Murders at Montville - Chapter 5 - Hellen Maria Rowell 1844-1894

Murders at Montville - Chapter 5

Hellen Maria Rowell 1844-1894

Rowell Pedigree

Daniel M. Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah C. Vose 1817-1877

Jonathan Rowell 1771-1861 & Cloddy Shaw 1779-1850+

Jacob Rowell 1730- & Hannah Carlton 1754-

Jacob Rowell 1700-1771 & Mary Wadlin 1704-1739

Jacob Rowell 1652-1700 & Elizabeth Wardwell 1666-


Vose Pedigree

Hannah Vose 1817-1877 & Daniel Rowell 1811-1888

Ebenezer Vose 1774-1829 & Sarah Bridges 1779-1864

Seth Vose 1734-1814 & Rachel Copeland 1750-1812

Jonathan Vose 1704-1760 & Mary Field 1710-1775

Thomas Vose, Jr. 1667-1722 & Hannah Badcock 1675-1732

Thomas Vose 1641-1708 & Waitstill Wyatt 1644-1727

Robert Vose 1599-1683 & Jane Mossock 1602-1675

Thomas Vose 1565-1641 & Margery Burscoe 1565-1608

Hellen Maria Rowell[1], was born in Montville, Maine, the fifth child of Daniel M. Rowell[2] and Hannah C. Vose[3], who were married there on September 13, 1835 and had nine other children, all born in Montville.  


Daniel and Hannah’s other children: George W. Rowell[4] (Chapter 3), Ebenezer E. Rowell [5], Jonathan Alpheus Rowell [6], Ezekiel Prescott Rowell [7], Sarah Frances Rowell [8], Edward L. Rowell [9] (Chapter 7), Alfred Harry Rowell[10], Adolphus Merrill Rowell [11] and Luella Caroline Rowell[12].


Hellen M. Rowell was a direct descendant of John Alden[13] and Priscilla Mullens[14], who arrived in 1620, on the Mayflower.


In 1850, in Montville, Helen M. Rowell 5, lives with her parents Daniel M. Rowell 37, Hannah Rowell 33, children George W. Rowell 13, Ebenezar [sic] Rowell 12, Jonathan Rowell 10, Ezekiel Rowell 8, Sarah Rowell 4 and Edward L. Rowell, 6 months old.


Census records are not accurate for this family in 1850. Edward L. Rowell is actually 2 years old and the youngest child, Alfred Harry Rowell (name not recorded), was the 6-month-old. Alfred H. Rowell would die at the age of 23 months and not see the next Census. Alfred is buried with his parents in Foster Carter Cemetery in Montville.


Hellen Maria Rowell is also known as Mariah E. Rowell (1860), Nellie M. Rowell (1870) and Maria Rowell (1880).


In the 1860 Census, in Montville, Mariah E. Rowell, age 16, is living with her parents Daniel 48 and Hannah 43. Also, in the house are John Rowell 20, Ezekiel P. Rowell 18, Edward L. Rowell 10, Sarah F. Rowell 13, [illegible] Rowell, age 5 and baby Lulla Rowell, age 2. George W. Rowell 23 and Ebenezer Rowell 22, have gone west together, to seek their fortunes, during the California Gold Rush. 


Three sons of Daniel and Hannah Rowell, died within the span of 18 months, in the early 1860’s. John A. Rowell, enlisted at Montville on November 25, 1861 and died 9 months later in New Orleans, Louisiana during the Civil War at the age of 22. COD: Diarrhea.


Johnathan Alpheus “John” Rowell is buried in Chalmette National Cemetery in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, but he also has a gravestone in Foster Carter Cemetery in Maine, with his parents.


The “illegible” Rowell in 1860, is no doubt, Adolphus Merrill Rowell, who died at only 8 years old. Another son, Ebenezer Rowell, died in California, while mining, at the age of 25.


On November 25, 1861, Ezekiel P. Rowell 19, enlists at Montville for 3 years. He was a Private in Company I in the 14th Regiment of the Maine Infantry. On September 17, 1864, in Belfast, Maine, Ezekiel P. Rowell 22, again enlisted for the Civil War. He was now a Corporal, in Company B of the 1st Maine Sharpshooters.


On February 18, 1865, in Montville, Miss Sarah L. Rowell married Albion H. Clement[15] and they would have six children born there. Albion Clement was also a Civil War Veteran, enlisting on September 6, 1861.


In Montville, in 1870, Daniel Rowel [sic] 58 and Hannah Rowel 53, have two children left at home, Edward Rowel 20 and Ella C. Rowel 12. All of their other children have married, moved away or died.


Hellen M. Rowell is now living with her great-aunt, Mary and great-uncle, William J. Singer, in Thomaston, Maine, 35 miles away.


1870, in Thomaston, Hellen is listed as Nellie M. Rowell, age 18, a “Boarder” with William and Mary L. Singer, both 73, with their son Edward R. Singer, a 36-year-old "Jeweler". 


Nellie M. Rowell is actually about 25 years old in 1870, but the other information aligns closely with the next census in 1880 for William, Mary L. and Edward R. Singer. In 1880, in the William Singer household, Hellen is now known as Maria Rowell, Niece, age 35.


William Singer was a wealthy Bank Officer, with a real estate value listed at $9,000 in Thomaston, in 1870. He has the finest house in the neighborhood, by a fair measure. His personal estate is valued at $25,000, also the highest amount recorded in that immediate area.


William John Singer[16] and his twin, John William Singer[17], were born in Boothbay, Maine, the sons of Faithful Singer[18] and his second wife, Mary Fullerton[19], who were married in Boothbay on November 5, 1792 and had four other children: Jane L. Singer[20], who married William Butler[21]; Susanna Singer[22], Alexander Singer[23], who died at 15 and Eliza Singer[24], who married Thomas Colley[25] on January 11, 1825. They had no children. Capt. Thomas Colley, while aboard the schooner Dolphin, was lost at sea, about 18 months after the wedding, at age 25.


Eliza Colly [sic] 45, never remarried and is still living in Thomaston in 1850, with her mother, Mary 78, who has reverted to using the surname of “Singer”. Mary Fullerton Hathorn is buried in Elm Grove Cemetery, with her daughters Eliza Singer Colley and Jane Singer Butler.


Faithful Singer was the first schoolteacher employed in Belfast, Maine in 1766, serving four districts there. On March 26, 1768, Faithful Singer 1st married Susanna Knight[26] in Boothbay. They had no children.


The twin brother of William John Singer, John William Singer, died in Mobile, Alabama at age 29. Here is a memorial for a Mrs John Singer, (his wife) in Church Street Cemetery in Mobile.


Mary Fullerton was the daughter of John C. Fullerton[27] and Jean McCobb[28], who married in 1769. They settled in St. George, Maine.


Mrs. Jane [sic] Fullerton (maiden name McCobb) married after John Fullerton’s death, to James Carven, at whose home, Cornelius Dunbar[29] was visiting, when he drowned in the river at Thomaston.


Cornelius Dunbar was the nephew of Samuel Dunbar (Chapter 1) and was just six years old when he drowned in the St. George River. Three Dunbar families were living on farms neighboring James Carven.


“On Sunday, Aug. 26, 1804, two boys, Cornelius Butler, son of Asa Dunbar and George Moriston, residing at the time with J. Carven and belonging to a highland Scotch family, of which there were several, living in one of Knox's houses in Thomaston, went with two others to the river and put out into the stream on a raft which they constructed. In returning to the shore, the raft parted and they were both drowned. Their companions escaped to tell the sorrowful news and the body of one was soon found, the other on the Wednesday following, having then risen to the surface.”[30]


William J. Singer and Mary L. Bridges[31] were married on August 22, 1818 in Thomaston and had six children born there: Mary Jane Singer[32], who married Capt. James Henderson[33];  William John Singer, Jr.[34], Samuel Sprague Singer[35], Sarah C. Singer[36], Edward R. Singer[37] and Henrietta F. Singer[38].


William J. Singer, Jr. first married Isabella Prince Bachi Fuller[39], in September of 1847. Isabella Fuller was born in Boston. William and Isabella had two children: Ida E. Singer[40], who died at 21 and Thomas Sprague Singer[41], who married Mary Morton[42] on August 5, 1874. Thomas S. Singer was a member of the Maine Legislature 1895-96.


On April 1, 1855, William Singer, Jr. sailed the “Alice Counce” from Liverpool England, bound for New Orleans, Louisiana. Two years later, on May 8, 1857, the “Alice Counce” sailed from Liverpool again, with 332 passengers, destination Boston, with William Singer, Jr. as Captain.


William J. Singer (Jr.) 35, Isabella Singer 33, Ida Singer 12 and Thomas S. Singer 10, are enumerated on June 11, 1860 in Thomaston. William Singer Jr.’s occupation is listed as Master Mariner.


Sailing with her husband, William Singer Jr., Isabella (Fuller) Singer died onboard the ship “Alice Counce”, on the passage from Melbourne to Callao, Australia. Isabella Singer was just 36 years old at her death.


On July 2, 1861, the Boston Post reported that the “Alice Counce” left Callao on March 16, 1861, bound for Cork, Ireland. The “Alice Counce” continued with business as usual, until she returned with the remains of Isabella Singer, who was laid to rest in Thomaston, on July 20, 1861, more than 8 months after her death, off the coast Australia.


For a reproduction painting of the “Alice Counce” in 1861 see:


William J. Singer, Jr. 40, married Isabella’s younger sister, Jane G. Fuller[43] 28, on March 12, 1862, in Thomaston, but they had no children. 1870, in Thomaston, Wm J Singer 47, is a retired Master Mariner and his wife Jane, is known as Jamie G. Singer 36. William’s son, Thomas Singer is 19. William J. Singer later had interests in the lumber business.


After his second wife, Jane’s death at 42, William Singer, Jr. 55, married for a third time, in Thomaston, on January 3, 1877 to Martha D. Weston[44] 41. They were married 31 years. Martha Singer died at age 72, about 8 months after William Singer Jr., who was 86 at his death.


The majority of William J. Singer, Sr. and Mary L. Bridges children were not as long-lived as their brother, William J. Singer, Jr. had been. Mary Jane (Singer) Henderson died at age 30, Samuel S. Singer died at 25, Sarah C. Singer, never married and died at 26. The youngest child, Henrietta F. Singer died at the age of 15. All died in the 1850’s. Their other sibling, Edward R. Singer, was only 56 years old at his death.


William Singer, Sr. was part owner of the following ships, built by R. C. Counce[45], in Thomaston: 1825, 174-ton, Brig “Mary Cole”; 1827, 235-ton, Brig, “Pulaski”; 1828, 222-ton Brig “Moscow”; 1831, 48-ton “Industry” and 137-ton “General Wayne”, both Schooners.


For the portraits of Rufus Counce and his wife Lucy Healey Spear in 1843, sold by Skinner Auctioneers, please use this link.


In the fall of 1831, in Thomaston, William Singer, Sr. and partner, Edward Robinson[46], concluded their prosperous and exemplary course as shipmasters and began a ship-building business, by establishing themselves on Fort Wharf[47], launching in 1832, the ship Brunette.


One half of the wharf they purchased, the other part remaining in the hands of the heirs of Henry J. Knox[48] and John Gleason[49]. William Singer and Edward Robinson established a commodious warehouse for storage, and did a kind of wholesale business in corn, flour, salt and other bulky articles such as burnt lime, from the Beech Woods quarry.


Singer and Robinson continued to build ships until about 1848, when they parted ways and each acquired new partners. On September 15, 1856, the last of Singer’s ships, the 1049-ton “William Singer”, was launched. In 1875, William Singer is listed as one of about a dozen other owners, having a shipyard on Water Street in Thomaston. 


For a reference to William Singer, Sr. in Thomaston, please see:


Mary L. Bridges was born in Thomaston, Maine, the daughter of John Bridges[50] and Sarah Eastman[51]. Mary was the youngest of eleven children and the sister of Sarah (Bridges) Dunbar Vose[52], who was the grandmother of Hellen M. Rowell.


In 1869, Captain William J. Singer, Sr. had a three-story brick business block built, at the northwest corner of Beechwood and Main Street in Thomaston. The street level housed a business selling candy, soda and groceries.  The upper two floors were rented living space. The building still stands today, serving a similar purpose. For a photograph:


Before 1900, the store passed into the hands of Alvah Joshua Lineken[53] and his wife Gertrude M. Greenleaf, who were married in Thomaston on May 10, 1899. They are still running the store in 1920.


Alvah J. Lineken was the son of Joshua S. Lineken[54] and Marietta Richardson[55], who were married on May 7, 1859 in Thomaston. Joshua S. Lineken was the son of Daniel Lineken[56] and Sarah Hatch[57], who were married on July 9, 1832 in Appleton, Maine.


Daniel and Sarah were also the parents of Elzira Lineken, who was the second wife of Edward R. Singer. Alvah J. Lineken was the nephew of Elzira Lineken and Edward Singer, the son of the original owner.


William Singer, Sr. lived in a Federal Style home at 91 Main Street in Thomaston, which he had built in 1822. The former residence is now occupied by the "Haynes Galleries of Fine Art", which has featured the works of Andrew J. Wyeth, famous for the painting "Christina's World". 


William J. Singer Sr.'s mother, Mary Singer, married after the death of her first husband, Faithful Singer in 1811, to an unknown Mr. Miller. Mary (Fullerton) Singer married for a 3rd time to Captain Samuel Hathorn II[58], in Cushing, Maine, on October 31, 1815.   


Samuel Hathorn, a 65-year-old widower, with six adult children, had a home in Cushing, at the southernmost tip of its’ peninsula, jutting into the harbor. Samuel Hathorn’s first wife, Elizabeth Tewksbury[59] of Salem, Massachusetts, had died the previous year, at the age of 64. 


Captain Samuel Hathorn, was an ancestor of Christina Olson[60], the subject of Andrew Wyeth's celebrated work. Though the original design of the home had changed significantly over time, Samuel Hathorn, his new wife Mary (Fullerton) and some of her children, lived in the original house, that served as the backdrop for the painting “Christina’s World”.

The house was not built until about 1799, but the history of the property begins in 1743, when 3 male descendants of John Hathorne[61], the judge of the Salem Witch Trials[62], left colonial Massachusetts to settle in Maine, on Cushing’s rocky, coast.


The Hathorn sons each received a 100-acre land grant, on what is now known as Hathorne Point, bordered by the St. George River and Maple Juice Cove in Cushing. The Hathorns were seafaring shipmasters and each man built a log cabin on the point.


One of their cabins was transformed into a home, which grew over the years to accommodate Hathorns and summer visitors, who paid an average of 50 cents a day to stay in the upstairs bedrooms.


In 1892, an early freeze on the St. George River, forced ashore a young sailor, John Olson[63], where he met Katie Hathorn[64] and her recently widowed mother, Tryphena Hathorn[65]. The two women were the last surviving members of the Hathorn family.  


John Olson and Katie Hathorn were married on July 7, 1892 in Cushing and soon took over the farm. John was naturalized in 1895. In 1929, two of their four children, Christina and Alvaro, neither of them married, inherited the property and lived there throughout their lives.

John and Katie Olson had four children, but only Christina and her brother Alvaro Hathorn Olson[66], lived in the house when Wyeth knew them. The Olsons were willing subjects and allowed him to wander their first-floor kitchen and upstairs bedrooms. Andrew Wyeth[67] loved the place so much, he is buried in Hathorn Point Cemetery in Cushing.


The Farnsworth Museum[68], which has owned the house since 1991, allows guests to do the same thing. The home was originally two stories, built in the late 1700s by, Samuel Hathorn II, sea captain, but by 1871, heirs had added a third floor to take in summer travelers.


The family name, spelled Hathorn, until Nathaniel Hawthorne[69], the author of "The Scarlet Letter", our country's greatest prose writer, inserted the letter "w" and added the final "e". Nathaniel only changed the spelling of his surname after leaving college, to distance himself from the Hathorn part of the family, originally from Salem.


In 1880, Maria Rowell 35, Niece, occupation at Home, is still in Thomaston, with Mary L. Singer 84 and William Singer 83, a retired Shipmaster. The Singer’s youngest son, Edward R. Singer, a 46-year-old, widowed Jeweler, is also living in the household. 


Edward R. Singer, was a ship chandler[70], while he was in Maine. Edward Singer had previously been living in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Hellen M. Carr[71], whom he married on February 28, 1857. Edward Singer is also known as “Elliot Singer” at his marriage. Edward R. Singer returned to Maine after her death (or divorce), before 1870.


William John Singer, Sr. and wife Mary (Bridges) Singer, probably died shortly after the 1880 Census in Thomaston, there are no records for them after that year. Their son Edward Singer, who was probably their caretaker, may have waited to marry until after their deaths. 


Edward R. Singer married for a second time on July 6, 1881 in Thomaston to Eliza [sic] H. Lucas, two months after their son was born in Cushing. Records show Elysia [sic] H. Linekin[72], age 29 and Edward R. Singer, age 46, are the parents of William Addison Singer[73]


It is unknown if William and Mary Singer were even aware of the impending birth of their new grandson, William Addison Singer or the upcoming marriage of their son Edward Singer to Elzira (Lineken) Lucas.


Edward R. Singer, now known as "E.B. Singer", died at the age of 56. He is buried in Elm Grove Cemetery in Thomaston, with several of his siblings. His widow, Elzira H. Singer, died at age 48 of pneumonia in Thomaston. Their son, William A. Singer was now an orphan at age 15.


Because of the gap in census records for 1890 and the fact that Edward Singer also died that same year, it is unknown with whom Helen M. Rowell may have been living with. Hellen may have been committed to the Augusta Asylum soon after her aunt and uncle died.


Helen M. Rowell, single, white, housekeeper, died of Terminal Dementia[74] at the Maine Insane Asylum[75], in Augusta, at the age of 49. The death certificate was signed by the Assistant Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. H. B. Hill[76], who would resign his post in 1907.


Place of burial is listed as Thorndike Station, but that destination is only an interim stop, for the earthly remains of Hellen M. Rowell.


Her coffin was taken from the asylum to the Maine Central Railroad station in Augusta and later transferred to the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad in Thorndike, Maine. Hellen Rowell was finally transported by wagon, the 15 miles to Montville for the burial.


Hellen M. Rowell left two brothers, Ezekiel Prescott Rowell, Edward L. Rowell, two sisters, Sarah Frances Clement and Luella Caroline Brown, many nieces and nephews in Maine.


Hellen Rowell was predeceased by her parents, Daniel Merrill Rowell and Hannah C. (Vose) Rowell, also by five brothers, George Wilson Rowell, Ebenezer Rowell, Jonathan Alpheus Rowell, Alfred Harry Rowell and Adolphus Merrill Rowell.


Hellen Maria Rowell was the fifth victim of the family curse and the second to die in an asylum. Hellen’s mother, Hannah, allegedly died in Augusta, in 1877. Dr. Bigelow Sanborn[77], the superintendent at the hospital, would later confirm that this family had mental health issues.


Ironically, after 44 years of continuous service at the Augusta Asylum, Dr. Bigelow T. Sanborn, began to notice symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis in himself. After a busy day, working at the hospital, he quietly succumbed to a cerebral hemorrhage, that night in his sleep.


Hellen M. Rowell was never employed, so exposure to hazardous materials or heavy metals were obviously not contributing factors to her decline in mental stability. Dr. Sanborn concluded it was familial.


In fact, her life appeared to have been one of relaxed entitlement, living with the prominent and wealthy, Singer family, in a fine house on Main Street in the bustling city of Thomaston. Almost idyllic, it seems.


Hellen is never classified as “Servant” in the Census reports, but may have helped care for the Singers and done housekeeping. Though slightly younger, Hellen may have even filled an empty space, that was left, when the Singer’s daughter, Henrietta died as a teenager.


Helen M. Rowell is buried in Montville, with her parents Daniel Merrill Rowell and Hannah C. (Vose) Rowell, in Foster Carter Cemetery. Several of her family members, including her siblings are also there.


What may have happened to her benefactors, William and Mary Singer after 1880 is unclear and their place of burial is still unknown.

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[69] Nathaniel Hawthorne b Jul 4, 1804 d May 19, 1864; son of Nathaniel Hathorne -1808 & Elizabeth C. Manning 1780-1849

[70] Retail dealer specializing in supplying essentially required commodities for a ship

[71] Hellen M. Carr b 1834 d unknown; dau of Benjamin Carr 1802-1854 & Roxanna Marden -1848

[72] Elzira Lineken b May 1848 d Jan 23, 1896; dau of Daniel Lineken 1795-1869 & Sarah Hatch 1803-1884

[73] William A. Singer b May 2, 1881 d 1941+; son of Edward Singer 1833-1890 & Elzira Lineken 1848-1896

[74] Terminal Dementia: fatal illness defined by failure of the functions of the brain, i.e. Alzheimer’s disease

[75] Farming based institution for rehabilitating and caring for mental health patients, opened in Oct 1840 

[76] Horace B. Hill b Jun 29, 1851 d Nov 27, 1917; son of William C. Hill 1817-1895 & Charlotte H. 1817-1866

[77] Bigelow T. Sanborn b Jul 11, 1839 d Apr 18, 1910; son of Warren Sanborn 1802-1844 & Jane Warren 1807-1875

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