this family folkwore goes as follows My great grandfather was willard M holman married to Lavina Bubier of richmond,maine

Well thru the years my mom was told that the holman's were orginally Phelps from royality but was a black sheep and changed his name for he married a Indian girl from the narragansett tribe...I can find anything on that what so ever but I have willard m holman's mother as being Hannah pease daughter of john pease and melinda snelling who is the daughter of asa snelling who his ancestor is mark Barneiro Snelling..known as an africain decent...I am looking for lavina bubier's parents who we're daniel bubier born abt.1824 and charity ellen gilpatrick b abt.1848..Looking for more info on the holmans and the narragansett tribe in maine and any name change from phelps to holman

Please help


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Comment by Debra Ann Lord Daigle on July 1, 2012 at 1:59pm

I know its been 2 yrs but do you have any more info yet? I know charitys parents were Isaac Gilpatrick and Rosanna Small.  Nathan Gilpatrick and Mary Childs are Isaacs parents. Amo Small and Mercy Higgins were Rosanna's.

Comment by Lisa A Adams on July 2, 2012 at 7:19am

I got the gilpatricks back a ways but I just cant seem to find out who was "Indian". Have you read your dad's papers, I am sure there is good info there. Lillith was suppose to have her genealogy personally done. I would love to have copies. "hint hint" Charity's husband Daniel Bubier is where I am stuck 

Comment by PJ Holman on May 27, 2013 at 10:08pm
I think I might have our tribe, but you might have to look much further east and to the south. My grandfather was Roland Holman. His father was Wilard M. Holman, and his father was George Holman. I believe George F Holman was married to Hannah Pease who's father, John Pease, (1788-1852), was listed as being racially colored at his death in Richmond. Hanna's mother, Melinda Snelling, is the daughter of Asa Snelling (1738-1823) , an African American war hero of the Revelutionary war. I found his history in the National Mall Liberty Fund, D.C. Which is being built to honor the black heros of the war.

I might have gotten off track with this as I am new to genealogy, but it does explain why I would find Roland and Willard M. Holman listed racially as mulatto in a few of the federal census.
Comment by Lisa A Adams on July 16, 2013 at 11:11am

Ty you for your info I have all that but do you know the name of the Indian tribe? 


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