Seth O’Dell Whiting 1900-1968

Whiting Pedigree

Seth L. Whiting 1861-1930+ and Vidella M. Cook 1877-1901

George W. Whiting 1866-1942 and Thurza Jane Inman 1873-1953

Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 and Francina Ann Spearin 1836-1883

Leonard Whiting 1808-1880+ and Hannah Dyer 1807-1840

John Whiting 1759-1846 and Margaret Fairbrother 1782-1859

John Whiting 1727-1776 and Lucy Farmer 1736-1768

Cornet John Whiting 1699-1775 and Sarah Hunt 1709-1745

Esquire Oliver Whiting 1665-1736 and Anna Danforth 1667-1737

Reverend Samuel Whiting II 1633-1713 and Dorothy Chester 1637-1713

Reverend Samuel Whiting 1597-1679 and Elizabeth St. John 1605-1676


Cook Pedigree

Vidella M. Cook 1877-1901 and Seth L. Whiting 1861-1930+

Viola Elizabeth Cook 1861-1944 and Frederick Walter Tripp 1858-1907

Samuel Cook 1829-1910 and Susannah Hunt 1831-1870+

Samuel Cook 1795-1850+ and Lydia Wentworth 1789-1870+

Cutting Cook 1761-1827 and Elizabeth Merrill 1766-1845

Samuel Cook 1720-1790 and Judith Bartlett 1726-1790

Samuel Cooke 1680-1734+ and Elizabeth Wilson 1685-1735+

          Seth O’Dell Whiting[1] was born in Wellington, Maine, the only child of Vidella Cook[2] and her second husband, Seth Whiting[3], who were married on August 19, 1899 in the neighboring town of Palmyra, Maine.


          It was a first marriage for Seth Whiting, a 38-year-old bachelor from Garland, Maine.  Vidella M. Cook, age 21, born illegitimate in Harmony, Maine, alternately uses her father's last name "Tripp" on this record and on her first marriage to Perly Hunt.


          Vidella M. Cook and Perly Hunt, both age 19 were married on October 14, 1896, in Wellington and their daughter, Gladys Mable Hunt (Seth O. Whiting’s half-sister) was born there slightly more than three months later. Perly and Vidella Hunt were divorced on September 23, 1898 in Somerset County, Maine, when Gladys was just a baby. 


          On June 21, 1900, in Vassalboro Town, Maine, the Seth L. Whiting family is enumerated as Ferdela [sic] Whiting, age 22, Seth L. Whiting, age 39 and Mabel G. Whiting (this is Gladys M. Hunt), age 3. Vidella and Seth Whiting are shown as having been married for less than a year. 


          Seth L. Whiting was a farmer by occupation, living on property that was being rented in Vassalboro. Vidella Whiting, was already pregnant and would give birth before Christmas in Wellington.


          It is unclear why Vidella Whiting was 50 miles from her home in Vassalboro during the Maine winter, but perhaps it was to be with her mother Viola Cook, who was still living in Wellington. Or maybe Vidella was in town to attend her mother Viola’s wedding.


          Viola E. Cook[4] married William H. Smart[5] on November 6, 1900 in Harmony, because they were expecting their first child together. Viola Cook already had two illegitimate children before her first marriage to William, with Vidella being the oldest.


          William H. Smart was previously married to Mary P. Parker[6] on September 30, 1866 and they had several children in Parkman before divorcing, then William moved to Harmony.  Their children were Susan M. Smart[7], John Henry Smart[8], Jesse T. Smart[9] and Myra A. Smart[10].


          Vidella M. (Cook-Tripp) Hunt Whiting died in Wellington at age 23. The cause of Death is attributed to “Circumcision of Right Arm”. She suffered an injury to her right arm after being thrown from a carriage., enduring three failed operations, with the last being fatal.


          There are no 1910 Census records for Seth O. Whiting, Seth L. Whiting or for Gladys M. Hunt. The next record for Seth L. Whiting is when he marries for a second time to Lucinda T. (Hanscom) Mace Stinneford[11] on January 1, 1913 in Seth’s hometown of Garland. 


          Seth Whiting and Lucinda Stinneford were both age 51 and listed as residents of Dover, Maine at the time of their marriage.  Seth O’Dell Whiting and his half-sister, Gladys Mabel Hunt would have been teenagers by this time, not really needing a step-mother.

          On September 10, 1918, 17-year-old Seth O. Whiting married Emeline Smart[12], age 30, in Athens, Maine. Their son, William Henry Smart Whiting[13] was born in Brighton, Maine that next year.


          Emeline Smart[14] was born in Athens, Maine, the youngest child of John Sylvester Smart[15] and his second wife Emeline Berry[16], who were married on September 15, 1878 by Clergyman Daniel Davis.  John S. Smart and Emeline Berry were first cousins. Their mothers, Betsey (Tuttle) Smart and Cynthia (Tuttle) Berry were sisters.


          John S. Smart was the son of John S. Smart[17] and Betsey H. Tuttle[18] who were married in Brighton on October 20, 1844 by "Justice of the Peace" Daniel Jones of Brighton.


          Emeline Berry was the daughter of Isaac C. Berry[19] and Cynthia Tuttle[20], who were married on July 2, 1829 in Brighton, Maine.


          John S. Smart and Emeline (Berry) Smart had three children: Louisa Smart[21], John Sylvester Smart, Jr.[22] and Emeline Smart.  Louisa Smart and John S. Smart Jr. never married or had any children.


          During the 1920 Census, in Brighton, Seth Whiting, age 18 and Emeline, age 30 (she is 32), their son, William H. Whiting, age 0, all live with her parents John S. and Emeline Smart, both 73. Also, in the household is Lovisa [sic] Smart, age 36 and John Smart, Jr. age 35.


          Seth and Emeline Whiting's second child, daughter Elnora Whiting[23], would be stillborn in Athens, about a year after the Census. Emeline Whiting was suffering from a kidney ailment and this probably contributed to the tragic outcome of the pregnancy.


          Emeline (Smart) Whiting died at age 33 in Athens of "Bright's Disease Puerperal"[24], only two months after the stillbirth of her daughter Elnora.  Emeline (Smart) Whiting left her parents, a brother, a sister, a young husband and an infant son. 


          In 1930, Seth O. Whiting, age 29, widowed, general farm laborer, lives alone and spends $4 a month on rent in Madison, Maine.  In 1930, Seth Whiting's son, William is known as William H. Whitney, age 10, "Nephew", living with his aunt Lowizia [sic] Smart, age 47 in Athens. 


          After Emmeline Whiting's death in 1921, Seth O. Whiting would wait nearly 10 years to marry again in Athens on March 22, 1931 to Myrtle V. Willey[25]. Their first child, a daughter they named Priscilla Mae Whiting[26] was born less than 4 months later. Their son, Alton Odell Whiting[27] was born about two years after his sister, Priscilla.


          In 1940, Seth O. Whiting, age 39 and Myrtle 28, live in Anson Town, Maine with their two children Priscilla, age 8 and Olton [sic] Whiting age 6. Seth Whiting was employed as a laborer for 36 weeks on a WPA Road Construction Project. He has a 6th grade education and Myrtle Whiting 9th grade. They were living in the same house in 1935.


          Seth O. Whiting would bury his second wife, Myrtle only a few months shy of their 20-year wedding anniversary. Six years after Myrtle's untimely death at age 38, Seth O. Whiting, age 47, married Gladys E. Smith[28] on her 40th birthday, February 14, 1957. 


          Seth O'Dell Whiting died in Skowhegan, Maine.  He is buried with his second wife Myrtle Victoria "Myrtie" (Willey) Whiting and third wife Gladys E. (Smith) Whiting in Sunset Cemetery in North Anson, Maine.

[1] Seth O. Whiting b Dec 19, 1900 d Oct 3, 1968; son of Seth L. Whiting 1861-1930+ & Vidella M. Cook 1877-1901

[2] Vidella M. Cook b Oct 15, 1877 d Feb 11, 1901; dau of Viola E. Cook 1861-1944 & Frederick W. Tripp 1858-1907

[3] Seth L. Whiting b 1861 d 1930+; son of Ephraim Whiting 1839-1910 & Francina A. Shearin 1836-1883

[4] Viola E. Cook b Feb 17, 1861 d Mar 21, 1944; dau of Samuel Cook 1829-1910 & Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

[5] William H. Smart b Oct 1, 1846 d Sep 9, 1927; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[6] Mary Priscilla Parker b Jul 1846 d Jul 15, 1915; dau of William T. Parker 1817-1899 & Susan E. Leeman 1820-1893

[7] Susan M. Smart b Mar 15, 1871 d Jun 9, 1886; dau of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[8] John H. Smart b 1873 d 1942; son of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[9] Jesse T. Smart b Aug 11, 1877 d Jan 22, 1953; son of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[10] Myra A. Smart b May 24, 1879 d Dec 9, 1883; dau of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[11] Lucinda T. Hanscom b Aug 22, 1861 d 1930+; dau of Aaron Hanscom 1835-1860+ & Frances Ham 1835-1906

[12] Emeline Smart b Aug 17, 1888 d Oct 29, 1921; dau of John Smart 1846-1927 & Emmeline Berry 1848-1924

[13]William H. S. Whiting b Dec 2, 1919 d Nov 30, 1971; son of Seth O. Whiting 1900-1968 & Emeline Smart 1888-1921

[14] Emeline Smart b Aug 17, 1888 d Oct 29, 1921; dau of John Smart 1846-1927 & Emmeline Berry 1848-1924

[15] John S. Smart b Apr 1846 d Sep 22, 1927; son of John S. Smart 1816- & Betsey Tuttle 1821-1893

[16] Emeline Berry b May 1849 d Nov 8, 1924; dau of Isaac C. Berry 1807-1870+ & Cynthia Tuttle 1809-1902

[17] John S. Smart b Oct 8, 1816 d; son of John Smart & Unknown

[18] Betsey H. Tuttle b Jul 1, 1821 d Oct 23, 1893; dau of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[19] Isaac C. Berry b May 5, 1807 d 1870+; son of Nathan Berry 1780-1847 & Rebecca Noble 1783-

[20] Cynthia Tuttle b Apr 28, 1810 d Jan 18, 1902; dau of James Tuttle 1777-1870+ & Patience Corson 1782-1859

[21] Louisa Smart b Sep 1882 d 1940+; dau of John Smart 1846-1927 & Emeline Berry 1848-1924

[22] John S. Smart Jr. b May 11, 1884 d 1940+; son of John S. Smart 1846-1927 & Emeline Berry 1848-1924

[23] Elnora Whiting b Aug 29, 1921 d Aug 29, 1921; dau of Seth O. Whiting 1900-1968 & Emeline Smart 1888-1921

[24] Bright's Disease Puerperal: Chronic inflammation of the kidneys and exhaustion after childbirth

[25] Myrtle Victoria Willey b Nov 18, 1912 d Jan 30, 1951; dau of Frank Willey 1871-1936 & Leydia Hewey 1898-1984

[26] Priscilla Whiting b Jul 2, 1931 d Mar 31, 2007; dau of Seth O. Whiting 1900-1968 & Myrtle V. Willey 1912-1951

[27] Alton O. Whiting b Sep 29, 1933 d Jul 25, 2015; son of Seth O. Whiting 1900-1968 & Myrtle V. Willey 1912-1951

[28] Gladys E. Smith b Feb 14, 1917 d Jan 8, 1977; dau of Smith? & Unknown

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