Rosalie Jane (Pratt) Tash Freeman Herdle 1947-2019

Rosalie Jane (Pratt) Tash Freeman Herdle 1947-2019

Pratt Pedigree

Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

Ralph Earl Pratt 1895-1964 & Florence L. Grant 1890-1936

Elbridge Wesley Pratt 1873-1954 & Mabel Louise Frost 1878-1936

Elbridge Gerry Pratt 1813-1905 & Mary Jane Sampson 1831-1893

Jones Pratt 1785-1866 & Abigail Moody 1784-1871

Seth Jones Pratt 1762-1838 & Hannah Hunt 1765-1848

Noah Pratt 1731- & Mary Jones 1726-1767

Lieut. Nathaniel Pratt 1702-1779 & Elizabeth Whitcomb 1703-1775

Lieut. John Pratt 1663-1743 & Elizabeth Swift 1662-1736

Samuel Pratt 1636-1679 & Hannah Rogers 1641-1724

Macute Pratt 1595-1672 & Elizabeth Bate Kingham 1593-1667


 Rosalie Jane Pratt[1] was born in Dexter, Maine, the daughter of Lyndon G. Pratt[2] and Gertrude E. Gallagher[3], who were married on April 22, 1936 and had at least five children born between 1939 and 1955.


Before her marriage to Lyndon G. Pratt, Gertrude E. Gallagher and Linwood C. Hatfield[4] had married between 1931-1934, but were soon divorced. Linwood and Gertrude had a son, Sherwin Leroy Hatfield[5].


In 1940, Gertrude 25 and Lyndon Pratt 24 are living in Ripley Town, Maine with her son, Sherwin Hatfield 4 and baby son, David Pratt age 11 months. Lyndon is employed as a Laborer in The Woods, having attended 4 years of High School; Gertrude has an 8th grade education.


In 1940, Linwood C. Hatfield, 25 is living in Hodgdon, Maine, as a Divorced Lodger, working at New England Glass Company. He would marry Marion Wade and have 3 more sons, born in New Hampshire. Linwood C. Hatfield and Marion Wade[6] also had a daughter[7], who was born in Portsmouth Hospital in New Hampshire. She only lived 9 hours.


Marion L. Wade was born in Monticello, Maine also her place of eternal rest, known as “M. L. Hatfield”, in the Foster Cemetery there. Linwood C. Hatfield is buried in Coboro Cemetery in Stetson, Maine.


See the obituary for Linwood C. Hatfield here:

CORINNA & FITCHBURG, MASS. Linwood C. Hatfield, 87, died February 23, 2002 at the Birchwood Care Center in Fitchburg, Mass. He was born May 29, 1914 at Hodgdon the son of Murdock and Clara (Hand) Hatfield. He graduated from Stetson High School, Class of 1931. He retired from the Retina Foundation in Townsend, Mass. and had previously been the manager at the Wirthmore Feed Store in Corinna, and had been active in the Lions Club.


He is survived by 3 sons, Wade of St. Cloud, Florida, Gary of Townsend, Mass., and Peter of Fitchburg, Mass.; a brother Maurice of Safety Harbor, Florida; a sister, Betty Worthen of Ellsworth; 4 grandchildren; and a sister in law, Martha Hatfield of Corinna and Spring Hill, Florida. He was predeceased by a brother Hubert and a sister Frances Hunter.


Graveside committal services will be held 10 A.M. Saturday, May 18th, at Coboro Cemetery, Stetson. Arrangements are by Crosby & Neal Funeral Chapel, Corinna.”


The other children of Lyndon G. Pratt and Gertrude Gallagher are: David Grant Pratt[8], Lyndon Gallagher Pratt, Jr.[9], Laurence "Larry" Edward Pratt[10] and Darrell Ivan Pratt[11].


Other possible children of Lyndon G. Pratt and Gertrude Gallagher are: Franklin Ralph Pratt[12]; Philip Elbridge Pratt or Phillip Eugene Pratt[13], who died young; Alice Louise Pratt[14] Smith Dunlop; Daniel Frost Pratt[15].


Rosalie Jane Pratt 18, was first married to Richard A. Tash[16] 22, on February 1 or 11, 1966 in Dexter, Maine. Rosalie Tash gave birth to a daughter, that they named Tammy Lee Tash[17], about a month later.


Tammy Lee was not Richard Tash's child, but was the daughter of another man, Ronald "Ron" F. Martin[18], who was unaware that his tryst with 17-year-old, Rosalie J. Pratt would ultimately produce a daughter.


 Ronald F. Martin married Victoria L. Bragg on April 1, 1966, about a month after Tammy’s birth. Ronald F. Martin was the father of a child, that would remain unknown to him for at least a decade.

Richard and Rosalie Tash had one daughter together, Trina Lynn Tash[19], who was born in Bangor, Maine and died at the age of 4 days. The record for her death indicates her name as Trini [sic] L. Tash.


Trina Lynn Tash is buried in Crocker Cemetery in St. Albans, Maine with Rosalie's parents, Lyndon G. Pratt and Gertrude E. Gallagher Pratt.


On March 29, 1969, Richard A. and Rosalie J. Tash, husband and wife, purchased property in Guilford, Maine for $1142 and obtained a mortgage. On May 5, 1971, a lien was placed on the property and it remained in their names until the discharge date, on June 24, 1988 to Richard A. Tash and Rosalie J. Tash Herdle. On August 19, 1988 the Guilford property was sold to Kenneth James Larry.


Richard and Rosalie Tash may have actually lived in Guilford after the birth of their son, Troy Nelson Tash[20] in Dover-Foxcroft, where her parents, Gertrude and Lyndon Pratt were living at the time.

Sometime in the fall of 1969, Rosalie J. (Pratt) Tash became pregnant again, but not with Richard Tash's child. Rosalie's son (father unknown), Todd Alan Tash[21] was also born in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.


Richard Tash served in the US Army during the Vietnam Conflict, sometime after 1968. Richard Tash was allegedly injured and probably returned home to Massachusetts (not Maine) in about 1970.


Rosalie Tash, her other children, Tammy and Troy were likely living with their grandparents in Maine when Todd was born. It is unknown when she and Richard Tash were divorced. Rosalie J. (Pratt) Tash and her three children, removed to Florida, sometime after the birth of her son, Todd in 1970 and before 1979, when she remarried.


On December 26, 1972 in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Richard Arthur Tash married his first cousin, Elaine Safford Fontaine. They returned to Massachusetts and on July 2, 1974, Everett Safford sold his property at 98 Packard Street in Lancaster to his daughter, Elaine J. (Safford) Tash and her cousin-husband Richard A. Tash for $5,000, plus the amount for the outstanding mortgage of $4,202.28.  Total $9202.28, cheap money.


Rosalie J. Tash may have married a man with the surname “Criss”, but when and where is a complete mystery for now. Perhaps Criss is a misspelling of Tash? There are no documents to review at this time.


Rosalie Criss also known as Rosalie Freeman, with the same date on record, was briefly married to a Mr. Freeman on September 1, 1979 in Indian River, Florida. They probably divorced sometime before 1981.


Curiously, there is a record for a Rosalie J. Freeman, in Morrill, Maine in 2001, who has the very same birthday as Rosalie J. (Pratt) Tash. What a huge coincidence, if they are two different people!


Rosalie Jane Freeman and Paul Dennis Herdle[22] were married on April 6, 1981 in Clark, Nevada and surely that has a story attached to it. Rosalie was listed as a resident of Florida at the time of this marriage. Rosalie J. and Paul D. Herdle filed for divorce in Pasco County, Florida on June 25, 1992. The divorce was granted on September 24, 1992.


After more than ten years of marriage, Rosalie was on her own again and her grown children, who had never known their respective fathers, now were losing the only father that they ever remembered. How fond were those memories? I never heard his name mentioned.


On March 25, 1993, in Broward County, Florida, Troy Tash was a defendant in Civil Court versus Cinnamon Crest Associates Limited, to remove him as a tenant at Spring Crest Apartments in Sunrise, Florida.


Todd A. Tash and Ramona R. Hutchins[23] had an illegitimate child, Marisa C. (Hutchins[24]) Bartlett, who was born in Thomaston, Georgia.


Tampa Bay Times

St. Petersburg, Florida

May 4, 1995 – Page 92


Ramona Hutchins vs. Todd Tash (child support)


On October 29, 1997, Todd Alan Tash, of 9621 Lakeview Drive, New Port Richey, Florida, was arrested at 7:14 pm, location 801 Twiggs Street East in Tampa, Florida, for the "Possession of Cannabis, Less than 20 Grams” and “Possession of Drug Paraphernalia". He was released on November 11, 1997, with time served.


Rosalie J. Herdle, also known as Rosalie Pratt Herdle, was living at 8232 Augusta Boulevard in Port Richey, Florida from June 1, 1993 until December 31, 1996. April 1, 1997 to October 1, 1998, finds her at 1205 Carter Circle NE in Arab, Alabama.


From July 1, 2000 thru November 1, 2000, she briefly had an address of PO Box 133, in Hanoverton, Ohio. Returning to Florida, on October 15, 2005, Rosalie Herdle is recorded as living at 8301 New York Avenue Lot 12, in Hudson.


In about 2001, Troy Tash reconnected with his father, Richard A. “Dick” Tash, who was now living in Garland, Maine, with his 2nd wife, Elaine. Troy’s longtime fiancé, Marina Kim Matzen[25], initiated an online search, resulting in the discovery of Dick’s location and reached out to him, appealing for a reunion, which occurred in April of 2002.


Troy Nelson Tash, finally married Marina Kim Matzen, on April 24, 2004, several years after they already had two children together, Zena Christie Tash[26] and Tyger Martin Tash[27], who were both born in Florida. The marriage certificate indicates that Troy Nelson Tash was born in Maine and Marina was born in New York.


The Descendants of Louisa Emily (Emmett) Sanders Tash indicates that Troy was born in Clinton, Massachusetts. Wrong again, Durwood! Ellison “Durwood” Libby was wrong more often than he was correct.


On April 13, 2009 Marina Tash was a defendant in Pasco County Civil Court versus Chase Bank, USA for a loan default.


Marina Tash, age 45, was arrested, booked and charged with a Felony/Misdemeanor at the Pasco County Sherriff's Office at 2 am on January 30, 2014 for "Cultivation of Marijuana, Possess, Sell, Deliver, Make Controlled Substance".  She was released on January 31, 2014.


Granddaughter of Rosalie Herdle, Zena Christie Tash 17, was arrested on May 8, 2015 for "Marijuana Possession 20 Grams or Less". Zena C. Tash, the daughter of Troy and Marina Tash, was held at a Juvenile Assessment Center and released about 5 hours later. The pattern neatly repeats itself into the next generation with this family.


Substance abuse may be familial, because Martin "Marty" Peter Matzen[28], Marina's father, was arrested at 9:30 pm on July 6, 2006 in New Port Richey, for "Driving While Intoxicated, With Serious Bodily Injury". He was released on $5,000 bond at 12:15 pm the next day.


Rosalie J. Herdle’s address on January 1, 2009, is listed as 10524 Salamanca Drive, in Port Richey. The property at 10524 Salamanca Drive is jointly owned by Bernard J. Smokowski[29] and Rosalie J. Herdle, as of March 28, 2019, according to a tax payment made in Port Richey.


In early 2019, Rosalie J. Herdle was diagnosed with lung cancer and received chemotherapy treatments until May. She developed pneumonia and a blot clot in her lung and passed away at age 71.


It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Rosalie Herdle (New Port RicheyFlorida), who passed away on May 6, 2019, at the age of 71, leaving to mourn family and friends.


She was predeceased by: her brothers, Lyndon, David and Sherwin. She is survived by: her significant other Bernie Smokowski; her children, Tammy McClung, Troy and Todd Tash; her brothers, Larry and Darrell Pratt. She is also survived by seven grandchildren; one great granddaughter.


Todd Alan Tash died in Florida at age 49, just six months after his mother passed away. His death was probably the result from years of IV drug use. Sue Totten, a friend of Todd’s, indicated that he was always very careful and his death must have been a mistake.  A mistake?

[1] Rosalie J. Pratt b Jun 15, 1947 d May 6, 2019; dau of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[2] Lyndon G. Pratt b Jun 23, 1915 d Jan 13, 1985; son of Ralph Earl Pratt 1895-1964 & Florence Grant 1890-1936

[3] Gertrude Gallagher b Jul 31, 1914 d Sep 25, 1982; dau of Franklin Gallagher 1867-1941 & Abigail Crane 1877-1962

[4] Linwood Hatfield b May 29, 1914 d Feb 23, 2002; son of Murdoch Hatfield 1882-1952 & Clara H. 1886-1964

[5] Sherwin L. Hatfield b Jun 15, 1935 d Mar 28, 2017; son of Linwood C. Hatfield 1914-2002 & Gertrude E. Gallagher 1914-1982

[6] Marion Wade b Feb 4, 1925 d Feb 28, 2000; dau of Frank Ives Wade 1884-1939 & Blanche Bell Leavitt 1891-1959

[7] Baby Hatfield b Mar 1, 1945 d Mar 1, 1945; dau of Linwood C. Hatfield 1914-2002 & Marion Wade 1925-2000

[8] David G. Pratt b Apr 29, 1939 d Nov 24, 2010; son of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[9] Lyndon G. Pratt, Jr. b 1941 d 1978; son of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[10] Laurence E. Pratt b 1946 or Jul 9, 1949 d; son of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[11] Darrell I. Pratt b Mar 26, 1952 d; son of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[12] Franklin Ralph Pratt b 1943 d; son of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[13] Phillip E. Pratt b 1948 d 1948; son of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[14] Alice L. Pratt b Mar 31, 1949 d May 22, 1998; dau of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[15] Daniel F. Pratt b 1955 d; son of Lyndon G. Pratt 1915-1985 & Gertrude Gallagher 1914-1982

[16] Richard A. Tash b Mar 31, 1943; son of George W. Ryer 1915-1993 & Vidella M. Whiting 1917-2007

[17] Tammy Lee Tash b Mar 8, 1966 d; dau of Ronald F. Martin 1944- & Rosalie Jane Pratt 1947-2019

[18] Ronald "Ron" F. Martin b Jun 10, 1944 d; 1m Victoria L. Bragg; 2m Darre J. Eastman b Apr 9, 1949

[19] Trina L. Tash b Feb 8, 1967 d Feb 12, 1967; dau of Richard A. Tash 1943- & Rosalie J. Pratt 1947-2019

[20] Troy Nelson Tash b Dec 20, 1967; son of Richard Arthur Tash 1943- & Rosalie Jane Pratt 1947-2019

[21] Todd Alan Tash b Jun 10, 1970 d Nov 7, 2019; son of Unknown Father & Rosalie Jane Pratt 1947-2019

[22] Paul Herdle b May 4, 1941 d May 19, 2000; son of Howard H. Herdle 1910-1998 & Matilda E. Williams 1910-1998

[23] Ramona Rosemary Hutchins or Holmes aka Mona Geiniman b Apr 11, 1970; dau of Hutchins

[24] Marisa C. Hutchins b May 1991; dau of Todd A. Tash 1970-2019 & Ramona R. Hutchins 1970-

[25] Marina Kim Matzen b Aug 4, 1970 Queens, NY; dau of Martin P. Matzen 1941-2010 & Karin Bourgignon 1941-

[26] Zena C. Tash b Apr 11, 1998 Tarpon Springs, Fl; dau of Troy N. Tash 1968- & Marina K. Matzen 1970-

[27] Tyger Martin Tash b Dec 7, 2002 FL; son of Troy N. Tash 1967- & Marina K. Matzen 1970-

[28] Martin P. Matzen b Feb 18, 1941 d May 3, 2010; son of Markus E. Matzen 1911-1964 & Keike Fruchtnicht 1914-1973

[29] Bernard J. Smokowski b Mar 10, 1928 d; son of Smokowski & Unknown

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