Mary Isabelle “Belle” (Sedgley) Steward Hunt 1853-1944

Mary Isabelle “Belle” (Sedgley) Steward Hunt 1853-1944


Sedgley Pedigree

Robert Sedgley 1815-1885 & Sarah Leavitt 1833-1891

Robert Sedgley & Mercy Hatch



          She was born Mary E. Sedgley[1], in Georgetown, Maine, the oldest child of Robert Sedgley[2] and his second wife, Sarah Leavitt[3], who were probably married in 1853 and had four children.


          Robert Sedgley was the son of Robert Sedgley[4] and Mercy Hatch[5], who were married in Bowdoinham, Maine on December 13, 1812.


          Robert Sedgley, the elder, may have been born in Bowdoinham, the son of Joseph Sedgley and Nabby. Little else is known of them.


          The first Census records in 1790, show the six members of the elder Robert Sedgley family, in Bowdoinham. Living a few houses away, is the Joseph Sedgley[6] family, with four members. The relationship between the two is unclear, but this Joseph may be Robert’s father.


          Family names in Bowdoinham in 1790 include Blanchard, Adams and numerous Hatch families, of which, Mercy Hatch, is no doubt from.


          Sarah Leavitt is a mystery, except for her birth and death dates.


          Mary E. Sedgley is known as Mary J. Sedgley in 1870. Her name probably was Mary Isabelle Sedgley, but was listed as Mary E. or Mary J. in error. At her first marriage, she calls herself Mary Isabel. She is also known as Isabell, Isabelle M., Bell or Belle Steward in later records.


          On December 9, 1844, Robert Sedgley first married Lowis [sic] Adams[7] in Bowdoinham. The wedding occurred more than ten months after the birth of their first child, Robert J. Sedgley, Jr[8]. Robert Sedgley, Jr.’s birth is listed as early as 1840 in some records, but that seems unlikely. Another son, Elvin Sedgley[9], was also born in Bowdoinham.


          Lois is known as Louisa Sedgley, age 39 in the 1850 Census in Bowdoinham. Lois (Adams) Sedgley died before the next Census, at age 42 and is buried in Meetinghouse Burying Ground in Bowdoinham.


          There is some confusion between Elvin and Alvin Sedgley[10], who was reportedly born a year after Elvin, but perhaps they are the same person, because there are no records for Elvin Sedgley after 1850.


          In 1860 in Georgetown, Robert Sedgley 39 and new wife, Sarah 28, have children Robert Sedgley 16, Alvin Sedgley 14, Mary J. Sedgley 6, Wm H. Sedgley 4 and Oscus Sedgley 1, in the household. Daughter, Louisa Jane “Jennie” Sedgley[11] was born after the census.


          On January 9, 1862 in Boston, Massachusetts, Robert Sedgley, age 22, from Georgetown, Maine, registers for a 3-year enlistment during the Civil War. He gives his year of birth as 1840. Robert Sedgley is only 17 years old at his enlistment, turning 18, two months later. Robert Sedgley, Jr. is described as 5’ 4” tall, with hazel eyes and brown hair.


          On April 1, 1867, Alvin Sedgley married Flora E. Knight[12] in Skowhegan, Maine. They would have four children before 1880.


          Flora E. (Knight) Sedgley died at 59 of Complications of Liver Disease. She is buried with her husband Alvin Sedgley and two of their children, in Southside Cemetery in Skowhegan.


          During the 1870 Census, Mary J. Sedgley 16, is living with her parents Robert 53 and Sarah 38, siblings, William H. Sedgley[13] 14 and Louise J. Sedgley 9. Oscus Sedgley[14] should be about 11 years old, but he does not appear in any records after 1860 and may have died young.


          On April 26, 1873 Robert J. Sedgley, Civil War Veteran, married Lucy M. Mitchell[15]. They lived in Bowdoinham in 1880, with their 11-month-old daughter, Eva Sedgley[16]. During the Census that year, their other daughter, Alice M. Sedgley 6, was living with her grandparents, Joshon [sic] Mitchell 54 and Lovina Mitchell 62 (Lucy’s parents).


          In 1900, Robert H. Sedgley 58, Lucy M. Sedgley 43, live with their only surviving child, Alice M. Sedgley[17] 27, in Bowdoinham. Daughter of Robert and Lucy, Eva Sedgley and another unknown child, born after 1880, have died before this Census. Lucy is the mother of 3, one living.


          On January 27, 1925, Alice M. Sedgley 52, married Artemus Meads [sic] 78, in Bowdoinham. Artemas Meade[18] died about three years later and is buried at the Togus National Soldier’s Home Cemetery in Kennebec County, Maine. On October 30, 1928, Alice M. Sedgley married for a second time, to Warren P. Sedgley[19], a distant relative.


          Mary Isabel Sedgley, age 20, married Hiram Steward[20] age 25, on December 28, 1873, in Skowhegan, Maine, and they had three children, Charles H. Steward[21], Edgar M. Steward[22] and Edith Mabel Steward[23].


          On November 17, 1895, Charles H. Steward married Winnefred A. Richardson[24] in Skowhegan, where they lived, for the rest of their lives.


          Winnefred Richardson was the daughter of Frank L. Richardson[25] and Abbie F. Dean[26], who were married on December 7, 1875 in Augusta, Maine. Winnefred Richardson was their only child together.


          Abbie Dean was married to her second husband, Albert C. Hilton[27], in 1879 and they would have at least six children before 1900: Edgar Barnard Hilton[28], Alice M. Hilton[29], Nellie Hilton[30] Cram, Herbert D. Hilton[31], Leon Hilton[32], Julia M. Hilton[33] and Herman D. Hilton[34].


          In 1880, Winnefred’s mother, Abbie F. Hilton 23, claims to be a widow, although her first husband, Frank L. Richardson is still alive and living in Rockland, Maine. Abbie Hilton had her next child in 1880.


          The second husband of Abbie F. Dean, Albert Hilton, died in the Almshouse in Skowhegan of Bright’s Disease[35] at age 60. He is listed as the son of Jonah [sic] Hilton. Albert’s mother is mistakenly identified as Abbie Dean (she is his wife). Albert C. Hilton was actually the son of Jarvis W. Hilton[36] and Betsey Mantor[37].


          On December 26, 1916, Julia M. Hilton married James C. Dyer[38] in Skowhegan. On September 18, 1917, James C. Dyer enters the military for service during WWI. He is honorably discharged on March 8, 1919.


          On January 6, 1920, Julia M. Dyer 23, married housekeeper, lives with her employers in Peru Town, Maine. There soon was a divorce, because on May 15, 1920, in Skowhegan, James C. Dyer married again to Lena M. Steward[39], the illegitimate daughter of Edith M. Steward.


          Lena M. Steward had given birth to a baby boy about nine months before her marriage, that was recorded in Skowhegan as “Bastard Steward”. The child was the son of James Ryan[40]. The baby was named Clyde E. Steward[41] and died less than a month later of Pneumonia.


          Charles Steward and Winnefred “Winnie” Richardson had nine children: Earl R. Steward[42], who died of Convulsions at 11 months; Willard “Willie” M. Steward[43], Frank Leslie Steward[44], Lewis P. Steward[45], Marian E. or E. Marion Steward[46], Blanche Pearl Steward[47], who died of Convulsions and Congestion of Brain following Acute Indigestion at 10 months; Leona B. Steward[48] Lemieux, Donald Hiram Steward[49] and Carlton Howard Steward[50].


          In 1910 the family live in Skowhegan as Charles H. Steward 35, Winnie Steward 33, Willard Steward 12, Frank Steward 8, Leuero [sic] (Lewis) Steward 6, Marion Steward 4 and Blanch Steward 0, who died only six days after the Census was taken.


          Charles H. Steward died at age 43 of Lobar Pneumonia, before the Census in 1920. His wife Winnie A. Steward and six of their children, ages 3 through 18, are living in Skowhegan then. Winnie supports her family by being a Wash Woman. Isabel M. Steward 66, Widowed, Mother-in-law, is also living with the family.


          In 1930, Belle M. Stewart [sic] 76, Widowed Aunt, lives in Skowhegan with niece, Ella B. Tewksbury[51] 45, Alfred O. Dare [sic] (Dore) 75 (Ella’s father), Margaret L. Donohue 3 (Ella’s granddaughter) and a lodger by the name of William T. Bemis[52] 67.


          In 1920, Willis T. Bemis 61, is a Roomer in Skowhegan with Alfred Dove [sic] (Dore) 63, Jennie Dove [sic] (Dore) 57 and Ralph Dove [sic] (Dore) 18, grandson. This is Ralph Lessor Dore[53], the illegitimate son of George Arthur (or Andrew) Lessor[54] and Minnie Dore[55].


          George Arthur Lessor was born in Skowhegan, the son of Peter J. Lessor [sic] (Lessard)[56] and Laura C. Lambert[57], who were married in 1875 and had ten children, with seven surviving by 1900.


          George A. Lessor would leave Maine and settle in Massachusetts.

          George Lessor 25, married to Margaret Throop[58] 27, on January 16, 1906 in Lynn, Massachusetts. They had four children together.


          On June 10, 1907, Minnie D. Dore married Joseph Gilblair[59]. In 1910, Ralph L. Gilblair is 8 and lives with his mother Minnie Gilblair 26, stepfather Joseph Gilblair 30 and baby Clifford Gilblair[60]. Minnie Dove [sic] Gilblair died in Skowhegan at age 28 of Typhoid Fever.


          Son of Minnie (Dore) Gilblair, Ralph Lessor 21, a Weaver, married Algie T. Frost[61] 17, a Mill Hand, on December 16, 1922 in Skowhegan. During the 1920 Census in Skowhegan, Algie T. Frost is recorded as being 12 years old. Algie Frost had just celebrated her 15th birthday, 3 months before her marriage to Ralph Lessor aka Ralph L. Dore Gilblair. Their daughter, Lucille Lessor, was born the next year in Maine.


          Ralph and Algie Lessor were divorced in Cleveland, Ohio in 1930 and Mrs. Algie T. Lessor 28 (she is actually 23), married George A. Bath[62] 30, in Cuyahoga, Ohio on August 18, 1930. She is a Waitress, born in Lewiston, Maine and he is a Fireman, born in Cleveland.


          In 1940 George Bath 40, Algie Bath 34, Lucille Lessor 17 and Louis [sic] Bath, 8-year-old daughter, live in Akron, Ohio. George Bath is a Locomotive Fireman working for the Railroad. George Bath died at 48, buried in Brooklyn Heights Cemetery in Cleveland, with his parents.


          Algie T. Bath, Lucille Lessor and Louise? Bath disappear after 1940.


          In 1940, in Skowhegan, Ralph Dove [sic] 38, is Single and a Weaver at a Woolen Mill. Ralph L. Dore would soon die at age 39. He is interred in Southside Cemetery and buried nearby, is his aunt, Ella B. Tewksbury.


          On February 7, 1941, in Skowhegan, Isabelle Steward Hunt (Aunt), has reported a delayed birth for her niece, Ella Bernice Dore, who was the daughter of Alfred Dore, age 30 and Jennie Sedgley, age 24.


          In 1940, Winnie Steward is still head of household and has her widowed mother-in-law, Belle Steward 86 with her. According to this record, Belle has a 5th grade education and Winnie, a 4th grade.


          The only daughter of Isabell Sedgley and Hiram Steward, Edith M. Steward, who was 16 years old at the time, and “Eddie” Foster 20, had a son out of wedlock, Willie F. Steward[63], who was born in Skowhegan.


          Willie F. Steward died in Skowhegan at age 11 months of Cholera Infantum as the son of Edith M. Steward and Edwin [sic] Foster. Willie Steward is buried in Southside Cemetery in Skowhegan.


          Eddie Foster had suffered the loss of his mother, when he was 10 and his younger brother, Stephen Wardell Foster[64], in Skowhegan, only four days before baby Willie Steward’s death. Stephen Wardell Foster would be the first of four family members to die from Consumption.


          Edward “Eddie” Wilford Foster[65], was the son of Stephen G. Foster and Clara L. Allen[66], who married in about 1874 and had three children: Edwin, Edward or “Eddie” W. Foster, Anna M. Foster[67] Scully, who moved to Massachusetts and Stephen W. Foster, who died at 17.


          Clara L. Allen may have been born in Montville, Maine, the daughter of Daniel Allen[68] and his second wife, Susan Thompson[69] , who were married there on September 9, 1846. Montville was also the Daniel Allen family residence during the 1850 Census.


          Clarra [sic] Allen 7, lives with her parents and five siblings in Township 5, Range 3 in Aroostook County, Maine, during the 1860 Census.


          Stephen G. and Clara L. Foster lived next door to his parents, George Foster 61 and Margaret Foster 55 in 1880 in Oakfield, Maine.


         Stephen G. Foster is also known as Gustavus S. Foster. His date of birth varies from 1841 to 1857, depending on the record cited. His headstone in Southside Cemetery, with his first wife Clara L. (Allen) Foster 1854-1886, indicates Stephen Foster 1841-1891.


         All records indicate that Stephen G. Foster was the son of George Foster and Margaret Vigne or Vigue. Stephen G. Foster, son of George Foster and Margaret Vigue [sic] died in Skowhegan in 1899, not 1891.


          Stephen Gustavus Foster had three wives, Clara L. Allen 1854-1886, Amanda Clukey 1859-1896 and Edith Mabel Steward 1877-1904.


          Stephen G. Foster had three children with Clara Allen: Edward Wilford Foster aka Edwin W. Foster or “Eddie” Foster, Anna M. Foster and Stephen Wardell Foster; three children with Amanda Clukey: Beatrice Foster, Edith Blanche Foster and Amanda Louise Foster; two children with Edith Mabel Steward: Vada Foster and Stephen W. Foster.


          Edith Mabel (Steward) Foster Davis had five children: one illegitimate son, Willie F. Steward, with Eddie Foster (the son of her future husband Gustavus S. Foster); one illegitimate daughter, Lena M. Steward with Fred Turcotte[70]; two children with first husband, Stephen Gustavus Foster: Vada Foster and Stephen W. Foster; one child with her second husband, Oscar Joel Davis: Chester Davis. Only two of Edith’s children, Lena M. Steward and Vada Foster would survive to adulthood.


          “Eddie” Foster, born in Skowhegan, is a Weaver, by trade, according to Willie F. Steward’s birth record. Edith Steward and Eddie Foster never married and Edward would soon move to New Hampshire.


          Edward W. Foster, occupation Weaver, residence, Hillsboro Bridge, New Hampshire and wife Mary Melrose, have a son, James Edward Foster[71] born there. Mary Melrose[72] was born in Scotland and Edward W. Foster was born in Skowhegan, the son of Stephen Foster and Clara Helen [sic]. Other records show Edward W. Foster as being born in Oakfield, Maine, where his family had lived in 1880.


          Edward W. Foster[73] married Mary Melrose, a Weaver, on August 21, 1899 in Hillsboro, New Hampshire. This was her second marriage. Edward and Mary Foster may have separated before 1910, although her status is “married”. She is with their son James Foster. Also, in the household is 16-year-old Earl Foster, born in Maine, whose father was born in Maine and mother in Scotland. This is Earl Andrew Melrose[74].


          On February 25, 1893, Mary Melrose 21, married Owen Ryan[75] 29, in Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts. Owen is actually 32 years old. Their son Earl Andrew Melrose, was born in Pittsfield, Maine. Not Ryan. Earl Andrew Melrose assumes the Foster surname before 1910.


          In 1920, in Columbia, Indiana, Maynee [sic] Foster 42, is a widow, who has a 15-year-old son James Foster. They live with her uncle Andrew J. Heslop 63, a widower. Andrew Hislop[76] was born in Hawick, Scotland and is a relative of Mary’s mother, Isabella (Hislop) Melrose.


          Earl Andrew Foster 23, registers for the Draft in Massachusetts on June 5, 1917 in Maynard, his place of residence is Dartmouth Street. He is employed as an Electrician and claims an exemption because of a “Physical Debility”. He is Single, with black hair, light blue eyes, tall with a medium build. He works at American Woolen in Maynard.


          Edward Wilford Foster, Weaver in a Woolen Mill, registers for the draft on September 12, 1918 in Piscataquis County, Maine listing his son James Edward Foster, as his nearest relative.


          On June 19, 1920 in Stow, Massachusetts, Earl Andrew Foster 27, married Esther Josephine Trumpolt[77]. He is a Mill Hand, lives in Hudson, Massachusetts and she is a Stitcher in a Woolen Mill and lives in Stow.


          Earl Andrew Foster gives his parents’ names as Oren [sic] Foster and Mary Melrose. Earl’s father is actually Owen J. Ryan, but Earl never used the Ryan surname. Poor guy was really confused, wasn’t he?


          Earl Andrew Foster registered for the draft on in April 1942, still lives in Hudson and his wife, Esther Foster, is listed as next of kin.


          The first wife of Stephen G. Foster, Clara L. (Allen) Foster, died at the age of 31, of unknown causes and is buried in Southside Cemetery in Skowhegan. Was she actually the first in the family to die of what we now know, as the contagious, bacterial infection, Tuberculosis[78]?


          Stephen G. Foster married on June 11, 1887 in Skowhegan to Amanda “Manda” Clukey[79], the year after the death of his first wife, Clara L. (Allen) Foster. Stephen and Amanda had: Beatrice Foster[80] Hodgdon, Edith Blanche Foster[81] and Amanda Louise Foster[82] Weir. These children would be orphaned before the next Census in 1900.


          Amanda (Clukey) Foster died at the age of 37, in Skowhegan, from Consumption. The death was reported by her father-in-law, George Foster. Amanda had likely contracted it from her step-son, Stephen Wardell Foster, first in the family to list the COD as Consumption.


          In 1900, Beatrice Foster 12 and Edith B. Foster 9, are students at the Good Will Farm in Fairfield Town, Maine. Their younger sister, Amanda Louise Foster is known as Louisa Foster 6 and is living with their grandparents, George and Margaret Foster in Skowhegan.


          In 1910, Louise A. Foster 15, is a student at the same school because both of her grandparents have died. Louise A. Foster would move to Maynard, Massachusetts before 1915, where her half-sister Anna M. Foster, was already living. Edith B. Foster never married and moved to Arlington, Massachusetts before the 1920 Census.


          On October 21, 1914, Annie M. Foster 37, married William P. Scully[83] 32, in Maynard. Anna indicates her place of birth as Smyrna, Maine. It is a first marriage for both parties. He is an Insurance Agent.


          Louise Amanda Foster married Joseph Ernest Weir[84] on July 1, 1915 in Maynard. Their daughter Ruth Edith Weir[85], was born four months later. Ruth Weir lives with her aunt Annie (Foster) and uncle William Scully during the Census in 1920, 1930 and 1940 in Maynard.


          The son of Joseph and Louise Weir, Robert Foster Weir[86], was born in Wiscasset, Maine and died in Acton, Massachusetts at the age of 5 months and 1 day, from Whooping Cough and Pneumonia.


          Louise A. (Foster) Weir Corley died in Brockton, Massachusetts. She was the widow of Paul E. Corley[87], whom she married before 1930.


           Mabel Steward, age 25, married 40-year-old widower, Gustavus S. Foster[88] on January 19, 1897 in Skowhegan. The bride is actually only 19 and gives birth to a baby girl, six months later, in Skowhegan. Gustavus Stephen Foster was really 53 at his marriage to Edith Mabel Steward.


          This baby girl is recorded as the 2nd child of Edith Steward. Their son, Stephen W. Foster[89], born two years after the baby girl, is also recorded as her 2nd child. Stephen W. Foster was really Edith’s 3rd child.


          Stephen W. Foster died of Cerebro Spinal Meningitis at age 4 months and 5 days. His father, Stephen G. Foster 53, died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis about six weeks later. Stephen G. Foster’s Civil War record from 1866 states that he was born in 1844, making him about 55.


          Vada Foster[90] 18 married Everett Francis Gammon[91] 19 on August 10, 1917 in Augusta, Maine. Vada is the Female Foster born in 1897 and is actually 20 years old. Her birth year would later be given as 1902.


          After the death of her first husband, Stephen Foster, Edith M. Foster 24, is living with her mother. In 1900, Veda M. Foster 3, is there with her mother, Edith, in the household of Belle Steward age 46.


          Edith M. (Steward) Foster would soon become pregnant with the child of Fred Tureott [sic], according to the 1920 marriage record of Lena M. Steward to James C. Dyer. If the Fred Turcotte that lived in Skowhegan, is indeed the father of Lena, he was a very busy man.


          Fred Turcotte and his wife, Lucy Cowett had eight children, born in Maine in 1896, 1898, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1906 and 1909.


          Belle’s Steward’s son, Edgar M. Steward, 24 and his new wife, Elvira G. (Sweatt[92]) Reed Steward 30, a divorcee, also live with Belle in 1900 in Skowhegan. Elvira’s son, Archie Reed, does not live with them.


         Elvira G. Sweat [sic] 18, was first married to Willis Reed[93] 33, on August 6, 1888 in New Portland, Maine and they had three children born in Skowhegan: Female Reed[94], Male Reed[95] and Archie Blanchard Reed[96]. Archie Reed, the only surviving child, would marry and name his oldest children Willis F. Reed and Alvira H. Reed, after his parents.


          In 1900, Archie B. Reed 4, lives with his aunt Orrilla Blanchard[97] 50, uncle S. Niles Blanchard[98] 57, their children Bertha Blanchard[99] 23 and Willis R. Blanchard[100] 14, in Madison, Maine


          Edgar M. Steward and Elvira G. Sweet, Sweatt or Reed were married on June 9, 1900 in Skowhegan and had a daughter, Gladys M. Steward[101] Spaulding, born four months later. Their other children are: Eva B. Steward[102] Spaulding, Guy E. Steward[103] and Hilda Steward[104].


          In 1910, the family is enumerated twice in Skowhegan and Elvira is known as Athena Steward 38, with Edgar M. Steward 33, their children, Gladys M. Steward 10, Eva B. Steward 9 and Guy E. Steward 6. Vada M. Foster, their 12-year-old Niece, lives with them.


          The duplicate record indicates Edgar Stewart [sic] 33, Almera Stewart 38, Gladys M. Stewart 10, Eva B. Steward 9, Grey [sic] E. Stewart 6 and Vada M. Foster 12, Niece.


          In 1920, in Skowhegan, Edgar is enumerated as Edward Steward 43, wife Elvina Steward 49, Son-in-law John Spaulding 23, Eva Spaulding 18, Guy Steward 15 and Hilda Steward 10. There are no records for a Hilda Steward of this age, either before or after 1920.


          In 1930, Edgar M. Steward 55 and Elvira I. Steward 59 are living in Skowhegan with a 2-year-old Boarder named Kealdon E. Steward.


          Edgar M. Steward would die in Skowhegan before 1940 and his widow, Elvira G. Steward lived there until her death at the age of 94.


          On August 10, 1878, the sister of Isabel M. (Sedgley) Steward, 17-year-old Louisa Jane “Jennie” Sedgley, married Alfred Dore[105] in Skowhegan. They would have numerous children born in Skowhegan between 1881 and 1900. At least three children died very young. Their 7-year-old daughter, Eva C. Dore died, when the fire she was lighting with kerosene, ignited her clothing and she burned to death.


          Hiram S. Steward died in Skowhegan at age 51 of Heart Disease and Chronic Alcoholism. He left a wife and three children. His widow, Isabelle M. Steward, would remarry about a year later.


          On April 24, 1901, 46-year-old Isabelle M. Stewart [sic] married Perley R. Hunt[106] 24, in Skowhegan. She was 47 at her marriage, with three adult children, all whom were about the same age as Isabelle’s new husband. Perhaps Perley Hunt was an acquaintance of theirs?unt


          Perley R. Hunt, was born in Kingsbury, Maine according to his marriage record to Isabelle M. Stewart. This is true, because Perley R. Hunt lives there with his parents Daniel W. and Dora W. Hunt in 1880.


          At his wedding to Isabelle, Perley R. Hunt claims that this is his first marriage, which it is not. Perley R. Hunt married on October 14, 1896 in Cambridge, Maine to Vidella M. Tripp aka Vidella M. Cook[107].


          Vidella Cook and Perly Hunt had one child, Gladys Mable Hunt[108], who was born in Wellington. Vidella and Perly Hunt divorced less than two years later on September 23, 1898 in Somerset County, Maine.



          Daughter of Isabelle Sedgley, Edith M. Foster, a 24-year-old widow, married 18-year-old Oscar Joel Davis[109] on November 20, 1902 in Skowhegan. The bride states that her mother’s name is Belle Hunt.


          Edith Foster works in a Shoe Shop. Son of Edith and Oscar Davis, Chester Davis[110], is born in Skowhegan. Edith M. (Steward) Foster Davis died soon afterwards, at age 26 of Pulmonary Phthisis (Tuberculosis).


          On September 5, 1909, Oscar J. Davis married Lemuel Woodward Monahan[111] in Skowhegan. Their daughter, Dorothy Davis, was stillborn in Worcester, Massachusetts, the birthplace of Lemuel (aka Samuel A. Monahan[112]). Dorothy Davis died from Melaena Neonatorum[113].


          Their second daughter, also named Dorothy Davis[114], was stillborn in Portland, Maine two years later. Oscar and Lemuel Davis would also name their son Chester E. Davis[115], the first child probably died young.


          In 1920, in Portland, Oscar J. Davis claims that he is a widower, living with his 5-year-old son, Chester E. Davis, in the household of Katherine Dwinells. Oscar Joel Davis would die before the next Census.


          On April 10, 1920, Lemuel W. Monahan, still very much alive, marries for a second time to Edward Henry Moriarty[116] in Portland.


          Lemuel W. Monahan married for a third time to Otis M. Evans[117] on December 28, 1927 in Augusta, Maine. In 1930, Otis M. Evins [sic] 38 lives and works in Concord, New Hampshire at the State Hospital as an Attendant. There are no records for Lemuel Evans in 1930. Otis M. Evans 47 and Lemuel W. Evans 54, live in Ward 9, Portland in 1940.


          During the WWI Draft, Otis Mayhew Evans registers in Rotterdam, New York and claims an exemption because he is blind in one eye. He works for the Boston & Maine Railroad as a Fire Cleaner.


         There are no 1910 Census records for Belle or Perley Hunt and from 1920 to 1940, she refers to herself as Belle Steward. Perley R. Hunt is reported to have died before January 31, 1917, when his only child, Gladys M. Hunt, married George E. Whiting[118], in Garland, Maine.


          Belle Steward continued to live in Skowhegan from 1920 until her death. According to one source[119], Isabelle M. Steward died at age 90. She was predeceased by two husbands and her three children. Also predeceasing her, were her half-brothers Robert and Alvin Sedgley, her brothers William H. and Oscus Sedgley and her only sister, Jennie Dore.


          Belle Steward was survived by her daughter-in-law, Elvira G. (Sweatt) Steward, niece Ella Bernice (Dore) Tewksbury, numerous grandchildren, including Vada Merion (Foster) Gammon, Frank Steward, Lewis Steward, Donald Steward, Leona (Steward) Lemieux, Carlton Steward and Eva B. (Steward) Spaulding.

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[13] William H. Sedgley b Mar 4, 1856 d Feb 15, 1921; son of Robert Sedgley 1815-1885 & Sarah Leavitt 1833-1891

[14] Oscus Sedgley b 1859 d 1860+; son of Robert Sedgley 1815-1885 & Sarah Leavitt 1833-1891

[15] Lucy M. Mitchell b 1853 or Jul 1857 d Sep 23, 1911; dau of Jotham W. Mitchell 1824-1889 & Lovina Woods 1818-1887

[16] Eva Sedgley b Jul 1879 d bef 1900; dau of Robert Sedgley 1844-1929 & Lucy M. Mitchell 1853-1911

[17] Alice M. Sedgley b May 1873 d 1930+; dau of Robert Sedgley 1844-1929 & Lucy M. Mitchell 1853-1911

[18] Artemus Meade b Dec 10, 1847 d Jun 2, 1928; son of Jason Meade & Anna Stockman 1821-1870+

[19] Warren P. Sedgley b Jul 22, 1860 d 1930+; son of Charles F. Sedgley 1831-1860+ & Mary J. Henderson 1829-1894

[20] Hiram S. Steward b Jun 1848 d Mar 21, 1900; son of Josiah Steward 1816-1879 & Aurilla S. Hollis 1822-1902

[21] Charles Steward b Jan 27, 1875 d Feb 22, 1917; son of Hiram Steward 1848-1900 & Mary E. Sedgley 1853-1944

[22] Edgar M. Steward b Feb 1876 d 1930-40; son of Hiram Steward 1848-1900 & Mary E. Sedgley 1853-1944

[23] Edith M. Steward b Oct 8, 1877 d May 11, 1904; dau of Hiram Steward 1848-1900 & Mary E. Sedgley 1853-1944

[24] Winnefred Richardson b 1876 d 1941; dau of Frank L. Richardson 1853-1930 & Abbie F. Dean 1857-1926

[25] Frank L. Richardson b 1853 d 1930; son of Ezra Richardson 1824-1883 & Amanda B. Wilson 1823-1910

[26] Abbie F. Dean b Jan 25, 1857 d Dec 18, 1926; dau of Charles Dean 1821-1894 & Abigail Palmer 1832-1891

[27] Albert C. Hilton b Apr 1855 d Apr 11, 1915; son of Jarvis Hilton 1818-1881 & Betsey Mantor 1830-1900

[28] Edgar B. Hilton b Jul 22, 1880 d Jan 24, 1965; son of Albert C. Hilton 1855-1915 & Abbie F. Dean 1857-1926

[29] Alice M. Hilton b 1882 d 1951; dau of Albert C. Hilton 1855-1915 & Abbie F. Dean 1857-1926

[30] Nellie Miria Hilton b Jan 19, 1884 d Dec 1, 1955; dau of Albert C. Hilton 1855-1915 & Abbie F. Dean 1857-1926

[31] Herbert D. Hilton b Mar 25, 1887 d Dec 1, 1958; son of Albert C. Hilton 1855-1915 & Abbie F. Dean 1857-1926

[32] Leon H. Hilton b Apr 18, 1889 d 1930+; son of Albert C. Hilton 1855-1915 & Abbie F. Dean 1857-1926

[33] Julia M. Hilton b Oct 8, 1896 d 1920+; dau of Albert C. Hilton 1855-1915 & Abbie F. Dean 1857-1926

[34] Herman D. Hilton b Sep 15, 1898 d Mar 11, 1958; son of Albert C. Hilton 1855-1915 & Abbie F. Dean 1857-1926

[35] Bright’s Disease: Chronic inflammation of the kidneys causing hypertension, convulsions, blindness and coma

[36] Jarvis W. Hilton b 1818 d Dec 23, 1881; son of Edgar Hilton 1782-1849 & Betsey Hilton 1787-1851

[37] Elizabeth Manter b 1833 or Apr 25, 1830 d Mar 14, 1900; dau of Zebulon Manter 1783-1860 & Rebecca Norton 1794-1860

[38] James Cleon Dyer b May 27, 1895 d Dec 1976; son of James Herman Dyer 1859-1942 & Jennie Marion Brown 1863-1942

[39] Lena M. Steward b Dec 15, 1900 d 1930+; dau of Fred Turcotte 1862-1940+ & Edith M. Steward 1877-1904

[40] James Edward Ryan b Oct 12, 1894 d 1920+; son of James Ryan 1867-1910+ & Annie Gerald 1863-1907

[41] Clyde E. Steward b Aug 28, 1919 d Sep 24, 1919; son of James Ryan Jr. 1894-1920+ & Lena M. Steward 1900-1930+

[42] Earl R. Steward b 1896 d Apr 7, 1897; son of Charles H. Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[43] Willard/William Steward b Ap 2, 1898 d 1930+; son of Charles H. Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[44] Frank Steward b Jan 12, 1902 d Dec 8, 1974; son of Charles Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[45] Lewis Steward b Apr 16, 1904 d Jul 10, 1985; son of Charles Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[46] Marian Steward b May 7, 1906 d 1920+; dau of Charles H. Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[47] Blanche Steward b Jun 28, 1909 d May 13, 1910; dau of Charles Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[48] Leona Steward b Mar 13, 1912 d 2001; dau of Charles H. Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[49] Donald Steward b May 8, 1915 d 1986; son of Charles H. Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[50] Carlton Steward b Apr 1 or Nov 1, 1916 d Jan 25, 1983; son of Charles Steward 1875-1917 & Winnie Richardson 1876-1941

[51] Ella Bernice Dore b Nov 24, 1883 d Aug 1979; dau of Albert Dore 1857-1937+ & Jennie Sedgley 1861-1922

[52] William T. Bemis b May 13, 1859 d Feb 5, 1940; son of Alpheus Bemis 1823-1910 & Symantha Savage 1825-1899

[53] Ralph Lessor Dore b Jun 8, 1901 d 1941; son of George Arthur Lessor 1880-1942 & Minnie Dore 1883-1911

[54] George A. Lessor b Jul 2, 1880 d May 1942; son of Peter J. Lessard 1850-1929 & Laura C. Lambert 1855-1941

[55] Minnie Dore b Nov 26, 1883 d Dec 28, 1911; dau of Albert Dore 1857-1937+ & Louisa Jane Sedgley 1861-1922

[56] Pierre J. Lessard b 1850 d 1929; born in Maine, son of parents born in Canada

[57] Laura C. Lambert b 1855 d 1941; born in Canada dau of Lambert & Unknown

[58] Margaret McQueen Throop b 1877 d 1953; dau of Ichabod Edmon Throop 1821-1891 & Margaret Ann Stillman 1843-1921

[59] Joseph Gilblair b Jul 20, 1880 d 1954; son of Augustus Gilblair 1845-1920+ & Amanda Pomlow 1856-1900+

[60] Clifford Joseph Gilblair b Mar 2, 1910 d Jan 28, 1950; son of Joseph Gilblair 1880-1954 & Minnie Dore 1883-1911

[61] Algie T. Frost b Sep 8, 1907 d 1940+; dau of Lloyd Cyril Frost 1874-1955 & Elvira Hayden 1879-1920+

[62] George A. Bath b Apr 2, 1900 d May 26, 1948; son of Charles F. Bath 1869-1955 & Olive S. Rosecranz 1874-1919

[63] Willie F. Steward b Oct 6, 1894 d Sep 9, 1895; son of Edward W. Foster 1875-1918+ & Edith M. Steward 1877-1904

[64] Stephen W. Foster b Mar 1878 d Sep 4, 1895; son of Stephen G. Foster 1841-1899 & Clara L. Allen 1854-1886

[65] Edward Wilford Foster b May 26, 1874 d 1918+; son of Stephen G. Foster 1841-1899 & Clara L. Allen 1854-1886

[66] Clara L. Allen b 1854 d Feb 8, 1886; dau of Daniel Allen 1802-1871 & Susan J. Thompson 1818-1897

[67] Anna M. Foster b Mar 1877 d 1942+; dau of Stephen G. Foster 1841-1899 & Clara L. Allen 1854-1886

[68] Daniel Allen b Jun 23, 1802 d Mar 23, 1871; son of Obediah Allen 1766-1865 & Ruth Andrews 1764-1826

[69] Susan H. Thompson b May 7, 1819 d Apr 12, 1897; dau of Isaac Thompson 1783-1853 & Bulah Watts 1784-1821

[70] Fred Turcotte b Jul 1863 d 1940+, aka Fred Tueott or Tureott; born in Canada son of Turcotte

[71] James E. Foster b Oct 15, 1904 d 1920+; son of Edward W. Foster 1875-1918+ & Mary Melrose 1876-1920+

[72] Mary Melrose b Feb 3, 1872 d 1920+; b Hawick, Scotland, dau of James Melrose 1833- & Isabella Hislop 1835-

[73] Edward Wilford Foster b May 26, 1874 d Apr 19, 1919; son of Stephen G. Foster 1841-1899 & Clara L. Allen 1854-1886

[74] Earl Andrew Melrose b Dec 28, 1893 d 1940+; son of Owen J. Ryan 1861-1930+ & Mary Melrose 1872-1920+

[75] Owen J. Ryan b 1861 d 1930+ ; son of Thomas Ryan 1838-1880+ & Mary 1839-1880+

[76] Andrew John Hislop b Apr 15, 1856 d Jan 18, 1922; son of Andrew Hislop & Mary Trumbull 1836-

[77] Esther J. Trumpolt b Oct 23, 1895 d Apr 21, 1985 dau of Arthur A. Trumpolt 1870-1930+ & Mary S. Burrows 1875-1920+

[78] Tuberculosis once known as Consumption or Phthisis; contagious, bacterial infection affecting the lungs

[79] Amanda Clukey b 1859 d Jul 19, 1896; dau of Lewis Clukey 1801-1876 & Margaret Gurney 1811-1899

[80] Beatrice Foster b Oct 1888 d Jun 1992; dau of Gustavus Stephen Foster 1841-1899 & Amanda Clukey 1859-1896

[81] Edith B. Foster b May 27, 1891 d 1920+; dau of Gustavus Stephen Foster 1841-1899 & Amanda Clukey 1859-1896

[82] Amanda Louise Foster b May 20, 1894 d Dec 14, 1981; dau of Gustavus Foster 1841-1899 & Amanda Clukey 1859-1896

[83] William Patrick Scully b Mar 24, 1882 d 1942+; son of William H. Scully 1858-1940+ & Margaret F. Mccartin 1860-1940+

[84] Joseph E. Weir b Aug 8, 1895 or Aug 6, 1894 d 1920+; son of George Weir 1870-1900+ & Ruth Amelia Hinds 1873-1899

[85] Ruth Edith Weir b Nov 1915 d 1940+; dau of Joseph E. Weir 1895-1920+ & Amanda Louise Foster 1894-1981

[86] Robert Foster Weir b Jan 23, 1918 d Jun 24, 1918; son of Joseph E. Weir 1895-1920+ & Amanda Louise Foster 1894-1981

[87] Paul Edward Justin Corley b Jan 15, 1900 d Mar 1975; son of Patrick T. Corley 1855-1930+ & Katherine C. Driscoll 1862-1930+

[88] Gustavus S. Foster b 1841 d Nov 29, 1899; son of George Foster 1818-1901 & Margaret Vigne 1831-1907

[89] Stephen W. Foster b May 27, 1899 d Oct 5, 1899; son of Stephen G. Foster 1841-1899 & Edith M. Steward 1877-1904

[90] Vada Merion Foster b Aug 27, 1897 d 1953; dau of Gustavus Foster 1841-1899 & Edith M. Steward 1877-1904

[91] Everett F. Gammon b Mar 1, 1899 d 1929; son of John W. Gammon 1873-1935 & Hattie B. Lawrence 1876-1945

[92] Elvira G. Sweatt b Aug 1870 d Mar 14, 1965 dau of Warren W. Sweatt 1839-1931 & Elvira Williamson 1832-1900

[93] Willis Reed b Dec 23, 1855 d Apr 12, 1911; son of Sheldon Reed 1820-1900 & Betsey D. Blanchard 1825-1860

[94] Female Reed b Jul 22, 1892 d unknown; dau of Willis Reed 1855-1911 & Elvira Sweatt 1870-1965

[95] Male Reed b Apr 12, 1894 d unknown; son of Willis Reed 1855-1911 & Elvira Sweatt 1870-1965

[96] Archie Blanchard Reed b Feb 16, 1896 d Sep 13, 1974; son of Willis Reed 1855-1911 & Elvira Sweatt 1870-1965

[97] Orrilla Reed b Nov 30, 1850 d 1920; dau of Sheldon Reed 1820-1900 & Betsey Dawes Blanchard 1825-1860

[98] Samuel Niles Blanchard b Dec 2, 1843 d Nov 3, 1920; son of Theron Blanchard 1807-1887 & Martha Reed 1810-1896

[99] Bertha Blanchard b Feb 25, 1878 d 1936; dau of Samuel Niles Blanchard 1843-1920 & Orrilla Reed 1850-1920

[100] Willis Reed Blanchard b Sep 23, 1886 d 1965; son of Samuel Niles Blanchard 1843-1920 & Orrilla Reed 1850-1920

[101] Gladys M. Steward b Oct 20, 1900 d 1940+; dau of Edgar Steward 1876-1930+ & Elvira Sweatt 1870-1965

[102] Eva B. Steward b Oct 18, 1901 d Aug 13, 1971; dau of Edgar Steward 1876-1930+ & Elvira Sweatt 1870-1965

[103] Guy E. Steward b Jul 8, 1904 d Mar 1, 1960; son of Edgar Steward 1876-1930+ & Elvira Sweatt 1870-1965

[104] Hilda Steward b 1910 d unknown; dau of Edgar Steward 1876-1930+ & Elvira Sweatt 1870-1965

[105] Alfred Dore b Nov 1857 d 1937+; born in Maine, the son of Dore & Unknown parents, born in Canada

[106] Pearl “Perley” R. Hunt b 1877 d 1901+; son of Daniel W. Hunt 1850-1924+ & Dora V. Wells 1848-1917

[107] Vidella M. Cook b Oct 15, 1877 d Feb 11, 1901; dau of Viola Cook 1861-1944 & Frederick Tripp 1858-1907

[108] Gladys Mable Hunt b Jan 22, 1897 d Feb 24, 1991; dau of Perly Hunt 1877-1901+ & Vidella Cook 1877-1901

[109] Oscar Joel Davis b Mar 17, 1884 d Jun 23, 1927; son of Edmund Davis 1838-1902 & Abbie Bailey 1856-1889

[110] Chester Davis b Apr 4, 1904 d bef 1914; son of Oscar J. Davis 1884-1927 & Edith M. Steward 1877-1904

[111] Lemuel Monahan b Apr 9, 1884 d 1940+; dau of Henry Monahan 1858-1913 & Mary Elizabeth Ashe 1851-1907

[112] Samuel A. Monahan, Male, b Apr 9, 1884, born in Worchester, MA son of Henry Monahan & Mary Ash

[113] Melaena Neonatorum: hemorrhagic disease of upper gastrointestinal tract, affecting newborn children

[114] Dorothy Davis b Nov 30, 1912 d Nov 30, 1912; dau of Oscar J. Davis 1884-1927 & Lemuel Monahan 1885-1940+

[115] Chester E. Davis b May 24, 1914 d Feb 12, 1981; son of Oscar J. Davis 1884-1927 & Lemuel Monahan 1885-1940+

[116] Edward H. Moriarty b Aug 18, 1878 d 1941; son of Matthew Moriarty 1836-1911 & Sophia E. Belcher 1839-1889

[117] Otis Mayhew Evans b May 18, 1892 d Apr 17, 1966; son of Robert J. Evans 1861-1916 & Orinda Luella Swett 1862-1931

[118] George Elisco Whiting b Apr 13, 1895 d Aug 27, 1965; son of George W. Whiting 1866-1942 & Thurza J. Inman 1875-1958

[119] rhitchings @

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