Leydia L. (Hewey) Willey Noyes 1898-1984

Leydia L. (Hewey) Willey Noyes 1898-1984

Hewey Pedigree

Franklin B. Hewey 1860-1930+ & Charlotte A. Welch 1860-1910+

Hiram P. Hewey 1833-1894 & Almeda Burns 1838-1858+

Hiram Hewey 1808-1875 & Dianna Ellis 1811-1900

James Hewey 1766-1810+ and Anna Reed 1770-1820+

John Hewey 1742-1810+ and Elizabeth Mann 1741-1815+

James Hewey 1700-1779 and Elizabeth 1715-1794

          Leydia L. Hewey[1] was born in Embden, Maine, the illegitimate daughter of Frank B. Hewey[2] and Charlotte A. Welch[3]


          On October 13, 1911 in Stetson, Maine, Lydia L. Hewey (name as recorded) married Frank B. Willey[4]. The bride was 13 years old and the groom was a 40-year-old bachelor. They were both residents of Levant, Maine at the time of their marriage.


          Leydia states that her father, Frank B. Hewey was born in Embden, Maine and now lives in North Anson, Maine.  Her mother, Charlotte A. Welch, is living in Levant.  Charlotte was born in New York.


          It is a 1st marriage for both Frank and Leydia.  Although the marriage certificate states that he is 38 and she is 16, Leydia L. Willey was only 14 years old when her daughter Myrtie was born.


          Myrtle "Myrtie" Victoria Willey[5] was born in Levant, Maine, the first child of and Leydia L. Hewey and Frank B. Willey.


          Leydia L. Hewey is known as Lydia L. Henry, Lydia C. Haney, Lydia L. Hewey, Leydia Hughey, Lydia Hashey, Lydia L. Daggett or Lidia Young.


          In Corinna, Maine, in 1870, there is a Lydia [sic] Welch[6], who is living with the Horatio Knowles[7] family.  Leydia Welch, age 35, has two children, Lottie Welch, age 8 and Andrew Welch[8], age 4.  “Lottie” Welch is about the right age to be Charlotte A. Welch, who would later name her youngest daughter Leydia (Hewey), after her own mother.


          Andrew and Charlotte Welch are allegedly the children of George W. Welch[9], but that might just be what their mother Leydia told them.


          George W. Welch was born in Corinna, according to some records, probably between 1830 and 1840. Other records indicate Nova Scotia or New York.  It is unknown who his parents might have been.  If George W. Welch is an enigma, then Lydia A. Hoyt is a conundrum.


          Lydia A. M. Hoyt was born in St. Albans, the daughter of Nathan P. Hoyt and Olive A. Maines.  On July 11, 1860, in Corinna, Lydia A. Hoyt, age 19, born 1841, daughter of Nathan Hoyt is enumerated there.


          In July, 1860, in Webster, Maine there is an Amanda M. Hoit [sic], age 19, born in 1841 that is employed as a Domestic with Cyrus and Priscilla Marr, the parents of Jordan Marr, age 30, born in 1830.


          Jordan Marr[10] married Lydia A. M. Hoyt on December 1, 1860 in St. Albans and less than 3 weeks later, Lydia A. Hoyt married George W. Welch on December 18, 1860 in Auburn, Maine.  The same Lydia?


          Auburn, Corinna, Webster and St. Albans, Maine are all in the same general area of Maine, within about a 50-mile radius.  Although Jordan R. Marr always indicates his marital status as ‘single’, it appears that he was married at least twice.  He was widowed in 1857.


          Jordan R. Marr had been married before to Lois A. Powers[11] in Portland on August 29, 1856 and they had a daughter, Ella Marr[12], who was born about five months later in Lewiston, Maine. 


          Lois Aldrich (Powers) Marr died at age 32 from the effects of childbirth, only eight days after Ella was born.  Lois A. Powers Mann [sic], wife of Jourdan [sic] Marr, is buried in the Powers Cemetery in Lunenburg, Vermont with her parents Stephen and Almira Powers.


          On July 2 during the 1860 Census, Ella is known as Loisell Marr, age 3, born in Maine living with her grandparents Stephen and Almira Powers in Lunenburg.  Stephen Powers would die shortly afterwards.


          In 1870, Ella is 13, still in Lunenburg, but has adopted the surname Powers. Ella Powers lives with her uncle Edward Powers (Edmund C. Powers), age 28 and Almira Powers, age 20.  Edmund C. Powers married Zetta Field on June 1, 1871 in Lunenburg.  Edmund C. Powers died in Lunenburg and his estate was probated on December 2, 1875.


          Jordan R. Marr was born in Webster, Maine and he died in Wales, Maine at the age 83 from the effects of senility.  He is buried in Davis Cemetery in Lisbon, Maine with his parents Cyrus and Priscilla Marr.


          Jordan Marr’s daughter, Ella (Marr) Balch died in Lunenburg at age 71 of a Cerebral Hemorrhage.  Ella was the wife of William Balch[13].


          The husband of Lydia Hoyt, George Welch died from a gunshot wound received in action during the Civil War, but when and where are not listed.  George W. Welch served in Company H of the 31st Regiment of the Massachusetts Cavalry, the date of enlistment is unknown. 


          No birth records exist for Charlotte or Andrew Welch, so without knowing the date of enlistment for George Welch or the date of his death, it is nearly impossible to verify that he is actually their father.


          George Welch’s widow (presumably), Mrs. Lydia Welch married Holman J. Frost[14] on March 12, 1875 in St. Albans. The bride is also known as Lydia S. Welch on this record.


          In the 1880 Census in St. Albans, Holman J. Frost, age 30 and wife Lydia A., age 39, have three young daughters: Harriet[15], Louisa[16] and Susan[17].  Lydia’s year of birth is listed as 1841, but the 1870 Census shows her as being born in 1834-1835, which is probably an error.


          On September 15, 1893, Sue Frances Frost, age 15, marries George Sanford Foss[18], age 26 in Blanchard, Maine.  Frances Susie Frost (as recorded) married Charles William Osterberg[19] (as recorded) on November 11, 1910 in Rockland, Maine, where their daughter, Teresa Osterberg[20] had been born three months prior.  Frances S. Frost lists her parents as Holman Frost and Lydia Amanda Hartley, both deceased.


          Daughter of Charles and Frances, Edith Osterberg[21] died in Dexter, Maine at 8 months of Enteritis.  Daughter Eveline Osterberg[22] died in Rockland at age 7 during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic.


          Frances S. Frost and Sven V. Osterberg (aka Charles) are the parents of Axel William Osterberg[23], who died in Utah.


          In 1880, St. Albans, Andrew J. Welch, age 14, born 1866, is listed as a ‘Pauper’ and employed as a laborer.  Lydia’s new husband Holman Frost may not have welcomed her son, Andrew Welch into his home.


          On June 14, 1892 in Cambridge, Maine, Lydia A. Frost (or Lydia Hoyt), age 52, married Harrison Lowell[24], age 73.  The 1890 Pension Rolls list Harrison Lowell on the same page as his wife, ‘formerly widow of Geo W. Welch’, Lydia A. Lowell, resident of Cambridge, Maine. 


          Lydia A. Lowell, the daughter of Nathan Hoyt and Martha (actual is Olive A.) Maines died of Purpura Hemorrhagica[25] in Blanchard, Maine.  Lydia A. Lowell was 55.  Harrison Lowell died two years later in Kingsbury, Maine of Heart Disease.  He was 76.


          On September 5, 1896, in Troy, Maine, Andrew J. Welch age 30, born in New York, New York marries 40-year-old Alzada Douglass[26].  According to Andrew’s marriage record, his father is George Welch, his residence in Corinna, mother Lydia Hoit [sic], no residence listed. 


          It is a first marriage for the groom and a third for the bride, who was born in Unity, Maine.  Alzada Douglass is known as Alzadia, Elzada, Elzadie or Elsada Douglas or Douglass.


          Alzada was married to William J. Larrabee about 1855 and is she also known as Abzada, Alzerda S. or Elzada Larrabee. Elzada Larrabee married on July 8, 1886 in Waldo County, Maine to John D., (maybe surname Dacloe or Declos) and they divorced.


          Alzada (Douglass) Welch died in Rockland, Maine at 60 (actual age is 64) of Heart Disease.  She wasn’t 40 as she claimed, but actually 61 years old at the time of her marriage to Andrew Welch in 1896.


          In 1900, in Bingham, Andrew J. Welch, age 40, born July 1860, has a 44-year-old servant named Annie M. Knight[27], born November 1856 and her daughter Annie B. E. Knight, age 12, born February 1888. 


          On April 22, 1930, during the Census, Annie M. Knights is a 74-year-old, widowed inmate at the Bangor State Hospital.  She was born in Maine, married at age 16 and is unable to read or write English.


          On July 2, 1907 Andrew J. Welch marries Angelina (Thurlow) Knight in Bingham, Maine.  Andrew Welch is 44 and Angelina Knight is 60 years old at their marriage.  Angelina Thurlow[28] was married before, but Andrew Welch alleges that this is his first marriage, which it is not.


          On this record, Andrew J. Welch lists his parents as George Welch, born in St. Albans, Maine and Lydia Hagt [sic], born in Corinna.  Both of Andrew’s parents are deceased.


          In the 1910 Census in Canaan, Maine, Andrew J. Welch age 44, born NY and his wife Angeline, age 64 have been married three years. 


          In 1930, in Madison, Maine, Andrew J. Welch, age 65, born New York lives with his wife Angaline [sic], age 85 in the home of her son, Dennis Knight[29], his wife and their five children.  This family lives in the house adjacent to Frank B. Willey, Leydia and their three children.  Andrew Welch is the brother of Charlotte Welch, Leydia’s mother.


          Angelin or Angelia [sic] Thurlow or Thurlou first married Timothy Berry[30] on April 13, 1854 in New Gloucester or Poland, Maine.  The marriage was brief and they separated before the 1860 Census.


          Angelim [sic] Thurlow married William J. Knight[31] [sic] on August 29, 1865 in Poland, Maine and they had six children before 1880.  William and Angelina were married for nearly 40 years until his death. 


          Maine Veterans Cemetery Records state that William Knights was born in Casco, Maine and that he was murdered in Athens at the age of 59.  William J. Knights is buried in West Athens Cemetery in Athens.


          William Knights was murdered by Rufus Brown, Jr., in “Happy Hollow” and it would be known as the “Hard Cider Murder”.


          Though her first name is never revealed and she is only known as Mrs. Brown, jealously over 16-year-old Sadie E. (Wentworth) Brown is the likely cause for William Knights murder that night.  Just add alcohol. 


          Rufus Brown[32], age 23, married Sadie Wentworth[33], age 14, on August 24, 1903 in Athens.  Sarah E. “Sadie” Wentworth is the daughter of Fred A. Wentworth[34] and Henrietta “Etta” Smart[35].  Henrietta is the daughter of John Sylvester Smart[36] and his first cousin Julia Tuttle[37]

John Sylvester Smart is also the father of Emeline Smart[38], Chapter 5.


          In the 1900 Census, in Athens, Sarah Wentworth is 9 years old and her date of birth is recorded as June 1891.  If this is correct, then Sarah E. Wentworth would have celebrated her 12th birthday just two months before her marriage to the 23-year-old Rufus Brown.


          Sadie Brown, age 18, and 29-year-old James W. Mosher[39], both residents of Athens, marry there on December 24, 1909.  Her name is also recorded as Sadie Wentworth for this event.  It is the second marriage for both parties.  James W. Mosher was born in Solon, Maine.


          On May 9, 1910, in the Maine State Prison in Thomaston, Rufus J. Brown is listed as a ‘married’ inmate.  Rufus had been married seven years according to this report.  Was he in denial about his teenage wife’s recent marriage, or maybe he just didn’t get the memo? 


          On May 24, during the 1910 Census, Sadie Moshier is living in Bingham, as a ‘boarder’, age 18.  Her status is ‘single, white, female’.  Sadie’s brother, who is known as Herbert Westworth [sic] is also living as a ‘boarder’ in the home of Clarence Hodgdon[40], the 50-year-old widower of Julia Tuttle, who was Sadie and Herbert’s grandmother.


          On August 8, 1914 in Athens, Herbert Wentworth[41], age 21 married Mary E. Knights, age 15.  Mary Knights was the daughter of Dennis Knights and Cora May Corson[42].  Cora M. Corson is the granddaughter of Stephen D. Knight[43] and Patience Tuttle[44].  Cora M. Corson is the cousin of Velma Blanche Knights, Chapter 11.


          Dennis Knights is the son of William Knights and (the future wife of Andrew Welch) Angelina Thurlow.  Herbert’s parents are shown as being Fred A. Wentworth and Etta Smart.  Henrietta “Etta” Smart is the older half-sister of Emmeline Smart, Chapter 5.


          In 1920, Rufus Brown lists his status as divorced, in Athens, living with his parents.  Rufus Brown, Jr. died in Athens, he was 44 years old.


          James Washington Moshier, age 38, registers for the WWI draft and lists his closest relative as Sadie Moshier, although he lives in Fairfield, Maine and she lives in Bingham, Maine.  James Moshier is still living in Fairfield in 1920, his status is shown as ‘married’.  Maybe it was a ‘paper’ marriage, because they don’t live together in 1910 or 1920.


          In 1920, Sarah Mosier [sic] is still at the same residence in Bingham, now employed as a housekeeper.  She is 27 and her marital status is now listed as ‘divorced’.  Clarence Hodgdon has died and the head of the household is his son Fred Hodgden [sic], age 34, single.


          In 1930, Sarah Mosher, age 49, born 1881, status ‘married’ is in Bingham as head of household.  Fred Hodgdon[45], age 47 is a single, laborer also living there.  Boarder is Forrest Hodgdon[46], age 40, single.  There is no Census record for James W. Moshier, Sarah’s ‘husband’.


          Sarah E. Wentworth is buried with her parents in Southside Cemetery in Skowhegan, Maine (1889-1936 THEIR DAU).  Her parents provided a place of eternal rest without acknowledging either of her marriages.  Perhaps her mother, Henrietta “Etta” (Smart) Wentworth preferred it that way?  Etta Wentworth outlived “Sadie” by 27 years and no doubt was the person responsible for her daughter’s memorial.


          Charlotte Welch, a resident of St. Albans, Maine, married Nathen [sic] A. Daggett[47], a resident of Dexter, Maine on March 26, 1877 in St. Albans.  They were both 17 years old at their wedding. Their daughter Lillian or Louise Daggett[48] was born about eighteen months later. 


          In 1880 the family is enumerated in New Portland, Maine as Nathan Daggett, age 29, born 1851 (incorrect year) and Charlotte A. age 18, born 1862, with Lillian Daggett, age 1.  Nathan and Charlotte had been married for about a year, but it didn’t last much longer. 


          According to one source, Nathan and Charlotte Daggett divorced soon after the Census and she married Henry Burns[49] in about 1881.  Their daughter Etta May Burns[50] was born in New Portland, Maine. 


          According to the same source, Charlotte Welch’s marriage to Henry Burns was annulled after the birth of their daughter Etta.  Mrs. Charlotte A. Daggett (as recorded) and Moses Bickford[51] were married on March 2, 1889, in Embden, by W.H. Stevens, Justice of the Peace.


          Etta M. Burns, age 21, the daughter of Henry Burns and Charlotte Welch, both deceased, married Clyde Rice[52], age 22, on September 30, 1906 in Machais, Maine.  Clyde Garvey Rice was a Registered Guide for the State of Maine, Department of Inland Fisheries and Game.


          For more information on the Rice Family Genealogy, please visit http://network.mainegenealogy.net/profiles/blogs/judah-rice-family-...


          Nathan Daggett married Idella M. True[53] on March 20, 1892 and they had two daughters: Madelyn[54] and Carolyn Virginia Daggett[55].


          The daughter of Charlotte Welch, Louisa Bickford (as recorded) married Herbert Steward[56] on March 7, 1893 in North Anson, Maine.  He is 23 and she is only 14.  Louise’s father is Nathan Daggett, but she is also recorded as being the daughter of Moses and Charlotte Bickford. 


          Louise (Daggett-Bickford) Steward died in Skowhegan, Maine of Consumption.  She was 16 years and 10 months old.  Her widower, Herbert C. [sic] Steward, 28, lives in Embden as head of the household in 1900.  Living with him are his three younger half-sisters, Paulenah [sic] age 6, Marcia Steward,[57] age 4 and Birdina Steward[58], age 2.  Herbert Orion Steward died in Embden at the age 48 from Pneumonia.


          Pauline May Steward[59] was born in Embden Maine the daughter of Thomas Steward and his second wife, Estella Frances Skillings[60], who were married on March 9, 1878.  Thomas Steward was 37 and Estella Skillings was just 15 years old at the time of their marriage. 


          Pauline M. Steward, age 24, married Lara [sic] G. Chadburn [sic], age 32 on August 28, 1918 in Strong, Maine.  It is a first marriage for both parties.  Lora Guy Chadbourne[61]  is the brother of Cyrus Leslie Chadbourne[62], husband of Stella E. Steward, Pauline’s older sister.


         Estelle “Stella” Steward[63] married Cyrus L. Chadburn on December 25, 1907 in Moscow, Maine, where they are both residents.


          Pauline M. Chadbourne married John B. Tuttle[64] on August 2, 1947 in Auburn, Maine.  Pauline Tuttle died in Rumford, Maine.  Pauline M. (Steward) Tuttle is buried in Pineview Cemetery in Roxbury, Oxford County, Maine, “Wife of John”.


          John Bickford Tuttle was born in Wenham, Massachusetts, the son of William Tuttle[65], born in Seabrook, New Hampshire and Cora E. Bridges[66], born in Hamilton, Massachusetts.  William and Cora were married there on September 6, 1892.


          Marcia V. (Steward) Leclair married Arthur B. Plummer[67] on November 21, 1929 in Skowhegan.  Arthur Plummer is a widower and Marcia (Steward) Atwood had been married to Thomas Leclair[68] on February 17, 1921 in Anson, Maine.  Marcia G. Steward had first married Martin G. Atwood[69] on June 15, 1915 in Solon, Maine.


          In the 1900 Census in Embden, Estella (Skillings) Steward, a widow, with her three older children: Lucy Steward[70], age 16, Deborah Steward[71], age 15 and Frank Steward[72], age 12.  They all live next door to Frank B. Hervey [sic] and his housekeeper, Charlette A. Daggett.


          In 1900, in Embden, Fred W. Cole, age 28, divorced lives with Thomas J. Steward[73], age 23 and his sister, Estelle Steward, age 11.


          Estella F. (Skillings) Steward, age 43, married Fred W. Cole[74], age 33 on April 21, 1906 in Solon. It is a second marriage for both.  Fred W. and Estella F. Cole live in New Portland, Maine in 1910 with their 7-year-old daughter Eva M. Cole[75], born 1903.  Eva Mae Cole is 9 and was actually born in 1901, nearly five years before her parents’ wedding.


          Eva M. (Cole) Beane married Austin V. Hewey[76] on November 3, 1921.  She was a resident of New Portland and he of Kingfield, Maine.


          Franklin B. (probably Burns) Hewey was born in Embden, Maine, the son of Hiram P. Hewey[77] and his second wife Almeda Burns[78], who were married there on May 11, 1858.  Although there is no record that theses are his parents or the exact date of his birth, Franklin Burns Hewey does live with Almeda Burns’ parents for several years.


          Hiram Hewey married Lydia B. Wilber[79] on January 7, 1856 in Madrid, Maine.  Hiram would become a widower for the first time. Lydia B. (Wilber) Hewey died 18 months after the wedding at age 18.


          Almeda (Burns) Hewey probably died before July 13, 1860, because during that Census, Hiram Hewey, age 28, is now living with his parents in Sandy River Plantation, Maine, without his wife or their son.


          On December 4, 1861, Hiram P. Hewey, Single, age 28, born in Bucksport, Maine, resident of Sandy River Plantation enlists as a Private during the Civil War in Company E of the 13th Maine Infantry.


          Hiram P. Hewey married Miss Sarah Jane Berry[80] on July 4, 1865 in Madrid and they had children: Lewetta Hewey[81], who died at age 19 and Ida Hewey[82], who died at age 5 ½.  Hiram and Sarah Hewey also had a son Charles A. Hewey[83], who moved to Wisconsin and died there. 


          Another daughter of Hiram and Sarah Jane was Eldina Hewey[84].  Aldina [sic] Hewey married W.A. Robinson on August 20, 1890 in Rangeley, Maine.   W. A. Robinson died and Eldina (Hewey) Robinson married Jerry Wilbur[85] on November 10, 1894.  Eldina and Jerry Wilbur divorced, then Eldina (Hewey) Wilber married for a final time to her third husband Percy A. Wilbur[86] on September 20, 1919.


          Hiram P. Hewey would become a widower for the third time, when Sarah J. (Berry) Hewey died at age 49 in Madrid, Maine.


          In the 1870 Census, Franklin B. Hewey is known as Franklin Burns, age 11, born 1858-1859, living in Embden, with Jacob and Ruth Burns. He is known as Franklin Hewey, born in 1860, living with grandparents Jacob and Ruth Burns in Embden during the 1880 Census.


          In the 1900 Census in Embden Town, Frank B. Hervey [sic] has a housekeeper, age 40, named Charlette [sic] A. Daggett, born in New York.  Charlotte indicates that she is a widow and the mother of eight children, with six still living.  Although she uses the last name Daggett, Charlotte’s first husband Nathan Daggett had remarried and her last husband was Moses Bickford.  Why isn’t she using that surname?


          Charlette A. Daggett has two young children living with her in 1900, (looks like) Janie M. Daggett, (listed as “Daggett”, born January 1895 - age 5) and Lydia L. Daggett, age 2, born March 1898.  In later records, this 5-year-old “Daggett” child is known as Mary J. Bickford[87].  Charlotte Welch, age 40, is obviously a “Housekeeper with Benefits” for Frank B. Hewey, although they were never married. 


          Amanda S. Welch, a resident of Embden, married William Young[88], a resident of Norridgewock, Maine on February 22, 1904 in Embden. He is 44 and she is 43 years old at the time of their marriage.  It is a second marriage for both parties.  Her name is also recorded as Amanda S. Dagget [sic].  She is the daughter of George Welch and Lydia A. Hart [sic] according to this record.  Amanda indicates that she and her parents are born in St. John’s New Brunswick, Canada.  Really?


          In the 1910 Census in Dover, Maine, Charlotte A. Young, age 49, born 1861 in New York, is a widowed servant in the home of Moses E. Gerry[89] [sic], age 73, single.  Her father is listed as Canada Irish and mother born in Maine.  Charlotte again lists that she had eight children, with six still alive.  Charlotte’s daughter, known as Lidia [sic] Young, age 12, born 1898 in Maine, is listed as a boarder in the household.


          Charlotte Amanda (Welch) Daggett Burns Bickford Young does not appear in Census records after 1910 and according to the marriage record of her daughter Mary Jane Bickford, probably died before 1916.  There is a copy of an undated photograph of Charlotte Welch on the aforementioned Rice Genealogy website which may disprove that.


         It is unclear when Moses Bickford was born or when he died, but there is a Moses C. Bickford, born in Smithfield, Maine 1822, that died (72y-4m-2d) in Detroit, Maine on January 1, 1894 as a “widower”. 


         This particular Moses Bickford, was the illegitimate child of Deborah Bickford[90].  In 1860 in Burnham, Moses Bickford, age 38 and his wife Ellen, age 30 have a 10-year-old daughter Deborah Bickford.


          Moses C. Bickford is buried with his first wife Helen “Ellen” M. Bickford[91] at Mount Cemetery in Burnham, Maine.  Because Smithfield, Detroit and Burnham are all in close proximity to Embden, this could very well be the Moses Bickford who married Charlotte Welch.


          If this Moses Bickford was the husband of Charlotte Welch, his first wife died many years before and it may explain why he was listed as a widower at his death. Charlotte and Moses may have already been estranged and living apart, so she used the surname Daggett in 1900.


          It does raise the question of who the actual father of Charlotte’s daughter Mary Jane Bickford might be, though.  “Janie” was born 15 months after this Moses Bickford’s death, but only Charlotte knows.


          What is clear however, is that Moses Bickford had two children with Charlotte A. Welch that are recorded:  Joseph Bickford[92] and Grover Cleveland Bickford[93], born in Embden.  Grover named his 2nd daughter Charlotte Emily Bickford[94]. She married Arthur W. Spaulding.


          Moses Bickford was a common laborer and resident of Dead River Plantation, Maine at the time of Grover’s birth.  Charlotte A. Welch was the mother of only one other child (Joseph).  This information is given by Grover’s two friends, under oath on April 9, 1949.  They were Walter Copp[95] and Fred Skillings[96], ‘deponents’, both of N. Anson, Maine.


          A reason for this deposition may have been to preserve the Plantation records: The area was identified as Dead River Plantation on USGS topographic maps of 1928 and 1944. The 1956 map identifies it as “Dead River (T3 R3 BKP WKR)”, its current designation. The Settlement and the adjoining town of Flagstaff, was obliterated in 1949 by the new Flagstaff Lake created by the Long Falls Dam.


          In 1900, Grover Bickford, age 8, born in April of 1892 (an error – actually born November 1891) is living in Anson Town, Maine with an elderly couple Calon [sic] S. Benjamin[97], age 76 and his second wife Amy Benjamin[98], age 68.  By 1910, Grover, age 18 is working on the farm of James[99], 48 and Lena B. Cahill[100], 51 in Concord, Maine. 


          In 1920, Grover Bickford, age 28, is living with his ‘brother’ John Bickford[101], 38 and John’s wife Elsie[102], age 24.  It is unclear how or if John and Grover Bickford are related, but they could be half-brothers.


          At Grover C. Bickford’s wedding on January 15, 1921 to Grace Pullen[103], he lists his mother’s name as either Charlotte A. or Amanda Welch and his father as Moses Bickford, both being deceased. 


          In 1900 in Concord & Embden Towns, an 11-year-old Joseph Bickford, born December 1889, is living as a boarder with George C. and his wife Augusta Patten, both age 60.  In the 1910 Census, in Fairfield, Maine, Joseph A. Bickford, age 19 is a Boarder, employed as ‘Hosteler’ and living in the Wilson H. and Ethel W. Walters household.


          Joseph Bickford, age 32, is listed as the son of Moses Bickford and Charlotte Welch at his marriage to Mona Warren[104], age 17 on June 24, 1922 in Pittsfield.  Joseph and Mona Bickford had a son Joseph and three daughters, Virginia, Eleanor and Charlotte Bickford.


          Charlotte’s daughter, Mary Jane indicates that she is the daughter of Moses Bickford and Charlotta Welsh [sic], both deceased, when she marries Hovey Ivory Kilton[105] on June 6, 1916 in Machias, Maine.


          In the 1910 and 1920 Census, Frank B. Hewey is living in Embden.  In the 1930 Census, he is known as Frank Hewey, living in Solon, Maine.  All Census records list his marital status as being “Single”.  He was never married and there are no census records for Frank B. Hewey after 1930. 


          Frank B. Willey and Leydia L. Hewey had children:  Charlotte A. Willey[106], named for Leydia’s mother.  Charlotte Willey was born and died in Orono, Maine at age 23 days of "Capillary Bronchitis". Bertha Priscilla Willey[107] and Franklin A. Willey[108], the only son, who died at age 10.  Franklin A. Willey was born after the 1920 Census on January 27-28th and he died after the 1930 Census on April 23rd in Levant. 


          Myrtle V. (Willey) Whiting would be the only one of her Willey siblings to reach adulthood and have children.  Her sister Bertha P. (Willey) Brown, who was married for a second time at age 45 to Abram B. Levensailor[109] on January 24, 1953 in Anson, Maine, had no children. 


          In 1940, Bertha P. Willey, 21 is a Servant in the home of Abraham E. Saleeby[110] age 32 and his wife Arlene A., age 29 in Norway, Maine.  Bertha first married a man with the surname of Brown after 1940.


          Frank B. Willey was born in Levant, the son of Henry L. Willey[111] and Charlotte "Lottie" M. Clark[112], who were married on August 5, 1856 in Exeter. Charlotte Clark is known as “Mariah Clark” for this event. Henry L. Willey was probably born in Vermont, but other records show him as being born in Maine or even Lee, New Hampshire. 


          In 1850, in Exeter, Maine, Henry Willey, age 19, born in Vermont lives with his parents Moses and Abigal [sic] Willey, both age 47.  Henry is the oldest of their eight children, ages 2 to 19.


          In 1860, in Exeter, Henry, age 30 and Charlotte Willey, age 21 have two children.  Flora E. Willey, age 2 and an unnamed Male Infant Willey, age 4 months.  The family lives next door to Henry’s parents, Moses Willey and Abigail (Caverly), both 57.


          In 1880, the family lives together in Levant.  Henry L. Willey, 49, Charlotte age 41, Henry W. age 20, Laura S. age 18, George A. age 16, Andrew J. age 13, Frank B. age 9 and Ira Willey age 1. 


          Charlotte Mariah Clark was born in Corinna, the daughter of Thomas Clark and Mary V. Cole, who were married there on April 14, 1845. On August 28, 1850 in Corinna, Charlotte Clark, age 12, lives with her parents, Thos (as recorded), age 37 and his wife Mary, age 38.  Charlotte’s death record shows that she was born in 1833, but this census indicates her as being born in 1838, which is still seven years before her parents were married. 


          The older brother of Frank Willey, George A. Willey[113], married Effie E. Turner[114] on September 29, 1886 in Bangor, Maine. George A. Willey, age 36, occupation Carpenter, lives in Veazie City, Maine in 1900 with his wife Effie E., age 30.  They have been married 13 years and do not have any children according to this record. 


          Geo Willey (as recorded), accidently drowned in Veazie, Maine, while crossing the Penobscot River with a companion.  It was only days after his 42nd birthday.  His widow, Effie Willey remarried after George’s death to Frank M. Babcock[115] on May 15, 1914 in Bangor.  It is a second marriage for both parties. 


          Frank Babcock is a 69-year-old widower and Effie is a 45-year-old widow.  After Frank’s death, Effie Babcock marries for a third time to George W. Farrington[116] on October 1921 in Bangor.  It is a first marriage for George Farrington.  He is 53 and she is 52 years old.


          Another older brother of Frank, Henry Willey[117] died in Bangor State Hospital of "Syphilitic Endocarditis"[118].  He was 58 years old.


          Other children of Henry and Charlotte Willey are: Floraette "Flora" Willey[119], Laura Sisby Willey[120], Andrew J. Willey[121] and Ira P. Willey[122].  Ira Willey, Frank's younger brother, drowned at age 20. 


          Flora Willey married Ruel P. Curtis[123] in Levant on January 5, 1878.  Laura S. Willey married John T. Myers[124] on February 14, 1891.


          Frank Willey's mother, Lottie would become a widow in 1892 and remarry on February 15, 1893 in Orono, Maine.  Lottie M. Willey, age 54 married Phineas W. Fairbrother[125], age 57.  It is a third marriage for Phineas Fairbrother and a second for Charlotte M. (Clark) Willey.


          Charlotte Willey's second husband, Phineas Fairbrother was first married (before enlisting in the Maine Infantry on November 18, 1861) to Adeline S. Neal[126] and they had six children, all born in Orono: Frank William Fairbrother[127], Abigail "Abbie" M. Fairbrother[128], Mabel Fairbrother[129], Nellie E. Fairbrother[130], Fred Fisher Fairbrother[131] and Bertha M. Fairbrother[132].


          Abbie M. Fairbrother married George Hayward Atwood[133] on October 23, 1884 in Maine and had thirteen children. 


          Mabel Fairbrother married William Goode on September 18, 1889 in Bangor, Maine.  Nothing else is known about Mabel Goode.


          Nellie E. Fairbrother married Alexander "Alex", "Aleck" or "Alick" Alhaman Spencer[134] on April 20, 1891 in Maine.  Nellie E. Spencer died in Orono, Maine of "Pulmonary Tuberculosis" at age 34.  After Nellie's death, Alhaman A. Spencer married his divorced housekeeper, Edith (Nason)[135] Coughlin on July 3, 1913 in Argyle, Maine.  Their daughter Elizabeth Spencer[136] was born early the next year.


          Bertha M. Fairbrother married on November 27, 1897 to Thomas H. Dickinson[137] in Orono, Maine.


          Phineus [sic] W. Fairbrother married Kate J. Reynolds on May 22, 1887 in Maine.  Kate J. Fairbrother died before 1893, because Phineas lists his status as "Widowed" at his marriage to Lottie M. Willey.


          Lottie Fairbrother would become a widow again in 1897.  In 1900 Lottie M. Fanbrother [sic], age 61 would be living with her sons Henry W. Willey, age 39 and Frank B. Willey age 29, both single.  Charlotte Fairbrother died in Levant. She was 68 years old.


          In 1910, Frank Willey, age 36, single, is a general farm laborer, who lives in Levant, near his older brother Henry Willey, age 50, single, also a general farm laborer.


          The 1920 Census in Anson, Maine shows Frank Willey age 48, wife Lydia age 22 and their daughters Myrtle age 7 and Bertha Willey age 2. 


          In 1930, the family are living in Madison, Maine as Frank B. Willey age 59, Lydia Willey age 32, Myrtie Willey age 17, Bertha P. Willey age 11 and Franklin A. Willey age 8.


          It is unclear if they divorced or were separated, but late in 1932, about four years before Frank B. Willey's death, Leydia Willey had an affair with her future husband, Archie L. Noyes[138]


          Lydia L. Willey and Archie Noyes, whose name is also recorded as Willey Noyes, married on January 13, 1934 in Poland, Maine. Their daughter Della Louise Noyes[139] had been born in 1933, more than five months before their wedding.  


          Frank B. Willey died at age 65 and is buried in Sunset Cemetery in North Anson, Maine.  He left two daughters, Myrtle V. (Willey) Whiting and Bertha P. Willey.  Children Frank and Charlotte predeceased him.


          In 1940 Archie and Lydia Noyes are living in Oxford, Maine with their daughter Della, age 6 and newborn son Carlton F. Noyes[140].  According to this record, Lydia has a 4th grade education and Archie had attended school until the 5th grade.  Archie and Leydia Noyes had another son Anthony R. Noyes[141], who was born after this census. 


          Della Louise Noyes married Floyd H. Pike[142] on July 25, 1954 in Oxford, Maine.  She next married Burton P. Davis[143] on September 10, 1987 in Madison, Maine.  It is unknown if Della had any children.


          Leydia L. Noyes is buried in Sunset Cemetery, as are her first husband Frank B. Willey and two of their children, Charlotte A. Willey and Franklin W. Willey.  Leydia L. (Hewey) Willey Noyes was an 86-year-old widow at the time of her death and was survived by three of her seven children; daughters Bertha P. (Willey) Brown Levensailor and Della L. (Noyes) Pike Davis, also one son Carlton Noyes.


          Archie L. Noyes was born in Maine, the son of Alonzo L. Noyes[144] and Laura Etta Chase[145], who were married on May 9, 1900 in Bingham, Maine and had four children: Thomas Elmer Noyes[146], Leona Elizabeth "Lizzie" Noyes[147], who married Charles H. Brown and William Farrell; Archie L. Noyes and Alice Pearl Noyes[148], who married a man with the surname Smith and then Russell. 


          Sister of Archie, Lizzie A. Noyes, who had just turned 15, married Charles "Charlie" H. Brown[149] age 26, on June 11, 1917 in Bingham, Maine and their son Perley Fred Brown[150] was born the next year in Athens.  Lizzie and Charlie Brown divorced before the 1920 Census. 


          Lizzie L. (Noyes) Brown, age 23 then married William M. Farrell[151], age 33 on December 25, 1921 in Harmony, Maine.  A second marriage for Lizzie and a first for William.  William and Lizzie Farrell had children: Lena A. Farrell[152], Leona "Lee" L. Farrell[153], Achsah L. Farrell[154] and William M. Farrell, Jr.[155]


          The William M. Farrell family are living in Mechanic Falls, Maine in 1930.  William Farrell is a "Blacksmith” by trade.  Nadeen A. "Deen" or "Nancy" Farrell[156], Leathene E. Farrell[157] and Franklin “Frankie” Delano Roosevelt Farrell[158]  were all born after the 1930 Census. Lizzie Farrell died giving birth to “Frankie”.  She was 31 just years old. 


          Franklin “Frankie” Farrell was sent to live with an old woman in Hartland, Maine, Ida Gee[159], a widow.  She would send Frankie across a busy road to get her mail and one day, Frankie Farrell was hit by a truck and killed.  He was almost five years old.


          In 1940, William Farrell is living in Garland, in the household of Gladys M. (Hunt) Whiting, who is Myrtle (Willey) Whiting's sister-in-law.  The family soon split up after Lizzie L. (Noyes) Brown Farrell's death and the children were separated from their father and each other. 


          Brother of Archie, Thomas Elmer Noyes registers for the draft on September 12, 1918 and lists his occupation as "Shoemaker".  He is described as being tall, with a medium build, brown eyes and black hair. 


          On March 31, 1922, in Winslow, Maine, Thomas Elmer Noyes marries Gertrude A. (Bellows)[160] Ramsdell.  It is a first marriage for Thomas and a second for Gertrude, a widow. Their son, Clyde Elmer Noyes[161] is born in Fairfield, Maine about six months after their wedding. Thomas and Gertrude Noyes had another son, Lee A. Noyes[162], who was born about 18 months after their first child. 


          Thomas and Gertrude Noyes divorced before the 1930 Census, where Thomas is known as Elmer Noyes, working on a farm in Fairfield.


          Clyde E. Noyes is the third child of Gertrude Bellows, who had been married before on April 10, 1916 to William I. Ramsdell[163] in Winslow, Maine.  Gertrude was 14 and William was 29 at their marriage. They had two children: Donald E. Ramsdell[164] and Evelyn L. Ramsdell[165], who married Charles Stevenson after 1940.  Charles and Evelyn Stevenson lived in Sharon, Massachusetts. 


          William Ivory Ramsdell died in Winslow of "Diabetes". He was just 33 years old.  He left a 19-year-old widow, Gertrude and their two young children, Donald and Evelyn Ramsdell.


          By 1940, Gertrude, 38 has married Levitt H. Dunham[166], 35 and they have moved to Sharon Town, Massachusetts with her children Donald E. Ramsdell 21, Evelyn L. Ramsdell 19, Lee A. Noyes 16 and Levitt H. Dunham[167] age 10 months.  Son of Leavitt and Gertrude Dunham is Carroll James Dunham[168], born in Boston, Massachusetts.


          In 1940, Thomas E. Noyes is an inmate at the Bangor State Hospital.  He is 38 years old, single and has never been to school according to this record, but he was able to sign his name on his draft card in 1918.  His last place of residence in 1935 was Fairfield, Maine.  It is unknown what happened to Thomas Elmer Noyes after 1940.


          Archie L. Noyes died in South Paris or Norway, Maine.  He was 77.  He left his wife Leydia, two children Della L. Davis and Carlton Noyes.


          Myrtle V. Willey, age 19 married Seth O'Dell Whiting[169], age 30 on March 22, 1931 in Athens, Maine. They had a daughter, Priscilla Mae Whiting[170], who was born less than four months later.  Their son, Alton Odell Whiting[171], was born about two years afterwards.


          This is a second marriage for Seth O. Whiting, who at 17, married 30-year-old Emeline Smart[172] on September 10, 1918 in Athens.  At his marriage, his parents are recorded as being Seth L. Whiting, living in Pittsfield and Vidella Smart (as recorded), deceased.  Seth O. Whiting’s mother was actually Vidella M. Cook, but his grandmother was Viola Elizabeth Cook[173] (Chapter 2), whose husband was William Smart[174].


          They had two children: William Henry Smart Whiting[175], born in Brighton and stillborn daughter Elnora Whiting[176], born in Athens.  Emeline (Smart) Whiting died only two months after her daughter.


          Seth was widowed and remained unmarried for nearly ten years.  In 1930, Seth O. Whiting, age 29, widowed, general farm laborer, lives alone and spends $4 a month on rent in Madison, Maine. 


          Seth O'Dell Whiting[177] was born in Wellington, the son of Seth L. Whiting[178] and Vidella (Cook)[179] Hunt.  Seth was the second child of Vidella M. Cook, who had a daughter Gladys Mable Hunt[180], also born in Wellington.  Seth O. Whiting would be widowed for a second time.  Myrtle V. (Willey) Whiting died in Anson Town, Maine.  She was 39. 


          Priscilla M. Whiting married Gilbert P. Prevost[181] on August 12, 1949 in Auburn, Maine.  They had four children:  Gilbert Prevost, Jr[182]. of Skowhegan; Paul “Peter” Prevost of Solon, Maine; Jacqueline “Jackie” E. Prevost[183], who married David Raphael Tuchtenhagen[184] on June 9, 2001 and lived in Manteca, California.  Victoria “Vickie” J. Prevost[185], who was born in Contra Costa and married Manibusan.


          Priscilla M. Whiting married Albert C. Potter[186] on July 20, 1974 in Maine.  They did not have any children.  Priscilla Mae (Whiting) Prevost Potter is buried in Sunset Cemetery in North Anson, Maine with her second husband Albert C. Potter.


          Alton Odell Whiting moved to California, married Francine Belle Picou[187] and they had three sons and a daughter: Alton O. Whiting Jr.[188], Norman Davis Whiting[189], who married Rosemary A. Tinkham on January 19, 1980 in Contra Costa, California; Roger Allen Whiting[190] and Judith A. Whiting[191], who married John R. Royce[192] on April 14, 1985.  


          Alton O. and Francine B. Whiting divorced on December 14, 1984 in Contra Costa.  Francine B. Whiting next married Wesley Edward Gray[193] on July 29, 1989 in Washoe, Nevad

[1] Leydia L. Hewey b Mar 4, 1898 d Oct 28, 1984; dau of Frank B. Hewey 1860-1930+ & Charlotte A. Welch 1860-1910+

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[104] Mona Warren b 1905 d 1922+; dau of Neil D. Warren 1873-1940+ & Unknown

[105] Hovey I. Kilton b Feb 27, 1889 d May 23, 1972; son of Charles H. Kilton 1851-1923 & Alice Smith 1857-1926

[106] Charlotte Willy b Mar 25, 1917 d Apr 17, 1917; dau of Frank B. Willey 1871-1936 & Leydia L. Hewey 1898-1984

[107] Bertha P. Willey b Jun 4, 1918 d Feb 24, 1999; dau of Frank B. Willey 1871-1936 & Leydia L. Hewey 1898-1984

[108] Franklin A. Willey b 1920 d 1930; son of Frank B. Willey 1871-1936 & Leydia L. Hewey 1898-1984

[109] Abram Levensailor b Jun 11, 1914 d Apr 4, 1973; son of Harry I. Levensailor 1871-1955 & Cynthia B. Soule 1883-1956

[110] Abraham E. Saleeby b Aug 20, 1907 d Apr 20, 1967; son of Richard A. Saleeby 1881-1965 & Malekie Haddad 1887-1970

[111] Henry Willey b Jul 31, 1831 d Apr 27, 1892; son of Moses Willey 1803-1862 & Abigail B. Caverly 1803-1887

[112] Charlotte M. Clark b Jan 1, 1833 d Oct 25, 1901; dau of Thomas Clark 1813-1870+ & Mary V. Cole 1812-1860+

[113] George A. Willey b Jul 2, 1864 d Jul 7, 1906; son of Henry L. Willey 1831-1892 & Charlotte M. Clark 1839-1900+

[114] Effie E. Turner b Jul 1869 d 1943; dau of James Turner 1829-1900+ & Margaret Maria Dwelley 1832-1900+

[115] Frank M. Babcock b Sep 4, 1854 d Apr 10, 1920; son of William J. Babcock 1831-1861 & Ann R. Shaw 1831-1907

[116] George W. Farrington b Feb 1867 d 1940+; son of George W. Farrington 1825-1905 & Maria Parlin 1827-1902

[117] Henry Willey b Apr 24, 1860 d Oct 6, 1918; son of Henry L. Willey 1831-1892 & Charlotte M. Clark 1839-1900+

[118] Syphilitic Endocarditis: Inflammation of the aortic heart valves due to a Syphilis Bacterial Infection

[119] Floraette Willey b 1858 d 1940+; dau of Henry L. Willey 1831-1892 & Charlotte M. Clark 1839-1900+

[120] Laura S. Willey b 1862 d 1946; dau of Henry L. Willey 1831-1892 & Charlotte M. Clark 1839-1900+

[121] Andrew J. Willey b 1867 d Apr 18, 1920; son of Henry L. Willey 1831-1892 & Charlotte M. Clark 1839-1900+

[122] Ira P. Willey b 1879 d Jun 1899; son of Henry L. Willey 1831-1892 & Charlotte M. Clark 1839-1900+

[123] Ruel Preston Curtis b Jan 2, 1854 d Aug 10, 1933; son of Isaac W. Curtis 1829-1899 & Eliza Jane Kelley 1842-1912

[124] John Thomas Myers b 1862 d 1945; son of Myers in Canada

[125] Phineas W. Fairbrother b Nov 11, 1835 d Mar 27, 1897; son of Jonathan B. Fairbrother 1810-1870+ & Rebecca C. Weeks 1804-1843

[126] Adaline Hubbard Mcneal b Oct 14, 1843 d 1880+; dau of James Neal 1811- 1860+ & Sarah Knapp 1820-1870+

[127] Frank W. Fairbrother b Feb 25, 1865 d 1880+; son of Phineas W. Fairbrother 1835-1897 & Adeline S. Neal 1843-1880+

[128] Abigail M. Fairbrother b 1867 d 1934; dau of Phineas W. Fairbrother 1835-1897 & Adeline S. Neal 1843-1880+

[129] Mabel Fairbrother b 1871 d 1889+: dau of Phineas W. Fairbrother 1835-1897 & Adeline S. Neal 1843-1880+

[130] Nellie E. Fairbrother b 1873 d May 19, 1905; dau of Phineas W. Fairbrother 1835-1897 & Adeline S. Neal 1843-1880+

[131]Fred Fairbrother b Nov 15, 1876 d Nov 1963 son of Phineas W. Fairbrother 1835-1897 & Adeline S. Neal 1843-1880+

[132] Bertha M. Fairbrother b Apr 25, 1879 d 1956; dau of Phineas W. Fairbrother 1835-1897 & Adeline S. Neal 1843-1880+

[133] George H. Atwood b Aug 1854 New Bedford, MA d 1935; son of Atwood born in Florida

[134] Alexander A. Spencer b 1857 d 1930+; son of Gooden Spencer 1822-1880+ and Elizabeth 1835-1880+

[135] Edith A. Nason b 1871 d 1934; dau of Daniel Nason 1825-1915+ & Nancy Craig 1829-1910

[136] Elizabeth Spencer b Mar 30, 1914 d Sep 9, 1998; dau of Alex Spencer 1857-1930+ & Edith Nason 1871-1934

[137] Thomas H. Dickinson b Oct 1870 NJ d 1938; son of Samuel Dickinson 1838-1880+ & Bedelia 1841-1880+

[138] Archie L. Noyes b Sep 8, 1903 d Apr 19, 1981; son of Alonzo Noyes 1864-1928 & Laura Etta Chase 1867-1920+

[139] Della L. Noyes b Aug 10, 1933 d Jul 2, 1997; dau of Archie L. Noyes 1903-1981 & Leydia L. Hewey 1898-1984

[140] Carlton Noyes b Dec 9, 1939 d Jun 19, 2007; son of Archie Noyes 1903-1981 & Leydia Hewey 1898-1984

[141] Anthony Noyes b May 6, 1941 d Aug 19, 1980; son of Archie Noyes 1903-1981 & Leydia Hewey 1898-1984

[142] Floyd H. Pike b Jul 1, 1925 d Oct 22, 2006; son of John M. Pike 1895-1977 & Mildred E. Cole 1898-1962

[143] Burton P. Davis b Oct 3, 1918 d Jan 5, 1994; son of Howard L. Davis 1879-1936 & Alice V. Stockford 1894-1986

[144] Alonzo L. Noyes b Jul 14, 1864 d 1928; son of Thomas Alonzo Noyes 1837-1923 & Susan Elizabeth Young 1843-1936

[145] Laura Etta Chase b 1871 d 1920+; dau of Stephen Chase 1828-1900 & Arvilla L. Prince 1840-1900

[146] Thomas E. Noyes b Mar 15, 1901 d 1940+; son of Alonzo Noyes 1864-1928 & Laura Etta Chase 1867-1920+

[147] Leona E. Noyes b Jun 2, 1902 d Dec 8, 1933; dau of Alonzo Noyes 1864-1928 & Laura Etta Chase 1867-1920+

[148] Alice Pearl Noyes b May 21, 1905 d Jul 25, 1956; dau of Alonzo Noyes 1864-1928 & Laura Etta Chase 1867-1920+

[149] Charles H. Brown b May 4, 1891 d 1917+; son of Fred B. Brown 1869-1950 & Clara E. Eames 1874-1938

[150] Perley F. Brown b Oct 2, 1918 d May 7, 2006; son of Charles H. Brown 1891-1917+ & Leona "Lizzie" Noyes 1902-1933

[151] William Michael Farrell b May 25, 1886 d Jul 28, 1954; son of Michael Farrell 1857-1920+ & Lena Michaud 1862-1898

[152] Lena Angie Farrell b Dec 4, 1922 d 1983; dau of William M. Farrell 1886-1954 & Leona E. Noyes 1902-1933

[153] Leona L. Farrell b May 6, 1924 d May 31, 2013; dau of William M. Farrell 1886-1954 & Leona E. Noyes 1902-1933

[154] Achsah L. Farrell b Mar 5, 1928 d Mar 12, 2003; dau of William M. Farrell 1886-1954 & Leona E. Noyes 1902-1933

[155] William M. Farrell, Jr. b Dec 14, 1929 d Jun 16, 1999; son of William M. Farrell 1886-1954 & Leona E. Noyes 1902-1933

[156] Nadeen A. Farrell b Apr 23, 1931 d ; dau of William M. Farrell 1886-1954 & Leona E. Noyes 1902-1933

[157] Leathene Farrell b Sep 10, 1932 d ; dau of William M. Farrell 1886-1954 & Leona E. Noyes 1902-1933

[158] Franklin Farrell b Dec 8, 1933 d Nov 11, 1938; son of William M. Farrell 1886-1954 & Leona E. Noyes 1902-1933

[159] Ida (Weeks) Gee b 1869 d 1946; dau of Daniel Weeks 1841-1902 & Caroline Daggett 1840-1910

[160] Gertrude A. Bellows b Oct 20, 1901 d Jan 4, 1993; dau of James E. Bellows 1858-1930+ & Mary York 1866-1911

[161] Clyde E. Noyes b Sep 18, 1922 d Apr 9, 1981; son of Thomas E. Noyes 1900-1940+ & Gertrude A. Bellows 1901-1993

[162] Lee A. Noyes b Mar 16, 1924 d Sep 20, 1999; son of Thomas E. Noyes 1900-1940+ & Gertrude A. Bellows 1901-1993

[163] William I. Ramsdell b Mar 17, 1887 d Feb 17, 1921; son of Eben J. Ramsdell 1868-1925 & Lavantia S. Bragg 1861-1895

[164] Donald Ramsdell b Aug 14, 1918 d Oct 9, 1949; son of William Ramsdell 1887-1921 & Gertrude A. Bellows 1901-1993

[165] Evelyn Ramsdell; b Sep 25, 1919 d Jun 20, 2006; dau of William Ramsdell 1887-1921 & Gertrude A. Bellows 1901-1993

[166] Leavitt H. Dunham b 1905 d 1940+; son of John Dunham 1853-1930 & Mary Ferris or Terrio 1863-1929

[167] Leavitt “Skip” H. Dunham b Jun 5, 1939 d; son of Leavitt Dunham 1905-1940+ & Gertrude Bellows 1901-1993

[168] Carroll J. Dunham b May 22, 1941 d May 14, 2016; son of Leavitt Dunham 1905-1940+ & Gertrude Bellows 1901-1993

[169] Seth O. Whiting b Dec 19, 1900 d Oct 3, 1968; son of Seth L. Whiting 1861-1930+ & Vidella M. Cook 1877-1901

[170] Priscilla M. Whiting b Jul 2, 1931 d Mar 31, 2007; dau of Seth Whiting 1900-1968 & Myrtle Willey 1912-1951

[171] Alton O. Whiting b Sep 29, 1933 d Jul 25, 2016; son of Seth Whiting 1900-1968 & Myrtle Willey 1912-1951

[172] Emeline Smart b Aug 17, 1888 d Oct 29, 1921; dau of John Smart 1846-1927 & Emmeline Berry 1848-1924

[173] Viola E. Cook b Feb 17, 1861 d Mar 21, 1944; dau of Samuel Cook 1829-1910 & Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

[174] William H. Smart b Oct 1, 1846 d Sep 9, 1927; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[175]William H. S. Whiting b Dec 2, 1919 d Nov 30, 1971; son of Seth O. Whiting 1900-1968 & Emeline Smart 1888-1921

[176] Elnora Whiting b Aug 29, 1921 d Aug 29, 1921; dau of Seth O. Whiting 1900-1968 & Emeline Smart 1888-1921

[177] Seth O. Whiting b Dec 19, 1900 d Oct 3, 1968; son of Seth L. Whiting 1861-1930+ & Vidella M. Cook 1877-1901

[178] Seth L. Whiting b Jul 1861 d 1930+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[179] Vidella M. Cook b Oct 15, 1877 d Feb 11, 1901; dau of Viola Cook 1861-1944 & Frederick Tripp 1858-1907

[180] Gladys M. Hunt b Jan 22, 1897 d Feb 24, 1991; dau of Perly Hunt 1877- & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[181] Gilbert D. Prevost b Jul 10, 1927 d Oct 20, 2012; son of Paul Prevost 1905-1940+ & Doris W. Parkman 1905-1940+

[182] Gilbert P. Prevost b Jun 29, 1950; son of Gilbert D. Prevost 1927-2012 & Priscilla M. Whiting 1931-2007

[183] Jacqueline E. Prevost b unknown; dau of Gilbert D. Prevost 1927-2012 & Priscilla M. Whiting 1931-2007

[184] David R. Tuchtenhagen b Mar 29, 1948 d Aug 14, 2009; son of Tuchtenhagen & Brown

[185] Victoria Prevost b Feb 22, 1957; dau of Gilbert D. Prevost 1927-2012 & Priscilla M. Whiting 1931-2007

[186] Albert C. Potter b Feb 6, 1923 d Jan 14, 2006; son of Fred Hall Potter 1889-1963 & Evelyn M. Huff 1891-1940+

[187] Francine B. Picou b Dec 30, 1937 d Nov 6, 2011; dau of Frank D. Picou 1901-1991 & Ellen B. Zimmerle

[188] Alton O. Whiting, Jr. b Aug 29, 1958 d Aug 20, 2013; son of Alton O. Whiting 1933-2016 & Francine B. Picou 1937-2011

[189] Norman D. Whiting b Dec 9, 1959 d before 2016; son of Alton O. Whiting 1933-2016 & Francine B. Picou 1937-2011

[190] Roger A. Whiting b Aug 6, 1961; son of son of Alton O. Whiting 1933-2016 & Francine B. Picou 1937-2011

[191] Judy A. Whiting b Nov 4, 1964; dau of Alton O. Whiting 1933-2016 & Francine B. Picou 1937-2011

[192] John R. Royce b Jun 23, 1964; born Contra Costa, CA son of John Richard Royce 1946- & Shirley J. Allen 1946-

[193] Wesley Edward Gray b Jun 27, 1935 d Aug 23, 2004; son of Arthur W. Gray 1902-1975 & Melvina C. Prigge 1904-1970

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