I have started compiling resources and trying to put as much in one place as I can. So far there are three separate initiatives, my site resources, Maine events and permanent storage of public domain documents.


Downloads and links to resources such as state timelines

Events : Maine genealogy and history events

There is a collection of public domain vital records, histories and genealogies. I'm presently talking with organizations to get clarity on copyrights for those not obviously in the public domain but you can take a look at what I have so far.  That redirect url is https://mainegenie.com/permanent_resources. This is permanent storage and will remain after I'm long gone. The redirect url allows everyone to see whatever is in the archive - book marking the resulting link will never reveal new additions. 

So a plug for permanent.org is in order - they are partnering with familysearch.org and are the only non-profit doing this kind of service. Space is really cheap and you can gain free extra space by sending invitations to others who accept and sign up. Some of you may have received an email from them, following that link will net a free signup space. 

Also, anyone that wants to help document these resources, I have a spreadsheet that needs completing and I would love volunteers to help get that finalized! You would just need to access each file and record the pertinent info.

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