I am looking into my grandmother's family; Irene M. Potter Brown.  She married my grandfather Hector MacNeil Brown.  I believe her father's name was George B. Potter and mother was Blanch S. Kilgore.  I believe her brothers were Rufus L. Potter (1902-1937) and Lawrence Potter.  I am wondering if Robert Leon "Bob" Potter is related.  Rufus Potter married Margaret F. Gillman.  Irene M. Potter Brown lived in Gray, Cumberland, Maine. 

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Comment by Chris Dunham on December 2, 2015 at 2:11am

A search for George B. Potter at FamilySearch brings up several interesting resultsHis marriage record gives the names of his parents as Arthur S. Potter, born in Gilead, and Mary A. Morrill, born in Raymond.

The 1850 census shows Arthur S. Potter living in Gilead with Williams and Margaret Potter. His death record confirms that he was the son of Williams and Margaret (Leach) Potter, his father born in Bridgton, his mother in Raymond. It's probable that Williams was the son of Elijah and Abigail Potter, born 26 Aug. 1802 in BridgtonThis tree gives Elijah's parents as Anthony and Martha (Williams) Potter of Rowley, Massachusetts.

Robert Leon "Bob" Potter died 7 Nov. 1999, his obituary may be viewed here, and it confirms that he was the son of Rufus and Margaret (Gilman) Potter.

Comment by hilary Anne brown Chinnery on December 2, 2015 at 11:19am

Thank you.  You confirmed what I suspected.  Now to find a living person!  I know that Irene also had siblings:  Rufus L. Potter, Ruth M. Potter, Ruby F. Potter, and Lawrence B. Potter.  Rufus was 17 years old in the 1920 census.  Lawrence was 1 years old.  It's said she lived with an aunt at some point but I don't know who. 

Comment by hilary Anne brown Chinnery on December 10, 2015 at 3:23pm

Chris:  I've been following another line of Potters:  Arthur Shepley Potter had a dauther margaret Ellen Tripp (Margaret Ellen Potter Richardson Tripp) who had a daughter named Bernice Mae Richardson Potter - Bernice Mae married Clarence Potter.  I believe connected to Clarence R. Potter and his father was Clarence A. Potter.  Might you know anything about this second line of Potters.  New Hampshire, Massachusettes and Maine come up with the residences. 

Comment by Chris Dunham on December 11, 2015 at 2:42am

Clarence R. Potter's death record is here, and his birth record is hereThe marriage record of his parents shows that Clarence A. Potter was born in Harrison, Maine, the son of Otis and Rosanna (Mason) Potter.

Otis Potter was living in Harrison in 1850, in Worcester, Mass., in 1860. Otis supposedly died in the Civil War. His wife is buried here. Otis is probably the same who served with the 21st Massachusetts Infantry, mustered into service 21 Aug. 1862, died 23 Aug. 1864 at City Point, Virginia. I haven't been able to establish his parentage.

Comment by hilary Anne brown Chinnery on December 11, 2015 at 10:54am
Lovell & Lucy Brigham 2nd Husband:  Joseph F. Brigham 1825-1873
Father:  1st. Husband:  Otis Potter Casualty of Civil War  
John Mason 1799-1876 & Hannah Stacy Mason 1799 -  Mother:  Rosella (Rosanna) Mason Brigham 1822-1895 Gilead oxford County, Maine, Boylston Worcester County Mass. Married 1867 Clarence Abner Potter 1856-1918 Harrison, Cumberland County, Maine, Northborough Worcester County Mass. Married:  1897
Children: Clarence R. Potter 1898-1958 Worcester, Worcester County, Mass.  Died: Nashua Hillsborough County New Hampshire 
Edward A. Potter 1851 - 1928 Spouse:  Lizzie (Lissie) Mary Warren Potter  --Her father and mother:  Edward Warren & Mary Temple  
Sumner (Summer) Forest Potter 1853-1910 Spouse:  Bernice Mae "Bunny" Richardson Potter 1899-1966 Denmark, Oxford County Maine, died: nashua Hillsborgh County New Hampshire
Clarence Abner Potter 1856-1918 Spouse:  Mary E. Potter 1877-1925
Grandaughter:  Grace May Potter buried with Joseph Brigham Lot/Plot
Clarence R. Potter 1898?
Howard Potter
Comment by hilary Anne brown Chinnery on December 30, 2015 at 1:34pm

Dear Chris:  I am getting confused between a Mary A. Potter and a Mary E. Potter.  I have Heirlooms Reunited stating that Adelbert Kilgore married Mary E. (Morrill) Potter in 1899, Denmark Maine.  She was born in Raymond, Maine of Jacob and Susan Morrill.   It appears that a Mary A. (Abigail) Potter married Arthur S. (Shepley)  Potter - she too was born in 1851.  Mary A. died in 1913.  Adelbert Kilgore is Blanch S. Kilgore's father who is my grandmother's mother.  (Irene M. Potter Brown)

Comment by Chris Dunham on December 30, 2015 at 4:19pm

The marriage record of Adelbert D. Kilgore and Mary A. (Morrill) Potter shows that she was the daughter of Jacob and Susan (Meserve) Morrill, born in Raymond. The 1900 census gives her date of birth as May 1851. Mary died as a Kilgore, but was buried as a Potter with her first husband.

Comment by hilary Anne brown Chinnery on January 4, 2016 at 9:11am

Dear Chris:  Find A Grave has Mary Abigail Morrell Potter, married to Arthur Shepley Potter, and then perhaps to Adelbert D. Kilgore. One source has Mary A. born in Raymond, another in Bethel.  I also have a suggested name of Mary Albie Kilgore.  The marriage date is April 22, 1899.  I also have two separate birth dates; may 3, and May 31, 1913. Then too, I have her last name as Morrill and Morrell.  I talk about all of this because in my family; with Irene Potter, there was such a huge mystery about her life and I am hoping to solve it. you can contact me at hilarychinnery@yahoo.com.  Thank you again.


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