I have found back w=to where Joseph Lewis has parents from England, now that was a shock. We didn't know there was English in our blood. Now Nelly Hayes is not helping at all. The searches on her come up with dead ends. But I will keep looking.

While looking for past relatives I have come across a shocking discovery that I have a missing uncle. There are hand and foot prints on his birth certificate, so that means it was a live birth. Now, how to go about finding the now while looking for the past is beyond me. I am about ready to have my mother send the birth certificate into work with my brother in law to see if the finger prints pop up in the legal system at all. At least we would have a lead on that.

If he was adopted then we will have some issues. My grandmother kept the death certificate from Debbie. My aunt that was still born. There are no prints on it. But the boy has no father on the birth certificate and that suggests that he was adopted out. In that time if you were out of wedlock you did not keep the child. She was divorced and not yet married to my step grandfather... I think I am going to be lost...

I almost forgot that we found out that Lila Lewis has a birth date of 1908 and 1912, Someone must have messed up somewhere. It is the same person, just 2 different years. she was married in 1926, so we figure that being born in 1908 is more proper for the age. wow it was confusing to try to figure this stuff out.

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