Moses Fairfield Coolidge's Store Ledger (Part 1)

In addition to the entries concerning the construction of a new store posted here, my great-great-great-grandfather Moses Fairfield Coolidge's ledger includes entries for the earlier store he kept in Upton. From Charles Errol Heywood's History of Upton, Maine (p. 50):
M. F. Coolidge Store.—This store was originally built and run by Charles Abbott, the post office being in the store. M. F. Coolidge owned the store in 1880. Soon thereafter Charles L. Abbott tore the store down and built a house, later owned by Silas Peaslee for many years. Scott Coolidge later lived there and in 1971 it was owned by Howard Douglass.
The first entries indicate that Coolidge did not own the building, but rented the space, and was in business there until 1884.

Individuals and companies mentioned in these entries are E. Abbott; a Mr. Evans; Elias Thomas & Co.; Woodman True & Co.; Twitchel Champlin & Co.; C. J. Walker & Co.; Shaw, Hamond & Carney & Co.; Woodbury Purington & Co.; and Holoway & Robinson.

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