Seeking info on Joshua Towle-Nancy Elkins-Lydia Elkins Corson, Exeter, Corinna area ME

Lydia Elkins of Fayette  married Ebenezer Corson, April 5, 1831 (Corinna town records). Nancy Page Towle, her sister, married Joshua Towle Feb. 4, 1827  in either Exeter or Fayette. Lydia and Ebenezer were probably parents of Calvin T. Corson born in Corinna 1832 - 1835. At age 21, Calvin legally changed his name to Calvin T. Towle, and his death certificate reads "name of father - Joshua," birth place Exeter, NH and "maiden name of mother  N. Elkins" of Fayette. Looking for more info on Joshua, Nancy, Lydia and Ebenezer (who seems to disappear).

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