Moses Fairfield Coolidge Builds a Store

My great-great-great-grandfather Moses Fairfield Coolidge built a store in Upton, Maine, in 1885. Charles Errol Heywood had this to say in his 1973 History of Upton, Maine (p. 55):
Fairfield Coolidge built the store west of the Abbott House in 1885, having sold the store he bought from Charles Abbott. In 1900 he sold to Fred O. Godwin. About that time the post office was moved to the new building. In 1910 Godwin sold to Cedric Judkins, who with his wife Jennie, carried on the store and post office until the building burned in 1959.
A ledger Coolidge kept of store expenses details the costs of buying the lot ($75) and constructing the new building.

People mentioned are Farie(?) Walker, Moses Black, Will Sargent, Hollis I. Abbott, Mr. Powers, Benjamin F. Whitney, Frank Bragg, Laforest F. Bragg, John F. Coolidge (the son of Moses), Charles L. Douglass, Ned Green, Norton N. Ferrin (from Errol, N.H.), Hiram F. West, Asa F. Ellingwood, Samuel B. Ellingwood, Freeland Bartlett, and someone named (I believe) McBride.

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