1892 at Enfield, , New Hampshire    see marriage record
Father;      Alfred   Kidder
Mother;     Mary  E.   Foster

Clara Rice
born; 20 JUNE 1870

Annie B. Rice
born;     10 JAN 1875
died;     9  May  1907     Machias, Maine          death record
Husband 1;
Wellington E. Caler
born;        20 April 1865 Centerville, Maine
died;        10 May 1905 Centerville, Maine          Grave Stone          CEMETERY RECORD
married;       28 Aug. 1892 Columbia Falls, Maine      Daughters Birth       Marriage Record
his father;        Charles W. Caler                see 1880 census
his mother;      Christina Christie C. Snow        her marriage record
Husband 2;
Maleolm W. Clark
born;        2 Feb. 1880 Boston, Mass.
died;        7 Dec. 1960 Ellsworth, Maine      Grave Stone
married;        31 Oct. 1904 Machias, Maine        marriage record
his father;        Samuel Phillip  Clark      see 1900 census
his mother;      Almira   Maria  Grant

Malcolms 2nd marriage

Florence E.  Reeves

born;       7  Sept.  1892  Machias,  Maine

died;        26  June  1974    Machias,  Maine      grave stone

married;      see marriage record

Ernest Owen Rice
born; 30 JAN 1880
died; 1 Jan 1900


                                        Portland Daily Press - March 17, 1892

Judah Rice

Susan E. Foster

Thurman C. Rice

Vesta Beulah Dill

Grace Lois "Rice" Anthony

Clyde Garvey Rice and Etta May Burns

Charlotte Amanda Welch


Elmer Hilton Rice

Amy Slack and Edwin "Ed" Rice

Edwin "Edward" "Ed" Rice

Clara Rice and Susan E. Foster Rice

Annie B. Rice

Annie RICE Caler  daughter - Mina Caler

Ernest Owen Rice

The Rice Farmstead, route 192, Northfield, Maine (next to Northfield Cemetery)

The Rice Farmstead as seen from route 192

Shed and entrance way - Rice farmstead, Niorthfield, Maine

Bernard Francis Rice in front parlor of Rice Farmstead

Bernard Francis Rice in Kitchen of Rice farmstead, Northfield, Maine

Cassie A. Bagley and Bernard Francis Rice at Rice farmstead

The Rice log cabin where Grace lois Rice lived with her daughter

Cassie A.  "Young" Bagley at the Rice Camp on Eastern Ridge

Drawing by Bernard Francis Rice

Clyde Garvey Rices dog license

Clyde Rices registered Maine Guide License

Clyde Garvey Rice holding three bear cubs

Etta May "Burns" Rice and Cassie A. "Young" Bagley

Clyde Garvey Rice shopping list

Judah Rice and his brother Freeman Rice each married daughters of Horace Foster and Nancy Libby of Machiasport, Maine. They purchased the Rice Farmstead in Northfield, Maine and the two families lived there sharing the taxes. At some point Judah came to own all of the Rice lands, including the 100 acres where the farmhouse stood, mainly blueberry fields, land across the roadway where a hunting cabin stood, land and another hunting cabin on Eastern Ridge, and a large section of land near where the one room schoolhouse once stood in Northfield, Maine.

Clyde Garvey Rice - Judah's son, ended up with all of the Rice property but years later when Etta May Burns came down sick from cancer and had to have operations, Clyde had to begin selling off sections of land, including all of the land by the one room schoolhouse.
Clyde's brother Virgil Wilder Rice also owned land and a farmhouse by the one room schoolhouse where Virgil lived with his wife Vesta Beulah Dill. Vesta was listed in at least one town record as being the superintendent of Northfield schools. Virgil liked to tip the bottle and was said to be extremely jealous of Vesta, which led to many fights. Grace Lois Rice, who married Raymond L. Anthony of Canton, Ohio would walk the long distance from the rice farmstead to Vesta's nearly every day and considered her one of her closest friends.
Vesta would later marry Ralph Day. On at least one document Virgil and Vesta are both listed as being registered Maine guides.
I recall my Uncle Bernard Rice as saying Benjamin Rice came down to Maine from NS, Canada and that he lived on Indian land there. My grandmother, Grace Anthony also said Benjamin came down to Maine from Canada, but she thought he may of lived on land near or on indian lands there. We have never been able to find out who Benjamin rice's parents were and if anyone has such information, please consider contacting me and sharing it with me, I would be very thankful.

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