I am searching for Radolphus B Coose, born in 1838 in Hope, Maine.  He is the son of Robert Elwell Coose and second wife, Lydia Mo(w)rey.  Lydia died when Radolphus was only two and his father remarried when he was three.  In 1850, Radolfas(his name is spelled several different ways, including Rudolphus) is twelve and living with his father and step-mother in Camden, Maine.  After this census, Radolphus disappears.  I do know he was named after a man named Rudolphus(?) Bowers from Camden.  There is some speculation he enlisted during the Civil War, however, I can find no records illustrating such.  He may have changed his name or possibly died, but a cousin of mine that has done extensive research into the Coose family has not been able to come up with any information.  If anyone has heard of my second great grand uncle or has any suggestions as to where I could search for him, your input would be greatly appreciated.  You may send me an email at severitt@yahoo.com if you like.  Sheri Dodge, Troy, Maine

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