Millard Wells 1868-1927


Wells Pedigree

Peter Wells 1843-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

Matthew Hedges Wells 1809-1881+ & Hannah M. Watts 1815-1880

Israel Wells 1775-1862 & Charlotte Hedges 1779-1832

Jeremiah Wells 1737-1814 & Hannah Cleaves

Daniel Wells 1702-1761 & Mary Goldsmith 1706-1740

Joshua Wells 1664-1744 & Hannah Tuthill 1667-1758

William Wells 1604-1671 & Mary Youngs 1619-1709

Reverend William Wells 1566-1620 & Elizabeth 1582-


Dent Pedigree

Martha Dent 1848-1910+ & Peter Wells 1842-1884

Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

Mark Dent 1777-1837 & Nancy Garrett 1790-1863

Walter Dent 1744-1794 & Elizabeth Burrill 1739-

Peter Dent 1694-1757 & Mary Brooke 1709-1781

William Dent 1660-1705 & Elizabeth Fowke 1668-1704

Thomas Dent 1630-1676 & Rebecca Wilkinson 1635-1726

Peter Dent 1605-1647 & Margaret Nicholson 1602-


Millard Wells[1] was born in Township 6 (Fiddletown), Amador County, California, the third son of Peter Wells[2] and Martha J. Dent[3], who were married there on August 6, 1864 and had 5 children: William Wells[4], Charles Wells[5], Millard Wells, Clara Wells[6] and Peter Wells, Jr[7].


Peter Wells, the elder, was born in New York, the son of Matthew Hedges Wells and Hannah M. Watts, who were married in New York, about 1839. Peter Wells came to California with his parents and sister, Esther Wells[8], before 1850. Other records indicate that Peter Wells was born in Michigan or even Canada, but most show New York.


In 1840, in New York, Ward 11, Matthew H. Wells is enumerated as being 30-40 years old (born 1809). He lives with three females, 20-30 years old (Hannah Wells, born 1815), 10-15 years old (born 1825-30, an unknown daughter) and under 5 years old (Esther E. Wells, born 1840).


On January 17, 1849, Matthew H. Wells, applied for a passport in the State of New York. During the Census on October 7, 1850, Matthew H. Wells, age 41, is a Merchant, living in Sacramento, California with another Merchant, David Martin[9] 38, from Perth Amboy, New Jersey.


Matthew H. Wells 42, is enumerated twice in 1852, Sacramento and as M. H. Wells 43, in Calaveras, California, with wife Hannah M. Wells 37 (Sacramento only) and their daughter, Esther Wells 12 in Sacramento and as Ester Wells in Calaveras California, 13 years old.


Peter Wells, who would be about 9 years old and Cornelius Wells, about 4 years old, are not enumerated in either location in 1852. There is a *Well, female, age 7, born New York in 1845, living in Sacramento in 1852, although it is unclear who this little girl might be.


For a biography of Matthew H. Wells, visit the Library of Congress at:


“Matthew H. Wells was born May 9, 1809 in Suffolk County, Long Island and is therefore, a New Yorker. He resided on the romantic island until he was seventeen, obtaining a practical business education while there. His next residence was in New York City, where he was engaged in an extensive grocery store for three years. The desire to see the world being strong, he enlisted in the service, going on the United States ship Boston, where he remained four and half years. The next thirteen years were spent in New York City in various kinds of business. Upon the breaking out of the gold fever, he took passage in the brig Cordelia, leaving New York January 30, 1849, reaching San Francisco July 15, which considering the character of the vessel and ignorance of the winds and currents in those days, was a remarkably quick trip. He followed mining for a short time, but soon engaged in butchering in Sacramento, which he followed for some months. Then he tried a boarding house for a while and then a store, for in those days, lawyers sold peanuts and blacked boots and ministers occasionally dealt monte, no one following his own trade, or indeed any one, long. In 1852, he came to Amador creek, where he kept a store for eleven years, falling into the steady habits of the New England life. In 1863 he located on the ranch where he now lives, about forty miles east of Sacramento, on the road to Jackson, Plymouth and Oleta (Fiddletown). He has large and commodious buildings, making a comfortable residence for both man and beast. His farm contains about seven hundred acres of land.


He was married in 1838 to Miss H. M. Watts, who lived with him, as companion and advisor, for forty-two years, dying in June 1880. A married daughter, husband and family reside with him, sharing the ownership and labors of the farm.”


In 1860, in Township 4, Amador, California, M. H. Wells 51, is living with his wife, H. M. Wells 46 and their daughter, Esther Wells 20. Matthew, his wife Hannah and Esther Wells were all born in New York.


On August 15, 1860, Esther Wells 20, married J. H. Graanbert [sic] or John Henry Granbert [sic] 26 (John Henry Grambart[10], age 30), in Amador County and they had one child, John Edward Grambart[11].


The Biography of John H. Grambart is available here:


“John H. Grambart was born July 22, 1830, near Bremerhaven[12], in the Kingdom of Hanover. He came to New York in October, 1845 and to California, via Panama[13], in 1853, arriving in San Francisco on the anniversary of Washington’s birthday. He came to Drytown soon after and engaged in the retail dry goods and grocery business with J. C. Williams[14]. He was married on August 15, 1860 to Miss E. D. Wells, daughter of Mr. H. Wells, of Amador Crossing. They have one child, a boy, thirteen years of age. He purchased the Central House in company of his father-in-law, Mr. H. Wells, February 4, 1863. This is one of the best-known places in the county, occupying a central position on the lines of travel. It can hardly be surpassed for natural scenery and beauty of location, having an extended view of Sacramento valley and the western part of the State.”


During the 1860 Census in Township 3, Amador County, Jos Williams 48, has John Grambart 29, living in his household. Their partnership was dissolved by mutual consent on April 1, 1860 and published in the Sacramento Daily Union on April 17, 1860. Less than 4 months later, John H. Grambart would be married to Esther D. Wells.


During the 1860 Census, 17-year-old Peter Wells, born in Canada, is enumerated with Jas H. Milton[15] 36, who was born in New York. It is unclear of the relationship between the two or if there was any at all.


It appears that young Peter Wells left his parents’ home and gained his independence early. The opportunity to join his father, Matthew H. Wells, as partner in the successful business, Central House Ranch, was given to the husband of Esther Wells, John Henry Grambart.


On August 6, 1864, Peter Wells 22, married 16-year-old Martha Dent, the daughter of Samuel Dent and Martha Jane Hanes.


Martha Dent was born in St. Francois County, Missouri, the child of Samuel Dent[16] and Martha Jane Hanes[17], who were married in the “Lead Belt” of Missouri, on March 27, 1845 and had 3 children born in St. Francois County: Ann Dent[18], Martha Dent and William Frank Dent[19].


When Martha Dent was 4 years old, her family moved west and two more siblings were born in Amador County, California: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Dent[20] and Walter Samuel Dent[21].

(Samuel) Dent, born 1822 in Missouri, registers to vote in Calaveras, California in 1852 and his wife, M. (Martha) Dent, born 1822 in Virginia, has a record with him in 1852. Ann Dent, born 1845; Mar (Martha) Dent, born 1847 and Wm (William) Dent, born 1851; all born in Missouri, are enumerated with their parents in Calaveras, in 1852.


In 1860, in Township 6, Amador County, in the home of S.C. Gilbert[22], a 45-year-old farmer, from New York, is the family of Saml Dent and Martha Dent, both 38, with their 5 children: Ann Dent 14, Martha Dent 12, Wm Dent 8, Elizabeth Dent 6 and Walter Dent, age 4.


In 1870, in Township 6, Peter Wells 27, born in Canada, his wife, Martha Wells 22, born in Missouri, live with their three young sons, William Wells 5, Charles Wells 3 and Millard Wells, age 2.


Also, in the household is Cornelius Wells[23] 22, born in Canada and presumably the brother of Peter Wells. Cornelius Wells is also known as Cornelius Kirk and has a Military record from the Civil War, showing he was from California, serving with the Michigan Infantry.


Cornelius Wells has moved to Fourth Ward 1, in Alameda County, California before the voter registration there on February 23, 1886.


In the 1880 Census, still in Township 6, Peter Wells 34 (38) and Martha Wells 32, now have four children: William Wells 15, Charles Wells 13, Millard Wells 12 and Clara Wells, age 6. This record states that Peter was born in New York, like his father; mother born in Maine.


Less than 4 years after the Census in 1880, Martha Wells, would suddenly become a widow with 4 children, ages 10, 16, 18 and 19, with a fifth child on the way. According to the newspaper report, a “young son” of Peter Wells, Sr., had witnessed his father being shot and killed. Could this witness have been youngest son, 16-year-old Millard Wells?


On May 26, 1872, Elizabeth Dent[24], sister of Martha, married Uzza French[25] in Volcano, Amador County, California. The bride was 18 and the groom was 24 years old. The wedding announcement appeared in the Sacramento Daily Union about two weeks later, on June 10, 1872:


On March 12, 1884, in Oleta, California, when Millard Wells was 13, his father, Peter Wells was killed, with a single blast from a shotgun. The murder was committed by Peter’s brother-in-law, Uzza F. French. It was reported that the murder was witnessed by Peter Wells’ son. Was that witness Millard or one of his brothers, Charles or William Wells?


On June 29, 1886, Millard Well’s uncle, Uzza F. French, was hanged in Stockton, California for that murder. From January 9, 1885:


“Sentenced for Murder- Stockton, Cal. Jan 9. – Judge Patterson to day sentenced Uzza F. French to be hanged on Friday February 27th next. French killed Peter Wells with a shot gun in Oleto [sic], Amador county, August [March] last. The case is to be appealed to the Supreme Court.”


An excerpt from the article in the Record-Union, June 22, 1886, with French’s appeal for mercy to the court and the Judge’s response:


“No mercy had been shown Peter Wells, when he begged French not to shoot. He was shot down upon the street; his soul sent into the presence of his Maker without a moment for prayer. French has had nearly three years to prepare for the awful doom that awaits him. He (the Judge) said if this matter is to be decided on sympathy, then let that sympathy be accorded alike to the dead and the living. Yes, let us go to that lone and lonely churchyard, of the little village of Oleta, and there, standing by the grave of that poor old gray-haired man, Peter Wells, umarked by a monument, and adorned by a single flower, placed there by loving hands, a mark of love and affection, with the evidence of this man’s guilt in one hand, let us with the other write this verdict of sympathy. Whenever we will have done this, public justice will have been satisfied, and a broken law fully vindicated.”


On June 29, 1886, convicted murderer, Uzza French would be the last legal hanging in San Joaquin County, conducted by Sheriff Thomas Cunningham[26]. Uzza French was 37 years old, when he was hanged. He is buried in San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery in Stockton, California.


On March 13, 1889[27] in Amador County, the day after the fifth anniversary of the violent death of her first husband, Peter Wells, Martha (Dent) Wells, age 42 married widower, John H. Rice[28], age 52. Their son, John C. Rice[29], was born in Amador County the next year.


In 1900, in Township 2, Amador County, John H. Rice 65, is enumerated with his wife Marth [sic] and their son John Marth [sic]. This is without a doubt Martha Rice, 52 and son John C. Rice, age 11.


Friday, December 25, 1903

Amador Ledger from Jackson, California · Page 2


Surrounded by friends, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Mrs. Samuel Dent, one of the oldest settlers in this neighborhood, passed from this world to the great beyond last Sunday evening. She had been failing for several months, but was confined to her bed only a few days. Her funeral was one of the largest ever held in Oleta. Deceased was 80 years, 11 months and a few days of age and leaves to mourn her departure, a husband, four children, twenty-four grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren, of whom all but four or five were at the funeral.


Frank Wells of lone, is visiting his cousin, Jessie Vose. 


DEEDS. Martha Dent to Walter Dent — 160 acres, 33 and 34-8-12, $1.


In 1910, Martha and John Rice are still married, but he lives with his daughter (from 1st wife Mary Meyers[30]), Francis M. West[31]. Martha Rice lives nearby, with their son John C. Rice 19, in Elliot[32], California. It is unknown where Martha (Dent) Wells Rice was after the 1910 Census.


John Rice died at the age of 20 from “Epilepsy” in the Stockton State Hospital, where he had been a patient for 13 days. John C. Rice is buried with his father John H. Rice in Elliot Cemetery in San Joaquin County, California. Martha (Dent) Wells Rice is not there with them.


On February 1, 1891, in Amador County, the only sister of Millard Wells, Clara, Clarie or Claire Wells 18, married Andrew Bonham[33] 28, a widower with two young girls. Clara Wells was actually about 16 years old at her marriage to Andrew Bonham. Andrew and Clara Bonham would have 12 children together before 1917.


On April 20, 1891, Millard Wells 23, married Sarah J. Bryant[34] 25, in Amador County. Sarah was the daughter of James Ganes Bryant[35] and Libby Ann Fowler[36]. It is unclear what may have happened to Sarah J. (Bryant) Wells, but there is a memorial for Sarah J. Bryant here.


On May 2, 1891, in Jackson, California, brother of Millard Wells, William Wells 27, married Lizzie Bryant 29. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bryant[37], was the older sister of Sarah J. Bryant, who had married Millard Wells, only three weeks before.


William Wells and Elizabeth Bryant had a daughter born in Placerville, California, named Erma I. Wells[38], who never knew her father, because she was just a 9-month-old baby when William Wells died. Erma Wells would also be known as Irma I. Vance or Erma I. Russell, at her death in California, father’s name being “Wells”.


On January 9, 1898, Mrs. Elizabeth Wells 38, married George W. Vance[39] 56, in Amador County, California. There are no Census records in 1900 for George W. Vance, Elizabeth Vance or Erma Wells or Vance.


There are no 1900 Census records for Millard and Sarah Wells and it is likely that Sarah J. (Bryant) Wells has passed away before 1900.


On July 2, 1902, Millard Wells 35, married Annie Davis[40] 33, in San Joaquin, California. This record states that Millard Wells and Annie Davis are both natives of California, living in Clay Station, Sacramento County, California at the time of their wedding.


Annie Davis may have been the daughter of Josiah Patrick William Davis and Mary Emma Buchanan, who married on January 30, 1863 in Ohio. By 1870, Josiah P. W. Davis 34, wife Mary E. Davis 26, are living in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California with their four children: Carrie Davis 6, Etta Davis 4, Oliver Davis[41] 2 and Annie Davis, age 2 months.


In 1880, in Eagle Creek, Shasta County, California, J. P. W. Davis 43, wife Mary E. Davis 36, now have six children listed: Carolista Davis[42] 16, Mary E. Davis 14, Charles O. Davis 12, Annie L. Davis 10, Ella May Davis 6 and youngest child, Ida A. E. Davis, age 2.


In 1907, in Sonoma County, California, there is a death record for an Annie E. Wells, age 38, (born 1869) which could indeed be her. After the death of his second wife, Annie, Millard Wells would marry again.


There are no 1910 Census records for Millard Wells, but sometime before 1920, he must have married Mrs. Abbie Pearl[43] Bacon (maiden name unknown), whose aliases include Abbie P. Hall and Pearl Bacon.


Abbie P. Wells 35, was born 1885, in California, to a father who was born in Ohio and mother born in California, according to the 1920 Census taken in Exeter, California. Who is Abbie P. Wells, really?


In 1900, Abbie P. Hall[44] 17, lives with her parents*, William A. Hall[45] 40 and Josephine Hall 38, in Orosi Township, Tulare County, California. Josephine Hall is the mother of two children, according to this record, with one still alive-Abbie Pearl, the other unknown.


In 1910, in Visalia, Ward 1, Tulare, California, Pearl Bacon[46] 25, widowed, lives with her 7-year-old illegitimate daughter, Effie A. Hall[47]. Also, in the house is Pearl’s mother, Josephine Hall 48, who is still married, but her husband, William A. Hall 49, now lives across town.


The 1910 Census report would be the last for Mrs. Josephine Hall, who would die in Stockton State Hospital at 50, of edema of the lungs.


Where and how Abbie Pearl acquired the surname of Bacon is still unclear. There are no marriage records found between 1900 and 1910 in California to verify whom Mr. Bacon might have been.


Pearl Bacon was born in California to a father born in Ohio and a mother (Josephine Hall) born in California. Josephine Hall was born in California, to a father born in Arkansas and mother born in Missouri.


Abbie P. Hall age 17, was born September 1883 in California to a father (unknown) born in Ohio and mother (Josephine Hall) born in California. Abbie P. Hall and Pearl Bacon are indeed the same person.


Abbie Pearl was the daughter of Josephine, whose true maiden name is also unknown. There is a record for a John W. Galbraith[48], who marries a Josephine Farnum on April 13, 1890 in Merced, California, yet there is no one who fits Josephine’s profile previous to this record.


The marriage between John and Josephine was short-lived, because on April 12, 1892, John W. Galbraith married Laura Coates[49] [sic] in Merced and they had three children born in California.


Mrs. Josephine Galbraught[50] [sic?] and William Alexander Hall were married on September 25, 1892 in Fresno County, California. Josephine’s daughter, Abbie Pearl, whose father is unknown, was born at least 9 years before either of her mother’s recorded marriages.


In 1920, Millard Wells 47, lives in Exeter, California with wife, Abbie P. Wells 35, her daughter, Effie A. Hall 17 and the adopted son of Millard and Abbie, Roy Plunkett[51], age 3. Roy had a twin and several older siblings, living with their divorced father, George G. Plunket. Abbie’s step-father, William A. Hall, 60 is also in the household in 1920.


In early 1927, Millard Wells was committed to the Stockton State Hospital. He was 59 years old. According to his death certificate, Millard Wells was a widower at the time. This would concur with records for the year preceding Millard Wells’ death, with a record for Mrs. Pearl Wells, born 1885, died age 41. Pearl Wells is buried in Visalia Cemetery.

Wells, born 1871, son of P. Wells and Martha Bent [sic] (Dent) died at Stockton State Hospital of General Paralysis of the Insane. This is Millard Wells, a 56 (59) widowed laborer, born in California to Peter Wells and Martha Dent. Millard Wells was actually born in 1868.


Millard Wells was cremated at the Crematory at Stockton State Hospital on October 29, 1927. He had been an inmate for 6 months.


Millard Wells was predeceased by his father, Peter Wells and one brother William Wells. Millard Wells also outlived his three wives, with whom he did not have any children. It is unknown if Millard Wells’ step-daughter, Effie A. Hall, child of 3rd wife Abbie Pearl, survived him.


Millard left two brothers, Charles Wells, Peter Wells, one sister Clara (Wells) Bonham and many nieces and nephews. It is still unknown if Millard’s mother, Martha (Dent) Wells Rice survived him.


The following deaths may establish an inherited trait in the Dent family for the development of diseases of the mind and neuro-system.


Millard Wells and his half-brother, John C. Rice, were the sons of Martha Dent, from different husbands. John C. Rice was only 20 years old when he died from the effects of “Epilepsy”.


Millard Wells’ maternal cousin, Newton John Vose, died at the age of 65 from a “Cerebral Hemorrhage[52] with contributory factors of Psychosis[53] and Cerebral Arteriosclerosis[54]”, as the cause of death.


John C. Rice in 1911, Millard Wells in 1927 and Newton J. Vose in 1936 died in the Stockton State Hospital in California. Coincidence?

[1] Millard Wells b Jul 16, 1868 d Oct 27, 1927; son of Peter Wells 1843-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[2] Peter Wells b 1843 d Mar 12, 1884; son of Matthew Hedges Wells 1809-1881+ & Hannah M. Watts 1815-1880

[3] Martha Dent b Jun 1848 d 1910+; dau of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[4] William Wells b 1865 d before obit on Jan 23, 1893; son of Peter Wells 1842-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[5] Charles Wells b Dec 25, 1866 d Aug 14, 1951; son of Peter Wells 1843-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[6] Clara (Wells) Bonham b Aug 4, 1874 d Jan 14, 1961; dau of Peter Wells 1843-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[7] Peter Wells, Jr. b May 29, 1884 d Dec 7, 1949; son of Peter Wells 1843-1885 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[8] Esther D. Wells b Aug 1840 d Jul 31, 1922; dau of Matthew H. Wells 1809-1881+ & Hannah M. Watts 1815-1880

[9] Capt David Martin b 1813 d May 29, 1855; b in England, son of Martin; husband of Ann Martin 1816-1853

[10] John Henry Grambart b Jul 22, 1830 d May 3, 1892; b Hanover, Germany, son of Grambart & Unknown

[11] John E. Grambart b Aug 21, 1868 d 1957; son of John H. Grambart 1830-1892 & Esther D. Wells 1840-1922

[12] Bremerhaven: Seaport city of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, a state of the Federal Republic of Germany

[13] Panama: Central American country whose narrow isthmus lies between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean

[14] Joseph Chandler Williams b Jan 2, 1812 NH d Jan 1, 1884 CA; son of Job Williams & Polly

[15] James H. Milton b 1824-1826 d 1870+; b New York, son of Milton & Unknown

[16] Samuel Dent b Dec 30, 1822 d Feb 5, 1911; son of Mark W. Dent 1777-1837 & Nancy Garrett 1790-1863

[17] Martha Jane Hanes b Dec 1822 d Dec 12, 1903; dau of John D. Hanes 1785-1838 & Nancy Buford 1795-1835

[18] Ann Dent b Feb 14, 1846 d Apr 9, 1886; dau of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[19] William Frank Dent b May 9, 1851 d Feb 7, 1921; son of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha J. Hanes 1822-1903

[20] Elizabeth Dent b 1854 d 1930+; dau of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[21] Walter S. Dent b 1856 d 1920; son of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[22] Sylvester C. Gilbert b Jun 26, 1810 d Apr 20, 1889; son of Gardner Gilbert 1788-1854 & Laura A. Miller 1788-1877

[23] Cornelius Wells b Mar 9, 1848 d Jan 25, 1908; son? of Matthew H. Wells 1809-1881+ & Hannah M. Watts 1815-1880

[24] Elizabeth Dent b 1854 d 1872+; dau of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[25] Uzza Finley Vanburen French b 1849 d Jun 29, 1886; son of George French 1811-1892 & Lynia Finley 1815-1859

[26] Thomas Cunningham b Aug 17, 1838 d Nov 26, 1900; born in Ireland, son of Cunningham & Unknown

[27] The date of the murder of Peter Wells by Uzza F. French is recorded as March 12, 1884 or March 14, 1884

[28] John Holland Rice b Jun 20, 1835 d Aug 11, 1912; son of William G. Rice 1804-1870+ & Cynthia Johnston 1799-1870+

[29] John C. Rice b 1890 d Nov 10, 1911; son of John H. Rice 1835-1912 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[30] Mary Frances Sarah Meyers b Apr 27, 1850 d Jun 3, 1880; dau of Elemander Meyers 1813-1857 & Irene Woolfolk 1825-1875

[31] Francis May (Rice) West b Oct 24, 1876 d Apr 28, 1955 dau of John H. Rice 1835-1912 & Mary Meyers 1850-1880

[32] Elliot, California is a former settlement in San Joaquin County, now a ghost town

[33] Andrew Jasper Bonham b 1863 d 1928; son of James H. Bonham 1830-1906 & Amanda M. Fenwick 1838-1865

[34] Sarah J. Bryant b Oct 1866 d 1891+; dau of James Ganes Bryant 1823-1917 & Libby Ann Fowler 1837-1919

[35] James Ganes Bryant b Feb 1823 d Jan 13, 1917; son of James S. Bryant 1792-1851 & Elizabeth Powell 1797-1867

[36] Libby Ann Fowler b Sep 6, 1837 d Nov 28, 1919; dau of Fowler & Unknown

[37] Elizabeth Bryant b Dec 6, 1861 d 1930+; dau of James Ganes Bryant 1823-1917 & Libby Ann Fowler 1837-1919

[38] Erma I. Wells b Apr 19, 1892 d Dec 15, 1980; dau of William Wells 1862-1893 & Elizabeth Bryant 1860-1930+

[39] George Washington Vance b Nov 23, 1841 d Apr 26, 1921; b Illinois, son of Vance & Unknown

[40] Annie Davis b 1869 d Mar 21, 1907; dau of? Josiah P. W. Davis 1835-1926 & Mary E. Buchanan 1845-1886

[41] Oliver Charles Davis b 1868 d Sep 30, 1899; son of Josiah Davis 1835-1926 & Mary Buchanan 1844-1886

[42] Carolista Davis b Oct 16, 1863 d Apr 24, 1932; dau of Josiah Davis 1835-1926 & Mary Buchanan 1845-1886

[43]Abbie Pearl Hall Bacon Wells b Sep 1883 or 1885 d Feb 15, 1926; dau Josephine Farnum? 1862-1912

[44] Abbie P. Hall b Sep 1883 d Feb 15, 1926; dau Josephine Farnum? 1862-1912

[45] William A. Hall b Oct 1860 d Jul 20, 1927; son of Elnathan Smith Hall 1808-1889 & Catherine Rayhn 1820-1880+

[46] Pearl Bacon b 1885 d Feb 15, 1926; dau Josephine Farnum? 1862-1912

[47] Effie A. Hall b 1903 d 1920+; dau Abbie Pearl Hall Bacon Wells 1883-1926 & Unknown

[48] John W. Galbraith b Dec 1861 d Mar 3, 1927; son of Oliver Galbraith 1831-1899 & Margaret Fishbeck 1838-1899

[49] Laura Louise Coutu b Jan 7, 1872 d Apr 19, 1950; dau of Coutu & Amelia Henrietta Bassett 1855-1896

[50] Josephine Farnum Galbraith Hall b Apr 1862 d Mar 31, 1912; dau of Farnum & Unknown

[51] Roy Delbert Plunkett b Jul 6, 1916 d Jul 16, 2003; son of George G. Plunket 1873-1923 & Cora 1880-1910+

[52] Cerebral Hemorrhage: bleeding in the brain caused by a ruptured artery, also known as a Stroke

[53] Psychosis: abnormal condition of the mind characterized by a loss of contact with reality, including hallucinations

[54] Cerebral Arteriosclerosis: buildup of plaque and thickening of the arteries in the brain, restricting oxygen flow

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