Murders at Montville - Chapter 10 - Newton John Vose 1869-1934

Murders at Montville - Chapter 10

Newton John Vose 1869-1934

Vose Pedigree

John Gilman Vose 1839-1905 & Ann Dent 1845-1886

Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

Ebenezer Vose 1774-1829 & Nancy Lermond 1781-1811

Seth Vose 1734-1814 & Rachel Copeland 1750-1812

Jonathan Vose 1704-1760 & Mary Field 1710-1775

Thomas Vose, Jr. 1667-1722 & Hannah Badcock 1675-1732

Thomas Vose 1641-1708 & Waitstill Wyatt 1644-1727

Robert Vose 1599-1683 & Jane Mossock 1602-1675

Thomas Vose 1565-1641 & Margery Burscoe 1565-1608


Dent Pedigree

Ann Dent 1845-1886 & John Gilman Vose 1839-1905

Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

Mark Dent 1777-1837 & Nancy Garrett 1790-1863

Walter Dent 1744-1794 & Elizabeth Burrill 1739-

Peter Dent 1694-1757 & Mary Brooke 1709-1781

William Dent 1660-1705 & Elizabeth Fowke 1668-1704

Thomas Dent 1630-1676 & Rebecca Wilkinson 1635-1726

Peter Dent 1605-1647 & Margaret Nicholson 1602-



“Fiddletown was a bustling Gold Rush town in 1853. Streets were filled with dust from horses and carriages, the clang of a blacksmith’s hammer and other wild behavior characteristic of miners enjoying their evening in the saloon. It is located off the beaten track near Dry Creek.”


“The town got its name because miners took to fiddling during the summer when creeks ran too dry to mine…. Bret Harte[1] brought fame to the town by writing An Episode of Fiddletown, in 1858”. At this link:


“In 1878, Fiddletown’s Gold Rush boom ended. Logging and agriculture replaced gold mining as the town’s new economic base. A leading town official commenting that he was embarrassed by the name of his home town, changed the name to Oleta, after his daughter. The town resumed the name Fiddletown in 1932.”

Newton John Vose[2], was born in Fiddletown, Amador County, California, the 3rd child of John Gilman Vose[3] and Ann “Annie” Dent[4], who were married in Amador County, California and had 11 children.


Newton John Vose was a direct descendant of John Alden[5] and Priscilla Mullens[6], who arrived in 1620, on the Mayflower.


Newton’s father, John Gilman Vose, was born in Montville, Maine, the son of Marcus Vose[7] and his first wife, Hannah Rowell[8], who were married on May 12, 1827 and had eight children.


The older daughters of Marcus Vose and Hannah Rowell are: Sarah Jane Vose[9], who married Alfred Howard[10]; Phoebe Ann Vose[11], who married Willard Lucas Messer[12]; Nancy Maria (Vose[13]) Luther Booth, whose 3rd husband was Arunah Whitaker Jencks[14] and Hannah Frances Vose[15], who married Reuben Coburn Averill[16].


The other children of Marcus Vose and Hannah Rowell include: Eliza Augusta Vose[17], a School Teacher[18], who never married; John Gilman Vose, Marcus Aurelius Vose[19] (Chapter 6) and the youngest child, Warren L. Vose[20], who died in Montville at 2 years old.  


John Vose’s mother, Hannah (Rowell) Vose, died at the age of 41 in Montville, about six weeks before his 9th birthday. Hannah Vose left her husband, Marcus Vose, 5 daughters and 2 sons, all still at home.


In 1850 in Montville, John G. Vose is known as John G. Rose [sic] 11, living with his father, Marcus Rose [sic] 46, a widower with six other children: Sarah J. Rose [sic] 22, Phebe A. Rose [sic] 20, Nancy M. Rose [sic] 18, Hannah Rose [sic] 16, Eliza A. Rose [sic] 13 and Marcus A. Rose [sic] 9.


In about 1853, when John Vose was 14, his father, Marcus Vose 50, married Elmira Sprowl[21] 30, from Appleton, Maine and they had two more children.  An unnamed daughter was born and died in August 1856.


John Gilman Vose would never meet his youngest half-sister, May Abbie Vose[22], who was born about two years after Marcus and Elmira’s 1st daughter died and well after John had gone to California, never to return.


In 1856, bound for San Francisco, John G. Vose 17, followed his cousins, George Wilson Rowell[23] (Chapter 3) and Ebenezer Rowell[24], during the California Gold Rush. It is through George W. Rowell, that John G. Vose would meet his future wife, Ann Dent, in California.


The ship’s voyage, from New York to San Francisco, via the Isthmus of Panama, the preferred method of travel, took more than 40 days. Overland routes, crossing the Rockies, took longer and the threats of attacks on land, posed an even greater peril, than the risks at sea.


A personal account of the passage and life in California, from the Journal of Stephen Chapin Davis[25] of Dunstable, Massachusetts:;view=1up;...


For an account of life in 1850’s Amador County, California visit:


In 1860, John Vose, age 22, is again known as John Rose [sic], living in Cosumnes Township, El Dorado County, California with his cousin, Ebin [sic] Rowell, also 22. John Vose and Eben Rowell are gold miners. It is unclear if they are still together three years later, when Ebenezer Rowell died of unknown causes, at the age of 25, in Nevada County, California.


In 1860, Eben Rowell's older brother, George Rowell, age 25, is living about 35 miles away from Eben and John, in Township 6, Amador County, in the home of S.C. Gilbert[26], a 45-year-old farmer, from New York. Also staying with S, C. Gilbert, is the family of Saml (Samuel) Dent and Martha Dent, both 38, with 5 children, including 14-year-old daughter, Ann Dent.


From “The Proceedings of the M∆ W∆ Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of California”, published in 1860, Samuel Dent is listed among the Master Masons, serving at Saint Mark’s Lodge, No. 115, in Fiddletown, Amador County, California.


Ann “Annie” Dent, was born in St. Francois County, Missouri, the oldest of five children, born to Samuel Dent[27] and Martha Jane Hanes[28], who were married in the “Lead Belt” of Missouri, on March 27, 1845.


Samuel Dent’s father, Mark Winnett Dent[29] was among the earliest settlers of St. Francois County. When parts of Shannon and Crawford Counties in Missouri were reformed, it was named Dent County, in honor of Samuel’s older brother, Lewis Dent[30], its first representative. See here:


Samuel and Martha Dent had three children born in St. Francois County: Ann Dent, Martha Dent[31] and William Frank Dent[32]. When Annie Dent was 6 years old, the family moved west and two more children were born in California: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Dent[33] and Walter Samuel Dent[34].

S. (Samuel) Dent, born 1822 in Missouri, registers to vote in Calaveras, California in 1852. His wife, M. (Martha) Dent, born 1822 in Virginia, has a record in Calaveras, in 1852. Ann Dent, born 1845; Mar (Martha) Dent, born 1847 and Wm (William) Dent, born 1851; all born in Missouri, are also enumerated in Calaveras in 1852, with their parents.


On May 29, 1864, in Placerville, California, J. G. Vose (as recorded) married Annie Dent and they continued to live in Township 6. At their marriage, John Gilman Vose was 25 years old and Annie Dent was 18.


The children of John Gilman Vose and Annie Dent, were all born in Fiddletown: Ida May Vose[35], Ira Dent Vose[36], Newton “Nute” John Vose, James Richard Vose[37], Margaret “Maggie” F. Vose[38], Tuna “Tunie” Ann Vose[39], Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jane Vose[40], Maude S. Vose[41], Blanche “Fannie” Vose[42], Jesse Aurilious Vose[43] and Nora Grace Vose[44].


Annie Dent’s sister, Martha Dent, married Peter Wells[45] on August 6, 1864 in Amador County and they had 5 children: William Wells[46], Charles Wells[47], Millard Wells[48], Clara (Wells[49]) Bonham and Peter Wells, Jr.[50].


John Vose 37, a farmer in 1870, lives in Township #6 (Fiddletown), Amador County, California. The family includes, Ann Vose 25, Ada May Vose 5, Irin [sic] (Ira) Vose 4 and John (Newton John) Vose, age 1.


This neighborhood in 1870, includes Samuel Dent, wife M. J Dent, both 47, William 19, Elizabeth 15 and Walter Dent 15, all at home. Living nearby, is the family of Peter Wells 27, his wife, Martha Wells 22, and their children, William Wells 5, Charles Wells 3 and Millard Wells, age 2.


Annie (Dent) Vose’s sister, Elizabeth Dent, married Uzza French[51] on May 26, 1872, in Volcano, Amador County, California. The bride was 18 and the groom was 24. The wedding announcement appeared in the Sacramento Daily Union about two weeks later, on June 10, 1872:


On December 1, 1875, located in Amador County, Township 008N in Range 012E, Section 32, John Vose is the Patentee of a Homestead.


In 1880, the John G. Vose family is still in Township #6; John is 41, Anna Vose 33, Ida M. Vose 15, Ira D. Vose 13, Newton J. Vose 11, James R. Vose 9, Margaret F. Vose 7, “Tunie” Vose 4 and “Lizzie” Vose, 2 years old.


John and Annie Vose had 4 more children, born after the 1880 Census: Maude Vose, Blanche Vose, Jesse A. Vose and Nora Grace Vose.


Uzza and Elizabeth (Dent) French had two sons born in California: Benjamin Walter French[52] and Van F. French[53]. Uzza and “Lizzie” French moved to Texas before 1880, where their youngest son, George Samuel French[54] was born. The family moves back to California before 1884.


In Oleta, on March 12, 1884[55], Uzza F. French killed his brother-in-law, Peter Wells with a single blast from a shotgun. On June 29, 1886, Uzza F. French was hanged in Stockton, California for that murder.


In 1886, Newton Vose was 17 years old, when his mother, Annie died at the age of 40, from the complications of giving birth to her 11th child, Nora Grace Vose. The baby, Nora Grace, only lived for 6 months.


Annie (Dent) Vose left her husband, John G. Vose and their eleven children, newborn to age 21. Annie also left her parents, Samuel and Martha Jane Dent; her four siblings: Martha (Dent) Wells, William Frank Dent, Walter Samuel Dent and Elizabeth (Dent) French Jones.


Annie Vose’s widowed sister, Martha (Dent) Wells 41, married John H. Rice[56] 54, on March 13, 1889 in Amador County and their only child, a son John C. Rice[57], was born in California the next year.


The life of John C. Rice was cut tragically short at the age of 21, because he suffered with Epilepsy[58] and died at the Stockton State Hospital, where he had been committed for “dementia and violent tendencies” on October 28, 1911.


Newton Vose’s oldest sister, Ida May Vose, was married on August 27, 1890 in Amador County to Luther H. Jordan[59] and they had three children: Henry C. Jordan[60], Gertrude Jordan[61] and Filmore Firmen Jordan[62]. Announcement for Luther Jordan and Ida May Vose is here:


After the death of Luther Jordan, his widow Ida May (Vose) Jordan married her second husband, a bachelor, Charles Edward Parkinson[63].


Newton John Vose’s oldest brother, Ira Dent Vose was known as Irin [sic] Vose, age 4 in 1870 and in 1900 as Ira Voce [sic], age 33, employed as a teamster, who is now living in Township 4, West Sutter Creek and North Amador Precincts, in Amador County, California.


The June 10, 1904 Amador Ledger cites several able-bodied men as being paid for assisting in road construction in District No. 3, listing the amount paid to each. Jess Vose $2, Ira Vose $6, Jim Vose $6 and another District 3 list shows Jesse Vose receiving $5 and Nute Vose is paid $7.


In 1910, Ira D. Vose lives with his younger brother, James Vose and his family, in Township 3, Amador County. Ira Dent Vose never married and died at the age of 50, in Pine Grove, California of unknown causes.


Newton Vose’s younger brother, James R. Vose 27, married Annie Krziske[64] 17, on April 3, 1898 in Oleta, California and they had four sons: Fred James Vose[65], Grant William Vose[66], Ralph S. Vose[67] and Frank C. Vose[68], who was born a twin, but his unnamed sister, died within a few hours of their birth. The newspaper link is available here:


Newton’s father, John Gilman Vose had 6 cousins, who died back east from a variety of brain diseases, before John G. Vose, himself would die, in Oleta at the age of 66, from chronic Asthma[69]. His obituary is here:


OLETA - “An old residenter, John Vose, passed away at his home on Friday afternoon, Nov. 3, (1905). He had been a sufferer from asthma for the last three years. Deceased left his home in Moonsville [sic] (Montville), Maine, in 1858 (or 1856), coming to California the same year. He first engaged in mining and then farming, settling four miles from Oleta. He was the father of eleven children, of whom four sons and six daughters survive, grown to manhood and womanhood. Thirteen grandchildren also survive him. His wife Anna Dent Vose and infant daughter Nora, preceded him to the grave nearly twenty years ago.”


In March of 1900, James R. Vose, a Teacher, served on the jury at the Coroner’s inquest, regarding the disappearance of an elderly insane man, later found dead near Oleta. The article is available at this link:


Newton Vose’s younger sister, 19-year-old, Margaret “Maggie” F. Vose was first married on December 26, 1892, in Amador County to Albert Petty[70], age 27. Albert C. Petty and Margaret F. Dent had two sons, born in Volcano: John Absalom Petty[71] and Clarence Albert Petty[72].

A. L. Pettis [sic] (Albert Petty) was severely injured in an explosion at the Ford Mine in San Andreas, California. He died later that day. Two other men were also killed. The article appeared in the Los Angeles Herald on May 14, 1898 as “Miners Mangled” page 3, column 4.


In 1900, Maggie F. Petty is a 26-year-old widow, working as a Seamstress in Township 4, Amador County. Maggie Petty is a lodger in the household of Clara Beard, a 28-year-old widowed Seamstress, with a baby daughter, Georgia W. Beard[73] [sic], born after her father, George died.


Clara Beard [sic] is the widow of George Milton Baird[74], one of the other miners killed in the mining explosion with Albert Petty. Clara Schillings[75] married George Baird on May 14, 1893 in Amador County. George Baird died the day before their fifth wedding anniversary. Clara (Schillings) Baird never remarried, after her husband, George’s death.


Georgia Baird married William Albert Weinrich[76] in 1921 and named their son, William Baird Weinrich[77], after her father. Georgia (Baird) Weinrich died at age 95 and William A. Weinrich died at the age of 103!


Biography of Jefferson Baird, grandfather of Georgia Baird, is here:


In 1900, the children of Maggie Petty, Johnnie Petty 6 and his brother, Clarence A. Petty 4, are residing in nearby Township 3, Amador County. They are living with their widowed grandfather, John G. Vose 61, Fannie Vose 18 and Jessie Vose 16, who are John Vose’s children.


In 1910, Jesse A. Vose, 26-year-old head of household, has his sister, Maggie Petty 36 and her children Johnnie A. Petty 15 and Clarence C. [sic] Petty 14, living with him in Township 3. They are most likely living in the home of the now deceased, John Gilman Vose.


Amador Ledger, March 11, 1910, page 4, has an item for “Frank McClary[78] and Mr. Jesse Vose, both of Oleta, made a flying trip to Martell (approximately 10 miles as the crow flies) station last week. They intended to stay a couple of days, but some great attractions kept them for a week.”


Who owned the airplane and who was the pilot on that “flying trip”? Jesse Vose was about 26 years old, but Frank McClary was only 17 at the time. Was it really a plane that they were “flying” in?


A “flying trip” in 1910, must have been the adventure of a lifetime for Jesse Vose. The field of aviation, was newly born and this was by far the most thrilling activity for him and Frank McClary to engage in. Their interest may have been sparked by the Los Angeles International Airshow, which had occurred earlier that year, from January 10th – 20th in 1910.


Frank Chester McClary married Fay Emma Urquhart[79] and moved in with her family in Portland, Oregon, where Frank died at the age of 27. Son, Frank Arthur McClary[80] was born a month after his father’s death.


From the August 19, 1910, page 4 of the Amador Ledger: “Miss Ina Merrow[81] of Sutter Creek visited Mrs. Andrew Darling last week.” On the same page: “Jesse Vose of Oleta, was a visitor at Martell last week.”


Newton Vose’s younger sister, Blanche Vose, age 20, married a 40-year-old Andrew Darling[82], a widower, with two young daughters.


Andrew Darling and Fannie Vose were wed on December 14, 1902 in Amador County. See here for the newspaper clipping:


Andrew Darling married his 1st wife, Jennie Almeda Hopton[83],  on October 22, 1896, in El Dorado, California and Jennie Juanita Darling[84], was born 3 months later. On May 26, 1912, when Jennie Juanita Darling was 16, she married Wallace James Mounter[85] 23 and they had 3 children.


The second daughter of Andrew and Jennie Darling, Viola Darling[86], married Peter Wells, Jr. on August 17, 1921. Peter Wells was the son of Peter Wells and Martha J. Dent, Newton Vose’s aunt. 


Andrew and Fannie Darling had four children: Jesse Warren Darling[87], Earl A. Darling[88], who died at the age of 18 months; Blanche Lillian Darling[89] and Donald W. Darling[90].


The Amador Ledger on January 6, 1911 reports that “Mrs. Bob Phillips of Ione is visiting her sister, Mrs. Andrew Darling.” Another item in the same publication shows that “Mrs. Petty and children and Jesse Vose of Oleta, spent New Year’s Day with the family of Andrew Darling.”


One more: “Andrew Darling was awakened the other night by a commotion in the chicken house. When he went out to investigate, he found a wild animal devouring his hens. He promptly and bravely seized a board and slew the beast. In the morning he found that he had slaughtered Mr. Engstrom’s pet fox that he has had for several years.”


Newton Vose’s younger sister, Tuna A, Vose 18, first married R. E. Samis[91] 24, on September 22, 1894. In 1900, in Township 4, Amador County, they were recorded as Ruben E. Samis 30, Luna [sic] A. Samis 24, with their children, Anna A. Samis[92] 5 and Daniel Samis, age 3.


In 1910 in Visalia, California, the family was enumerated as Rubin [sic] Samis 39, Tema [sic] Samis 34, with their children Amanda Samis 14, Daniel F. Samis[93] 13 and Ray H. Samis[94] 4.


Reuben and Tuna Samis divorced before 1936, when he remarried and Tuna Ann (Vose) Samis next married John B. Baglioni[95]. Tuna Ann (Vose) Baglioni died at age 74. She is buried in Fiddletown Cemetery.


Newton Vose’s younger sister, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jane Vose, first married Frank Solomon Isaminger[96] on December 24, 1896 in Amador County. The marriage of Frank S. Isaminger and Lizzie J. Vose is recorded here at the Amador Dispatch, January 1897 publication:


Frank and Elizabeth Isaminger divorced before 1904, when he remarried and Elizabeth Vose married Robert Lee Phillips[97] in 1907.


Elizabeth J. (Vose) Isaminger Phillips must have married a man with the surname of Mooney. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jane (Vose) Mooney died at age 70 and is buried in Fiddletown Cemetery. She had no known children.


Newton’s younger sister, Maude S. Vose, age 20, is living with grandparents, Samuel and Martha Dent in Township 3, Antelope & Oleta, Amador County, California in 1900. Maude’s mother, Annie (Dent) Vose had died almost 15 years earlier, when Maude was only six years old.


In 1920, in Township 1, Amador County, Maud [sic] (Vose) Mills is divorced and living with her sister Fannie (Vose) Darling. It is not known who her husband, Mr. Mills may have been or when they were married.


On September 14, 1933, Maude Vose 53, married in Solano County, California to Antonio De Angelo[98] 57, a resident of Dixon, Solano County, California and a native of Italy. Maude Vose De Angelo died at age 64 and is buried in Sacramento Lawn Memorial Park in Sacramento, California.


In 1920, John A. Pettis [sic], age 26, lives in Township 1, Amador County, with his uncle, Andrew Darling 57, aunt Fannie Darling 37 and their children, Jesse Darling 16, Blanche Darling 11 and Donald Darling, age 6. John A. Petty is the surviving son of Margaret “Maggie” F. (Vose) Petty.


The younger brother of Andrew Darling, Alfred W. Darling[99], married Josephine “Josie” Hannah Isaminger[100] in Amador County on December 24, 1903. Josie was the younger sister of Frank S. Isaminger, the ex-husband of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jane Vose, Fannie (Vose) Darling’s older sister.


Josephine H. Darling died at age 97 and is buried in Sacramento Lawn Memorial Park, the same cemetery as Maude (Vose) De Angelo.


Newton John Vose’s youngest brother, Jesse Aurilious Vose, was a musician, who played in a local band, along with two other fellows, Fred Giles and Joe Cooper.


On the evening of May 14, 1910, in Gilbert, California, the trio provided the entertainment at a widely attended triple birthday celebration for 2 students of the Gilbert School, Irene Wait[101] and Leva Warder[102] (future wife of John Petty), also her mother, Mrs. W. Warder.


Members of the Vose-Dent family in attendance at the party were: James Vose, Ira Vose, Fred Vose, Grant Vose, Ralph Vose, Frank Vose, William Dent, Sr., William Dent, Jr and Clarence Petty.


Ann (Dent) Vose’s brother, William Frank Dent and Florence A. Miles[103] were married on August 23, 1883 in El Dorado, California and had 5 children: Laura Dent[104], Mary Ellen Dent[105],  William Henry Dent[106], Walter Samuel Dent[107] and Margaret “Maggie” May Dent[108]. William Frank Dent is known as Frank William Dent in 1900, in Placerville, California.


William F. and Florence (Miles) Dent lost their daughter, Mary Ellen (Dent) Brown, at age 23. Mary E. Dent 20, married James J. Brown[109] 25, on April 15, 1905 in Sacramento. Mary Ellen Brown died in San Francisco, of General Peritonitis, on her 3rd wedding anniversary. Her Obituary:


BROWN-In this city, April 15, (1908) Mary Ellen, beloved wife of James Brown, mother of Elsie[110] and Clyde Brown[111], daughter of William Dent and sister of Laura Dent[112], a native of Oleta, Amador county, Cal., 22 years 3 months and 6 days. **Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Saturday), at 11 o’clock a.m. from the parlors of H. F. Suhr & Co., 2919 Mission street, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth. Internment, Mount Olivet Cemetery, by 11:45 a.m. train from Twenty-fifth and Valencia streets.”


Regarding Laura Dent: From 1910-1925 she lived in Tientsin, China and then moved to Japan about 1930, when she met and married her husband, William Clarence Beatty[113], in Nagasaki on July 13, 1940. They lived in his native Ireland for a time, then moved to California in 1947.


In 1910, Margaret “Maggie” Dent is known as Marguarette [sic] Dent 17, living with her mother, Florence Dent 47 and John Maillard[114], who was born in Switzerland, Florence’s 46-year-old single, cousin.


Florence Dent claims to be widowed in 1910 and 1920, although her husband, William Frank Dent, did not die until after 1920.


In 1912, Jesse A. Vose, married his first cousin, Margaret “Maggie” May Dent. Margaret May (Dent) Vose died at age 26 of unknown causes.


Jesse and Maggie Vose had two children: Florine Frances Vose[115] and Alvin J. Vose[116], who died at 2 months. In 1940, in San Joaquin, California, Florence Dent 76, lives with her granddaughter, Florine (Vose) Jones 26, Arthur Jones[117] 31 and their children Ralph Jones 7 and Arlene Jones 5.


Jesse A. Vose 43, married Emma Frances Tackitt[118] 20, in 1927 and they had five children: Rose Marie (Vose[119]) Moseley, Clarence M. Vose[120], Marvin Henry Vose[121], Clifford Vose[122] and Dorothy Mae (Vose[123]) Fossum.


In 1910, Martin [sic] (Newton) John Vose 40, a gold miner, parents born in Maine and Missouri, lives in Township 3, Amador County, with his partner, George W. Hadley[124] 67, born in Vermont. They live next door to Samuel 87 and Walter Dent 53, Newton's grandfather and uncle.


During the 1920 Census, Newton Vose, age 50, is a "trapper in the vicinity", living in Township 5, Amador County, next door to his older brother, James R. Vose 48, a farmer, his family, Annie Vose 39, Fred Vose 21, Grant Vose 18, Ralph Vose 16 and Frank Vose, 14 years old. 


Newton Vose married Mrs. Alice Meints[125] on March 22, 1921 in Jackson, California. Newton is a resident of Oleta and Alice lives in Aukum, El Dorado County, California. Newton and Alice are both 52 years old.


In 1920, Alice Meints, age 49, widowed, lives in Cosumnes, El Dorado, California. Alice was born in California. Her father was born in the United States and her mother was born in South Carolina. Information is scant.


Mrs. Alice Meints’ first husband and maiden name are not known at this time. The only clues to her identity may lie with the two men that she lived with in 1920: Nascae (Rosco) Kelly 40, born 1880 in Michigan and Willhelm Rhode 44, born in Germany 1876, immigration 1911.


In 1930, there is a Rosco Kelly 51, born 1879 Michigan who is a patient at the County Hospital in Yreka, California. Rosco’s mother was born in Michigan and father in Canada, matching the 1920 record.


In 1940, William Rode 63, single, born 1877 in Germany, is a patient at the Napa State Hospital in Imola, California. Willhelm Rhode or William Rode had been a resident of the hospital since a least 1930.


In 1930, in Los Angeles, California, Newton Vose is divorced now and is enumerated as George H. Vose 60, born in California; his father born in Maine and mother born in Missouri. This is, without a doubt, Newton John Vose, who has a home and personal property worth $17,500. Newton J. (aka George H.) Vose, by far, is the wealthiest person in his neighborhood.


Newton J. Vose would have precious little time to enjoy his good fortunes, because he would not survive to see the next Census in 1940.


Newton John Vose died in the Stockton State Hospital, San Joaquin County, California of a Cerebral Hemorrhage[126], contributing factors of Psychosis[127], with Cerebral Arteriosclerosis[128]. He was 65 years old.


Newton Vose was predeceased by his parents, John G. and Annie (Dent) Vose, brother, Ira D. Vose, 2 younger sisters, Nora G. Vose and Blanche (Vose) Darling. Newton left 2 brothers, James R. Vose, Jesse A. Vose, 4 younger sisters, Margaret F. (Vose) Caldwell, Tuna A. (Vose) Baglioni, Elizabeth J. (Vose) Mooney and Maude (Vose) DeAngelo.


Newton Vose had no children, but did leave numerous nieces and nephews on both sides of the family, including: Henry C. Jordan, Filmore H. Jordan, Fred J. Vose, Grant Vose, Ralph Vose, Frank Vose, John A. Petty, Daniel F. Samis, Jesse W. Darling, Donald W. Darling, William H. Dent, Walter S. Dent, Clarence M. Vose, Marvin H. Vose, Clifford F. Vose, Anna A. (Samis) Toothacre Basney, Blanche L. (Darling) Dockham, Florine F. (Vose) Jones, Rose Marie Vose and Laura Jane (Dent) Beatty. Some of their descendants still inhabit Fiddletown, California as of 2019.


Newton John Vose, was the last known victim of his family’s mental health curse and by far the oldest member to succumb to the brain disease, which robbed him and many of his relatives of their minds.


Newton Vose, was born after the first two victims were claimed by madness, Samuel Dunbar[129] (Chapter 1) and Henry Kingman Dunbar[130] (Chapter 2) and he probably never knew or heard about either of them.


Newton Vose was only about five years old, when his father John’s cousin, George W. Rowell, moved back home to Montville and “Nute” may not have remembered George Wilson Rowell very well. But, when Newton was 10 years old, he may have overheard his parents speaking about the heinous crime that George had committed in Maine.


Newton Vose may not have ever known about the suicides of his cousins, Lunette Vose[131] (Chapter 8) and Alwilda Vose Calderwood[132] (Chapter 9) in Lawrence, Massachusetts or of cousin, Edwin Lewis Vose[133] (Chapter 4), who committed suicide in Boston, Massachusetts.


Newton was probably unaware of the premature deaths of his two other cousins, in the Asylum in Augusta, Maine; Hellen Maria Rowell[134] (Chapter 5) and Edward L. Rowell[135] (Chapter 7).


It is possible though, that Newton J. Vose had knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of his uncle, Marcus A. Vose, at the age of 54, in the Howard Asylum, in Rhode Island.


Newton J. Vose’s cousin, Millard Wells and John C. Rice could also be counted among the victims claimed by mental illness. Although their link is maternal, because Millard Wells’ and John Rice’s mother, Martha (Vose) Wells Rice, was Ann (Dent) Vose’s, younger sister.


In 1927, Newton Vose’s cousin, M. Wells 56, died at the Stockton State Hospital of General Paralysis of the Insane. This is certainly Millard Wells, a widowed laborer, born in California to father, P. Wells, born California and mother, Martha Bent [sic] (Dent), born in Missouri.


John C. Rice, like Millard Wells and Newton Vose, could be counted among those who were afflicted with brain disorders. If we do so, John C. Rice would be the youngest victim claimed, by more than 15 years.


I wonder, did “Nute” even see it coming? We will never know.


Murders at Montville - Chapter, name, age and cause of death:


  1. Samuel Dunbar – 53 – Disease of Brain
  2. Henry Kingman Dunbar – 37 – Intemperance[136]
  3. George Wilson Rowell – 42 – Exsanguination[137] via Femoral Artery [138]
  4. Edwin Lewis Vose – 50 – Suicide by unknown means
  5. Hellen Maria Rowell – 49 – Terminal Dementia[139]
  6. Marcus Aurelius Vose – 54 - Paralysis of the Brain[140]
  7. Edward L. Rowell – 50 - Paralysis of the Brain
  8. Lunette Vose – 48 – Suicide by Drowning in the Merrimack River
  9. Alwilda (Vose) Calderwood – 54 – Suicide by Illuminating Gas at home
  10. Newton John Vose – 65 - Cerebral Hemorrhage


Other Noteworthy Individuals - Name, age and cause of death:


James Bicknell, Jr.[141] - 62 - Apoplexy[142]

Edmund Bicknell[143] - 66 - Suicide by Drowning at home

John C. Rice – 21 – Epilepsy; Dementia and Violent Tendencies

Millard Wells – 59 - General Paralysis of the Insane






[1] Bret Harte b Aug 25, 1836 d May 5, 1902; Writer of short stories featuring Gold Rush Era mining, gamblers, etc.

[2] Newton John Vose b Apr 23, 1869 d Apr 30, 1934; son of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[3] John Gilman Vose b Mar 19, 1839 d Nov 3, 1905; son of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[4] Ann Dent b Feb 14, 1846 d Apr 9, 1886; dau of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[5] John Alden, Sr. b 1598 d Sep 12, 1687; born at Harwich, Tending Dist., Essex, England; died at S. Duxbury, MA

[6] Priscilla Mullins b 1602 d 1685; dau of William Mullins 1572-1621 & Alice Atwood 1575-1621

[7] Marcus Vose b Nov 11, 1803 d Dec 2, 1878; son of Ebenezer Vose 1774-1829 & Nancy Lermond 1781-1811

[8] Hannah Rowell b Oct 27, 1807 d Feb 9, 1849; dau of Jacob Rowell & Unknown

[9] Sarah J. Vose b Apr 10, 1829 d Mar 8, 1912; dau of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[10] Alfred Howard b Mar 8, 1826 d Feb 8, 1906; son of Isaac Howard 1790-1830 & Anna Ripley 1800-1828

[11] Phoebe A. Vose b Nov 19, 1830 d May 4, 1858; dau of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[12] Willard L. Messer b Jul 20, 1828 d Jan 23, 1889; son of George W. Messer 1807-1886 & Mary C. Lucas 1809-1879

[13] Nancy M. Vose b Mar 15, 1832 d Mar 24, 1900; dau of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[14] Arunah W. Jenks b Aug 8, 1827 d May 16, 1910; son of Hollis King Jenckes 1789-1860 & Molly Burr 1787-1859

[15] Hannah F. Vose b Sep 16, 1834 d Nov 16, 1855; dau of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[16] Reuben C. Averill b Jan 14, 1832 d Aug 28, 1923; son of Nathaniel Averill 1796-1873 & Ann Woodman 1799-1868

[17] Eliza Augusta Vose b Dec 4, 1845 d Mar 10, 1869; dau of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[18] Teacher at the Vose Schoolhouse; associate of Hollis Monroe Howard 1838-1913, author of Montville Journals

[19] Marcus A. Vose b Feb 23, 1841 d Mar 15, 1895; son of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[20] Warren L. Vose b Dec 27, 1844 d Dec 28, 1846; son of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Hannah Rowell 1807-1849

[21] Elmira Sprowl b Jan 7, 1823 d Oct 16, 1911; dau of John Sprowl 1794-1869 & Abigail Thompson 1801-1883

[22] May A. Vose b Oct 1, 1858 d Sep 28, 1954; dau of Marcus Vose 1803-1878 & Elmira Sprowl 1823-1911

[23] George W. Rowell b Jun 15, 1836 d Jan 25, 1879; son of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[24] Ebenezer E. Rowell b Nov 29, 1837 d Aug 5, 1863; son of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[25] Stephen C. Davis b Feb 16, 1833 d Oct 4, 1856; son of Mial Davis 1796-1844 & Lucy Hutchins 1802-1877

[26] Sylvester C. Gilbert b Jun 26, 1810 d Apr 20, 1889; son of Gardner Gilbert 1788-1854 & Laura A. Miller 1788-1877

[27] Samuel Dent b Dec 30, 1822 d Feb 5, 1911; son of Mark W. Dent 1777-1837 & Nancy Garrett 1790-1863

[28] Martha Jane Hanes b Dec 1822 d 1903; dau of John D. Hanes 1785-1838 & Nancy Buford 1795-1835

[29] Mark W. Dent b May 25, 1777 d Dec 3, 1837; son of Walter Dent 1744-1794 & Elizabeth Burrill 1739-

[30] Lewis Dent b Dec 11, 1818 d Jan 19, 1880; son of Mark W. Dent 1777-1837 & Nancy Garrett 1790-1863

[31] Martha Dent b Jun 1848 d 1910+; dau of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[32] William Frank Dent b May 9, 1851 d Feb 7, 1921; son of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha J. Hanes 1822-1903

[33] Elizabeth Dent b 1854 d 1930+; dau of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[34] Walter S. Dent b 1856 d 1920; son of Samuel Dent 1822-1911 & Martha Jane Hanes 1822-1903

[35] Ida May Vose b May 16, 1865 d Jun 7, 1941; dau of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[36] Ira Dent Vose b May 1867 d Jun 16, 1917; son of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[37] James Richard Vose b Feb 6, 1871 d Apr 11, 1951; son of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[38] Margaret F. Vose b Feb 24, 1873 d Jan 15, 1939; dau of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[39] Tuna Ann Vose b Mar 29, 1876 d Jun 17, 1950; dau of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[40] Elizabeth Jane Vose b Mar 31, 1878 d Nov 17, 1948; dau of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[41] Maude S. Vose b Aug 3, 1880 d Aug 24, 1945; dau of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[42] Blanche Vose b Aug 31, 1882 d Feb 23, 1920; dau of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[43] Jesse A. Vose b Mar 22, 1884 d Mar 27, 1961; son of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[44] Nora G. Vose b Apr 9, 1886 d Oct 24, 1886; dau of John G. Vose 1839-1903 & Ann Dent 1846-1886

[45] Peter Wells b 1842 d Mar 12, 1884; son of Matthew Hedges Wells 1809-1880+ & Hannah M. 1815-1880+

[46] William Wells b 1865 d bef obit Jan 23, 1893; son of Peter Wells 1842-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[47] Charles Wells b Dec 25, 1866 d Aug 14, 1951; son of Peter Wells 1842-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[48] Millard Wells b Jul 16, 1868 d Oct 27, 1927; son of Peter Wells 1842-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[49] Clara Wells b Aug 4, 1874 d Jan 14, 1961; dau of Peter Wells 1842-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[50] Peter Wells, Jr. b May 29, 1884 d Dec 7, 1949; son of Peter Wells 1842-1884 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[51] Uzza Finley French b 1849 d Jun 29, 1886; son of George French 1810-1892 & Lynia Finley 1815-1859

[52] Benjamin W. French b Jan 4, 1875 d 1940+; son of Uzza French 1848-1886 & Elizabeth Dent 1854-1930+

[53] Van F. French b 1877/8 d 1929; son of Uzza French 1848-1886 & Elizabeth Dent 1854-1930+

[54] George S. French b Sep 2, 1879 d 1942+; son of Uzza French 1848-1886 & Elizabeth Dent 1854-1930+

[55] The date of the murder of Peter Wells by Uzza F. French is recorded as March 12, 1884 or March 14, 1884

[56] John Holland Rice b Jun 20, 1835 d Aug 11, 1912; son of William G. Rice 1804-1870+ & Cynthia Johnston 1799-1870+

[57] John C. Rice b 1890 d Nov 10, 1911; son of John H. Rice 1835-1912 & Martha Dent 1848-1910+

[58] Epilepsy: neurological disorder characterized by abnormal brain activity resulting in unpredictable seizures

[59] Luther H. Jordan b Oct 1861 d <1910; son of Ignatius Jordan 1835-1864 & Mary (Hughes) Thompson 1840-1870+

[60] Henry C. Jordan b May 22, 1891 d Mar 19, 1976; son of Luther H. Jordan 1861-1900+ & Ida M. Vose 1865-1941

[61] Gertrude Jordan b Feb 1893 d 1900+; dau of Luther H. Jordan 1861-1900+ & Ida M. Vose 1865-1941

[62] Filmore H. Jordan b Mar 2, 1901 d Mar 24, 1980; son of Luther H. Jordan 1861-1900+ & Ida M. Vose 1865-1941

[63] Charles E. Parkinson b Jan 25, 1867 d Mar 7, 1928; son of Christopher C. Parkinson 1833-1909 & Mary E. Powell 1848-1928

[64] Anna “Annie” W. Krzcaki b Jul 1880 d Oct 19, 1935; b Nebraska, dau of parents born in Germany

[65] Fred J. Vose b Dec 18, 1898/9 d Dec 29, 1940; son of James R. Vose 1871-1951 & Annie Krzcaki 1880-1935

[66] Grant W. Vose b Oct 12, 1901 d Aug 12, 1948; son of James R. Vose 1871-1951 & Annie Krzcaki 1880-1935

[67] Ralph S. Vose b Aug 2, 1903 d Dec 16, 1967; son of James R. Vose 1871-1951 & Annie Krzcaki 1880-1935

[68] Frank C. Vose b Feb 23, 1905 d Nov 14, 1961; son of James R. Vose 1871-1951 & Annie Krzcaki 1880-1935

[69] Asthma: chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airway, causing wheezing and coughing

[70] Albert C. Petty b Jul 14, 1865 d May 13, 1898; son of Absalom Petty 1820-1891 & Ophelia Cooper 1823-1900

[71] John A. Petty b Dec 31, 1894 d Dec 12, 1943; son of Albert C. Petty 1865-1898 & Margaret F. Vose 1873-1939

[72] Clarence Albert Petty b Apr 1896 d Feb 17, 1914; son of Albert C. Petty 1865-1898 & Margaret F. Vose 1873-1939

[73] Georgia W. Baird b Aug 3, 1898 d Sep 28, 1993; dau of George M. Baird 1869-1898 & Clara Schillings 1872-1941

[74] George M. Baird b Jul 23, 1869 d May 13, 1898; son of Jefferson Baird 1826-1906 & Mary Ann Brown 1835-1877

[75] Clara Schillings b Jan 7, 1872 d Jun 18, 1941; dau of Mathias Schillings 1824-1902 & Winifred Devaney 1841-1916

[76] William A. Weinrich b Jul 22, 1895 d Feb 1, 1999; son of Frank B. Weinrich 1866-1937 & Therese Fiack 1869-1952

[77] William Baird Weinrich b Jul 13, 1931 d May 17, 2015; son of William Weinrich & Georgia Baird 1989-1993

[78] Frank Chester McClary b Apr 8, 1893 d Apr 12, 1920; son of Irvin W. McClary 1858-1929 & Addie C. Perry 1865-1954

[79] Fay E. (Urquhart) Allard b Dec 2, 1898 d Aug 13, 1981; dau of Frederick Urquhart 1863-1940 & Ollie Dean 1872-1944

[80] Frank A. McClary b May 16, 1920 d Jul 26, 1988; son of Frank C. McClary 1893-1920

[81] Ina Elaine (Merrow) Bell Marr b Mar 21, 1896 d Oct 3, 1955; dau of Joshua Merrow 1842-1909 & Cimarone McCormick 1855-1935

[82] Andrew Darling b Oct 9, 1863 d Apr 14, 1938; son of Alfred Darling 1824-1903 & Lucia P. Beebus 1830-1880+

[83] Jennie A. Hopton b Dec 11, 1878 d Nov 9, 1899; dau of William J. Hopton 1858-1939 & Laura B. Hulse 1859-1922

[84] Jennie J. Darling b Jan 7, 1897 d Jul 4, 1979; dau of Andrew Darling 1863-1938 & Jennie A. Hopton 1878-1899

[85] Wallace J. Mounter b Jul 12, 1888 d Nov 21, 1957; son of Robert N. Mounter 1854-1927 & Clara Christoe 1854-1935

[86] Viola Darling b Sep 9, 1898 d Nov 11, 1979; dau of Andrew Darling 1863-1938 & Jennie A. Hopton 1878-1899

[87] Jesse W. Darling b Mar 22, 1903 d Feb 11, 1989; son of Andrew Darling 1863-1938 & Blanche Vose 1882-1920

[88] Earl A. Darling b Aug 1, 1904 d Feb 15, 1906; son of Andrew Darling 1863-1938 & Blanche Vose 1882-1920

[89] Blanche L. Darling Dockham b Jun 29, 1908 d May 27, 1977; dau of Andrew Darling 1863-1938 & Blanche Vose 1882-1920

[90] Donald W. Darling b Oct 18, 1913 d Oct 12, 2004; son of Andrew Darling 1863-1938 & Blanche Vose 1882-1920

[91] Reuben E. Samis b Dec 23, 1871 d Jul 4, 1945; son of Jesse Samis 1839-1915 & Anna Ellis?

[92] Anna Amanda Samis b Aug 16, 1895 d Nov 6, 1952; dau of Reuben E. Samis 1871-1945 & Tuna A. Vose 1876-1950

[93] Daniel F. Samis b Jan 31, 1897 d Mar 4, 1968; son of Reuben E. Samis 1871-1945 & Tuna A. Vose 1876-1950

[94] Ray Harold Samis b Apr 19, 1906 d Sep 29, 1957; son of Reuben E. Samis 1871-1945 & Tuna A. Vose 1876-1950

[95] John B. Baglioni b Apr 10, 1877 d 1953+; son of Constatine Baglioni 1837-1894 & Josephine Trujillo 1858-1891

[96] Frank S. Isaminger b May 30, 1871 d Nov 12, 1955; son of Solomon Isaminger 1834-1902 & Agnes H. Renn 1851-1901

[97] Robert Lee Phillips b Mar 7, 1880 d Jun 6, 1920; son of Sampson A. Phillips 1833-1922 & Mary F. Walker 1838-1920

[98] Antonio De Angelo b 1877 d Jul 9, 1935 as Antonio B. Dangelo; born in Italy, son of De Angelo & Unknown

[99] Alfred W. Darling b Oct 30, 1876 d Feb 1, 1960; son of Alfred Darling 1824-1903 & Lucia P. Beebus 1830-1880+

[100] Josephine H. Isaminger b Nov 24, 1883 d Jul 30, 1981; dau of Solomon Isaminger 1834-1902 & Agnes H. Renn 1851-1901

[101] Irene P. Wait b May 1895 d 1920+; dau of Albert L. Wait 1863-1955 & Margaret Thompson 1870-1955

[102] Leva Louise Warder b May 14, 1896 d Nov 21, 1977; dau of Walter Warder 1865-1956 & Vinetta M. Hibbard 1867-1926

[103] Florence A. Miles b Apr 22, 1863 d Jul 23, 1954; dau of Reuben Miles 1826-1880 & Sarah Colburn 1827-1880

[104] Laura Jane Dent b Jun 27, 1884 d Aug 3, 1961; dau of William F. Dent 1851-1921 Florence A. Miles 1864-1954

[105] Mary Ellen Dent b Jan 9, 1886 d Apr 15, 1908; dau of William Frank Dent 1851-1921 Florence A. Miles 1864-1954

[106] William H. Dent b Dec 1, 1887 d Apr 29, 1966; son of William Frank Dent 1851-1921 Florence A. Miles 1864-1954

[107] Walter S. Dent b Apr 26, 1890 d Apr 22, 1975; son of William Frank Dent 1851-1921 Florence A. Miles 1864-1954

[108] Margaret May Dent b Jun 1893 d Dec 19, 1919; dau of William Frank Dent 1851-1921 Florence A. Miles 1864-1954

[109] James Jamison Brown b Aug 7, 1880 d Apr 3, 1923; son of Alexander Brown 1840-1899 & Sarah Wilson 1842-1880

[110] Elsie May (Brown) Angle b Apr 29, 1906 d Mar 1981; dau of James J. Brown 1880-1923 & Mary E. Dent 1886-1908

[111] Clyde Webster Brown b Oct 20, 1907 d Dec 1973; son of James J. Brown 1880-1923 & Mary Ellen Dent 1886-1908

[112] Laura Jane Dent b Jun 27, 1884 d Aug 3, 1961; dau of William F. Dent 1851-1921 Florence A. Miles 1864-1954

[113] William Clarence Beatty b Apr 9, 1890 d Apr 24, 1959; b Strangford, Ireland, son of Beatty & Unknown

[114] John Maillard b 1864 d Aug 4, 1916; b Switzerland son of Maillard b Switzerland & Unknown b Switzerland

[115] Florine F. Vose b May 20, 1913 d Dec 9, 2003; dau of Jesse A. Vose 1884-1961 & Margaret M. Dent 1893-1919

[116] Alvin J. Vose b June 3, 1914 d Aug 13, 1914; son of Jesse A. Vose 1884-1961 & Margaret M. Dent 1893-1919

[117] Arthur L. Jones b Oct 7, 1909 d May 23, 1970; son of Humphrey L. Jones 1879-1962 & Beatrice S. Anton 1881-1940+

[118] Emma F. Tackitt b Sep 12, 1907 d Aug 1, 1986; dau of Francis M. Tackitt 1869-1930 & Sara S. (Sneath) Scott 1881-1968

[119] Rose Marie Vose b Feb 29, 1928 d 2018+; dau of Jesse A. Vose 1884-1961 & Emma F. Tackitt 1907-1986

[120] Clarence M. Vose b Apr 23, 1929 d Apr 24, 1984; son of Jesse A. Vose 1884-1961 & Emma F. Tackitt 1907-1986

[121] Marvin H. Vose b May 21, 1930 d Sep 11. 1999; son of Jesse A. Vose 1884-1961 & Emma F. Tackitt 1907-1986

[122] Clifford Frank Vose b Nov 1934 d 1962+; son of Jesse A. Vose 1884-1961 & Emma F. Tackitt 1907-1986

[123] Dorothy M. Vose b Mar 28, 1936 d 2018+; dau of Jesse A. Vose 1884-1961 & Emma F. Tackitt 1907-1986

[124] George W. Hadley b 1838/40 d Aug 14, 1915; son? of John C. Hadley 1797-1868 & Mehitable Packard 1797-1846

[125] Mrs. Alice Meints b 1869/71 d 1921+; dau of Unknown; married a Mr. Meints before 1921

[126] Cerebral Hemorrhage: bleeding in the brain caused by a ruptured artery, also known as a Stroke

[127] Psychosis: abnormal condition of the mind characterized by a loss of contact with reality and hallucinations

[128] Cerebral Arteriosclerosis: buildup of plaque and thickening of the arteries in the brain, restricting oxygen flow

[129] Samuel Dunbar b Feb 1800 d Mar 9, 1853; son of Henry K. Dunbar 1774-1805 & Sarah Bridges 1779-1864

[130] Henry K. Dunbar b 1824 d Nov 14, 1861; son of Samuel Dunbar 1800-1853 & Mary Howard 1800-1850+

[131] Lunette Vose b Jul 20, 1851 d Aug 25, 1899; dau of William Vose 1819-1861 & Charlotte Pitcher 1822-1861

[132] Alwilda Vose b Jul 4, 1849 d Jul 12, 1904; dau of William Vose 1819-1861 & Charlotte Pitcher 1822-1861

[133] Edwin L. Vose b 1827 or Apr 9, 1829 d Apr 19, 1879; son of Edward K. Vose 1801-1868 & Eliza L. Spear 1807-1829

[134] Hellen M. Rowell b Jul 26, 1844 d Apr 12, 1894; dau of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[135] Edward L. Rowell b Dec 27, 1848 d Jan 16, 1899; son of Daniel M. Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[136] Intemperance: excessive indulgence, especially in alcohol

[137] Exsanguination: rapid and severe blood loss, to a degree sufficient to result in death

[138] Femoral Artery: large artery in the upper leg and main supply of blood to the lower section of the body

[139] Terminal Dementia: fatal illness defined by failure of the functions of the brain, i.e. Alzheimer’s disease

[140] Paralysis or Softening of the Brain: degeneration of brain tissue caused by lack of blood flow due to a hemorrhage

[141] James Bicknell, Jr. b Jan 4, 1844 d May 18, 1906; son of James Bicknell 1810-1895 & Elvira Pitcher 1818-1892

[142] Apoplexy: incapacity resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke

[143] Edmund Bicknell b Jul 23, 1846 d May 15, 1913; son of James Bicknell 1810-1895 & Elvira Pitcher 1818-1892

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