Lorenzo F. Mace 1855-1886



          Lorenzo F. Mace[1] was born in Sangerville, Maine, the son of Joseph Mace[2] and Sophia Ann Page[3], who were married there on February 7, 1847 and had five other children: Joseph Elvin Mace[4], Louisa A. Mace[5], Charles H. Mace[6], Nellie S. Mace[7] and Ella J. Mace[8].


          Sophia Ann Page is also known as Sophia An [sic] Page, Ann Page or Ann Mace in several other records.


          In 1850, in Sangerville, Joseph Mace 27 and his wife Ann 20, both report that they are born in New Hampshire, according to the Census. Records for 1860 are not found for Joseph and Ann Mace.


          In 1870, still living in Sangerville, Joseph Mace 49 and Ann Mace 41, with children: Elvin Mace 18, Louesa [sic] Mace 17, Lorenzo Mace 15, Chas. Mace 11 and Ella Mace 6. Nellie Mace died at the age of 3.


          Early in 1874, when Lorenzo Mace was 19, he impregnated a 12- year-old girl, named Lucinda T. Hanscom[9]. Their first child, Willie A. Mace[10], was born in Sangerville later that year.


          Nearly six years later, Lorenzo F. Mace, age 25 married Willie's mother, Lucinda T. Hanscom, age 18 on May 8, 1880 in Dexter, Maine. The ceremony was performed by Clergyman J. F. Witherell[11].  After the wedding, Lorenzo, Lucinda and Willie lived in Sangerville with Lorenzo's parents Joseph and Sophia R. Mace, with their son Charles H. Mace 20.


          Lorenzo and Lucinda Mace had a second son, Ivory (Ivy) Herbert Mace[12], born in Sangerville. Lorenzo and Lucinda had two daughters, Abbie Orett Mace[13], who died at 3 months of age and most likely, Ardell Mace[14], who is also buried in French Mill Cemetery with Lorenzo Mace.


          On December 7, 1874, the oldest daughter of John and Sophia Ann Mace, Louisa Mace, married John S. Morgan[15] in Sangerville.   It is unclear what may have happened to Louisa A. (Mace) Morgan, but her husband, John S. Morgan soon married again to Mary A. Briggs on April 1, 1876 in Sangerville. The intentions were filed on November 16, 1875 in Parkman, Maine. No other information is available for them.


          The youngest daughter of John and Sophia Ann, Ella Mace, age 15, was married to Joseph W. Warren, age 30, on September 9, 1879 in Sangerville. Joseph has just returned to Maine, after living in California with his parents and sister from before 1870.


          During the 1880 Census, Joseph Warren 30 and wife Ella J. Warren 16, live in Dover, Maine. Ella J. (Mace) Warren died that same year, after the Census on June 18, 1880.  She was just 17.  Her widower, Joseph Watterman [sic] Warren soon returned to California, where he registered to vote there, in Poland in 1880.


          Joseph Waterman Warren[16], born in Maine, was the second son of Sylvanus Warren[17] and Sarah Waterman, who were married on April 13, 1843 in Belfast, Maine. Sylvanus Warren and wife, Sarah removed to California with two of their children, Joseph W. Warren and Cora Annie Warren[18] after 1860.


          See here for the family tree of Joseph Waterman Warren: www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:2:SBKY-8SL


          In 1870, in O’Neal Township, California, S. Warren, 50-year-old Schoolteacher and wife Sarah 45, have children Joseph Warren 19 and Cora Warren age 3, living with them. They are all born in Maine.


          In 1873, Joseph Waterman Warren, born 1853, and in 1876, born in 1856, was living in Elliot, California. 1880-1884, in Poland, California, Joseph Watterman Warren, born in Maine, in 1854, 1856 or 1858.


          In Linden, California, from 1888-1896, Joseph Waterman Warren, registers to vote. He is born in Maine in the years 1850, 1851, 1852, 1853 or 1855, when he registers there. In 1900, in O’Neal Township, California, Joseph W. Warren 50, lives with his wife of 17 years, Mary E. Warren[19] 51, who was born in New York.


          In Nightengale, California on March 12, 1902, on June 11, 1904 and October 5, 1904 in Homestead, California Joseph Waterman Warren, born 1851 in Maine, registers again to vote.


          In 1930, a record is found for Joseph W. Warren 73, born 1857, in Maine. He is living in San Jose, California, with his sister Cora A. Anderson, 63, born 1867 in Maine. Joseph Warren is actually almost 80, but Cora Anderson is the correct age. According to his family tree link at familysearch.org, Joseph Waterman Warren lived to be 100 years old!


          In 1900, back in Sangerville, Willie A. Mace, age 26 is living with his grandmother, Sophia and her second husband Benjamin Burdin[20]


          Living next door are Willie's great uncle Sylvester Gilman[21] age 65 and aunt Mary Jane (Page)[22] Sanborn[23] Gilman age 60.  Mary Jane Page is the sister of Sophia Ann (Page) Mace, Willie Mace's grandmother.


          On October 4, 1902, in Dexter, Ivory Herbert Mace married Josephine Pooler[24]. Their daughter, Florence M. Mace[25] was born in Sangerville. In 1920, Guy [sic] H. Mace 38, Josephine M. Mace 34 and Florence M. Mace 16, live in Paris, Maine. He owns a Blacksmith Shop.


         On August 2, 1924, Florence M. Mace married Herman F. Bean[26] in South Paris, Maine. There are no Census records for Herman F. and Florence M. Bean in 1930, but they had children, Herbert[27] and Robert.

Florence’s parents, Ivy and Josephine Mace live together in Paris, Maine in 1930, where Ivy is still a Blacksmith with his own shop.


          Florence (Mace) Bean age 33, married Arthur S. Jenness[28] age 19, on April 21, 1936 in Sanford, Maine. They adopted a newborn before 1940 and named her Lorraine Esther (Jenness) Mcgaugh. Arthur Small Jenness died at age 69 and Florence M. (Mace) Bean Jenness at 92.


          Joseph Mace died in Sangerville at the age 62. His widow, Sophia Ann (Page) Mace Burdin, died in Sangerville at age 70.


        Lorenzo Mace died at the age of 31, leaving his 25-year-old widow Lucinda and two young sons, Willie and Ivory Mace.


          On the fourth anniversary of Lorenzo Mace's death, Lucinda Hanscom, age 29, filed intentions for marriage on July 3, 1890 in Dover, Maine to Oliver R. Stinneford[29], age 50, a widower with several grown children.  The marriage occurred on July 9, 1890 in Sangerville. Oliver and Lucinda Stinneford settled in Dover and lived there for 20 years. 


          Oliver Russell Stinneford and Lucinda T. (Hanscom) Mace had probably known each other for some time, because Oliver's daughter, Frances "Fannie" M. Stinneford had been married to Lorenzo Mace’s older brother, Joseph Elvin Mace, in 1872. 


          In 1900, Lucinda Stinneford is shown as being the mother of four children, two are still living, Ivy Herbert Mace and Willie A. Mace. 


          In 1900, Lucinda Stinneford age 39, Oliver Stinneford age 70 and his son Charles Stinneford, age 28 are living next door to the family of Lucy E. Withee[30], the housekeeper and future wife of Algie B. Whiting[31].  Algie B. Whiting was the brother of Seth L. Whiting[32], who would become Lucinda's third husband.


          Oliver Russel Stinneford died on his 70th birthday in Dover.  Lucinda Stinneford filed for his pension on May 5, 1910.


          Willie A. Mace, died at age 37 in Atkinson, Maine, of Acute Pulmonary Tuberculosis, following Measles. Willie was a farmer, who had never married. Willie’s father is misidentified as Alvin Mace.


          Lucinda T. (Hanscom) Mace Stinneford married for a third time on January 1, 1913 in Garland, Maine to Seth L. Whiting.  Both were age 51 and listed as residents of Dover, Maine at the time of their marriage. 


          It is likely that Lucinda and Seth were acquainted previously, because Seth L. Whiting's uncle, Horatio Boynton Ellis[33] was Oliver Stinneford's son-in-law. Horatio B. Ellis had married Sadie Adella Stinneford[34], Oliver’s daughter, on September 1, 1874.


          The descendants of Lorenzo F. Mace and Lucinda T. (Hanscom) Mace Stinneford Whiting may still be living in Maine today.  

[1]Lorenzo F. Mace b 1855 d July 3, 1886; son of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Ann Page 1829-1900

[2] Joseph Mace b 1820 d 1882; born in New Hampshire, son of Unknown Mace

[3] Sophia Ann Page b Feb 22, 1829 d Jun 17, 1900; dau of Ira S. Page 1801-1882 & Sophia Ann Lougee 1807-1882

[4] Joseph Elvin Mace b Nov 15, 1851 d Jul 4, 1884; son of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Ann Page 1829-1900

[5] Louisa A. Mace b 1853 d 1874+; dau of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Ann Page 1829-1900

[6] Charles H. Mace b Oct 1859 d unknown; son of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Page 1829-1900

[7] Nellie C. Mace b 1861 d 1865 or d Dec 1, 1867; dau of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Ann Page 1829-1900

[8] Ella J. Mace b 1863 d 1880; dau of Joseph Mace 1820-1882 & Sophia Ann Page 1829-1900

[9] Lucinda T. Hanscom b Aug 22, 1861 d 1930+; dau of Aaron Hanscom 1835-1896+ & Frances Jani Ham 1835-1906

[10] Willie A. Mace b Nov 1874 d Oct 7, 1911; son of Lucinda T. Hanscom 1861-1920+ & Lorenzo Mace 1855-1886

[11] Joseph F. Witherell b 1810 d Jun 17, 1898; born in New Hampshire, son of Witherell

[12] Ivy H. Mace b Jul 22, 1881 d Oct 24, 1959; son of Lorenzo Mace 1855-1886 & Lucinda Hanscom 1861-1930+

[13] Abbie O. Mace b Nov 1882 d Jan 9, 1883; dau of Lorenzo Mace 1855-1886 & Lucinda Hanscom 1861-1930+

[14] Ardell Mace b 1883 d 1884; dau of Lorenzo Mace 1855-1886 & Lucinda Hanscom 1861-1930+

[15]John S. Morgan b 1852 d unknown; son of John S. Morgan 1813-1896 & Mary Smith 1817-1904

[16] Joseph W. Warren b Jul 20, 1850 d Nov 5, 1950 son of Sylvanus Warren 1818-1896 & Sarah Waterman 1825-1888

[17] Sylvanus Warren b Apr 16, 1817 d Jan 13, 1896; son of Rev Charles Warren 1788-1839 & Elizabeth Blethen 1786-1849

[18] Cora A. Warren Anderson b Mar 11, 1867 d Aug 9, 1946; dau of Sylvanus Warren 1817-1896 & Sarah Waterman 1825-1880+

[19] Mary E. b Apr 1849 NY; Father b Vermont, Mother b New Hampshire

[20] Benjamin Burdin b Jul 1825 d Jul 11, 1905; son of William Burdin 1794-1872 & Eleanor Newman 1800-1850+

[21] Sylvester G. L. Gilman b Apr 19, 1835 d Aug 18, 1910; son of Hosea Gilman 1802-1870+ & Betsey Giles 1799-1870+

[22] Mary Jane Page b Apr 1840 d Jul 16, 1914; dau of Ira S. Page 1801-1882 & Sophia Ann Lougee 1807-1882

[23] Mrs. Mary (Page) Sanborn b 1840 d 1914; m Apr 21, 1883 to Sylvester Gilman

[24] Mary Josephine Pooler b May 5, 1884 d Feb 28, 1959; b Canada, dau of Eusebe Pooler & Philomene Chantigne

[25] Florence M. Mace b Dec 1, 1903 d May 27, 1996; dau of Ivory H. Mace 1881-1959 & Josephine Pooler

[26] Herman Freemont Bean b Mar 11, 1905 d Oct 22, 1992; son of Wilbur Bean 1872-1936 & Mamie E. Jordan 1879-1920+

[27] Herbert Herman Bean b Jul 10, 1925 d Jul 25, 2004; son of Herman F. Bean 1905-1992 & Florence M. Mace 1903-1996

[28] Arthur Small Jenness b Mar 24, 1917 d Jul 31, 1986; son of Delbert C. Jenness 1884-1960 & Bernice A. Foss 1882-1951

[29] Oliver Stinneford b Mar 25, 1830 d Mar 25, 1910; son of Joseph C. Stinneford 1803-1840+ & Phebe Russell 1803-1880+

[30] Lucy Withee b May 1893 d 1932; dau of Bion Withee 1856-1917 & Minnie Porter 1865-1915

[31] Algie B. Whiting b 1868 d 1920+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1389-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[32] Seth L. Whiting b Jul 1861 d 1930+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Spearin 1836-1883

[33] Horatio B. Ellis b Jul 1851 or 1853 d Mar 16, 1925; son of Alden Ellis 1822-1912 & Sarah Whiting 1815-1882

[34] Sadie Adella Stinneford Ellis b 1854 d 1884; dau of Oliver Stinneford 1830-1910 & Clarissa Ward 1829-1888

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