Hello all, I am a new member and looking for contacts who share my Adams, Smith, Fish, and Lamb Maine relatives. I am also looking for information about the Bartletts and Ulmers in Rockland Maine. My great grandmother was adopted by the Walleys of Middleboro, Massachussetts between 1865 and 1870. She is not on the MA 1865 MA census but is on the 1870 as a 6 year old. A recent contact indicated that it was thought that she may have been born in Rockland, Maine in July of 1863 and perhaps connected through the Bartlett family there. While this is not proven it is the first lead in over five decades of searching! I have my DNA results on Ancestry under my tree mawood42 and also uploaded to Gen.match. Hoping I can help others with family ties to both Maine and MA.

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