I am in search of this lady. 

I have True Court papers from Detroit Michigan in May 1925.

Through familysearch.org I found her parents their families & her brother..

I have posted on the facebook group search squad with no luck in help

I have done the Ancestry & 23&me DNA test & have results as cousins distant but names I do not know from the ine.

She was born in Hartford Oxford Maine on June 28 1903 as Thelma E. MITCHELL in 1020 census she is 16 & in court records was 20 on Sept 15, 1924. 

Parents Clarence Scott Mitchell 6.28.1867 in Roxbury, died Jan 7 1942 at Cemetery Glenside Cemetery in Winthrop Kennebec Maine. Mother is Grace E Thompson born June 17 1874 Hartford died June 14 1941.

Married June 9 1895, Clarence was married to Susie Wyman 8.16.1892 & divorced May 15 1895

They had no children.

John Eldridge Mitchell was born Feb 4 1895 & died Dec 6 1970.

I tried all areas around Michigan to no luck, familysearch.org with no luck except the birth.

Early on in the search I found a census for her living in a boarding house for unwed mothers in 1925.

I am just searching to make it a note of the son she gave up so long ago.

I just want to make sure this Thelma Eulalie Mitchell/ Thelma E Mitchell she was also born in Hartford on June 28 1903, I found the birth record on familysearch.org.

I have not search any obits on the parents or brother.

I am just starting in this web site.


Judy Roberts

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Comment by Chris Dunham on March 5, 2017 at 7:37pm

John E. Mitchell's obituary is on this page, and says that he was survived by his sister, Mrs. Thelma Godfrey of Winthrop. Thelma's gravestone is here, and her obituary is here.

Comment by Judith Roberts on March 5, 2017 at 9:20pm

thanks for helping me find the information.

As it turns out being the wrong person. unless I can connect her to being in Detroit Michigan from Sept 15 1924 to May 1925.

At least I can search further.

Thanks Judy


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