Bar Harbor Times

December 21, 1918


Two Babies Burned At Bayside Friday

The infant sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Hamor,  John, aged two years and George, aged five months, were burned to death in a fire that destroyed their camp home at Bayside Friday afternoon.

Mr. Hamor, whose home is in West Eden, but who is well known in Bar Harbor where he has lived from time to time, was working for the Morrison Lumber Co., operating a portable mill at Bayside and was occupying a small camp near the mill, having moved his family there but a few days before.

Friday afternoon, while Mr. Hamor was at work, Mrs. Hamor left the two children asleep in a bunk and went to another camp only a few feet away to see a sick neighbor.  Returning to her camp in a few minutes, she found the whole interior in flames.  It was impossible to reach the children.

Ferdinand  "Fredie"  Summonsbury  Hamor

born              July 15,  1893   Hulls Cove

died               Dec. 2,  1974     Surry, Maine

buried            Aurora Cemetery, Aurora, Maine

father             John  Summonsbury  Hamor

mother           Emma  E.  Murphy

married          Lillian  Mae  Hartgrove

marr on          Dec. 4,  1915

born               1899

died               1972

father             William  H.  Hartgrove

mother           Elnora  "Emma"   May  ?

there children;

1.  Shirley  M.  Hamor

born              ?

died               ?

married        John  Carroll

2,  Emma  Hamor



married        Walter Davis

3.   Mildred  E.  Hamor



married        ?     Garland

4.  Ernest  T.  Hamor




5.  John  Hamer

born            Dec. 4, 1916 

died            Dec.  1918   Age 2, died in fire

6.  George


died            Dec.  1918   5 months, died in fire

The camp was destroyed.  The charred bodies of the little victims were found where the bunk had been, indicating that they had not been near the stove, and that they were mercifully smothered before the flames reached them.  It is believed the fire must have caught from a spark from the stove.

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