Maps of Salem Villiage and Witch Trials, and Links to other information.


Here is a link for maps of Salem Village with property owners name. It is a very good resource.

This is a link to an online book of the first Massachusetts census taken 1765.  It does not give names of land owner, but it is a very good representation of just how many adult males there were living in Massachusetts.

One of the things that can be confusing is what the area looked like so here is a link where maps can be found of the New World Massachusetts Bay and New England around 1600. 

Massachusetts Birth Records

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project: Searchable index of maps, early court cases, and the people of Plymouth 620

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Comment by Nancy Lecompte on April 19, 2013 at 12:39pm

The 2nd Map link is not working - please fix ;-), it sounds interesting.

I want to point out this book with the 1765 Census also includes York & Lincoln counties (now Maine) and enumerates the number of Indians and slaves in the towns, which is interesting to follow. The book also has a c1741 enumeration showing number of slaves in each town and again includes York county.

Thank you very much for sharing these links.


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