Nathan Foster
Birth: 17 May 1730 , Massachusetts
Died: 19 Apr 1806
Marriage: 1 Apr 1743 Attleboro, Bristol, Mass
Father: Caleb Foster
Mother: Priscilla Buxton
Miriam Norwood
Born; about 1724 Gloucester,  Mass

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Elinor Foster
Born; about 1747 Rockport, Mass
Died; ?

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Joshua Gamage
Marr: 27 Dec 1764 Rockport, Mass

Jemima Foster
Born; about 1749 Rockport, Mass
Death: ?

William Foster
Born; about 1751 Rockport, Mass
Death: ?

Nathan Foster Jr
Born; about 1753 Rockport, Mass
Died; 6 Apr 1819 St. George, Maine

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Spouse 1;
Amy "Amey" Thompson
born; ?
died; St. George, Maine
her father; Thomas Thompson
her mother; Abigail Smith
Spouse 2;
Rachel Weston
born; about 1755
died; ?
Marr: 3 Apr 1790 Bristol, Maine

("Maine Marriages, 1771-1907," database, FamilySearch )

Ebenezer Foster
Born; about 1755 Rockport, Mass
Died; ?

Born; 30 March 1760    Rockport, Mass
Died; 1837  Pemaquid, Lincoln County, Maine

He is listed as a Rev. with at least five children

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Susannah Robinson
Marr: 25 Dec 1779 Bristol, Maine

("Maine Marriages, 1771-1907," database, FamilySearch)
born; ?
died;  1842  Pemaquid, Lincoln County, Maine

buried in Thurston cemetery, South Bristol Maine

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Miriam Foster
Born; 1759 Rockport, Mass
Death: ?

Zebard Foster

other spellings of name;  Zebod, Zebud
Born; 21 Mar 1762 Rockport, Mass
Died; 12 Nov 1831 Montville, Maine

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Hannah Stone
born; ?
died; ?
Marr: 20 Oct 1787  Bristol, Maine

"Maine Marriages, 1771-1907," database, FamilySearch

Esther Foster
Born; 21 Sep 1766 Gloucester, Mass
Died; ?

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