I am trying to find ancestors of Warren Keene born in Nobleborro ME 12/28/1835 he married a Mary E Heath in 1866; George H Keene born 9/11/1868 in Whitefield, Lincoln, ME; I am working on this line from my childrens ancestors and need to find connections or background on this family. They eventually ended up in Malden, MA where most of them past. I believe they might have come from Canada to Maine but not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment by Chris Dunham on December 1, 2010 at 12:47am
Here's a link to Warren's death certificate (click "View Image" to see the original record). It gives his parents as "Cephias" Keene and Sarah Hall. They married 6 Nov. 1823 in Newcastle, Lincoln Co., Maine.

The death record of his brother Harrison gives his father's name as "Cephas." Here is the death record of a sister.

The death records of the two brothers both give Cephas' birthplace as Nobleboro. Cephas lived in Newcastle, Maine, in 1830 and 1840 (he is called Cephas "Cain" in the 1840 census). He was aged 30-40 years in 1830, 40-50 years in 1840, so we can place his date of birth at about 1790-1800. There were several Keen families living in the vicinity of Nobleboro and Newcastle at that time.

Cephas seems to have married second, in 1843, Mary B. Meserve, who married next, in 1848, John Knowlton of Nobleboro. Living with John and Mary Knowlton in 1850 was Harrison M. Keen, aged 10.
Comment by lisa courtenay on December 1, 2010 at 6:27am
This is wonderful. Thank you. I will see what I can find from here. Warren would be my childrens 3x Grandfather so I am assuming then that their Great Great Grandfather George who married Georgia Harrison would have been born in Maine along with their Great Grandfather Chester George Keene and their Grandfather Chester R. The problem was that Chester R who married Dorothy (they had 7 children) died when they were young and nobody had the ancestors information. I will keep looking thanks again
Comment by Chris Dunham on December 1, 2010 at 4:27pm
I can't help but keep looking a little more. :-)

The 1870 census for Jefferson, Maine, shows that Warren Keene's son, George H., was born in Maine, and the 1880 census for Whitefield concurs.

George, Georgia and Chester were living in Whitefield in 1900. A few years later Georgia married "Aceil" C. Peters of Whitefield, with whom she and sons Chester and James lived in 1910. Interestingly, Aceil is listed as "mulatto" in the census. Ashel C. Peters' race was given as "black" in the 1900 census, when he was living in Warren, Maine, with his brother Amos. So, your children's great-grandfather was raised in a multiracial household, and had one biracial half-brother, Clarence E. Peters.

Chester G. Keene was living in Everett, Mass., in 1920, single, working as a cutter in an apron factory. He was living in Malden, Mass., in 1930 with wife Isabell H., and children Chester R. and Barbara A. Chester R. was born in Massachusetts, in about 1924-25.
Comment by lisa courtenay on December 1, 2010 at 10:14pm
I don't know how you do it but I will look at all this information tonight and get all the docs downloaded and printed. Thank you again. The kids will be so amazed they keep asking and we never could answer them but it is coming together now. Very excited.
Comment by Barbara Foster on January 16, 2013 at 3:27pm

I knew the Wife of Russell Keene.  He lived in Orrington, Maine. w/o Elizabeth Clark Keene.  He would have been born around 1910 or so.  I don't know when he died but is was before 1974


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