Hi, I am writing to introduce my new Research Journal Blog titled Gwilodwôgan.


The word refers to exploration or investigation in the Western Abenaki dialect.

I will be exploring what is known about families with potential Native American heritage in the Northeast, one family at a time.

It is my hope the blog will serve as a teaching tool for any beginning researcher, a resource for descendants, and a journal of what is known, what is still left to learn, what is incorrect (and why), and what my conclusions are (and why) for each family examined.

I am beginning with Edward Marden (also Mardin), c1751-1835 of Lyman, NH, who is said to have an "Indian" wife. His grandchildren are scattered all over the Northeast (ME, NH, VT, Quebec, MA).

The next family I will examine is that of a woman named Marleah Kanistanaux of Stockton, NY, who is said to be the granddaughter of Metallic. Metallic was a rather famous Abenaki man known in western Maine and northern New Hampshire. He died in Stewartstown, NH in 1845 at an age well over 100 years.

I will be looking for another family to work on this summer. If you have an interesting "Indian" puzzle, write and share it.


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