Raymond David Tash 1900-1980


Tash Pedigree

William Franklin Tash 1853-1914 and Louisa Emily Emmett 1863-1914

William Augustus Tash 1803-1884 and Elizabeth Berry 1814-1887

Thomas Tash 1780-1870+ and Martha Shaw?


Emmett Pedigree

Louisa Emily Emmett 1863-1918 and William Franklin Tash 1853-1914

David Samuel Emmett 1834-1914 and Mary Ann Dyer 1838-1911

Andrew Emmett 1799-1865 and Harriet Knapman 1803-

David Emmett and Jane



          Raymond David Tash[1] was born in Lincoln Center, Maine, the son of William Franklin "Frank" Tash, Sr.[2] and his second wife, Louisa Emily Emmett[3]. Louisa, employed as a housekeeper in the home of William Franklin Tash, was a divorcee, who had been living in Massachusetts.


          Louisa Emily Emmett was born in Torbay, Devon, England, the daughter of David Samuel Knapman Emmett[4] and Mary Ann Dyer[5]. Louisa was one of 12 children born to David S. and Mary Ann Emmet, who were married on March 8, 1857 in Devonshire, England.


          In 1861, the David Emmett family lives in Tormoham, Devonshire, England and then have moved to Paignton, Devonshire in 1871. Louisa is known as Louise Emmet in 1861 and 1871. The entire David Emmett family emigrated in about 1873 to Nova Scotia.


          In 1881, on Truro Road, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the family are enumerated as David Emmott [sic] 47, Mary 42 and ten of their children ages 2 to 24. Louisa Emmott is 18 years old during this Census.


          In the early 1880’s, David and Mary Emmet left Nova Scotia and moved to Lynn, Massachusetts with some of their children, including Louisa, who married Benjamin Franklin Sanders[6] there on April 2, 1882. The intentions were filed in Lynn on March 31, 1882. The marriage is also recorded in Swampscott, Massachusetts for Benj. F. Saunders.


          Benjamin Franklin Sanders, was born in Nova Scotia, the son of John Henry Sanders[7] and Margaret Hurlburt[8], who were married on January 16, 1845 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


         The oldest son of Henry and Margery Sanders, James H. or John H. Sanders[9], born in Nova Scotia, moved to Danvers, Massachusetts before 1892; James Saunders [sic] still lives in Danvers in 1920.


          The daughter of Henry and Margery Sanders, Ella B. Sanders[10], married George S. White on April 15, 1881 in Nova Scotia.  George and Ella White move to Beverly, Massachusetts before 1891, where their daughter Leola H. White[11] dies at age 1.


          The daughter of Henry and Margery Sanders, Emma A. or Emma Lucalla Sanders[12] or Saunders, married Reuben S. Kinney[13] or Kenny on November 15, 1888 in Yarmouth.


          The daughter of Henry and Margery Sanders, Desire A. Sanders[14], named for Henry’s mother, married Albert W. Eaton and she lived in Manhattan, New York, where she died a widow, at age 67.


          John Henry Sanders is known as John H. Sanders, Henry Sanders or Saunders and Margaret Hurlburt Sanders is known as Margery or Marjorie Hurlbut, Margery Herbert or even M. E. Hurleburt.


          Benjamin Franklin Sanders, has many aliases also: B. F. Sanders, Frank Sanders, Benjamin F. Saunders, Benj. F. Saunders, Benj. T. Saunders, Benj. F. Saunderson or even Benjimen Sanders.


          In 1881, in Tusket River- West, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Frank Sanders, age 22, a “Shoemaker”, is living with his parents, Henry and Margery Sanders. It is very likely that Benjamin F. Sanders and Louisa E. Emmett became acquainted while they were both living in Nova Scotia. Then, when her family moved to Lynn, he must have followed them.


          Louisa Emmett reports alternately, that she is the daughter of Mary N. and David S. Emmett or Elizabeth and David Emmett. Benjamin F. Sanders is employed as a “Shoe Laster” and Louisa is an “Operative”.


          Benjamin F. Saunders [sic] is naturalized on October 15, 1886 in Boston, Massachusetts. Benjamin, born in Nova Scotia, is a resident of Lynn. Naturalization records for Louisa Emmett are not found.


          The children of Benjamin and Louisa Sanders, all born in Lynn, are: George Franklin Sanders[15], Nellie Mae Sanders[16], who married Pearl Albert Libby[17] on November 3, 1904 and the youngest child, William Atwood Sanders[18], who was married 5 times. 


          Benjamin and Louisa Sanders divorced, in the early 1890’s and their three children, who live with Louisa’s parents, have moved from Massachusetts to Lincoln Center, Maine. Louisa Sanders soon leaves her job in Lynn to join her parents and children in Maine and begins keeping house for William Franklin Tash. Louisa Emily Emmett Sanders, a housekeeper with benefits, is pregnant with his child by early 1895.


          On May 3, 1895, in Lincoln, William F. Tash 43 married Louisa Sanders 32. It is a second marriage for both parties, who make the claim they are widowed. Both are actually divorcees, because their former spouses Annie Wyman and Benjamin Sanders, are not dead yet.


          Louisa’s ex-husband, Benjamin has moved to the Midwest part of the United States and on June 17, 1896 in Boone, Iowa, B.F. (Benjamin Franklin) Sanders, age 35, son of Henry Sanders and Margery Hulburt, marries Sarah Mccaffre [sic] or Sarah Chevet [sic], age 41. Benjimen [sic] Sanders and his wife Sarah live in Black Hawk, Iowa in 1905.


          By the turn of the 20th century, Louisa’s parents, have left Maine and removed to Peabody, Massachusetts, where they are living in 1900 and 1910. Mary Ann Emmett died in Peabody and David S. Emmett died in Northumberland, New Hampshire about three years later.


          In 1910, in Waterloo, Iowa, Frank Sanders 49, wife Sarah Sanders 54, both born Canada. With them is her mother, Mary Mccaffrey 74 born in Canada. Frank Sanders leaves Iowa before the next Census, but his wife Sarah stays behind and does not move to New Jersey with him.


          In 1920, in Hoboken, New Jersey, Frank Sanders 56, claims he is widowed and lives with his 6-year-old daughter, Margetet [sic] Sanders[19], who was born in Iowa. Elizabeth Thute, a 61-year-old housekeeper, completes the household. Frank is employed as a Night Watchman at S.S. Piers.


          Frank Sanders is not widowed in 1920, as he claims, but still has a wife in Iowa until 1927, unless they were divorced before he left. Who is that 6-year-old girl he claims to be his daughter? At the year of this child’s birth, Frank’s wife, Sarah Sanders would have been 58 years old.


          Margetet is most likely a misspelling from the Census and in 1930, there is a Margretta Sanders, age 16, born in Iowa, living in Queens, New York as a single, white, lodger.


          Sarah J. McCaffrey[20], was born in Canada, the daughter of Michael McCaffrey[21] and Mary Doyle[22]. Sarah J. (McCaffrey) Chauvet Sanders died at age 70 in Iowa. She is buried with her parents Michael and Mary McCaffrey in Corpus Christi Cemetery in Fort Dodge, Iowa.




          In 1930, Benjamin Sanders is enumerated in Manhattan, New York as a widowed, lodger and servant. Before his death he married a woman by the name of Lettie, of which nothing is known.


          Benjamin Franklin Sanders died at age 72 in Manhattan. At his death, he was listed as married, spouse’s name is Lettie. They lived at 170 West 85th St. and he was employed as a Night Watchman. Benjamin Franklin Sanders is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in New York.


          Louisa Sanders, a resident of Lynn and William F. Tash were married in Lincoln on May 8, 1895 and their son, Charles Augustus Augustin or “Gustin” Tash[23], was born there about four months later.


          During the WWI Draft, Charles Augustin Tash, registers on June 5, 1917 in Chester, Maine. He is living in Lincoln Center, works for himself in Chester, claiming an exemption from the draft, because he is the sole support of his mother and one brother. The 21-year-old Charles is described as medium height and build, with brown hair and blue eyes.


          William and Louisa Tash had three more children: Bessie Gladys Tash[24], who married Irving Ruel Philbrook[25] on March 21, 1914 in Chester, Maine; Bryan Jennings Tash[26] and William Franklin Tash, Jr.[27].


          In 1900, in Lincoln Village, the family are enumerated as Frank W. Tash 48, Louisa Tash 39, Chas. A. Tash 5, Bessie G. Tash 3, David R. Tash 0, with her children misidentified as George F. Tash 18, Nellie M. Tash 14 and William M. Tash 12.


          In 1910, in Chester, William F. Tash, Sr. 56, lives with Louisa Tash 46, Augustin C. Tash 14, Bessie G. Tash 12, Raymond D. Tash 9, Bryan J. Tash 7 and William F. Tash, Jr. 4.


          Mrs. Louisa Tash died at age 55 in Chester of “Carcinoma of Liver”, with “Malnutrition” as a contributing factor for her death. She did not die from “Heart Failure” as reported by her descendant. Her date of birth is recorded as February 2, 1863, “Somewhere in England” and not August 9, 1863 as suggested by the same descendant. According to her death record, Louisa was the widow of Frank Tash, daughter of Daniel Emmett and Mary Swan, both born in England. Louisa was actually the daughter of David S. Emmett and Mary Ann Dyer.


          William Franklin Tash was born in Exeter, Maine, the son of William Augustus Tash[28] and Elizabeth “Betsey” Berry[29], who were married on March 14, 1834 in Exeter. Depending on the source cited, the date and place of William Franklin Tash’s birth is also recorded as July 22, 1848 in Mattawamkeag, Maine.


           William F. Tash, age 23, was first married to Annie E. Wyman[30], age 15, in Chester or Mattawamkeag, Maine, on January 21, 1877. Annie E. Wyman is also known as Aime, Abbie or Annie E. Wymon.


          Annie E. Wyman was the daughter of Seth Fish Wyman[31] and Exsah Augusta Thompson[32], who were married on July 13, 1855 in Etna, Maine. In the 1870 Census, in Vassalboro, Maine, Annie is known Abbie Wyman 6, living in Maine with her parents, Seth 41 and Augusta Wyman 32, with their four sons, Warren, Walter, Fred and Herbert. 


          In the 1880 Census in Chester, Annie’s name is enumerated as Amie [sic] E. Tash 19, living with her husband, William F. Tash 26, in the household of his parents, William A. Tash 74 and Betsey G. Tash 63.


          Annie E. Wyman and Frank Tash had no known children and after they were divorced, Annie E. (Wyman) Tash married Charles Bell. 


          Annie and her husband, Charles Bell, moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, where she died at the age of 38.  See here for more:




          Perhaps, the connecting factor to St. Petersburg is through Annie Wyman’s uncle, James Orren Thompson[33], who was a resident of 758-3 Ave South in St. Petersburg at the time of his death.


          In 1945, there is a Charles A. Bell, born 1876, age 69 who lives in St. Petersburg.  On September 6, 1949 a 72-year-old Charles Bell, born in Alpine, New Jersey, married 71-year-old Isabelle Cochran, born in England.  Both were residents of 4360 Central Ave in St. Petersburg.  Charles Bell is a widower and Isabell Cochran is a divorcee.


          In 1910, Raymond is living in Chester with his parents, brothers Augustin C. age 14, Bryan J. age 7 and William F. Jr. age 4.  Bessie G. age 12 is Raymond's only sister.


          Raymond D. Tash, age 18, registered for the WWI Draft on September 12, 1918 and lists his mother Louisa Tash as his nearest relative. Louisa would die just six weeks later. Raymond is described as 5’ 8” tall, of medium build, with brown hair and eyes.


          In 1920, Raymond, now 19 years old is still living in Chester, but now with his older brother Charles A. Tash age 24.  Charles' wife, June B. age 21 has recently given birth to a daughter Vivian B. Tash.  They also share their home with Raymond's younger brothers Bryan J. age 16 and William F. Jr., now known as Frank W. Tash age 14.


          In 1930, Raymond is 30 years old and still living in Chester, but now he is boarding with a woman named Pearl Warren, age 42.

          Ten years later in 1940, on River Road, Chester, Raymond, still single at 40, continues to live with Pearl A. Warren, age 53 and her grandson Robert S. Warren, age 15.


          Pearl Moffitt Warren was born about 1881, 1883, 1887 or 1888 depending on what the US Census reported in different years.  In 1910 she was 29 years old, being born in 1881.  In 1920 she was born in 1883, listed as widowed and living in Bangor, Maine with her 20-year-old daughter Pauline Warren. In 1930 she was born in 1888.  In 1940 she was born in 1887.  Records show a birth date of October 28, 1887.


          Pearl Moffitt married Varnum or Vernum C. Warren in Lincoln on Saturday December 3, 1898.  They divorced before 1920.  It is most likely that Pearl was born in 1881 and married at age 17, not 10, 11 or 15 as the other birthdates suggest. The son of Pearl and Varnum C. Warren, Sidney Frederick Warren was born in 1902. 


          Varnum C. Warren 1875-1944 remarried to Flora W. Little 1894-1963.  They are both buried at West Broadway Cemetery in Lincoln.


          On December 21, 1944 Raymond David Tash married Vidella Marian Whiting[34], a divorcee with one child. Vidella was 27 and Raymond was 44. This was a first marriage for Raymond D. Tash. 


          Vidella Marian Whiting had first been married to George Wesley Ryer[35] in about 1936 and they lived in Connecticut for a time, but when they divorced, she returned to her birthplace of Maine.


          Raymond and Vidella Tash made their home in Chester Town, Maine and had three children, all born in nearby Lincoln: Theodore "Ted" Raymond Tash[36], Gerald "Gerry" Robert Tash[37] and their only daughter, Sharon Rae Tash[38].


         Vidella and Raymond Tash were divorced on September 26, 1952, when the children were very young, ages 4 through 9 years.  She raised the children alone for about seven years, until she married again.


          Vidella Marian Tash remarried seven years later on October 28, 1959 in Searsport, Maine to Richard Wallace Fowler[39]. It is unknown when they divorced, but Vidella married again on January 20, 1971 in Troy, New Hampshire to Dwayne Kenneth Durkee[40].


          Raymond David Tash did not marry again until shortly before his death in Lagrange, Maine.  On May 17, 1980, in Lagrange, Raymond age 80, married Lucy L. Campbell[41], age 62, a resident of Old Town, Maine. Raymond Tash and Lucy, his companion of 27 years, were the parents of two daughters, who were born in 1954 and 1958.


          Lucy Louise Mushero was born in Danforth, Maine, the first child of Eldora May Mushero[42] and an Unknown Father.  Eldora was just 16 when her illegitimate daughter was born.  Lucy’s father would later be named as George Campbell and she is also known as Lucy L. Campbell.


          Lucy’s mother, Eldora May Mushero, age 17, was first married on March 22, 1919 to a 54-year-old widower, Joseph B. Smith[43].  Eldora is also known as Eldora May Mushreau [sic] for this record. 


          It is unknown if Joseph B. Smith died or if there was a divorce, but in early June of 1920, Eldora Mushero became pregnant again with the son of her future husband.  Their son, Edwin Harrison Jipson[44] was born in Burlington, Maine, almost nine months before the wedding.


          Eldora Mushero married on October 31, 1921 in Lincoln to Elmer Harrison Jipson[45].  This was a first marriage for Elmer, who was 31 at the time, a second for Eldora, who was 19.  Eldora is also known as Eldore Musheroe [sic] for this event.


          In 1930 the family lives in Carmel, Maine as Elmer Jipson, age 39, Eldora, age 27 and children L. Lucy Jipson, age 12 (this is Lucy Louise Mushero), H. Edward Jipson, age 9, Marshall Jipson[46], age 3 and E. Jone or Iona [sic] (Ione Elsie) Jipson[47], daughter age 2.  Eldora May (Mushero) Jipson died at age 30, when Lucy Mushero was just 13.


          Lucy Mushero, 18 was first married in Burlington, Maine on June 2, 1936 to Reuben Daniel Jipson[48], who was 44 years old.  Their son, Hartwell Jipson[49] had been born about two years before their wedding, when Lucy Mushero was only 16.  Lucy and Reuben Jipson had three more children, Jeannette M. Jipson[50], Archie D. Jipson and Reuben H. Jipson[51], before they were divorced.


          After her divorce from Reuben Jipson, Lucy Mushero married Ellsworth E. Ireland[52] on July 17, 1948 in Lincoln.  Ellsworth and Lucy Ireland divorced before September 4, 1954, when Ellsworth remarried.


          Thrice married, Lucy Louise (Mushero) Jipson Ireland Tash would become a widow only months after her marriage to Raymond D. Tash.


“LaGRANGE - Raymond D. Tash, 80, died unexpectedly August 19, 1980. He was born in Lincoln Center May 1, 1900, son of Frank and Louisa Tash. He is survived by his wife Lucy (Campbell) Tash of LaGrange; three sons, Richard of Griffin, GA, Theodore of Dover-Foxcroft and Gerald of Dexter; three daughters Sharon Watson of Leominster, MA; Sylvia Ireland of Old Town and Sandra Thibeault of Cornville; one brother Frank of Howland; nine grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. Funeral Services will be held at the Lary Funeral Home, Milo, 10 am Friday, burial will be in Hillcrest Cemetery, LaGrange. Friends may call at the funeral home Thursday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm.”


          After Raymond died, Lucy L. Campbell married for a fourth time to William E. Looman[53] on April 16, 1983 in Lagrange or Old Town.  They divorced before July 1, 1995 when William Edward Looman remarried.





[1] Raymond D. Tash b May 1, 1900 d Aug 19, 1980; son of William F. Tash 1853-1914 & Louisa E. Emett 1863-1918

[2] William F. Tash b May 9, 1853 d May 27, 1914; son of William A. Tash 1803-1884 & Elizabeth Berry 1814-1887

[3] Louisa E. Emmett b Aug 9, 1863 d Nov 30, 1918; dau of David S. Emmett 1834-1914 & Mary A. Dyer 1838-1911

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[11] Leola H. White b May 9, 1889 d Feb 17, 1891; dau of George S. White 1859-1891+ & Ella B. Sanders 1865 d 1891+

[12] Emma A. Saunders b Sep 7, 1867 d 1896+; dau of Henry Sanders 1823-1909 & Margaret Hurlburt 1825-1901+

[13] Reuben S. Kenny b Apr 1864 d 1913; son of Israel Kenny 1818-1881+ & Hannah Whitehouse 1822-1881+

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[20] Sarah McCaffrey b 1856 d 1927; dau of Michael McCaffery 1827-1900 & Mary Doyle 1836-1920

[21] Michael McCaffery b Sep 1827 d Mar 13, 1900; born in Ireland, son of McCaffery

[22] Mary Doyle b Dec 12, 1836 d Apr 19, 1920; born in Canada, dau of Doyle & Unknown

[23] Charles A. Tash b Sep 13, 1895 d Feb 15, 1952; son of William Tash 1853-1914 & Louisa Emmett 1863-1918

[24] Bessie G. Tash b Jun 24, 1897 d 1970; dau of William Tash 1853-1914 & Louisa Emmett 1863-1918

[25] Irving R. Philbrook b Oct 1, 1888 d Nov 20, 1971; son of Mark L. Philbrook 1854-1923 & Elba R. (Archer) Pann 1869-1944

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[29] Elizabeth Berry b Nov 24, 1814 d May 24, 1887; dau of Amasa Berry & Margaret Robinson?

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[36] Theodore R. Tash b Feb 19, 1946 d Aug 26, 2014; son of Raymond Tash 1900-1980 & Vidella Whiting 1917-2007

[37] Gerald R. Tash b Jan 15, 1947 d Mar 13, 2007; son of Raymond Tash 1900-1980 & Vidella Whiting 1917-2007

[38] Sharon Rae Tash b Feb 2, 1948 d Jul 21, 2015; dau of Raymond Tash 1900-1980 & Vidella Whiting 1917-2007

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[53] William E. Looman b Sep 30, 1933 d Jul 26, 2016; son of Looman & Unknown

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