My MITCHELL family lived in Carmel, ME.

Grandfather - Rossell (1889-1972)

Gr-grandfather - Phineas (1866-1963)

Gr-gr-grandfather was William (1817-1898)

William first appears in 1843 in Bangor, ME when he purchases land for $200.

Married May 31, 1844 in Bangor, ME to Rocinda FARRAR

And after that I can easily track him.

According to William's death certificate he was born in Livermore, ME to Thomas Mitchell & Elizabeth Rana (as spelled)... I can find no birth record for him nor anything about his parents..

Have tried to make a connection to Livermore. Found a Melzer Mitchell (wife Phebe Parker) 1820 census, Livermore. 1810 census in Leeds. 1830-1840 census in Minot. Born 1780 (maybe Freeport?), married in Cumberland, died in 1846, and buried in Mechanic Falls.... It is probably a false connection but throwing it out there due to the Livermore connection.  

Help? Anyone?

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Comment by C Ferrante on February 21, 2017 at 8:32am

Thanks Chris. My suspicion was that it was a tent and that sure does look like the same tent. Next question - how would someone who died in 1898, in Carmel, Maine, become affiliated with the Maccabee organization - especially enough to add their tent symbol to their headstone???

Donna - My husband and I have not done our DNAs but we have talked about it. Mostly because we have no idea which test is the best way to go. I'll check out that test you mention ... BTW - Hope your husband is doing okay.

Comment by Donna Goodwin on February 21, 2017 at 10:45am

All of the companies, 23 and Me, Ancestry, and some I do not know of have pros and cons.  I prefer FTDNA.  I will email you Roberta Estes blog page.  She has the best informative info on All of the Companies. 

Comment by Chris Dunham on February 21, 2017 at 12:17pm

I've found mentions of Maccabees chapters organized in Shapleigh, Millinocket, Castle Hill and Guilford. There may well have been another in Carmel or nearby.


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