Leroy Crockett Cole
BIRTH 1880
DEATH 1948 (aged 67–68)
BURIAL Oak Hill Cemetery Winterport, Maine,

Leroy was a farmer
find a grave ID 48497425


John Cole
BIRTH 1834
DEATH 1927 (aged 92–93)
BURIAL Cole Cemetery Winterport, Maine
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 Sarah E. Crockett
BIRTH 1841
DEATH 1925 (aged 83–84)
BURIAL Cole Cemetery Winterport, Maine,
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His Wife;

Clara A Gilman
married; 25 Aug. 1904
BIRTH 1876
DEATH 1956 (aged 79–80)
BURIAL Oak Hill Cemetery Winterport, Maine
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her father;

Charles H. Gilman
BIRTH 1842
DEATH 1922 (aged 79–80)
BURIAL Patten Cemetery Patten, Maine,

find a grave ID  64557466

her mother

Octavia W Reed
BIRTH 22 Sep 1847
DEATH 1886 (aged 38–39)
BURIAL Patten Cemetery Patten, Maine,

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Leroy and Clara Cole had one child;

Marion Francis Cole


died;                 outside of Maine

Marion was a school teacher

her husband;

Clifford Cummings



Clifford and Marion adopted their only child;

Patricia  'Pat'  Juanita Cummings

(her mother was Grace Lois 'Rice' Anthony)

born;                  January 19, 1937     Monroe, Maine

died;                   January 6, 2020     Peterborough, N.H.

1st marriage;

Roger M. Miller



2nd marriage;

William Ashcroft



Grace Lois Rice
born;  19 JAN 1909  - Northfield, Maine
died;  4 NOV  1986  -  Fairfield, Maine
married at West Va. in 1934

her parents;

Clyde Garvey Rice
born;   21 NOV 1883  - Machiasport, Maine
died;   30 MAY 1962 - Northfield, Maine
married on   30 SEPT 1906  by By justice of peace Henry R. Taylor
Occupation - a Registered maine guide, trapper and farmer.
His father;  Judah Rice
His mother;  Susan Foster
He married
Etta  May  Burns
born;   27 JULY 1885 - North New Portland, Maine
died;    25 MAY 1958 - Northfield, Maine
Her Father;   Henry Burns
Her Mother;  Charlotte Amanda Welch
her Husband
Raymond L. Anthony
born;  17  Dec  1896 - Canton, Ohio
died;  23  July  1969 - Canton, Ohio
His Father;  George L. Anthony
His Mother;  Flora J. Kapp

Grace Lois Rice Anthony;

she owned and loved dogs
was a Christian
loved flowers but had allergic reactions to them
loved to read True Crime magazines
loved her vegatable garden
had a rooster and hens
raised rabbits
owned a parrot
loved setting outside watching birds
was a chain smoker
favorite meal; hamburger, potato and string beans
favorite cereal; cream of wheat
favorite tv show; Johnny Carson
lived in a two room log cabin
never drank
always had a cup of tea nearby
favorite snack; soft sugar cookie and tea
favorite fruit; bananas
worked as house keeper and scrub maid
During a northeaster with almost three feet of snow outside, her oil stove ran out of oil, she removed the small oil tank and went outside to fill it, while climbing the wooden steps, she slipped and fell backwards, one leg catching between the steps, causing her knee to snap. In extreme pain and laying in deep snow, she nearly froze to death, but somehow slowly dragged herself some distance to the high snowbank by the road. A nurse just getting out of work was driving by and for some reason rolled her window down as she passed Grace's home and thought she heard something and backed up her car and got out, where she found Grace on the other side of the snow bank buried in snow. It took some time for her leg to heal and she was never able to bend her knee again. Right up until she died from lung cancer she would refer to that nurse as her angel sent from God. She did not attend a church but believed in God and Christ and loved to talk religion much like her brother, Bernard Rice.

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