I'm looking for information about people who lived in Kittery and Eliot during 1695. I am a bit confused since I have found a map who represent Eliot between 1632 and 1700. There are dates beside each (or almost) names but I can't confirm which people lived here during 1695. If people could give me information about those person (see the list below) and where they lived in 1695 (if possible), it would be awesome. I read about some of them but it is really confusing for me (I'm french-Canadian) and during that time, a lot of them sold lands to others... 
Any information about those people will be appreciated. Thanks. 

Why ? That is the question. 
I'm writing a book (or trying, at least) about my ancestry and his story (he was captured by Indians in 1695). Although, I want to include real facts as much as I can and keep it accurate. 

Would you like to help me ? 

These are the names on the map, in order (up to down) : 
Samuel Shorey (south of Thompson's River) 
William Furbish 
Daniel Ferguson 
Joseph Gould
Edward Weymouth
Jonathan Nason
John Tidy
Adrian Frye (south of Sturgeon Creek) ; he is my ancestor. 
William Thompson 
Peter Wittom
Jabez Jenkins
Anthony Emery
John Morrell
Samuel Hill
Edward Ayers
Alexander Dennett
Edward Small 
Antipas Maverick (north Cammock's Creek)
Nicholas Shapleigh
Dennis Downing
Joseph Hammond
Daniel Fogg
David and Matthew Libby
Stephen Tobey
John Green 
Joseph Hammond (again)
Georges Rogers
Peter Staple
Joseph Hill
Waymouth Lydston
Daniel Paul
Daniel King
Gabriel Tetherly
Christian Remick
Peter Dixon
John Fernald
Thomas Spinney (at Great Cove) 
Nicholas Frost 
David Clark
John Heard
Charles Frost
William Everett
William Leighton
Abraham Conley
Thomas Jones
Reynold Jenkins
Nicholas Frost (again)
JNO (?) Leighton

A big fat THANK YOU to all of you who will help me to dig information about that amazing neighborhood. 
I have to admit that is really a passion of mine. 


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