Murders at Montville - Chapter 7 - Edward L. Rowell 1848-1899

Murders at Montville - Chapter 7

Edward L. Rowell 1848-1899


Rowell Pedigree

Daniel M. Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah C. Vose 1817-1877

Jonathan Rowell 1771-1861 & Cloddy Shaw 1779-1850+

Jacob Rowell 1730- & Hannah Carlton 1754-

Jacob Rowell 1700-1771 & Mary Wadlin 1704-1739

Jacob Rowell 1652-1700 & Elizabeth Wardwell 1666-


Vose Pedigree

Hannah Vose 1817-1877 & Daniel Rowell 1811-1888

Ebenezer Vose 1774-1829 & Sarah Bridges 1779-1864

Seth Vose 1734-1814 & Rachel Copeland 1750-1812

Jonathan Vose 1704-1760 & Mary Field 1710-1775

Thomas Vose, Jr. 1667-1722 & Hannah Badcock 1675-1732

Thomas Vose 1641-1708 & Waitstill Wyatt 1644-1727

Robert Vose 1599-1683 & Jane Mossock 1602-1675

Thomas Vose 1565-1641 & Margery Burscoe 1565-1608



Edward L. Rowell[1], born in Montville, Maine, was the seventh child of Daniel Merrill Rowell[2] and Hannah C. Vose[3], who were married in Montville on September 13, 1835.


Daniel and Hannah Rowell had 10 children born in Montville: George Wilson Rowell[4] (Chapter 3), Ebenezer E. Rowell [5], Jonathan Alpheus Rowell [6], Ezekiel Prescott Rowell [7], Hellen Maria Rowell [8] (Chapter 5), Sarah Frances Rowell [9], Edward L. Rowell , Alfred Harry Rowell[10], Adolphus Merrill Rowell [11] and Luella Caroline Rowell[12].


Edward L. Rowell was a direct descendant of John Alden[13] and Priscilla Mullens[14], who arrived in 1620, on the Mayflower.


In 1850, in Montville, Edward L. Rowell, is mistakenly enumerated as being 6 months old, during the Census and the youngest child was not even recorded. Edward is 2 years old and his little brother, Alfred Harry Rowell[15], the eighth child of Daniel M. and Hannah C. Rowell, was actually the 6-month-old child. Alfred Harry Rowell died at age 2.


1850, Edward Rowell, age 2, lives with his parents Daniel 37 and Hannah Rowell 33, other children, George W. Rowell 13, Ebenezar [sic] Rowell 12, Jonathan Rowell 10, Ezekiel P. Rowell  8, Helen M. Rowell 5, Sarah F. Rowell 4 and Alfred H. Rowell, 6 months.


Two more children were born after the 1850 Census: Adolphus Merrill Rowell and youngest child, Luella "Ella" Caroline Rowell.


In 1860, Edward L. Rowell is 10 years old, living in Montville with his parents Daniel 48 and Hannah 43, other children, John Rowell 20, Ezekiel P. Rowell 18, Mariah E. Rowell 16, Sarah F. Rowell 13, [illegible] Rowell 5 and Lulla [sic] Rowell 2. George Rowell 23 and Eben Rowell 22, have gone west and are both enumerated in California.


Three sons of Daniel and Hannah Rowell, died within the span of 18 months of each other, in the early 1860’s.


John A. Rowell 22 and Ezekiel P. Rowell 19, enlisted together at Montville on November 25, 1861, during the Civil War. They were mustered in at Augusta on December 21, 1861 for service.


John A. Rowell is described as Single, with light hair and complexion, blue eyes, 5’ 9” tall. Ezekiel is described as Single, with light hair and complexion, blue eyes, 5’ 8 ½” tall. Both had the rank of Private in Company I in the 14th Regiment of the Maine Infantry.


John A. Rowell did not survive the Civil War and died in New Orleans, Louisiana at the age of 22. His formal date of discharge, occurred about a week after his death, on September 9, 1862.


The “illegible” Rowell in 1860, is no doubt, Adolphus Merrill Rowell, who died at the age of only 8. Another son, Ebenezer Rowell, died while mining in California, at the age of 25.


Ezekiel P. Rowell 19, who enlisted on the same day as his older brother, John A. Rowell 22, was also a Private in Company I in the 14th Regiment of the Maine Infantry. Ezekiel P. Rowell would not only survive the Civil War, but distinguish himself as a skilled marksman.


Ezekiel P. Rowell 22, had previously been “discharged for a disability”, date unknown. Ezekiel now has the rank of Corporal in Company B of the 1st Maine Sharpshooters.


The Maine Sharp Shooters were an elite group of highly skilled marksmen, who were required to complete a test consisting of 10 shots at 200 yards, striking all within a target, the size of a dinner plate.


“No man would be enlisted who could not put ten bullets in succession within five inches from the center at a distance of six hundred feet from a rest or three hundred feet off hand.”


“A potential recruit was required to fire his own open sight rifle, fire ten consecutive rounds, reloading as fast as possible, at two targets. The first target was 200 yards away and fired at using a rest, the other target was placed at 100 yards and fired at offhand. A contestant missing the targets or averaging more than five inches (known as the string of 50) from the center was disqualified.”


For an account of the 20th Maine at Little Round Top.


The Maine Sharp Shooters held the honor of being the first unit in line to receive the Confederate Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. A monument to Company D, 2nd US Sharpshooters, is in Gettysburg.


On September 17, 1864, in Belfast, Maine, Ezekiel P. Rowell 22, reenlisted for the Civil War. On October 19, 1864 in Montville, he married Mary F. Whitten[16], just a few weeks before he was mustered in, at Augusta on November 4, 1864.


Ezekiel is now described as being 5’ 11” inches tall, brown hair, light complexion and blue eyes. When the Maine Sharp Shooters ceased to exist, he was transferred to the 20th Maine Infantry, on June 21, 1865. He left the service 5 days later, “discharged by order”.


Ezekiel P. Rowell and Mary Whitten had two children: George Wilson Rowell[17], named for his uncle and Olive Alice Rowell[18], who would marry Edgar L. Stewart[19] on June 21, 1890, in Montville.


In 1900, in Montville, Edgar L. Stewart 30, Olive Stewart 29, their son, Loren T. Stewart 9, live in the household of patriarch, Loren E. Stewart[20] 60, wife Annie V. Stewart[21] 58, their son Frank Stewart[22] 23, his wife Alice R. Stewart[23] 24 and their son George E. Stewart[24] age 1.


Alice R. Stewart (Alice Vose Rowell) is the daughter of George Wilson Rowell (Chapter 3) and Abigail Bailey[25]. On November 16, 1898, in Montville, Alice V. Rowell 21, married Frank Loren Stewart 22.


In 1910, Edgar L. Stewart 39, single is employed as Superintendent of the Ferris Industrial School in Marshallton, Delaware. In 1920 Edgar, 49, now divorced, lives with his father Loren E. Stewart, in Montville.


In 1930, Edgar L. Stewart 59, claiming to be widowed, is employed as an “Attendant” at the “Insane Hospital” at Danvers, Massachusetts. This is the last record found for Edgar L. Stewart. Olive died at age 56.


In 1880, in Montville, Ezekiel P. Rowell 38, lives with wife, Mary F. Rowell 35, children George W. Rowell 14 and Olive A. Rowell 7. After 1880, this George W. Rowell would call himself, Wilson G. Rowell.


On February 18, 1865, in Montville, Edward’s older sister, Miss Sarah L. Rowell, married Albion H. Clement[26], a Civil War Veteran. Albion and Sarah Clement would have six children born in Montville.


Children of Albion Harmon Clement and Sarah Frances Rowell are: Abner B. Clement[27], Dana Ulysses Clement[28], Charles “Charlie” Luther Clement[29], Orient “Ora” E. Clement[30], who died at age 3 ½; twins Albert “Bert” Crooker Clement[31] and Albion Harmon Clement, Jr.[32], born five years after Ora’s death, when Sarah F. Clement was 42 years old. Albion Harmon Clement, Jr., his father’s namesake, died at 6 months of age.


In 1870, in Montville, Edward Rowel [sic], age 20, lives with Daniel Rowel 58, Hannah Rowel 53 and Ella C. Rowel, age 12. The eight other Rowell children have died, married or moved away from Montville.


Before the Census on June 12, 1880, in Montville, Edward Rowell married Maria J. Morse[33].  Edward L. Rowell is a 30-year-old-farmer, Maria J. Rowell is 22 and her widowed mother, Margaret Morse, living with them during the 1880 Census, is 55 years old.


The daughter of Edward and Maria Rowell, Margie B. Rowell[34], named for her grandmother, Margaret, was born after the 1880 Census. Edward’s son, Clyde Edward Rowell[35], was born 7 years later.


Maria J. Morse was born in Knox, Maine, the youngest child of Anthony Morse[36] and Margaret Ryan[37]. The family lives there in 1870 and includes Anthony Morse 54, Margaret Morse 47, Eliza Morse[38] 18, John H. Morse[39] 14 and Maria J. Morse, who is 11. John H. Morse would die at age 21 and Anthony Morse at 64, both before the next Census.


This is an account, regarding Anthony Morse and his family, from the journals of Hollis M. Howard[40], on November 14, 1868:


“A pleasant day again, some of my largest boys were gone today, have had a good school this week; have been boarding at Antony Morse’s a very good place, their family consists of Mr. Morse and wife, John a boy of 12 & Maria about 10. Another girl Eliza lives at John W. Morse’s and goes to school, friday night I went up to the meetinghouse to see about the christmas tree, Alonzo Raynes[41] (Reference: Chapter 3 - George Wilson Rowell) & I went to Freedom, the school closed there today.”


Anthony Morse and his wife, Margaret (Ryan) Morse are buried in Allen Cemetery in Montville with their 21-year-old son John H. Morse. It is unknown what may have happened to Eliza Morse after 1870.



‘A Tragedy in Montville’

Edward L. Rowell

From the Republican Journal ~ 19 January 1899

[Special to the Whig and Courier]

Transcribed by Isabel Morse Maresh


Belfast. Jan. 16. News of a very sad affair has just come in from Montville. The reports conflict in some points, but the main facts are as follows: Mr. Ed. Rowell, a farmer, who lives near Hogback mountain in Montville became suddenly insane early last Tuesday morning and violently assaulted his wife with a flatiron. His daughter, a young lady, came to her mother’s assistance and was stuck as to be seriously but not fatally injured. Mrs. Rowell made a desperate resistance, but was being overpowered when the noise brought down their twelve-year-old boy, who had only partially dressed himself. The boy seeing his mother in such peril took a stick of stove wood and dealt his father such a blow as brought him sufficiently to his senses as to enable him to realize what he had been doing.  Mr. Rowell implored his family to send for assistance, as he feared he might become violent again.


He was finally prevailed upon to lie down and the boy started out to alarm the neighbors and bring a doctor from Freedom, which is distant nearly five miles. The lad was but partly dressed and his face became badly frozen.


The neighbors came, but at first did not dare to enter the building, as Mr. Rowell is a very large and powerful man and a brother of his several years ago became suddenly insane and killed two old people, Mr. McFarland and wife and was himself shot and killed by Joseph Raines [correction, Alonzo Raynes] while defending the other members of the family. This occurred not far from where Ed. Rowell and his family live.


At last, however, some were found who were bold enough to enter the buildings, and after a little search found Mr. Rowell in the barn. He was secured without much difficulty and the wounded wife and daughter, who had locked themselves in a room upstairs, were cared for as well as possible. The doctor soon arrived and at first thought Mrs. Rowell could not live, but later she was said to be in a fair way to recover.

The reports of this affair differ most as to amount of injury received by Mrs. Rowell and her daughter. Some say their injuries have been exaggerated.


Mr. Rowell has been taken to the hospital at Augusta for treatment. He has been engaged in the lumber business and it is said that it preyed upon his mind. The Rowells are well known and respected people and much sympathy is felt for the suffering family.




Edward L. Rowell of Montville, whose attack upon his wife and subsequent removal to the Insane Asylum were reported last week, died at that institution Jan. 17th, of exhaustion. He had not taken food or nourishment for some time previous to his commitment and at the hospital they had to feed him with instruments. The shock to his brain had paralyzed the nervous system and there was a rapid decline after his arrival at the hospital. The Kennebec Journal says, “Mr. Rowell’s sister had been an inmate of the hospital, and he was acquainted with Dr. Sanborn. He knew him and was not at all violent after the arrival at the hospital. Mr. Rowell realized his condition and a few days before the assault, he had begged his wife to call in the municipal authorities and have him committed.” Mrs. Rowell was nearly killed, but at last report was rallying, although the sock to her nervous system was very great and the wounds were serious. The daughter has completely recovered, and wrote Dr. B. T. Sanborn, the superintendent of the hospital, a very nice letter after the death of her father. The remains were taken to Montville for interment and the funeral services there were largely attended. The deceased was a farmer and millman, a good citizen, and member of the Grange. Business troubles are thought to have unsettled his reason.


From the Republican Journal ~ 26 January 1889


Centre Montville - News was received here of the death of Mr. Edward L. Rowell on Monday January 16th at the Hospital in Augusta, where he went for treatment the week previous. The body was brought home Tuesday and services were held at his late residence Wednesday at 10 o’clock a.m., Rev. T. R. Pentecost[42] spoke comforting words to the bereaved family. Mr. Rowell’s death was caused by paralysis of the brain. He was 49 years old and leaves a wife, a daughter and son, by whom he will be greatly missed. He was a kind and indulgent husband and father, a good citizen, and respected by everyone. He was a member of Union Harvest Grange.”


At his death, he is known as Edward J. Rowell, the son of Merrill Rowell and Hannah Vose.


Edward L. Rowell died in the Augusta Insane Asylum at the age 50 years and 17 days of "Melancholia"[43]. Edward L. Rowell is buried in Foster Carter Cemetery in Montville, with his parents.


Edward Rowell left his wife, Maria, their daughter, Margie B. Rowell and son Clyde E. Rowell. Edward Rowell also left one brother, Ezekiel P. Rowell; two sisters, Sarah F. Clement and Luella C. Brown.


Edward L. Rowell was predeceased by his parents, Daniel and Hannah Rowell; also, sister, Hellen Maria Rowell (Chapter 5), five brothers, George Wilson Rowell (Chapter 3), Ebenezer Rowell, Jonathan Alpheus Rowell, Alfred Harry Rowell and Adolphus Merrill Rowell.


Edward L. Rowell was the seventh victim of the degenerative, brain disease affecting his family, three acknowledged by Dr. Sanborn.


In 1900, in Montville, Maria Rowell, age 42, widowed head of household, lives with her children Margie Rowell, age 20 and Clyde Rowell, age 13. Margaret Morse 77, Maria’s mother is in the household.


In 1910, in Montville, Maria Rowell 60, widowed, lives with her son, Clyde Rowell 23, a farmer. Margie Bay Rowell is already married.


The daughter of Edward L. Rowell and Maria J. Morse, Margie Rowell, age 20, occupation “Teaching”, married William C. Bowen[44], a 23-year-old, farmer, on September 11, 1900 in Center Montville. 


William and Margie Bowen moved to Lynn, Massachusetts, where their son Brackett Bowen[45] was born. Brackett Bowen died in Knox at the age of 8 months and 15 days of Tuberculosis of liver and bowels[46].


William C. Bowen and Margie Rowell had other sons: Asher R. Bowen[47], Clayton Wilmer Bowen[48] and Paul Crawford Bowen[49].


After Edward Rowell’s death, Maria J. Rowell married John W. Prescott on August 18, 1913 in Montville. Maria Rowell and John W. Prescott are both 53, he is divorced and marrying for the third time.


John W. Prescott, a farmer in Liberty, Maine at the time of his marriage, would leave Maria a widow again, in less than 5 years.


1920, in Fairfield, Maine, Maria J. Prescott 59, Mother-in-law, widowed, lives with William C. Bowen 41, Margie Bowen 39, their three sons, Asher Bowen 9, Clayton Bowen 5 and Paul Bowen 1.


1930, Fairfield, William C. Bowen 52, Margie B. Bowen 49, live with their children, Asher R. Bowen 19, Clayton W. Bowen 16 and Paul C. Bowen 12. William Bowen works as a Machinist at a Pulp Mill.


In 1930, Mary [sic] J. Prescott, 74-year-old, widow, lives alone in Woolwich, Maine, during the Census there on April 22nd. The value of the home and property, which she owns, is $4,000.


According to the record in 1930, Maria (Morse) Rowell Prescott was first married at age 27, but was actually only 22 years old, when she and Edward L. Rowell were wed in about 1880.


In 1940, still in Fairfield, William C. Bowen 62 and Margie Bowen 59, have son Paul Bowen 22 and Mother-in-law, Myra [sic] Prescott 82, living with them. William Bowen would die, soon after this Census.


Margie R. (Rowell) Bowen died at 89, in Waterville and is buried at Pleasant Hill in Freedom, Maine with her husband William Bowen.


William C. Bowen, was the son of Oliver Bowen, Jr.[50] and his 2nd wife, Margaret F. Watts[51], who were married in about 1869. William was their only child. Oliver and Margaret Bowen, both died at age 74.


Margaret Bowen died from Cerebral Degeneration and Oliver Bowen from a Shock, after fracturing his Humerus[52]. Margaret Bowen is buried in the Nathaniel Emery Lot, in Halldale Cemetery in Montville and Oliver Bowen is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Freedom.


The son of Edward and Maria Rowell, Clyde Edward Rowell, married Frederice Eugenia Clement[53], on November 15, 1911 in Montville. Clyde Rowell is a 24-year-old farmer and Frederice “Fredris” Clement is a 17-year-old, who keeps house.


Clyde and Fredris Rowell had 3 daughters: Margaret M. Rowell[54], who married on April 23, 1944 in Belgrade, Maine to William J. Damren, Jr.[55]; Mildred M. Rowell[56], who may have married Mr. Powers and the youngest daughter, Phyllis M. Rowell[57], who died at 15, in Montville.


William J. Damren, Jr. died in Chelsea, Maine at age 74. Margaret M. “Maggie” Damren died in Waterville at 91. They had no children.


Mildred M. Powers died in Kennebec, Maine at the age of 83. It is still not known who her husband, Mr. Powers may have been.


Clyde Edward Rowell died at 62 and Fredris E. (Clement) Rowell at 68. They are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery with


John W. Prescott died at the age of 59 in Liberty, from Organic Heart Disease, with Scirrohous [sic] of Liver as a contributing factor. He is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in South Montville, with his parents George Washington Prescott[58] and Mary True (Prescott[59]) Prescott.


Maria J. (Morse) Rowell Prescott died at the age of 83 and she is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Freedom, Maine with her children, Clyde Edward Rowell and Margie R. (Rowell) Bowen. Edward L. Rowell is buried in Foster Carter Cemetery in Montville, with his parents.



[1] Edward L. Rowell b Dec 27, 1848 d Jan 16, 1899; son of Daniel M. Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[2] Daniel M. Rowell b Jun 28, 1811 d Sep 14, 1888; son of John Rowell 1771-1860+ & Cloddy Shaw 1779-1850+

[3] Hannah C. Vose b Jul 24, 1817 d Mar 13, 1877; dau of Ebenezer Vose 1774-1829 & Sarah Bridges 1779-1864

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[5] Ebenezer E. Rowell b Nov 29, 1837 d Aug 5, 1863; son of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[6] Jonathan A. Rowell b Sep 6, 1839 d Aug 28, 1862; son of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[7] Ezekiel P. Rowell b Apr 12, 1842 d Sep 16, 1920; son of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[8] Hellen M. Rowell b Jul 26, 1844 d Apr 12, 1894; dau of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[9] Sarah F. Rowell b Jan 11, 1846 d Sep 5, 1920; dau of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[10] Alfred H. Rowell b May 29, 1850 d Apr 27, 1852; son of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[11] Adolphus M. Rowell b Mar 7, 1855 d Dec 18, 1863; son Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[12] Luella "Ella" C. Rowell b Mar 31, 1858 d Jul 9, 1923; dau of Daniel Rowell 1811-1888 & Hannah Vose 1817-1877

[13] John Alden, Sr. b 1598 d Sep 12, 1687; born at Harwich, Tending Dist., Essex, England; died at S. Duxbury, MA

[14] Priscilla Mullins b 1602 d 1685; dau of William Mullins 1572-1621 & Alice Atwood 1575-1621

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[16] Mary Frances Whitten b May 1845 d Jan 31, 1927; dau of Turner Whitten 1814-1899 & Susan S. Wiggin 1820-1904

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[18] Olive A. Rowell b Aug 1871 d 1927; dau of Ezekiel P. Rowell 1842-1920 & Mary F. Whitten 1845-1927

[19] Edgar L. Stewart b May 22, 1870 d 1930+; son of Loren E. Stewart 1840-1920 & Annie V. Simmons 1843-1912

[20] Loren Edgar Stewart b Apr 19, 1840 d Jul 28, 1920; son of Sylvanus Stewart 1804-1850+ & Eliza Austin 1805-1881

[21] Annie Virginia Simmons b Nov 20, 1843 d Jan 1, 1912; dau of Francis Y. Simonds 1804- & Susanna Carey 1818-

[22] Frank L. Stewart b Jan 1, 1877 d 1930+; son of Loren Stewart 1840-1920 & Annie Virginia Simmons 1843-1912

[23] Alice Vose Rowell b Oct 1876 or Feb 1877 d 1937; dau of George Rowell 1836-1879 & Abigail Bailey 1843-1929

[24] George E. Stewart b Sep 30, 1899 d Jun 29, 1985; son of Frank Stewart 1877-1930+ & Alice Rowell 1876-1937

[25] Abigail Frances Bailey b Feb 14, 1843 d 1929; dau of James Bailey 1813-1879 & Hannah Carlton 1816-1849

[26] Albion H. Clement b Aug 3, 1837 d Dec 25, 1901; son of William Clement 1815-1888 & Sarah Sawyer 1815-1898

[27] Abner Clement b Jun 20, 1866 d Oct 24, 1922; son of Albion Clement 1837-1901 & Sarah Rowell 1846-1920

[28] Dana U. Clement b Dec 15, 1867 d May 5, 1920; son of Albion Clement 1837-1901 & Sarah Rowell 1846-1920

[29] Charles L. Clement b Jan 1874 d 1920+; son of Albion H. Clement 1837-1901 & Sarah F. Rowell 1846-1920

[30] Orient E. Clement b May 15, 1879 d Mar 25, 1883; dau of Albion Clement 1837-1901 & Sarah Rowell 1846-1920

[31] Albert C. Clement b Jul 1, 1888 d 1920+; son of Albion H. Clement 1837-1901 & Sarah F. Rowell 1846-1920

[32] Albion H. Clement b Jul 1, 1888 d Jan 7, 1889; son of Albion H. Clement 1837-1901 & Sarah F. Rowell 1846-1920

[33] Maria J. Morse b Aug 15, 1858 d Feb 25, 1942; dau of Anthony Morse 1815-1879 & Margaret Ryan 1823-1904

[34] Margie Bay Rowell b Jul 23, 1880 d Sep 17, 1969; dau of Edward L. Rowell 1848-1899 & Maria J. Morse 1858-1942

[35] Clyde E. Rowell b Apr 5, 1887 d Dec 2, 1949; son of Edward L. Rowell 1848-1899 & Maria J. Morse 1858-1942

[36] Anthony Morse b Sep 17, 1815 d Dec 31, 1879; son of James Morse 1783-1870 & Sarah Temple -1859

[37] Margaret H. Ryan b Apr 1823 d Apr 2, 1904; b Maine, dau of Ryan & Unknown

[38] Eliza Morse b 1851/2 d 1870+; dau of Anthony Morse 1815-1879 & Margaret Ryan 1823-1904

[39] John H. Morse b Nov 1856 d Mar 12, 1877; son of Anthony Morse 1815-1879 & Margaret Ryan 1823-1904

[40] Hollis M. Howard b May 21, 1838 d Aug 22, 1913; son of Samuel Howard 1796-1870 & Lucy Ripley 1796-1883

[41] Alonzo Fogg Raynes b Feb 1846 d 1923; son of Samuel Raynes 1787-1863 & Patience Parsons 1796-1877

[42] Rev Thomas R. Pentecost b Jun 2, 1843 d Mar 31, 1921; son of James Pentecost & Grace Rogers

[43] Melancholia: manic-depressive mental condition often accompanied by delusions and hallucinations

[44] William Clifford Bowen b Jun 19, 1877 d Jul 16, 1940; son of Oliver Bowen 1828-1903 & Margaret F. Watts 1832-1906

[45] Brackett Bowen b Jan 24, 1907 d Oct 9, 1907; son of William C. Bowen 1877-1940 & Margie B. Rowell 1880-1969

[46] Abdominal Tuberculosis; Ingestion of the TB germ by drinking unpasteurized milk from a cow infected with TB

[47] Asher R. Bowen b Oct 3, 1910 d Nov 25, 1990; son of William C. Bowen 1877-1940 & Margie B. Rowell 1880-1969

[48] Clayton W. Bowen b Mar 24, 1914 d Jun 20, 1970; son of William C. Bowen 1877-1940 & Margie B. Rowell 1880-1969

[49] Paul C. Bowen b Mar 12, 1918 d Jan 7, 2002; son of William C. Bowen 1877-1940 & Margie B. Rowell 1880-1969

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[51] Margaret F. Watts b 1832 d Jun 17, 1906; dau of Wyars Watts 1089-1881 & Susan P. Foster 1808-1884

[52] Humerus bone: long bone in the arm or fore limb that runs from the shoulder to the elbow

[53] Frederice E. Clement b Sep 23, 1894 d 1963; dau of Fred Alton Clement 1855-1916 & Florence Marie King 1877-1920+

[54] Margaret M. Rowell b Feb 27, 1912 d Jan 14, 2004; dau of Clyde E. Rowell 1887-1949 & Frederice E. Clement 1894-1963

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[59] Mary True Prescott b Dec 24, 1826 d Aug 9, 1901; dau of Stephen Prescott 1791-1861 & Betty True 1788-1851

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