born;  Jan. 1, 1879  -  Veazie, Maine
died;  Jan. 1, 1952  -  Veazie, Maine
married on;  Sept. 30, 1903 at Veazie, Maine
(birth record lists last name as Sidelinger)
Father;  Ira Francis Sidelinger
Mother;  Matilda J. Whitcomb
born;  Jan. 1, 1883
died;  Aug. 5, 1967  at Bangor, Maine
Father;  Elliott Mitchell
Mother;  Jennie Raymond


Edith Noreen Sidelinker
born;  July 30, 1904  at Veazie, Maine
died;  ?
married;  ?

Urban Raymond Sidelinker
born;  Oct. 2, 1906
died;  Dec. 17, 1980 at Portland, Maine
married on;  ?
Mary M. Blinn
born;  ?
Father;  George H. Blinn
Mother;  Stella  M.  ?

Wellington Leslie Sidelinker
born;  Sept.  18, 1908 at Veazie, Maine
died;  1909
married;  ?

Bertha Odema Sidelinker
born;  May 23, 1912 at Veazie, Maine
died;  Nov. 6,  1999
married on;  16 July 1932 at Bangor, Maine
Harold Foster Norwood Sr
born;  June 28, 1905 at Dennysville, Maine
died;  Aug. 20,  1970 at Bangor, Maine
Father;  Frederick Robie Norwood
Mother;  Maud Adeline Mclaughlin

Nellie O'Clayia Sidelinker
born;  Oct. 22,  1917 at Veazie, Maine
died;  Feb. 28,  1995 at Bangor Maine hospital
married on;  Feb. 6,  1937
Joseph E. Lumsden
born;  ?
died;  ?

father;       George E Lumsden

mother;     Annie E.    ?

Lyndon  Manson  Sidelinker
born;  Aug. 18,  1919 at Veazie, Maine
died;  June 6,  2007 at Lincolnton, NC
married on;  ?
Louise Martin
born;  Sept.  22, 1921
died;  March 28,  1998 at Bangor, Maine

Elliott  Ira  Sidelinker
born;  June 18,  1923 at Veazie, Maine
died;  July 9,  2012 at Bangor, Maine
married on;  Jan. 1, 1950
Hope  M.  Darcy

Jennie  Matilda  Sidelinker
born;  June 12,  1926 at Veazie, Maine
died;  Jan. 9,  2005 at Old Town, Maine
married on;  March 28, 1948 at Veazie, Maine
(they later divorced)
Earl M. Flanders
born;  ?
Died;  ?

Fern   Vivian  Sidelinker
born;  Veazie, Maine
married on;

Dorothy  May  Sidelinker
born;  1887 at Veazie, Maine
died;  July 16, 1967 at Bangor, Maine
(see Find-a-Grave.com)
married on;  
Raymond  L.  Sidelinker
born;  1884
died;  1952

Emmery  Eldred  Sidelinker
married on;

Bertha Odema Sidelinker, Harold Norwood Jr, Harold Norwood Sr

Bertha Odema Sidelinker  Norwood and Robin Lynee "Woodbury" Libby

Nellie O'Clayia Sidelinker



So what's in a name.....as it turns out a lot when it comes to researching the family history of the Sidelingers and Sidelinkers.  The sidelinkers run through my wife's side of the family and for years it had been a nightmare trying to track down the family roots.  Than one day I came upon a piece a professional genealogy researcher had done on the Sidelinkers - as it turns out they were Sidelingers long before they became Sidelinkers.
Today we know how the Sidelinkers came to be, at some point a family memer or members began calling themselves Sidelinkers, even signing official documents with the made up name.  Over time, the name stuck with newer family members being born and also taking on the false name.  What we don't know is why some family members moved away from the name Sidelinger to the name Sidelinker.
I had thought my research had led me to the person behind the name change, when I discovered that Osgood Fifield Sidelinker was actually born a Sidelinger.  In fact a couple of documents besides his birth record show him signing his name as a Sidelinger.  But than something odd happens, when he got married he suddenly switches the spelling of his name and begins going by Sidelinker.  I had thought that was the smoking gun, but as I researched his father Ira Sidelinger, I also discovered a couple documents where his name is spelled Sidelinker, and there are examples that go further back in the family line, so just where or how it began is anyone's guess.
What is important to carry away from all this is the simple fact that Sidelinkers began as Sidelingers and one must keep this in mind when researching the family history.  So if I am conducting a family search online this is some ways I would type in Osgood's name;  Osgood Sidelinker, Osgood Sidelinger, Osgood f. Sidelinker, Osgood F. Sidelinger, Osgood Fifield Sidelinker, Osgood Fifield Sidelinger, and so on.  I would also include in that search any other known spellings of his name, not leaving any stone unturned.
So Osgood Fifield Sidelinker parents were Ira Francis Sidelinger and Matilda  J. Whitcomb.
Ira's parents were Ebenezer  "Eben" Sidelinger and Catherine Shuman, and Ebenezer's parents were Johann Daniel Sidelinger (sometimes went by Daniel) and Elizabeth Umberhind.  Johann's parents were Martin Sidelinger, though in German it is spelled differently, and Mary ?.  Martin was born and died in Germany and Mary was born in Germany, unknown where she died.  One record states Martin's son Johann was born in Germany, which makes sense.

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